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Sacramento is the capital of the U.S. state of California, and the county seat of Sacramento County. Located along the Sacramento River and just south of the American River's confluence in California's expansive Central Valley. With a 2007 estimated population of 502,743, it is the seventh-largest city in California. Sacramento is the core cultural and economic center of the Sacramento Metropolitan Area which includes El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, and Yolo counties and has a combined population of approximately 2,136,604. The region has also been cited as one of the ten "most livable" regions in America in 2004, and the city was cited by ''Time'' magazine as America's most integrated in 2002.



Weather Forecast for Sacramento

Apr 24
Mostly Cloudy
Apr 25
Apr 26
Mostly Sunny
Apr 27
Few Showers
Apr 28



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@PetweetKim sorry for the disturbance
illBeUrMrWright, (04/22/2014)
RT @radskiee: #MasakitIsipinNa you rejected other people for the wrong person.
bebeblessme, (04/22/2014)
Wahahahaha! Pag ikaw jhong nabugbog din.. Sinasabi ko sayo,, :))
beii17, (04/22/2014)
@JiiikJik aahh. Hala? Di kayo magkatext? Hahah. XD yah. Single ako. Kaya, walang makatext. T.T haha
hoyakotooo, (04/22/2014)
@AyyyoItsRae @TheCutieDestiny Nigga, I can't get arrested...
EddiePinedaz, (04/07/2014)
Reign of Dragons iOS/Android #ReignD t.co/qylzrFiUoa t.co/5iO22stgdx t.co/hejDptQmtP
pwrowr, (04/07/2014)
Now playing Big Daddy Weave - Redeemed on Lead Me To The Rock Radio
lmttrr, (04/07/2014)
N to acreditando nessa msgggg
LetciaDemtrio1, (04/07/2014)
I will never beg for someone to stay in my life. If you don't wanna be there then I'll hold the door open.
Jasmine_Bam, (04/07/2014)
Kansas House votes down school funding compromise
FranciscoKhan1, (04/07/2014)
BillieTarttv81, (04/07/2014)
“@RelatableQuote: "i can see your bra" good. its cute and i paid $50 for it” RFT
AsapGigi, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/07/2014)
@xMikey23 dude, she's still hot today.
Jetup, (04/07/2014)
BillieTarttv81, (04/07/2014)
Just posted a photo t.co/lTyLecUNx9
SacGaby, (04/07/2014)
Napier got them dimers tho
trisstanroberts, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/07/2014)
So many missed shots and bail out calls...smh
Trey6Scoundrel, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/07/2014)
No excuses - Common sense! t.co/A59zj3rqBu
ElainePappas13, (04/07/2014)
My mom forgot to come get me 😒😒😒
heyleee__, (04/24/2014)
Hey #lusded Ready 2 try ur 1st Twitter Chat? I'll be there 2 help along the way! Don't miss #txeduchat this Sunday from 8-9pm #pdparty
CateTolnai, (04/24/2014)
“@kburton_25: Me when I see bae flirting w/ someone else. 😂 t.co/KRq70WkPBZ” hahahahhahahagaghagaha
swishakilla, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Arden-Arc (04/24/2014)
At CA Digital Access Summit 2014 re bridging the Digital Divide #innovatedavis #davisroots #Gobiz t.co/vWvprH9vxj
sarahacworley, (04/24/2014)
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are moving left | MSNBC - t.co/UW8zwfQTfz
SACCTEAM, (04/24/2014)
"..when most pro athletes flee social questions, Sherman tackles them head on. And he backs it up on the field.." t.co/GMW0wkqadV
lizanthonyy, (04/24/2014)
If someone could decide for me that'd be great. t.co/cXlcAqruyB
sarcasticbl0nde, (04/22/2014)
my mom makes me do way to fucking much when im sick like can you not holy shit 😒✋
nanatootrill_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Arden-Arc (04/22/2014)
RT @CapitolCCarlos: @SacRepublicFC The Raucus Caucus?
SacRepublicFC, (04/22/2014)
Im guessing no practice haha
Khi_Khi20, (04/22/2014)
Latin Thursday!! t.co/AEj8IWQJ1g
layalinalounge, (04/22/2014)
@proNUBinc in my bag :)
brbwatermelon, (04/22/2014)
@CaxMordy logs two strikeouts in the top half of the 1st, @kbreezy711 doubles in the bottom half, Ags load the bases w/ 2 outs but no runs.
UCDavisBaseball, (04/22/2014)
RT @marshexh: Rave Friday 👏👌
Ineeda_Rello, (04/22/2014)
@lgrinaker I assumed the world ended when I lost internet service. Starts revolving again, tomorrow. 3G💤
truthtracer, (04/22/2014)
If you're always on the go, try these nutritious grab-and-go snacks! t.co/Eh9azHPYrW
SienaVillasApts, (04/22/2014)
@TheJohnnyHuynh @fernandezaanita Brick Mansions.
iellisdang, (04/22/2014)
Be a scientist for a day, May 8th. 3 projects to choose from, incl counting pollinators for 3 min. t.co/lViiAhoFmc #bees #ucce100
CAFarmersDtr, (04/22/2014)
Thank you. ☺️RT @rosemerycox: @BLMediaGroup hope all works out for you! @WeAreFarmers #WhatWeDoKnow!
BLMediaGroup, (04/22/2014)
Unicorns are mentioned 9 times in the Bible.
UstaceFord, (04/22/2014)
"@stinsonsays: I could eat this everyday 😋 t.co/5TQG3lNOGY" wow are u ok
AliaNabilahh, (04/17/2014)
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RicciLylesqxk, (04/17/2014)
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christiecottage, (04/17/2014)
Don't make this weird.. But it really frustrates me that streaking is illegal. I get why but still.. The freedom it brings! I can't help it!
CodySpaeth2, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: West Sacr (04/17/2014)
Fuckin' shit, dude.
DontGetPregant, (04/17/2014)
I woke up and got to work when the moon was still up in the sky ... This is life
iiittsssmeena, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Sacrament (04/17/2014)
please please please get well soon 😔
vxnssx_, (04/17/2014)
Feel what i feel okey.
carollikhwan, (04/17/2014)
Funniest comment I've ever seen on my car 😂😂 t.co/VXsMKYkWrE
ThaKiddSays, (04/17/2014)
RT @AinnSarahh: meriah nya rumah
AinurNadhirahhh, (04/17/2014)
@hanifzuddin awak lahh sadooo. workout kt tepi jalan. main bar lagi apa. awak lah idolaku hmmm
BaleSyahmi, (04/17/2014)
RT @hernandezsteve: @DonGeronimoShow @DrewHoffar @MichaelJElston BREAKING NEWS!!! @joeardinger taken to the hospital? 🙈🙊 t.co/vPvz32
Twitt_Itches, (04/17/2014)
This Film Exposes The Bitter Truth About Sugar And America's Obesity Problem t.co/ko88sF0dhL
MarlonMagnus, (04/17/2014)
Thousands of volunteers expected for day of service on Mack Road ..LocalNews SacramentoNews t.co/jfoOgp0uYY
brknews_smf, (04/17/2014)
Salsa great Cheo Feliciano dies in car crash at 78 t.co/BkubYcou7e
sacbee_news, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Sacrament (04/17/2014)
"@Leo_Tweets: I am a #Leo because I'm super sweet but fiesty when provoked."
shessimplyawful, (04/02/2014)
@knnthbltrn Huhu sayang :( Anyway babalik pa naman ako dun soon! Text na lang kita :)
miggysaurus, (04/02/2014)
I just donated 5 #mPOINTS in the Calorie Tracker Lite app to the @BCRFcure #ChooseYourCharity
robynbair, (04/02/2014)
Cool Sacramento video! Favi, thanks for sharing. t.co/GAE4dPS8IW
MaribelPerez001, (04/02/2014)
buenas tardes
mrchestter, (04/02/2014)
I entered the #NRAgiveaway for a chance to win a gun from Ruger! t.co/ZMpSmLd9qP #NRA
skrewee13, (04/02/2014)
@KeyLovesMiley omg just ask xD he's nice. I bet he's just scared to talk to ya.
HeyImAGhost, (04/02/2014)
RT @Sac_Battalion: USA-Mexico tonight at 8. @Zocalo_Sactown has the #ElTri side of TBB covered. @SacAlleyKatz is hosting the #USMNT conting
SamG1383, (04/02/2014)
@trebcaranto Ayoko. Kaunti lang makukuha kong boto. HAHAHAHA
ronneltan29, (04/02/2014)
RT @Anuhh25: 😴😴😴 don't wanna go to class.
kay_dash_, (04/02/2014)
@kidnamedReign hehe ayos lang, ikaw ate ganda? :)
radskiee, (04/02/2014)
@mvgcon carter needs to see this,
kenzie_diehl, (04/02/2014)
SUZY! pwede mag spazz muna ako sa 2pm at got7?? hahaha
ets0y, (04/02/2014)
RT @MaxPreps: ICYMI: A-rod's nephew homered on eight consecutive swings over the weekend t.co/0DXEreZYgz t.co/nYoe3Ivxeo
coachbatfv, (04/02/2014)
Huge #giveaway! Win a #camera, #cookware set, or #dehydrator from @Homemadeforelle t.co/882tMhvc7g
itzia, (04/02/2014)
RT @Aliyaaaaaaaah__: Can we just have sex or nah?
TurnUP_Zeb, (04/22/2014)
Kings fans rn t.co/2d1GQN0C5t
walter69white, (04/22/2014)
@ArianaGrande hehehehe nae nae😂😂😂😂💜💜💜
theyaresunshine, (04/22/2014)
@TreeJay96 over 9000 niggaaa
LukeJuson, (04/22/2014)
@Braylonwhite_ @tydollasign how much are tickets?
marshallsilvia, (04/22/2014)
RT @PrincetonnnB: @EjonTheBrand lmfao I am saying!! Vine sleeping on me 😂 but thanks bro
EjonTheBrand, (04/22/2014)
Doin this shit for my kinfolk
IAMKashkell, (04/22/2014)
Damions excuse when he owes you money is you gave it to me-_-
KyluminatiXXIV, (04/22/2014)
RT @_madddiiieee: THIS COUPLE OH MY GOD😂😂😂
hanna_whiting, (04/08/2014)
@Kwongerific @ReidCarlberg hum,,,, WWRCD ?
fifedog15, (04/08/2014)
I hate it when he has to leave. Worst part of my day
madisaawn, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/08/2014)
RT @Now1005FM: Pet-A-Palooza is BAAAAACK! April 26th with headliner @GavinDeGraw!! t.co/SP5gGjvlwX
SweetDegraw, (04/08/2014)
Late to school because I had to clean my room BEFORE my housekeeper came #firstworldproblems
laurenahnell, (04/08/2014)
👽 t.co/3YuNI4vMvm
lilpervyghoul, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/08/2014)
RT @DabGodBaby: You want a new car? WORK FOR IT. You you want ANYTHING? Work for it. The satisfaction is so much greater
Alex_Rod18, (04/08/2014)
Ugh. I just woke up. I need to get to school in 9 mins.
jeanettelosesit, (04/08/2014)
@gabbgabb_21 true shit I'm still in be I'm not going tell 4 per haha
FragELMO, (04/08/2014)
is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?
Caralhosauro, (04/08/2014)
RT @DabGodBaby: It's all about work ethic. I don't have a "job" but I still wake up at 7 AM ready to go to work. THATS WHAT MAKES SHIT HAPP
Taylor_S_Smith, (04/08/2014)
RT @thekop39: เด็กแลกเปลี่ยนอาจเข้าใจ t.co/fXgEJIJk18
baiplubaiplu, (04/08/2014)
RT @EWDolan: Study finds honey bees death rates are lower than feared in Europe t.co/3BbZwnpL2E
purplewoman, (04/08/2014)
RT @DabGodBaby: You want a new car? WORK FOR IT. You you want ANYTHING? Work for it. The satisfaction is so much greater
Taylor_S_Smith, (04/08/2014)
@aimanssyafiq kalo hujan cancel
_AhmadZikri, (04/08/2014)
Take off those heels, lay in my bed
joshuasteven_, (03/30/2014)
Life is unfair, Deal with it.
Rustyyyzxc, (03/30/2014)
@kailahtibbats88 right?!? That's why I got hella excited!
TaylaaAnnee, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/30/2014)
Actually though.... y'all are always saying "no make-up selfie" its like, why put that shit on..?. lol
Dowmanator, (03/30/2014)
Always hoping for the worst, waiting for me to fuck up
_JosieChacon, (03/30/2014)
Fuck whoeva you came wit, CAME WIT
LStackin, (03/30/2014)
That sushi was so fucking perf I love my boss. 😋
katiejeankran, (03/30/2014)
RT @iResistAll: Hey, that's my middle name! Lol. ;) RT @Discoveringme40 Humble. Lol =>"@iResistAll: And it's a good one if I do say so my
IAmWaltLee, (03/30/2014)
ThatDudeShan, (03/30/2014)
t.co/sZPMecoitk t.co/ohCpP0mqzF
AnthonyDo85, (03/30/2014)
I will find Adam one day.
AmyC_wok, (03/30/2014)
@melaaa916 oh well
Love_Breezie, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/30/2014)
@DonnellLewisJr OMG 😂😂😂
Redd_T0p, (03/30/2014)
Photo: Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy with. Intimacy at this level intertwines your... t.co/ZtDN1O1oPX
clinHAPPIE, (03/30/2014)
I knew Rick was a bad ass this episide. #TheWalkingDeadSeasonFinale they all gonna look at the flowers. #TheTalkingDeadSeasonFinale
MykeJv2, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/30/2014)
Trying to win #pricelesssurprises for my love... Pick me, I would love to make her dreams come true and meet Justin Tmberlake !!!!!!!!!!!!!
corwin1990, (04/18/2014)
When my crush walks by... I BE LIKE t.co/ZOLdSzip5I
AishahAzman_, (04/02/2014)
Actually, it pisses me off.
lorizzmilz, (04/02/2014)
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Tommiectr, (04/02/2014)
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mbvukutaphiri, (03/30/2014)
Anybody can make a party song
MikeDiggEm, (03/30/2014)
@Slutz4sale aww
justin_s2k, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/30/2014)
@mcgregor_ewan Hope you are having a wonderful bday.
NatpackerDiana, (03/30/2014)
#MeteorGardenUltimateThrowback Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
iamjawarji, (03/30/2014)
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ElFer97, (03/30/2014)
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ElFer97, (03/30/2014)
happy birthday solah @solahzaim5 !
raziqimn, (03/30/2014)
@JustBriaa girl mines too!!!
PrettyAssNootie, (03/30/2014)
Lil Bitxh
ThatLameRetha, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/30/2014)
My soundtrack: ♫ "Angel" by @IAMJHUD (@ La Buena Vida, Davis, CA, USA) t.co/tu7H22qzjB
mbvukutaphiri, (03/30/2014)
Round 1 RED CARD
LollipopLaichee, (03/30/2014)
Oh you figured me out. Too bad all but like 1 or 2 is about this joke of a household
fitzryan11, (03/30/2014)
@cheryferjenah_ Ang Drama ehhh!!!! Kanino namn? =(((( Ms. Tulis nandito lang ako.
Lanzerdelacruz, (03/30/2014)
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Hackneybwm, (04/02/2014)
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MaggieGillgbu, (04/02/2014)
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ReaganGraciabvj, (04/02/2014)
Kings notes: Ranadive has plan to stop NBA teams from tanking ..SacramentoKings SacramentoNews t.co/CVUj86nVFx
brknews_smf, (04/02/2014)
RT @Crowd_fund_: t.co/8Ga2qp25yO: #JamesScott: #Books #Biography #Blog #Audiobooks #Kindle t.co/Bs0p5sH6k8
Evelynk77, (04/02/2014)
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Paintergyj, (04/02/2014)
@NayPutLy thank youuuu! 😣 nebes wehh. All the best to you tooo!! 😁💕💞
NajminAzman, (04/20/2014)
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TheoryDaKidd, (04/20/2014)
RT @SincerelyChe_: Right .. t.co/gqHBgbRjjf
LexusMonet, (04/20/2014)
I don't hate you. I just... It's just that... Okay, never mind... I hate you.
TaltonCatlingsg, (04/20/2014)
My alarm clock be lookin like ... t.co/THLLGtehg5
Angilia_Yo, (04/20/2014)
Happy Easter everyone! t.co/Qiolwgfp5C
Layers_Of_Color, (04/20/2014)
Shout out to my new favorite AM show @mrBobbyBones. My @theugleetruth moment of the week at 54:30. t.co/M7G6sUHChI #allgirlpodcast
PaulaUgleeTruth, (04/20/2014)
Today I stay in bed and read.
tenthoption, (04/20/2014)
not a good first inning so far for Jake Peavy vs. the Orioles.
calaggie, (04/20/2014)
@allstarnick Yes that what's up
RobertSingh510, (04/20/2014)
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TaberAliceazuz, (04/20/2014)
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nichqx_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: El Dorado (04/20/2014)
#AngelPagan!! ⚾️😎 #SFGiants
BayAreaFan19, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Sacrament (04/20/2014)
hurray. found some earbuds with only one side working...
MCcombat75, (04/20/2014)
Is the Wizards, Bobcats and Raptors playing in the Eastern Conference Playoffs a good thing for the NBA?
stocktanian, (04/20/2014)
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BroomKileyaw, (04/02/2014)
RIP Selena 😔 t.co/GqqSh80L3S
tinynikkidgafyo, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/02/2014)
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Altonuovingleto, (04/02/2014)
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CoraHortonyex, (04/02/2014)
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ButtBurnsidebvj, (04/02/2014)
Photo bomber after workout! 💪👍😅😄 t.co/xBEXgDPtI1
Lykatoots, (04/02/2014)
Just posted a photo t.co/h0DTtSzIjw
Michelle_Cook81, (04/04/2014)
My soundtrack: ♫ "Ba yo" by Thierry Cham (@ La Buena Vida, Davis, CA, USA) cc: @rublyyammykazzy, @GSMETNOKURGS t.co/1dyX0TCpr5
mbvukutaphiri, (04/04/2014)
RT @erixvuBONER: IM IN VEGAS BITCH. #aprilfools #badjoke t.co/gvz5aq82VB • nigga its april 5th
b_stickss, (04/04/2014)
TELL ME WHY WERE FUCKED UP AT A GAS STATION THAT JUST GOT ROBBED 15 minutes ago and was on the news!!!
trisstanroberts, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/04/2014)
When girls wear guys ties at the end of the night..... STOP you're in college
Kelsey_VT, (04/04/2014)
"@Fact: Your past is your past, And theres a reason its there, Just know, The people and places, They are meant to stay there."
Jemimaazammm, (04/04/2014)
@unclejeez I don't know how I missed that, But must have over looked.Was really Strange,Can't Remember Who it was But from one Leader OB
sherriek7, (04/04/2014)
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SlackDurkinxlf, (04/04/2014)
I only had one true friend. that stickes with me even when I was gone ......
Mya_BearBaby, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/04/2014)
I think I want my China bangs back. Should I......hmmmm
SarilynE, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/04/2014)
@ThatGirlNellieB No need to discuss that ugly possibility because it's not the case
BeenBasedB, (04/04/2014)
RT @BadGalTitii: If you like it You can touch it babe
DChoops23, (04/04/2014)
cry me a river -- lord knows we could use the precipitation
TheRealBryanDol, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/04/2014)
RT @erixvuBONER: IM IN VEGAS BITCH. #aprilfools #badjoke t.co/onofLGfEwK
TheGuestListLV, (04/04/2014)
got em
TheRealBryanDol, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/04/2014)
RT "@notworldhippop: Every real nigga hate this shit t.co/BSUKkiCuoP"
salvis_, (04/01/2014)
AnaaBananaaaa, (04/01/2014)
RT @Lyyrriiccaaa: Can this happen to me. Like right now. t.co/DevyRPjOFg
ItssMariahh, (04/01/2014)
Great passing, pretty goal
essbeeay, (04/01/2014)
I take my beverages veryyyyy seriously t.co/FEdtwXn6tk
Zarish_Asaf, (04/01/2014)
RT @1079theend: @AustinMahone Got #Shirtless Last time we had him in Sac!-->t.co/fbugFh3V1q<--Wonder if he will AGAIN at #EndFest201
ohsnapitzadri_, (04/01/2014)
Such an amazing weekend in Vegas for the @ACMawards! @DierksBentley @coleswindell @leebrice @queenkrist @gdgrlshvfn2 t.co/OyxNSFGV13
LindsJ42, (04/08/2014)
Hornets: The Caltrans “Fix 50” may have a serious impact on your commute later this month. Get info here: t.co/edYK2N6f1M
sacstate, (04/08/2014)
@linoftwerkteam @MizzTwerksum w
Mzchocol8t3, (04/08/2014)
@g_sars altho all credit goes to @Davemcsween
g_sars, (04/08/2014)
#Calaveras County Builds New State-of-the-Art Courthouse t.co/egeN1qSka7
PublicCEO, (04/08/2014)
2 meses ao lado dele <3
AnaRitaCouto, (04/08/2014)
About to finish the food prep.
EddiePinedaz, (04/08/2014)
Clean Spring Look $39 white jeans $14 grey tank $28 Lucite necklace #spring #ootd #whiteskinnies… t.co/Qb8A3BpwQh
LegacyBtq, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/08/2014)
@CNN joy, The Central Park Wanker is giving more insight into #DaPlane. TY, Wanker, always the twit, now off to Central Park with you!
KingOfCurtopia, (04/08/2014)
RT @iamarunnergirl: Next @Nov_ProjectSMF workout is less than 24 hour away! It's gonna be a good one! #Sacramento - meet us at #McKinleyPar
Nov_ProjectSMF, (04/08/2014)
@CholeMcKenzie Awesome!
TheJordanAnthem, (04/08/2014)
Got asked to presents and can't even go 😤 #bitterbear
tiera_urango, (04/18/2014)
Sorry, guys RT @politico: White House rejects petition to deport @JustinBieber: t.co/XTBSOW7BFu | Getty t.co/Gs6ojEoyV0
SchwartzTV, (04/18/2014)
@MariaaaWalker def screenshotted that. Your lip gloss is poppin 😂😂😂
kiranielsen, (04/18/2014)
Trying to win #pricelesssurprises for my love... Pick me, I would love to make her dreams come true and meet Justin Tmberlake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
corwin1990, (04/18/2014)
Trying to win #pricelesssurprises for my love. Pick me, I would love to make her dreams come true and meet Justin Tmberlake
corwin1990, (04/18/2014)
babes taking me to get my nails done 😍💅
cassiiiddym, (04/18/2014)
RT @_TaySuave: “@Kaylafornia_: “@FeelMyLoyalty_: yassss 😩👌🙌 t.co/XZ1TNvh0eC” 👌😍😍 Agreed” now everyone is getting i
desireeflores__, (04/07/2014)
RT @LightSkinYuupp: Smh and it begins! Lol "@Sophilthy_: With my other half being home I feel back to myself. FR FR"
Sophilthy_, (04/07/2014)
se a vida fosse facil, se chamaria de puta
cassianogueiraa, (04/07/2014)
WelchyF, (04/07/2014)
You always push the issue!
_breeenana, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/07/2014)
@LightSkinYuupp you already know we about to get WILD!!!!
Sophilthy_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/07/2014)
Photo: Nugget is full of cuddles tonight. t.co/MeHATJkPEN
happypitbulls, (04/07/2014)
@throwdownbev t.co/K5RbMjorFl
bill_windham, (04/07/2014)
@LetDaStormRaJON ...or not
sarahserquena, (04/07/2014)
@Nosama_ ok
princestrenisee, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/07/2014)
Swagger is one of the smartest in the sport. He has Casaro right where he wants him #CesaroIsTheJannetty
Steviebreech, (04/07/2014)
I just donated 5 #mPOINTS in the Nexercise for Android app to the @BCRFcure #ChooseYourCharity
MMFlorinPanther, (04/07/2014)
I literally just yelled " hit that white guy, yay white guy!" Just realized i'm a total white guy.
CRBUKE, (04/07/2014)
I wanna go to Dubai😍
TharvinG, (04/07/2014)
I miss Sara ❤️
super_samone, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/07/2014)
Thanks Court ❤️💋 RT @courtahknee: @InvincibleJenks wow u go girl!!!!
InvincibleJenks, (04/07/2014)
2845 best score ko sa dumb ways to die. Hihi. :)
yvespren, (04/09/2014)
#JanineGutierrezLovesMyPhoneRIO #JanineGutierrezLovesMyPhoneRIO #JanineGutierrezLovesMyPhoneRIO #JanineGutierrezLovesMyPhoneRIO 162
roze0013, (04/09/2014)
@LoreleiOfAsgard What's brings to come across me?
XWayneRigsbyX, (04/09/2014)
RT @roze0013: #JanineGutierrezLovesMyPhoneRIO #JanineGutierrezLovesMyPhoneRIO #JanineGutierrezLovesMyPhoneRIO #JanineGutierrezLovesMyPhoneR
swanlake898, (04/09/2014)
RT @Larryferlazzo: “@CurtisCFEE: "@SirKenRobinson: How to Change Education" via @Joe_Bower: t.co/gllu5qaEW1 t.co/REYZQ1FXL8”
stephntempe, (04/09/2014)
@Roycestrella Hii Goodevening :)
Niicoleng, (04/09/2014)
miudaorgulhosa, (04/09/2014)
já volto.
eva_sousa_reis, (04/09/2014)
@SheIsAlly : Our love is like the wind. I can't see it, but I can feel it."
_iirzahin, (04/09/2014)
RT @BMayNews10: DeMarcus Cousins @boogiecousins sets an #NBAKings Sacramento franchise record with his 51st double-double in a season, pass
MarcoMertjoe, (04/09/2014)
#JanineGutierrezLovesMyPhoneRIO #JanineGutierrezLovesMyPhoneRIO #JanineGutierrezLovesMyPhoneRIO #JanineGutierrezLovesMyPhoneRIO 161
roze0013, (04/09/2014)
RT @qmrna: @ZarithS_ @MalissaAzhar ahahahah patah hati patah seribu semua patah
MalissaAzhar, (04/09/2014)
“@prcls_roimarco: Hays. Kawawa ka. Hahaha #AngHirapSayo t.co/OMBFTJIpi7” TEKA WAIT HAHAHAHAHA SILENT THE T 😂😂
jangeliique, (04/09/2014)
vou jogar just dance.
eva_sousa_reis, (04/09/2014)
@hemmgdr *va a sedersi al tavolo e prende il cellulare visualizzando e rispondendo ad alcuni messaggi*
michpunkallgdr, (04/09/2014)
My header is totes adorbs.
lysser182, (04/04/2014)
Thanks for the additude, jerk.
bonnie_rabago21, (04/04/2014)
My lungs are hurting again 😭
NikiBug6, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/04/2014)
RT @GUTDFILM: WORLD PREMIERE UPDATE!!! t.co/E9F9lkLZ9y Watch the new trailer and check out the world premiere at... t.co/t…
Mike__Hurley, (04/04/2014)
@TheThundaaaa @Carlos_Pls to make my boring school day more fun :( Carlos, what say you?
howdar, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/04/2014)
Want More twitter followers to increase your popularity??? this the solution : t.co/QF7Wq2lQ2V
SteelGaffneytbz, (04/04/2014)
Doug holding Drew- HOLY COW! Thought it was Drew holding a baby! #Twins t.co/cNruIFhcec
liquehouston, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/04/2014)
@momoragan "I hate when people stereotype fan groups" Unless they're Lakers fans.
PatrickFrmDavis, (04/04/2014)
Having the worst day.
BabySteph03, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/04/2014)
SN&R previews Spring Awakening by Falcon's Eye Theatre at Folsom Lake College. t.co/cDLEThk4Xc
SeeaPlaySac, (04/04/2014)
RT @callingtempo: Looking forward to the @bebraveboldrobo and Bellygunner show tonight @ShineSacrament1
FizbanFunDesign, (04/04/2014)
@Eman_jim Umm woah. we got there at like 1:15/1:20
kayteenikki, (04/04/2014)
"@DammitIgavein: .@DonGeronimoShow We Love you Doni #LoyalListeners #RadioGod #Excellence" GodDAMNIT…radio god!
hernandezsteve, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/04/2014)
Last of a dying breed....
bboyknowbody, (04/04/2014)
Do you think we would get in trouble if we recreated this pic using our ebony & ivory Ford Tauruses, @SammieDraper? t.co/DL7VpiDZnj
laborgal02, (04/04/2014)
I'm about to go take out cash and pray her Mexican ass is still there then send you a pic of mines 😂😘😘 @HELLASASy
kaylarose7404, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/08/2014)
Hey! @NewEdgeDrive is awesome. You should check out this giveaway. t.co/2X6yRzLgfC
Sweetgirl722, (04/08/2014)
fucking pissed it's going cost $650 to fix my car
danielrissso, (04/08/2014)
RT @theCaGuard: Training together in prep of #Wildfire season @CAL_FIRE @USNationalGuard #WaterDrop t.co/6NDsmeNttf
CAGovTweets, (04/08/2014)
@BallUpNBA thabo sefalosha
jmeanz, (04/03/2014)
so baby tell me what’s good i see you rocking that don’t stop that bring that thing right back 🎧
nanatootrill_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/03/2014)
I'm not a baseball fan but how you gonna boo your own team off the field? Fairweather fans are a joke.
captainoodlz, (04/03/2014)
RT @itsfknchristian: Ever wonder how your life would be if certain things didn't happen?
viancasop, (04/03/2014)
@MonicaKaye @BrnWriter it looks like a very infected body part.
emmapetersen, (04/03/2014)
She looks mad t.co/BK9ouj35iM
Free_WindI, (04/03/2014)
@wilw Sign me up for a large
TheFatPanther, (04/03/2014)
@hunterlake73 im helllllaaa down bro
BrothaLuc, (04/03/2014)
Modeling again ✨👸 t.co/CpQYGdPcJm
citruschey, (04/03/2014)
My grades will literally be the death of me
_PincheDanny, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/03/2014)
RT @TJDillashaw: Me and @chadmendes smoked a couple turkeys this afternoon with our bows. My @BowTechArchery was on point t.co/vGRqT…
SB184, (04/03/2014)
RT @_PincheDanny: Seriously wanna cry cause today was crap
linaaluupitaa_, (04/03/2014)
RT @Euniss_Nsh: t.co/92ABI5P5uJ
Nurayynn, (04/12/2014)
@KarinaLadet Way to go Karina!
DaphneCohn, (04/12/2014)
RT @ashieebashh: I'm such a touchy feely person lol I love hugs and I'm constantly leaning on people and I'm pretty sure it annoys everyone
SydneyHumphries, (04/12/2014)
RT @NASCAR_Sunny: @chaseelliott you are the real deal. I'm happy to take a front seat on your bandwagon.
cnyautofreak, (04/12/2014)
221 has bacon and I'm not there WUT
emmaruder, (04/12/2014)
“@IrdinaNorazmir: Membazir masa je lah kau toreh tangan, baik kau toreh kepala kau, attention seeker OVERLOAD”
nuranisax, (04/12/2014)
@JODYHiGHROLLER wait. He poops through his paws?
macxbutcher, (04/12/2014)
my mom always going somewhere stay in the house!
theofficialdeja, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Sacrament (04/12/2014)
@amanolaluna what is an fwb ?
OGD_Ingram, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Sacrament (04/12/2014)
Rainbows, sunshine 🌈🌞
PreddyBaby, (04/12/2014)
@artofchad thank you for following me.
sactownartist, (04/12/2014)
RT @Larryferlazzo: NEW: "How @AdamMGrant Just Made Teaching More Complicated" t.co/BMwSfqWuo0 t.co/6zC9VoRJQO
Robbohanek, (04/12/2014)
branndy12, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Carmichae (04/12/2014)
RT @sacconnect: Racism Linked to Obesity in African-American Women t.co/5pKMELvc57 #scpick
indivizible, (04/12/2014)
RT @_LuqmanH: Pisau mak I tak bagi ambik . Mahal katanya
nuranisax, (04/12/2014)
Oo na na na
IrenaVee, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/04/2014)
Double header tomorrow
AleDoddDoe, (04/04/2014)
RT @VeirsGary: Can't wait to watch @TheUpperFootage tonight. It looks amazing!
TheUpperFootage, (04/04/2014)
Sweeeeet! t.co/31kwdpzxpV
Citywater_Music, (04/04/2014)
#i65 @Yureini18 @Sanderbest @Trans1110 @SouFrancy @VDmitr2012 @THE65CONNECTION @4Hells_Sake @HMaximillian @VDmitr2014 @mehnar
SacramentoProle, (04/04/2014)
@RespectMyRegion Good Looking on the follow.. Keep pushing a hard line.
TimeIzMoney209, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/04/2014)
Great shot of Tom Brosseau from his European tour. t.co/jYWrSrIecg
xbillrecords, (04/04/2014)
Working on my new project: my ex boyfriend's ex girlfriend saved my life.
ghostrunner4l, (04/04/2014)
RT @RobThatSkates: I'm only here for the night. You gonna bend that ass over or what?
Ayeits_Juan, (04/04/2014)
RT @FCHunting: Sometimes all it takes is the right person to bring out the best of you, things you thought never existed...
goosekyle, (04/04/2014)
I can't wait for these tournaments
Osvaldo_136, (04/04/2014)
I am the new TNA TV champ!!!!!!
Steviebreech, (04/04/2014)
@gemni888 new tag champs with regal
Steviebreech, (04/04/2014)
@ucantcme_11 good haha following the birds!! We will be ready
FCHunting, (04/04/2014)
@JoePackard9 ooh ok
Bria_Attaway, (04/04/2014)
JasonJDaniel, (04/03/2014)
Man I don't feel like getting up
SmoovieJ, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/03/2014)
California Snowpack Measure Shows No End in Sight for Drought t.co/Jc3U641hKJ
timrote, (04/03/2014)
Daily Dealz Apr. 3rd #FWC t.co/JRsdGgj4aL
FlorinWellness, (04/03/2014)
“@Mom_Tat: Light”
YoungJuiced, (04/03/2014)
@thirdson423 It's not ignorant at all. Why would you say that? It's completely realistic. We all think it's quite a real possibility.
Jujumediazone, (04/03/2014)
My soundtrack: ♫ "Maleyali Minda (From "Andar Baahar")" by Shreya Ghoshal & Vijay Prakash t.co/JIXp56HJ8G
mbvukutaphiri, (04/03/2014)
U ni siapa? RT @IjaLau: Collaboration yang mantap RT bam_reel: Bahahahahahahaha
bam_reel, (04/03/2014)
RT @kbradnam: The @GenomeCenter helped discover that if you sequence peanuts you don't get monkeys: First peanut genomes sequenced t…
DPMelters, (04/03/2014)
Lunch Special - Chicken Parmesana with Garlic Bread t.co/eW4hMVMjMF t.co/lJMfcx7yIR
CafeRomaOnline, (04/03/2014)
Violets - Original Art Watercolor Painting - Valentines day, Flower, Floral, Nature, Garden… t.co/P1JIVe7Ieu #Etsy #ValentineBouquet
Muren, (04/03/2014)
My phone life has been shit lately 😒
_shaundeziee, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/03/2014)
Oh your going to deltopia, nice
Nickmedenwald, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/03/2014)
Why is reading so calming?
sierratorres_, (04/03/2014)
RT @WeBuildStaffing: Webuild New Job: Land Surveyor (LSIT), Sacramento, CA: Webuild (t.co/oUfbWY1FxY ) is seeking a Land Su... http:…
michael_desafey, (04/03/2014)
@MasterStoneLXI wait how many songs are you doing i forgot lol
RayKnoqzLXI, (04/03/2014)
Get a little dirrty
anjelicamanes, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/03/2014)
When I was 5 I used to name all the bumble bees in my back yard and I had a favorite one but I can't remember his name and it's bothering me
MaddyFireHomie, (04/01/2014)
When people talk during a movie at the theatre t.co/MJokgg2lgW
simplejudgement, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/01/2014)
Spend it before we get and could Neva hold money no wallets nah niggas would rather fold money
_Spydaa_, (04/01/2014)
RT @jonnycraig4L: If you haven't noticed im cutting out everything negative in my life. That includes people. I stay 💯 and if you don't
illum_Aman_ti, (04/01/2014)
RT @chancegaitan: 100 retweets and I will fight Kelly Conner.
bianca_kmiec, (04/01/2014)
Fam OMM BREH t.co/NIZa3j2WMa
ImRandomThough, (04/01/2014)
RT @jonnycraig4L: If you haven't noticed im cutting out everything negative in my life. That includes people. I stay 💯 and if you don't
binathemermaid_, (04/01/2014)
@ayelittlegee puta😑
stephanyycee, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/01/2014)
RT @BrandonChexMix: Lovely weather we had today, huh?
_mnovak, (04/01/2014)
Sketch dailies #WIP Also I succumbed to the pentel brush pen. Excited to try this bad boy out t.co/jRYaseuzJ2
MJarocki_Art, (04/01/2014)
RT "@notworldhippop: Every real nigga hate this shit t.co/BSUKkiCuoP"
salvis_, (04/01/2014)
@evelinruns @TheFatPanther @skoraRunning @NorthBorderTaco will be here!
BikeDogBeer, (04/18/2014)
How do you drink champagne on the beach? t.co/Us412B7KF0
WhimsicalMiss, (04/18/2014)
@joserod2006 that sucks 3 more hours
Steviebreech, (04/18/2014)
RT @EWDolan: Scientists discover brain’s anti-distraction system t.co/mtpZZSSCgq
PogMoThoin13, (04/18/2014)
RT @EWDolan: Creationist Carl Kerby insists dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark: They took the younger ones t.co/2dfRjqhE1i
Hageehealth, (04/18/2014)
@NorCalChive chive on guys!! t.co/Z9LI9Ur3mS
giantsoxfan81, (04/18/2014)
@70sBaseball Love those Topps we collected as kids. If you haven't visited their website, t.co/96iOKAUtVY, you're in for a treat!
Acbeam, (04/18/2014)
Kelichi needs to delete that
ITharp51, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Californi (04/18/2014)
I'd be everything you want and more.
Hustin_Junter, (04/22/2014)
sirjordandodge, (04/22/2014)
Noely_A7X, (04/22/2014)
Wearing black head to toe and buying black nail polish. ◼️
holleratroms, (04/03/2014)
@Katszr1111_ I had to call and fight for more because the first 400 didn't last long! We check a lot with CGM and Diabetic Alert Dog!
T1Diabetes_Mom, (04/24/2014)
@_edgar_alcala nah If I worked on my shot, I would have form. I don't fucking work on it. It's natural
Trrevyyy, (04/24/2014)
@Ashton5SOS looking great there Ash!! Love that face😜😜 *insert drum set emoji*
theyaresunshine, (04/24/2014)
@KellyMarie2911 When satin deceived my wife and she left after 17 yrs I died inside !!!
DonMiwok, (04/24/2014)
Who showed me this?? I'm down 15 pounds this month! t.co/CcohDbFB2u
shekaholics, (04/24/2014)
@AvrilenViceRock ang saya diba
RicaMae_14, (04/24/2014)
@chelsearaine I still have this tho, you just want it instead? Squats are sooooOo last month. t.co/HEaXvf57lT
christheasian, (04/24/2014)
My life has changed because of this! t.co/eJQiNtqEG3
abelito8, (04/24/2014)
#TBT to possibly the greatest concert I've been to #Hoodie #Dwhy #YLHB #HoodieMob @hoodieallen @dwhy… t.co/BdtVb1BXhZ
SweetBabyCP, (04/24/2014)
AnaaBananaaaa, (04/01/2014)
RT @Lyyrriiccaaa: Can this happen to me. Like right now. t.co/DevyRPjOFg
ItssMariahh, (04/01/2014)
I take my beverages veryyyyy seriously t.co/FEdtwXn6tk
Zarish_Asaf, (04/01/2014)
RT @1079theend: @AustinMahone Got #Shirtless Last time we had him in Sac!-->t.co/fbugFh3V1q<--Wonder if he will AGAIN at #EndFest201
ohsnapitzadri_, (04/01/2014)
Great passing, pretty goal
essbeeay, (04/01/2014)
@ayelittlegee puta😑
stephanyycee, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/01/2014)
RT @jonnycraig4L: If you haven't noticed im cutting out everything negative in my life. That includes people. I stay 💯 and if you don't
binathemermaid_, (04/01/2014)
Fam OMM BREH t.co/NIZa3j2WMa
ImRandomThough, (04/01/2014)
RT @chancegaitan: 100 retweets and I will fight Kelly Conner.
bianca_kmiec, (04/01/2014)
RT @jonnycraig4L: If you haven't noticed im cutting out everything negative in my life. That includes people. I stay 💯 and if you don't
illum_Aman_ti, (04/01/2014)
Spend it before we get and could Neva hold money no wallets nah niggas would rather fold money
_Spydaa_, (04/01/2014)
When people talk during a movie at the theatre t.co/MJokgg2lgW
simplejudgement, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/01/2014)
When I was 5 I used to name all the bumble bees in my back yard and I had a favorite one but I can't remember his name and it's bothering me
MaddyFireHomie, (04/01/2014)
Marcelo Freixo não sabia que estava sendo entrevistado pelo Borat da Dinamarca.
leilatwtr, (04/16/2014)
#JobSearch Assistant Operations Manager at SBM Management Services (Sacramento, CA) Find this Job & More t.co/RmwR7CHgls
Sacramento_Buzz, (04/16/2014)
Tbh I still wanna go swimming tho.
Giseliee_Rod, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Elk Grove (04/16/2014)
@WestSacFire Thank you for the update.
DeerwoodCreek, (04/16/2014)
Presentation time. Wish me luck. (@ Security Pacific Real Estate) t.co/8SBlwUtUpE
SacAppraiser, (04/16/2014)
RT @_Ceciliaa1: Fragile~ tech n9ne  #obsessed
StrangeRob21, (04/16/2014)
Our class is so childish lmao. Homecoming is cancelled * everyone cheers and claps *
LnYki, (04/16/2014)
The only reason melodies is trending is cuz of us Beliebers talkin about Justin and Ryan in the video. Lol no one gives a fuck about Madison
LnYki, (04/16/2014)
My brother just tried suffocating me because I wouldn't delete the vine of him
LnYki, (04/16/2014)
RT @phylogenomics: Hey @LucigenCorp why are you sponsoring a meeting with such an extreme overrepresentation of male speakers? t.co/…
schwessinger, (04/16/2014)
throwback thursdays :D
LnYki, (04/16/2014)
@dmbatten2 @CarolsakelCosta Your article cover a lot of true facts; however, there is a map of the solar energy zone: it is California land
AnnBelindaHonab, (04/16/2014)
Hey @RainDanceTech why are you sponsoring a meeting with such an extreme overrepresentation of male speakers? t.co/uZsxKhTa9P
phylogenomics, (04/16/2014)
@1079theend We're throwing a SMILE essay contest for Sacramento students! t.co/lCGsXRF0c6 :) Can we get a retweet! #iPad winner!
DrPayneBraces, (04/16/2014)
@PLPrincessGF well, Ive never seen snow. So enjoy it while you can lol
RhondaBreschini, (04/16/2014)
#NowPlaying Wo Fat - Bayou Juju on t.co/ZNf3OlNOY9 #stonerrock #doommetal
HvyHandedRadio, (04/06/2014)
RT @GregBars408: "@TooRacist: 😂😂😂 t.co/NoZ7CMIfzm"@MellowHayk
MellowHayk, (04/06/2014)
RT @Larryferlazzo: RT @principalkp: As we get closer to state assessments, time to remember our true objective. t.co/AKYpTqaN2g #edc…
MJEducator, (04/06/2014)
Sometimes I feel like the Friend Zone is for girls who need a guy as a "friend" until they find something better. So it makes us feel used.
nerddorkgeek3, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/06/2014)
@sheertalentltd #sheertalent #sheertalentevent #mysheertalent #2014regional… t.co/Lx44jn1ggp
SheerTalentLTD, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/06/2014)
joshwilliamray, (04/06/2014)
if you got a boo you're supposed to motivate him and support his grind
hannnahannn, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/06/2014)
r-ybanez: Maybe I’m considering the idea that mental illness isn’t necessarily a flaw in character. Just... t.co/PTr8eUj7R9
mattastark, (04/06/2014)
One of these weekends was definitely needed, especially after the week I had.
Shaun_Holkko, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/06/2014)
My eyes naturally sparkle. (jk its my contacts lawls) t.co/lg2EDpNJru
daawna, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/06/2014)
@hsb0372 yes. Driving home here too. Way to go today! #rnrsf
RunningRachel, (04/06/2014)
cclaravieira, (04/06/2014)
@StephieVillalta mephotography
ryybreezyy, (04/06/2014)
Defeated player "Altair[Off] (Lv.120)"! t.co/WEPeb3r0FS #Valkyrie Crusade
YukineTakeru, (04/06/2014)
#KingsSelfie while #tailgating!!! Love me some #Pinnacle #Whipped! t.co/l5RC3cR5qc
milano_mia, (04/06/2014)
だれでも簡単!Twitter自動つぶやき設定ができるサイト!AutoTweet(オートツイート)! t.co/hiQ9Gg4QVV 定期的
luuu_0420, (03/28/2014)
“@YouLovePebbles: Why do you have to be my boyfriend in order for us to be down for each other.”
boshy_Bish, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/28/2014)
RT @oliiviarose: @BlakeIsabella ugh. Hella cute
BlakeIsabella, (03/28/2014)
@SheIsKingB lmao nope not him.. I still ain't talked to him. He lucky he in the army . I would've killed him. I'm talking bout my friend
ThatLameRetha, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/28/2014)
“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” #JaneOinezaOnMMK
ItsAlmiraP, (03/28/2014)
I think I've only been awake for 5 hours the past 24 hours.
matttytran, (03/28/2014)
RT @DapperDabber: I seriously can't explain how flattered I'd be if a girl trying to get to know me just hit that FaceTime or phone button
Jellybeansdoe_, (03/28/2014)
"@KaitlynMayy: No one is awake... It's not even two yet. 😂" im up b
DanceGod_, (03/28/2014)
@MichaelReddig Yeah I got a lot of good ones as well. #DJaxToOakland
jayosh916, (03/28/2014)
Don't give up just because things are hard.
AmaraAntognoni, (03/28/2014)
Im always having eye problems
Daddyb_Pappas, (03/28/2014)
@CircusTK @TheThizzler watch this New video Forever (Official Music Video)@kew_keith - Directed by BuB Da S.O.P. t.co/68zVVCecUF #RT
kew_keith, (03/28/2014)
@NeesaStyle tak lawa pun, hi! 😊
IrdinaZainol, (03/28/2014)


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