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West Sacramento ist eine Stadt in Yolo County, Kalifornien. Es grenzt an Sacramento, wird aber von der Sacramento River, die auch die Grafschaft Linie getrennt, so West Sacramento ist in einem anderen Bezirk als Sacramento. Es ist eine schnell wachsende Community, die Bevölkerung war 31.615 bei der Volkszählung 2000, aber die Census Bureau schätzt die Bevölkerung auf 44.162 ab 2006 sein. West Sacramento ist Teil des Sacramento



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Oct 27
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Oct 29
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agora português.
souatamara, (10/22/2014)
"Golden Nuggets: Reinforcements cannot possibly arrive soon enough" via Niners Nation - All Posts t.co/QSPOSUVnlG #49ers #Sacramento
JKGrovesRE, (10/22/2014)
I'm using Viber to make free phone calls and send free messages on my Android phone t.co/Zlc2x3lZbn
HallOfPink, (10/22/2014)
I'm so blessed to have followed my dream to the extreme, there is no slowing down as a dj! :) I've come so far... t.co/sub5pVJyIX
djrodger1224, (10/22/2014)
vannata_anthony, (10/22/2014)
@_michaaelaa I'm real
SwazyBeTheName, (10/22/2014)
@uce_INA you know it bruh t.co/gE558p4EvR
SefaM, (10/22/2014)
Sugat 😭😭😭
sowlumon, (10/22/2014)
@anti___HERO Couldn't had said it any better....
EdzonEsMainey, (10/22/2014)
I liked a @YouTube video t.co/lZrrSaGLW4 The Chipmunk Song Slowed Down
nensolutions, (10/22/2014)
@_michaaelaa @Joshy_Sosa_ @IsThatDeano Damnnnnnn, Josh, I don't know how you just took this tweet, but you better get on her. Lol
SwazyBeTheName, (10/22/2014)
I liked a @YouTube video t.co/Efxns2AbBU JAPAN - The Earthquake - 15 Minutes Live-Cam
nensolutions, (10/22/2014)
bom dia
Moisesao96, (10/22/2014)
RT @ArsyadJohari: "Nak dapat pahala setelah mati? Baca ni. Sebarkan ni pon boleh dapat pahala lepas kita mati" 😐😕 t.co/684swpmrjL
RohaizadRuslan, (10/22/2014)
@Jaezellitaaa Hohoho xD joke lang yun :( katouch naman xD
Stick0myBEYBE, (10/22/2014)
No longer diwali 😭😭😭😭 t.co/swF0DwGuyu
loverforlondon, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Rancho Co (10/24/2014)
RT @Quielanna_G: Tl is DEAD
Dom_How_, (10/24/2014)
Glass Palette for Sienna Plein Air Pochade Box: t.co/Quf23SY6yi via @YouTube
ArtSchaefer, (10/24/2014)
Real Estate Humor t.co/JYJ4Qx3Xpf
Djonesrealty, (10/24/2014)
Chris tonight in Phoenix ☺😍 t.co/NK3JF3Xtej
IamPorshay, (10/24/2014)
ini semua buto
aidrzl, (10/24/2014)
Stuff couldn't be looking better 😌
carsonthegreat, (10/24/2014)
RT @MormonThunder: Oh ya F the police right? Is that when they took a bullet for you? Pulled over a drunk driver who could've hit you? Yeah
tyler_a15, (10/24/2014)
RT @cmiVFX_eric: Houdini challenge - make freezing bubbles ! @cmivfx @sidefx #houdini - go procedural t.co/WySnYYlNv8
TonksFX, (10/24/2014)
To the dudes honking and showing your muscles at me out the window.. nice try. Lol ew
villa_danielle, (10/24/2014)
That awkward moment when you send out a thanks for the follow tweet before they even followed you back. -...-
NerdyBoysReview, (10/24/2014)
Happy birthday bro! t.co/iHdPfzMTFN
KuyaYambao, (10/24/2014)
Still sick 😪
BallhardTj, (10/24/2014)
RT @_jazzv: You're crazy and I'm out of my mind
BeastyJayyy_, (10/24/2014)
RT @DaleSchornack: WOMAN WHO OWNS HOME WHERE GUNMAN CAPTURED AFTER KILLING TWO DEPUTIES:"I wish they would have blown his head off in my ho
d_barrera10, (10/24/2014)
Passive aggressively slamming my window when the douche is outside revving his car
oliiviarose, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Woodland, (10/25/2014)
Best #creamofmushroom Soup I've made yet! #farmersmarket #foodporn #itsfall #mylife #eatlocal t.co/X40j9bFArA
TatesKitchen, (10/25/2014)
Please join the California National Organization 4 Women in voting for Dave Campos for State Assembly t.co/YWsO1g7Kmv @DavidCamposSF
CaliforniaNOW, (10/25/2014)
RT @porravacilou: a que ponto chegamos t.co/gNNs3tgpFZ
__KathyS, (10/25/2014)
RT @kirstin_taylor: I'm surrounded by cheese and I've never been happier.
richmond_mill3, (10/25/2014)
RT @kirstin_taylor: I'm surrounded by cheese and I've never been happier.
PTXTorrie, (10/25/2014)
Thanks to all our volunteers canvassing this morning despite the rain–your hard work will make the difference! #CA07 t.co/MJhrRAKkbp
BeraForCongress, (10/25/2014)
@BaronVoNewman chain/axe?
SeamusTracy, (10/25/2014)
So sleepy. Where is 7:30 😖
DTPASSSION, (10/25/2014)
@NiceMangos @tariqmikail anyone preaching virtues of any religion is ignorant, in my opinion
StrangerOnFire, (10/25/2014)
@kyleehutchins_ @5SOS @AshZonAir Gotta be 1,079
1079theend, (10/25/2014)
Seth Rollins is so good.
EloyLaFlare, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Californi (10/25/2014)
Bumgarner also refuted report he told teammates he'd be pitching Game 4. "That's ridiculous. I never said anything like that."
matthewkawahara, (10/25/2014)
RT @kirstin_taylor: October 23 Cuddles with baby. #octoberlovin @olafthehusky t.co/Uy9Xox69Wz t.co/N91JU42kWN
PTXfandom, (10/25/2014)
Great morning surf with our team. Celebrating seniors continues this week has we head back for their… t.co/nViCaIW79J
UCDAVISWSOC, (10/25/2014)
LMRA: "Strike" includes "any concerted slowdown or other concerted interruption of operations" t.co/knthkyXzEO
chrisshimoda, (10/23/2014)
rock is a legend... Nobody else died four times and came back funny every single time.. Most Niggas have 3 resurrections and lose they humor
bansky, (10/23/2014)
RT @OJDLaguna: Comment by Yaf. This! Nailed it. 😄👌 The New Fashion Icon Nadine Lustre 💕 VOTE: t.co/GyF5dfm79X t.co/s22pprGYy5
annyeongbangsie, (10/23/2014)
The Speedy Cartographers Who Map the News for The New York Times t.co/wSvv7eCRY3
greysonrig, (10/23/2014)
RT @UptownStudios: Good Stuff is out! t.co/pRIzu8OAGv Stories via @Transport_CA @Cal_OES @LowBrau916
Nuevomedio, (10/23/2014)
Cousins deserved to get dissed in that GM pole. Cousins has a ton of potential but what has he really done? #NBA
Steviebreech, (10/23/2014)
@VMiguelG Sweet kaya nakaka-touch :))
elemflores, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (10/23/2014)
I found a loophole. #Victory
Rey_Trejo, (10/23/2014)
Di ko maintindihan.
HOIEER, (10/23/2014)
@taylorswift13 #CaptainSwift t.co/gqZvjOksfX
IntegralDevices, (10/23/2014)
@sarandar1 nvm lol
dejanowens, (10/23/2014)
It's almost here! Dog Fest Walk 'N Roll #Sacramento this Saturday! Join us for a fun day benefiting… t.co/xqRxhvsEZF
BattierCCIpuppy, (10/23/2014)
Just posted a photo t.co/aVBn8IChLw
Michelle_Cook81, (10/23/2014)
@sirchoppa #LearnToWin #Teach
bigEasyE_12, (10/23/2014)
A observar
gostodecolo, (10/23/2014)
I liked a @YouTube video t.co/t67XMoYrw9 Canon "Bring It"
Indiearies, (10/22/2014)
How young is too young to get homework? Some childcare centres and pre-schools are already... t.co/DYz7yOQ6cm
creativerecsys, (10/22/2014)
Yolo County Supervisors Back ‘Bridge to Housing’ Project t.co/KAYsZbjS6W
FOX40, (10/22/2014)
RT @TheeHomieLB: @_princesskiley that's babe. This nigga @justinbieber needa free dat
_princesskiley, (10/22/2014)
ben ders A§alA±sA±rken boyle seyler cikio ortaya t,co/wtfCcQaeec
donaldobatamub, (10/22/2014)
RT @KuranSaini: At this time in middle school, id be trying to find the baddest background for my Myspace page, not reading about who needs
ginaashim, (10/22/2014)
Report: Autopsy analysis shows Michael Brown may have gone for Cop's Gun t.co/8YW54hSn1V
CraigDeLuz, (10/22/2014)
Aviva knows what's good and roots for the best baseball team ever. #WorldSeries #shesthebest t.co/hR7e7nNpda
koumelis, (10/22/2014)
my mom literally says turn on gaga as soon as we get in the car
briskyfumes, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Sacrament (10/22/2014)
You can tell when a candy bar or snack manufacturer has upgraded their machinery, because alla sudden there are 92 varieties of their things
dhemery, (10/22/2014)
Halloween house sings along to "All About That Bass" — and it's awesome. t.co/eqHp6MDi4b
CitHeightsPatch, (10/22/2014)
"The moment that judgement stops through acceptance of what it is, you are free of the mind. You have..." t.co/tY6bdSvjPI
mattastark, (10/22/2014)
Gotta Believe To Achieve...Go Royals. t.co/TuPpycvpxw @SteveDiCarlo1
SexyKnowsBest, (10/22/2014)
Halloween house sings along to "All About That Bass" — and it's awesome. t.co/h2d8igshwt
RosevilleCPatch, (10/22/2014)


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