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Sacramento is the capital of the U.S. state of California, and the county seat of Sacramento County. Located along the Sacramento River and just south of the American River's confluence in California's expansive Central Valley. With a 2007 estimated population of 502,743, it is the seventh-largest city in California. Sacramento is the core cultural and economic center of the Sacramento Metropolitan Area which includes El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, and Yolo counties and has a combined population of approximately 2,136,604. The region has also been cited as one of the ten "most livable" regions in America in 2004, and the city was cited by ''Time'' magazine as America's most integrated in 2002.



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Local Tweets for Sacramento, California

_porcelainn_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Woodland, (10/20/2014)
They probly got like a 1.0 gpa
c_henzz, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Laguna, C (10/20/2014)
Wow I just read a classroom of 5 year olds all got Ebola! I wonder if it's true
Samantha_Jade_B, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Sacrament (10/20/2014)
@ZonaGoBrazy @TrevonnKeys squasqua yanggggg
TaddSaelee, (10/20/2014)
Exactly why I don't fuck with you!
shoehead_kev, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Sacrament (10/20/2014)
October is Filipino American History Month! On Wednesday, October 29, 2014, at 12:00 noon ET, the White House... t.co/eCvEkR5kbb
xpo125, (10/20/2014)
@kwinelizabeth02 oo ng apala malapit lang pala yn s inyo sa clssmte mo kaw?
hotgelou, (10/20/2014)
@yesteravagyan vaaaay
_suzanaaa, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Rancho Co (10/20/2014)
Dude I better get my fucking apartment tomorrow. I'm tired of this motel life.
AyeeItsIvan, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Sacrament (10/20/2014)
Love it when people correct me when I know I'm right. t.co/1sBRqhs5Jx
aimamurao, (10/19/2014)
Biggest Relationship Disasters Ever t.co/QiLJ6IzwFK
marcia_cooper4, (10/19/2014)
@CyrllJycSgn @Airabellsss Hayaan nyo hindi na mauulit sorry.
JccMolinaa, (10/19/2014)
#GoodMorning #Blessed on the #WakeUp t.co/2vPjt5zqrj
MissCali916, (10/19/2014)
Peter t.co/vwhdm3AyFY
harrispics, (10/14/2014)
sorang 🚶
aidrzl, (10/23/2014)
@CarlieAnn_ who are the other two
CollinGiordano, (10/23/2014)
RT @EricLofholm: Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply ~ Stephen R. Covey
websypr, (10/23/2014)
Attn: Biz Owners!! @kcPOWERPLAYERS for Brand Management & Social Media Marketing & Entrepreneurship Consulting - CEO @KCbizBOSS
CharelGrimes, (10/23/2014)
also 10/10 @SiriusWakita , you need to make yourself a sumo again >:c <3 t.co/ArrIvwtpJD
HuttserGreywolf, (10/23/2014)
@ForbesLockwood aww why what happened
valeriemoreno2, (10/23/2014)
@dianaSuechiu sm accessories pa kay quen at xi. =))
raphaellelim_, (10/23/2014)
@latsot Asking for an apology "intimidated you into silence"? Is that what you're really saying? @micknugent
OnYouLikeGlue, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Elk Grove (10/23/2014)
RT @DyelesiMey: Selfie mo? Aba matinde HAHAHAHAHA @Uniyuniss 😭😭😭 t.co/bFN7gPj5ar
Uniyuniss, (10/23/2014)
Anime episode updated: Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu. # 3 ( t.co/aTuI0aNJWm ) #MalUpdater
DarkCloudkun, (10/23/2014)
@mikwitit Fasho! Gonna have to read it after i finish "Sputnik Sweetheart"
anglognzls, (10/23/2014)
jaybunnytupai 😘 t.co/VEauKdyZU4
HunnyBlunt22, (10/23/2014)
I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album "She'lfie :">" t.co/vgaTLXZBA0
shericatorres3, (10/23/2014)
I did not like that movie at all
Kaitlyn_Rausch, (10/23/2014)
Shit it's an airport taxi!!! 😩
jedacero, (10/23/2014)
RT @kbradnam: Pointless password restrictions make me angry. t.co/GRUwmOSSaq
chenghlee, (10/14/2014)
RT @KyouLine: @aweaver68 @hippykid I think Mike would be Mike and walk out...
icufromhere, (10/14/2014)
RT @Muren: #CatArt for #childsRoom #Watercolor #ArtPrint #Painting by #Muren #LaBerge t.co/BA4xXCYPgE via @Etsy
sandysgingham, (10/14/2014)
RT @porravacilou: “São poucas, mas ainda existem pessoas que valem a pena.” — Supernatural.
s3brisado, (10/14/2014)
#DMCMVP “@gwiss: Kevin Love in the East. Durant injured to start the year. Everything’s falling in place for the Kings’ playoff run.
ed_m7, (10/14/2014)
I need this! brd_thebarber @taj_stil_wetter lno_85 @ayemistahcarter t.co/GGYo59nEWJ
Edgar_Al_Poe, (10/14/2014)
I need some excitement in my daily schedule
Znasty50, (10/14/2014)
RT @Buhhrad: I got Yee a dollar 🎣👴 💸 🙋 Ooooo u almost had it.. u gotta be quicker than that!
JGREdwards19, (10/14/2014)
@soapsindepthabc I like this John/ Silas much better
vickyarroyo5, (10/14/2014)
Omg! Reach records favorited my tweet!!!!!!!!! t.co/mzXxbbrj2i
jimmywanner, (10/14/2014)
RT @WayUpSac: RT: @JaySchenirer we're ready for the grand re-opening! t.co/acpYaVD61G
ChangeGameTV, (10/14/2014)
[LA Weather] Your Weekend Forecast For Los Angeles, CA t.co/OzbIDy9w83
CAEmergencyPrep, (10/14/2014)
Watching love & hip hop & my god this light skin bitch with the trill hat be gossiping way too much is this what u females do all th
benjamin21high, (10/14/2014)
@hestiahdruid @Warcraft Shuu always ends up coming back to WoW. Haven't been this excited about an expansion in quite some time though!
shuuwho, (10/14/2014)
@AnaSophie98 👎👎👎👎
Moisesao96, (10/19/2014)
RT @PAYYYATTTTTT: Go to hell for heaven's sake! #BMTH
bmthbot, (10/19/2014)
#MasayaAKO pag masaya ka
JoansAwesome, (10/19/2014)
No Tricks,Just Treats! - An #ecochic #vintage #jewelry #etsytreasury by Angie Sandoval t.co/751FkqgB6B via @Etsy #Fashion #etsyretwt
BodaciousJewels, (10/19/2014)
Today is about to be so bad and long 😣
_Teeteeeee, (10/19/2014)
Rise and shine!
LA03, (10/19/2014)
Kuma dinya ah
fachrychino, (10/19/2014)
some of the gamer babies will eventually grow up to be decent people. it's crazy to think about that, but at least one of them will grow up
hardtalking, (10/19/2014)
@alcmalnsd nalimutan mo eh Hahaha
JccMolinaa, (10/19/2014)
RT @Clare_Crawley: ...it was a good day! #exausted #StillHaventTakenTheEarsOff #annnnnnndGoodnight t.co/xUBs59miUG
carlyraee_cyrus, (10/19/2014)
RT @jonnycraig4L: I'm here for the love of music.
VintageOffender, (10/19/2014)
I ain't smoked in 2 months 👌
BStrong_, (10/20/2014)
RT @marvintrk: Giving people advice is useless, they're gonna do what they want anyways.
xjaaayc, (10/20/2014)
Vintage Christmas Postcards.: Vintage Ch... Reply w/ #AmazonWishList to add this t.co/lF5OureBYE via @amazon #Christmas #Postcards
kennyabramowitz, (10/20/2014)
"he's eyeing my sausage, i dont want him to have my sausage"
WannabeGreaser, (10/20/2014)
RT @alldonemonkey: Mix n Match Hearts craft for faraway family t.co/r3NvcLs58G
closertothekids, (10/20/2014)
And as I'm peeing I'm thinking "maybe women don't get paid as much as men cuz we use the bathroom more often"
HappyyBrown, (10/20/2014)


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