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Fresno è una città della California, Stati Uniti, il capoluogo della contea di Fresno County. Come del 27 febbraio 2009, la popolazione era stimata a 500.017, facendone la quinta città più grande della California e il più grande 36a della nazione. Fresno è situato nel centro della vasta San Joaquin Valley della California centrale, circa a nord di Los Angeles e del sud della capitale dello stato, Sacramento. La città fa parte della zona di Fresno, Clovis metropolitane, che, con una popolazione di 1.002.046, è la seconda area metropolitana più grande nella Central Valley dopo Sacramento. Il nome di Fresno è la parola lingua spagnola per il frassino ed è anche una foglia di cenere sulla sua bandiera.



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Drinking yesterday like if I didn't have work this morning was a bad idea ;(
cyntiva420, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Fresno, C (07/29/2014)
@maliksmile12 fatto ✨
itslanasvoice, (07/29/2014)
#TaxTipTuesday is focused on the men & women who serve in our #military. Make sure you get the correct #tax benefits t.co/69XlgH48Hk
TWCPA, (07/29/2014)
Sage of Sanger VDH Worth reading Winning a Lose/Lose War @NRO t.co/Iuj4sOT2hB
My1680Fresno, (07/29/2014)
You know it's a great day when you hear 2Pac on the radio!!! 103.7 The Beat!! #keepyaheadup
BBallCoachCus, (07/29/2014)
gonna be a great day...just listened to @BYUSportsNation podcast on commute to work #1xspeed #notADD @jaromjordan @Spencer_Linton love it!
justindsweeney, (07/29/2014)
RT @CEO: Experience over classrooms t.co/YBe2NXrnA6
Bdrum24, (07/29/2014)
NEW YORK- Governor unsure if medical marijuana can be expedited @WGRZ #NYGovCuomo #PAthetic #Epeilspy #EpilepsyFdn t.co/xRJ8HoTySh
MME_FRESNO, (07/29/2014)
The Weekly Planet Podcast - The Best Reveal Of SDCC 14' & HERCULES: Some have declared this years SDCC the bes... t.co/lS4vWXxRsL
AllisonHarvey_, (07/29/2014)
I posted a new photo to Facebook t.co/USN28gIzQJ
FresnoBariatric, (07/29/2014)
inloveofgue t.co/fhwKzMMzZt
itslanasvoice, (07/29/2014)
@Arianne_Mart -sirviente del dios Rojo*
TargaryenAegon, (07/29/2014)
RT @fitnneeess: Don't find an excuse, find a way!
hotsauce777, (07/29/2014)
For @TriangleGooners folks: @bullmccabesdnc tomorrow evening, 4-7/8ish, for a hang-out & photos for our book: t.co/xU6LnBydba
FresnoGooners, (07/29/2014)
Got lost on subway, successfully navigated subway, saw a rat on the subway, successfully hailed a cab, was called a tourist. BINGO! #nybingo
erikglenn, (07/29/2014)
Yo my mom just broke my heart 😭
officialkatia_, (07/25/2014)
I think it is time for MUSD to sponsor a Marimba Band. Plaque: Thomas Jefferson Junior High Marimba Band... t.co/0hhyMlpixX
lucero_stanley, (07/25/2014)
@MeghanWinward ooh sounds like it'll be fun :)
BoxingMormon, (07/25/2014)
Is you with me or against me, pick a funeral or banquet.
WoahThatsQuisy, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Fresno, C (07/25/2014)
Oof, a Chaos player...I feel bad.
SST_DemoniK, (07/25/2014)
When my son tells me not go to work because I'm sick ☺️☺️
KRiSSY_213, (07/25/2014)
@theebriellap_ 😫😫 autocorrect is a bitch. Meanest*
thacalironnie, (07/25/2014)
RT @meganstevie: The first thing my mom said when I got home was that she saw Chris before me. LOL she was so happy. @Chris_Breezus
mamba_jon, (07/25/2014)
Bishop is about to blow up once this album drops t.co/CghpN1dwNj
WaxtasticVoyage, (07/25/2014)
RT @FallonKarian: 1635 n Farris
kayllaac, (07/25/2014)
RT @JennyToste: Love you, Z! MT @ZaraTV: I'm gonna miss @JennyToste's smile and spirit. She's saying goodbye to TV. Love you, Toste! http:/
papaT433, (07/25/2014)
That movie Instructions Not Included left me teary-eyed and the fact that I was watching it with my dad didn't help at all.
Vanessa_barajas, (07/25/2014)
i don't know what to feel anymore ..
GisselDuarte11, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Fresno, C (07/25/2014)
The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.
Michelleiv84, (07/25/2014)
"I used to talk to Valorie" lol nigga when ? Shiiit . U curved me & now u trynna hmu. FOH ✋
valorieolivares, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Fresno, C (07/25/2014)


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