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Arvin es una ciudad en el condado de Kern, California, en Estados Unidos. Arvin se encuentra a 15 millas al sureste de Bakersfield, en una elevación de 449 pies (137 m). Según el censo de 2000, la población era de 12.956. En 2007, los Estados Unidos Agencia de Protección Ambiental (EPA) que figuran Arvin que tienen los más altos niveles de contaminación de cualquier comunidad en los Estados Unidos. nivel de la ciudad de ozono, componente principal del smog, superaron los límites aceptables de la EPA un promedio de 73 días por año entre 2004 y 2006.



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Buzz balls make my stomach hurt now. 😔 and I keep burping
vickeymammas, (09/13/2014)
My voice is officially gone haha #vegas #turnup
Claudia_661, (09/13/2014)
Party time t.co/MKGMbSeiDs
DjSkEnt, (09/13/2014)
Photo: alternative-pinup: Alternative Pin Up t.co/DbfGVOjUbZ t.co/sf15AnQJ6u
Feitall, (09/13/2014)
👍👌💯✌️👌👌👌👍👍👍👊👊😝👩👨 t.co/r1LRONA62v
Richie_Bdmnte, (09/13/2014)
Shout out to the worse Denny's experience of my life
Poop_Ghost, (09/13/2014)
The most elaborate set up I've ever done, it took all 60 up lights but came out soooo cool. t.co/yb41XAXsb6
DjSkEnt, (09/13/2014)
DjSkEnt, (09/13/2014)
Why hell?
albertdbIII, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Bakersfie (09/13/2014)
@TheHolyKuran @jster9
MrJesusCs, (09/13/2014)
Notepad++, a writer's best friend.
BillyMoses, (09/13/2014)
3 am...High School musical at this hour! Ha! Wow Fox 58...
ettessill, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Arvin, CA (09/13/2014)
I can't take this bitch seriously when she keeps farting @flowered_bee 😂😂😂😂
vonnshelly, (09/13/2014)
Stephanie and Trevor wedding at Broken Earth Winery. t.co/pKJiRpC2pa
DjSkEnt, (09/13/2014)
No sleep ._.
MrJesusCs, (09/13/2014)
I'm sitting on the edge of what I'd one day acquire
DesBenegas, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Bakersfie (09/11/2014)
RT @BrandynJohnsson: dont play dumb, you already know wassup 😝
prettyasLenaa, (09/11/2014)
RT @StephanieZG14: Y luego les dices "Sit on it" 🙊😂🙈 RT @KateDCmemes: Yo cuando alguien me dice que @katedelcastillo no es buena:
KateDCmemes, (09/11/2014)
RT @tayloradams1345: Mom: "thought you might want this" Me:"............." t.co/vrn8Sd9u3x
jennystinnetttt, (09/11/2014)
@taloula220 thats all that matters
freemindhell, (09/11/2014)
Check out Disneyland Halloween Time from KGET - TV - I just entered here! t.co/izcECwCLwc
sferrero91, (09/11/2014)
@catboykyo Hey! We are happy to hear of your interest! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. –Alejandra
VMUcare, (09/11/2014)
ion like being played wit, so you could move on wit that playin shit ✌️
BrandynJohnsson, (09/11/2014)
clckwrk2TuffENT, (09/11/2014)
RT @GrimmwayFarms: @PinkHippo13 @CookTheStory exactly! Cost is another focus of the cookbook - healthy AND affordable #JustCrunchEm
CookTheStory, (09/11/2014)
RT @_black6url: I can't even explain... 😌 @Nessaaa____ Happy birthday girly 😻🎀🎊 t.co/rTW2I3VdXG
Nessaaa____, (09/11/2014)
RT @moonpiegod: When bae sends you those fire nudes t.co/4sLvpfpYS0
ColeeWorldd, (09/11/2014)
I got a job!😁
Selenator_01, (09/11/2014)
seriously the only person i text t.co/Bw90u84iLF
fvcknlupe, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Arvin, CA (09/11/2014)
Lmao heated after seeing that shit
savie_420, (09/11/2014)
“@PHORAONE: Phora - Reflections [Official Music Video] : t.co/EoXtXNMij4” LISTEN TO IT ASAP
fvcknlupe, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Arvin, CA (09/14/2014)
9/15 - There are more living organisms on the skin of a single human than there are humans on the surface of the earth. #MsCsFunFact
MsCasiello, (09/14/2014)
End vacation. It was fun while it lasted. It's almost like it didn't happen.
eddiegonzalez01, (09/14/2014)
RT @_deeperez: Td gore #ninersbaby
Macdaddygabriel, (09/14/2014)
@OfficialAJCruz I'm down
KingAquino19, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Bakersfie (09/14/2014)
@antisocialkim I do...💲💵
TheDoc_87, (09/14/2014)
Chicago Bears Are Sucking
Richlakers4life, (09/14/2014)
I'm listening to "Slide" by The Goo Goo Dolls on Pandora t.co/6gA1NZRPka #pandora
JWilliamsPerez, (09/14/2014)
@anml_mario so y'all mad you ain't invited lol
_deeperez, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Bakersfie (09/14/2014)
RT @rwhitmmx: GIT ER DUNN: British PM David Cameron says he will ‘drain this poison’ after latest ISIS beheading video t.co/58hcoIAd…
veritaz, (09/14/2014)
Small earthquake rattles Northern California. | t.co/OPW82QniEi #earthquake
23ABCNews, (09/14/2014)
Another touch down for the 49ers 17-0
KYLEKOLT, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Bakersfie (09/14/2014)
Birthday dinner😘 t.co/CNOBKqIxAr
NoahxxG, (09/14/2014)
They're losing to #San #Francisco, 17-0 in the 2nd. #NBC #KGET #ChicagoBears #tvtag t.co/uecjMR6ghH
TheGloriousSOB, (09/14/2014)


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