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Ojai ("ой-высокий") представляет собой город в округе Вентура, штат Калифорния, США. Он расположен в Ojai Valley, (10 миль длиной и шириной, примерно, или 16 километров на 5 километров), окруженный холмами и горами. В 2003 году численность населения было 8006, что делает его одним из небольших городов в графстве. Чумаш индейцы были ранние жителей долины. Они называли это Ojai, что означает "Долина Луны". Области в конечном итоге стал одним из многих испанских / Мексиканская земельные пожалования вдоль побережья Калифорнии. В 1837 году ей был предоставлен для Фернандо T



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Oct 02
Oct 03
Mostly Sunny
Oct 04
Partly Cloudy
Oct 05
Oct 06



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RT @__Sabreaa: Idk Why I Just Entertained That Goofy Shit ‼ Cause In The End I Have More Important Things To Worry Bout Like MORE Money
itty_bittibxtch, (09/27/2014)
RT @__alirodriguez: I actually really want to go to HC 😩
janelle_corona, (09/27/2014)
@__AlwaysDelena I know good thing you did it was getting out of hand😅
janelle_corona, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Oxnard, C (09/27/2014)
Enjoying a relaxing Saturday.. t.co/OIMXWpO0nC
KhaliidA33, (09/27/2014)
Photo: macstial: My best Girl t.co/PNzghqqVqI
3zumii, (09/27/2014)
RT @__alirodriguez: I actually really want to go to HC 😩
0h_stephaniee, (09/27/2014)
Photoset: kingdomheartsnyctophiliac: The Heart's Follies t.co/Qq7Ej4DCOl
3zumii, (09/27/2014)
@MegaSpheal Jordi you'll see it
BlockTheShot, (09/27/2014)
Photo: whatever-lies-beyond-thismorning: ready for wardrobe ~ [x] t.co/I0ct0OfQuJ
3zumii, (09/27/2014)
Photo: t.co/HlCpwPqCNr
3zumii, (09/27/2014)
RT @ZoomZoomVentura: Playoff bound #LAGalaxy friends @Juninho19LA @MarceloSarvas @ToddDunivant vs NY Red Bulls on Sunday. #ZoomZoomNation
TheRaceTool, (09/27/2014)
@PhilliesWylin go to sleep wake up at 3 so I can watch the football games tomorrow morning. haha
bigdaddycaddy2, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Oxnard, C (09/27/2014)
I see the security guard lol 👀😍 @corona_MMA I'm looking out for you too with ur amazing seats! Lol
SteLLarChiCk1, (09/27/2014)
RT @OxnardChat: * * * BREAKING NEWS * * * Kim Kardashian LEAKED photos here: t.co/kk8IMghVMz ~~~~ #DewTour #JenniferLawrence
NewYorkChat, (09/27/2014)
RT @NWSLosAngeles: Short-lived cool weather this weekend. Potential for a significant warm-up with elevated fire danger for #Socal end of n
RamblingChief, (09/27/2014)
RT @JonGolds48: "I think I'm getting sick" "You don't have time to get sick"
sara_downey, (10/01/2014)
I'm on crackhead & hs kid time. man fckkkkkk this 🙈
Lunahhh, (10/02/2014)
Such a nice day
nicksvibess, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (10/02/2014)
@Krisstucker @_lordguapo @trinabishh hahahaha ima call u "miss tucker" like samples use to call u LOL
SmokeyTheBear52, (10/02/2014)
From Sophie's first bday party on Saturday. #niece #goddaughter t.co/78MC0097KS
CindyFunes7, (10/02/2014)
@Littlee_Roxyy hahah wait I'm confused, on TV it says it's already out, but on Yahoo it says it's coming out tomorrow 😂😩😩
Luisiferrr, (10/02/2014)
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beautyybird, (10/02/2014)
@ayee_itsDavid @itsantdoee 😪
sebastianfiend, (10/02/2014)
RT @SmokeyTheBear52: @Krisstucker @_lordguapo @trinabishh hahahaha ima call u "miss tucker" like samples use to call u LOL
Krisstucker, (10/02/2014)
marisolaqt, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Camarillo (09/29/2014)
i havent slept at all & i dont feel tired 😔😌
ofixoxo_, (09/29/2014)
RT @NWSLosAngeles: RT @crystalNBCLA: Gearing up for the 1st Santa Ana wind event of the season in #SoCal. Hot, dry & gusty by late week.
Elaina23ABC, (09/29/2014)
#VINTAGE #Adorable #Cat #picture in Black & White #Photo by buddyschild t.co/k2zG2Saf1j #Etsy THIS IS SQUEAKY, MY FORMER COOLEST CAT
DenyerDesigns, (09/29/2014)
"I’m not really a #Somali, yet I’m not Kenyan either. I think I am more of a Dadaabian." t.co/f4fSwSdnFO t.co/5ArgZHV2Us
SofiaSamatar, (09/29/2014)
There's a difference between interest and commitment
MakaylaDanaee, (09/29/2014)
RT @aydedroldan_: i like the cold weather and what not but it also makes it hard to get out of bed in the mornings 😭
JayReal_08, (09/29/2014)
@stephibug , @thisaavedralife help me find a reason to go to SF in mid December...
SquirrelyShoe, (09/29/2014)
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naptimeactivist, (09/29/2014)
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MikaylaGarcia9, (09/29/2014)
Good morning! @katisthis Have a great Tuesday!
SolutionBB, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Camarillo (09/29/2014)
@OnceUponAFan yay!!!
karenmwaffles, (09/29/2014)
@JPlovesCOTTON yes I will be there. Would love to chat
cris_barker, (09/29/2014)
RT @__tereee: It's so cold :/ I love it just not in the mornings
_collleeeenn, (09/29/2014)
RT @marisolaqt: Don't put effort into people that don't give a shit about you
itsdenisseeee, (09/29/2014)
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exotoinc, (10/01/2014)
RT @HOMERRKINS: still in bed 😴
mikaylalitada_, (10/01/2014)
All I gotta do now is eat & sleep😴....I love this boxing shit🙌 @ Oxnard, California t.co/I9esYrhZOF
FlyMikeMarshall, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Oxnard, C (10/01/2014)
RT @KarinaJoelle: I am extremely sad about the hot weather we will be having for the next week. I'm ready to unpack my sweaters.
darianspencer, (10/01/2014)
@MrVaudrey Sounds OK then. Check out Common Sense Media's lesson on Fair Use: t.co/DTwwH9yCib (My go-to on Fair Use)
_K8Fisher, (09/29/2014)
@0scarRosales fuck u tag me in this shiy next time
PizzaPeteaZ, (09/29/2014)
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RT @lunedoux: who is saul goodman
johnryanshows, (09/29/2014)
ANDR3W_MANDREW, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Santa Pau (09/29/2014)
"That's a clown I painted so you know I'm truly insane"-Stewie Griffin. ... I painted a clown on my wall a few years back...
Ifiwerebeau, (09/29/2014)
I want babe 🙍
erinncorrinee, (09/29/2014)
Just want to skate man
_lordguapo, (09/29/2014)
“@YaBoyTheKai: @lunedoux @Moneymalia @TheRoyalTien thots” true
lunedoux, (09/29/2014)
RT @TateMoe: Cudi's old shit is so good
jrandrade1017, (09/29/2014)
A week late to the game, and they ridiculously front loaded the character profiles, but really enjoying #Gotham, including Jada Pinkett.
harvdog1, (09/29/2014)
why do the little things bother me
SebastianArie5, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Ventura, (09/29/2014)
Yup t.co/vmqdKzYyZz
SoliiMar_, (09/29/2014)
“@cliffxrdlove_: @nickieehemmings I always love you” AT LEAST I KNOW SOMEONE DOES *COUGH COUGH LUKE HEMMINGS*
nickieehemmings, (09/29/2014)
Amen. t.co/FIfO0wZEQu
ojailola, (10/01/2014)
HOMERRKINS, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Oxnard, C (10/01/2014)
RT @LexSteele11: Yesterday was a good day! Ms . Chanell Heart chanellheartxxx. "Lex Steele's Black Panthers #3"… t.co/7OSkQi1gAa
LondonDude74, (10/02/2014)
emanbz909, (10/02/2014)
wait wuuuut? the commercials on TV said Annabelle already came out, but i checked on Yahoo and it said it's coming out tomorrow 😑
Luisiferrr, (10/02/2014)
I feel so happy today lmfao😂
Cindyr143_Love, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (10/02/2014)
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IJBryson15, (10/01/2014)
What a babe.
Dom_Rodriguez23, (10/01/2014)
@lidohl_nessa_cx why arnt u at school ??
jocey__lovee, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: El Rio, C (10/01/2014)
RT @ojailola: Amen. t.co/FIfO0wZEQu
CallMeMrBigs, (10/01/2014)
Chris at his new Job! #security #fakinbacon #rent-a-cop @chris_gomez56 t.co/O1rs6GND7c
jaredlozano27, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Oxnard, C (10/01/2014)


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