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Colorado Springs è un Home Rule Comune che è il capoluogo e città più popolosa di El Paso County, Colorado, Stati Uniti. Si trova appena a est del centro geografico dello stato e 61 km mi 0 a sud del Colorado State Capitol di Denver. A 6.035 piedi (1.839 metri) la città si trova oltre un miglio sopra il livello del mare, anche se alcune zone della città sono significativamente più elevati. Colorado Springs è situata vicino alla base di una delle montagne più famose americane, Pikes Peak, al margine orientale delle Montagne Rocciose meridionali. Con una popolazione stimata di 380.307 nel 2008, è la seconda città più popolosa dello stato del Colorado e del 48 ° città più popolosa degli Stati Uniti., Mentre il Colorado Springs Metropolitan Statistical Area aveva una popolazione stimata di 617.714.



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Nov 20
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Nov 21
Mostly Sunny
Nov 22
Mostly Sunny
Nov 23
Mostly Cloudy/Wind
Nov 24
Partly Cloudy/Wind



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RT @RockiesYT: I liked a @YouTube video from @reliancesunset t.co/VAoBjBcxMe Should You Buy Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare? (Call Of…
RelianceSunset, (11/03/2014)
@BrianBledsoe In your mind, where is the third loss?
sportsdork, (11/03/2014)
@LonKiLo what about Purple Rain? Lol.
ThatChrisChaos, (11/03/2014)
Pineapple In Stone by perrypotter t.co/njpVtppyDD via @Etsy #Gifts for #Fall & #Winter on #sale at Perry Potter!
perrypotterco, (11/09/2014)
These are your temps around 6 PM. Expect winds N 15-25+ MPH with snow showers as well. Enjoy! t.co/YKO34xDO2j
jctvweather, (11/09/2014)
Radio City Rockettes 💔
imcharlesdawn, (11/07/2014)
Jeremy is worst then my brother when he's on the phone. Can't sit still at all.
Markal1993, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (11/07/2014)
Serious question 😭😅 t.co/O1ICtkiOot
CopyKristole, (11/07/2014)
Rt for an indirect?? Im doing all mbf #vote5sos
ohmyfrantaa, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (11/07/2014)
RT @chipfoxx: It's a @TaoFox sandwich! He's stuck between me and @AjDingoDog. #FoxFriday #FursuitsFriday #Dingo t.co/9oncFUthmL
AjDingoDog, (11/07/2014)
RT @TheRealPhePhe: Doesn't even feel like Friday
Mariahlawren, (11/07/2014)
I don’t really care who wins the elections as long as everyone had fun out there.
richpraytor, (11/07/2014)
Good Times Car Show 2012 Old Colorado City t.co/Q1ETR5g3nD
CSbestC, (11/07/2014)
RT @USParalympics: Don't miss the sneak peak of #IceWarriors TODAY at noon ET: t.co/m6On71Nvq8 t.co/QsP7uEZVJp
sanchez_jorge98, (11/07/2014)
@OlanRogers "Have you been to the airport recently?" "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT?!"
TeaLo, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (11/07/2014)
opening ngyn. boshet hahahhahahhaaha youtube nlng ta kutob ani
imcharlesdawn, (11/07/2014)
RT @KimmyKins96: I don't know if I've posted this already but... #vote5sos #EMABiggestFans1D t.co/EJ0jGcX4b2
GlitterTard_, (11/07/2014)
OSK - OpenでSecureなKeyだよ!矛盾だね!------
OSK_OpenSecKey, (11/09/2014)
RT @hunger_ggames: "Don’t Go." - Rue
MerryBobod01, (11/09/2014)
cloud-mgmt Had a critical Alert
SpringsCloud, (11/09/2014)
It's TMNT TIME in the creative cave thanks to the incredibly unique & highly admired artistry of @AlexDeligiannis! t.co/85FmjHngdn
lafcreative, (11/09/2014)
Scott Fravel's #Family Daily is out! t.co/9Lh8b5fX1T Stories via @scottfravel @FathersHeartMin @triciagoyer
scottfravel, (11/09/2014)
♫ Christian Hiphop Isaiah Genesis Seaborn t.co/7EJ3tmXLrT #NowPlaying
Genesis33, (11/09/2014)
Grape Arbor Bowl by perrypotter t.co/I0MqeEWOAt via @Etsy #Gifts for #Fall & #Winter on #sale at Perry Potter!
perrypotterco, (11/09/2014)
@AJCRadio brings Education, Awareness & Information about #injustice on @The405radio Listen anytime t.co/x8woTLTRFR New shows weekly
A_JustCause, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Colorado (11/09/2014)
@AJCRadio brings Education, Awareness & Information about #injustice on @The405radio Listen anytime t.co/aSX03sLLYN New shows weekly
All_In4Right, (11/09/2014)
@darren_sullivan Thanks for the follow ... How's the weather in Fla.?
thenavigators, (11/09/2014)
Probably the last nice one for a while. #puppylove #dailywalk #doc #jack #colorado t.co/lVptqyCRRn
yarngirl900, (11/09/2014)
'Trojan Horse' Bug Lurking in Vital US Computers Since 2011 t.co/Wzg8OyBnxF Concerning!
McCauslandM, (11/09/2014)
RT @HaGhetto: Always give my time to guys who are giving theirs to other girls 😅
caitwiin_69, (11/09/2014)
RT @KimmyKins96: I don't know if I've posted this already but... #vote5sos #EMABiggestFans1D t.co/EJ0jGcX4b2
harrystylelaugh, (11/07/2014)
RT @TRGArts: 70-80% new patron churn is REALLY big churn and really, really common #psychprecon #nampc #artsloyalty
eileengill, (11/07/2014)
RT @NomiRadio: Heads up, cops are waiting for you going North I25, near Fillmore!
JesseSellars, (11/07/2014)
I'm sad to say @critnasty6 has a new girlfriend and her name is Call of Duty. 😩
kharter9, (11/03/2014)
what happened between us, l0l
janesa_xo, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Fountain, (11/03/2014)
LOL Ben Stein: Obama’s the ‘Most Racist President There Has Ever Been’ | Mediaite t.co/UTEhz1JYLj
dizzydezzi2010, (11/03/2014)
@Cesar18Junior dude ikr !!!! It's been really slow
_Vicctoorr_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Colorado (11/03/2014)
Karrpouzi, (11/03/2014)
This is going to be another week of sparse content. Tomorrow is my Skype call for the potential transgender... t.co/2gafu86YnS
KirayaTiDrekan, (11/03/2014)
The steak? Well sure, I would love the steak. #splurging#binging #theritz
justcalebf, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Colorado (11/03/2014)
@WOLFMINECRAFTER @xikroniczz @RejectedShotgun @TACFanart @Gamecrown96 awww why thank you, o' mighty howler of minecraft
Skylardove111, (11/03/2014)
“@T_Boobs16: Jackson getting mauled by my cat. Cya @HaGhetto t.co/9wcOSPYNyK”CANT. BREATHE. 😂😂😂😂 help help😂😂
HaGhetto, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Security, (11/03/2014)
Brindis por el héroe, viajero y amante: El homenaje al escritor Patrick Leigh Fermor se animó con dos botellas... t.co/oIJDE4FefG
foxoselikic, (11/14/2014)
@FRZworld @YoshiToMario i must learn this trick
XycronVA, (11/14/2014)
HK protesters denied Beijing flight t.co/VsNZq5f2Ov
lanepenne, (11/14/2014)
Winter Weather Advisory issued November 15 at 4:13AM MST until November 15 at 8:00PM MST by NWS t.co/UFrsbf9ARV
KKTV11Weather, (11/14/2014)
RT @kktv11news: Snow showers impacting Cheyenne Mountain right now, but nothing heavy...#cowx t.co/xTe9OonkpW
BeccaMae_HH, (11/03/2014)
Schedule Please invite your Friends November 8th, 2014 Tim Gill Center For public media 315 E Costilla St... t.co/BJk3eJmYOY
Blissfest333, (11/03/2014)
Best Halloween Parties! t.co/W0NACfK0D7
brittany_nix4, (11/03/2014)
Wizard's Chess a Flowerpot by perrypotter t.co/fVTODDtvpv via @Etsy Get your #Holiday #presents now at Perry Potter!
perrypotterco, (11/16/2014)
I mean that was DPI but get off the field, coach
InsiderSubo, (11/16/2014)
@yunglionn wings on fleek.
shaylagaster, (11/16/2014)
RT @crushingbort: Home Alone (1990, Comedy) Two burglars attempt to murder an abandoned 8-year-old child
BridgetHB, (11/16/2014)
KarenaRivera, (11/16/2014)
@danielu @leonardgorospe welp... Rough Sunday for mdst... Minus Liz, but she doesn't have the Twitter
yJayneLeigh, (11/16/2014)
I'm finally getting the hang of this - Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (part 4): t.co/A4n1Wk8Xa2 via @YouTube
Mutt_Psychosis, (11/16/2014)
RT @vampauthormaya: OMG! He's beautiful t.co/fkXNtADllW
MileHighMuses, (11/16/2014)
All the characters and plots were predetermined. Games make bad plots.
nozisevydedo, (11/14/2014)
KarenaRivera, (11/04/2014)
Vote 2014 is just too frustrating to try and watch as the polls close.
Lamilvelo, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Colorado (11/04/2014)
I'm missing summer already fr fr
Slim_Babes, (11/04/2014)
RT @simply_evolved: I need a job
cookieedoe15, (11/04/2014)
@IGN @CallofDuty xbox for the win!
cobrabite99, (11/04/2014)
What are your affirmations?: This article describes the "secret" behind The Secret. t.co/OvVESXaRND
joanpounds, (11/04/2014)
#NatureIsSpeaking Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado rescues,rehabs animals like this onto their 382 acre sanctuary t.co/uoObuR7kuQ
jockeygal2u, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Colorado, (11/04/2014)
Money can't buy happiness? Guess I'll have to rent it.
ssj4raditz, (11/04/2014)
RT @SamBaranowski: A victory for Cory Gardner would make today the first time an incumbent CO Senator loses since 1978! #COPolitics #Electi
I25Talk, (11/04/2014)
@SmithCSL he is historically a slow starter. And new team, takes a while to adjust to that. @SamanthaNHL48 @citchmook
KatyGirl023, (11/04/2014)
Love seeing common sense being shown with the results of Amendment 67. #COpolitics
tonedeafvoice, (11/04/2014)
RT @its_d_day_: @Cherries2412 💁💁💁
Cherries2412, (11/04/2014)
@_Vicctoorr_ can I join it and just color and socialize?😏
yagirl_michelle, (11/04/2014)
RT @SamBaranowski: Fun Fact: Bouncers at the doors of CO GOP Watch Party choosing who can come in, we're told the crowd may be in excess of
FOX21News, (11/04/2014)
RT @jaledwith: @PTI Let the intern out of the crawl space and get him to upload today’s episode to the podcast.
JasonFaas, (11/04/2014)
You whipper snapper!
j_badcompany, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (11/20/2014)
Winter Weather Advisory issued November 15 at 4:13AM MST until November 16 at 12:00AM MST by NWS t.co/VHfaSftlMJ
KKTV11Weather, (11/14/2014)
RT @lorri_acker: Mesmerizing Bouncing Women GIFs! t.co/IVnTKECjRJ
katuurse, (11/03/2014)
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OSK_OpenSecKey, (11/03/2014)
May chura pa manghod mo. Kag mas mayo pa ang manghod mo sng sa imo.
Coocakola, (11/03/2014)
For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? ... (gal1.10a.esv)
ColoradoZee, (11/03/2014)
Paedophiles flocking to dark net
kellyannronna, (11/03/2014)
@windiyani13 @ajengAAR hehhehe :3
VengeanceRaafi, (11/03/2014)
Voted #Best NY-LA #TalkRadio Powered up: t.co/usdhma6qwN with Beck & Franklin #Divorce #Separation #StartingOver
FortCarsonGAH, (11/03/2014)
fakkk!!! anakan ayam gua dimakan kucing sebelah!!! -__- semoga aja kucingnya kena flu burung :-)
VengeanceRaafi, (11/03/2014)
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culturedspirits, (11/03/2014)
Why Legalizing Medical Marijuana Will Make Investors Extremely Wealthy t.co/mYGnan6rNZ
NoNoncentsNanna, (11/03/2014)
Buying real estate for development takes a lot of research and leg work.
kellyannronna, (11/03/2014)
@SheanaScream good morning sweetheart :) I love you too! 💋🐧😍
Outcasted3, (11/03/2014)
smh 😏
imcharlesdawn, (11/03/2014)
Wala kmi labot kon spanish,chinese kag filipino ka. Ndi sagay padayaw nga gwapo kasa IG mo. Do ma suka mga kilala ko pag kita nla chura mo.
Coocakola, (11/03/2014)
cagney1991, (11/03/2014)
It's Santa!!!! ^_^ #ilovechristmas t.co/g0zxM3TLPT
Topher2882, (11/16/2014)
Best text I've gotten all day 😏 t.co/xLBhay2VvJ
CassiSaurus_Rex, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Colorado (11/16/2014)
Square of Another Side by perrypotter t.co/4bPiRtHwr1 via @Etsy Get your #Holiday #presents now at Perry Potter!
perrypotterco, (11/16/2014)
"@THEALIENMESSIAH: when u get to the party late and all ur friends are already turnt & u are tryin to catch up t.co/HGpDaeAiJe" 😂😂
fuckingMyles, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Colorado (11/16/2014)
Outrage in Saudi Arabia at appearance of female newsreader without headscarf on state television via /r/news
BrasherPazpop, (11/16/2014)
Eagles time!!!
_joelflowers, (11/16/2014)
KarenaRivera, (11/16/2014)
OSK - OpenでSecureなKeyだよ!矛盾だね!--
OSK_OpenSecKey, (11/14/2014)
Don�t Miss! #Best NY-LA #TalkShow Poweredup #TalkRadio t.co/lrvPldwcwE with Beck & Franklin #Health #Wellness #Mindfulness
FortCarsonGAH, (11/14/2014)
🚨🚨 t.co/BH8DgxafSF 🚨🚨 🚨🚨 t.co/BH8DgxafSF 🚨🚨 🚨🚨 t.co/BH8DgxafSF 🚨🚨
culturedspirits, (11/14/2014)
Winter Weather Advisory issued November 15 at 4:13AM MST until November 15 at 8:00PM MST by NWS t.co/2YbI1x79Py
KKTV11Weather, (11/14/2014)
--what i am coming down on today's map store clerks & scholastic book tomorrow.
thebestmaggie, (11/14/2014)
England v South Africa (Sat) t.co/ceUfAYbBix
kaimetsutj, (11/14/2014)
A journey of discovery helps children recover from trauma. t.co/hJlkjlGs4H via @operationsafe ⊕t.co/yOEc7YRdZq
bhtrezevant, (11/14/2014)
I won't be caught between something and nothing when you know that nothing is for free
kkaatyperryy, (11/14/2014)
My message to any hatters #seratoflip #musicspeaks #kissmyass full mix is on YouTube… t.co/atCE3xI69B
DJRAZEHALE, (11/14/2014)
@seanhannity#EmmettTill John Kennedy had to assure us that religion would not interfere w/presidency. Obama's race interfering in Ferguson?
yockthethinker, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (11/18/2014)
@swervealexis hush
KillaBran, (11/18/2014)
“@gazettepreps:t.co/Xgf7xIbvKx #copreps #gazettepreps @csgazette @CSGazetteSports” S/O Loa, Mario, and Jorge! #umakeusproud
TeamHHSPanthers, (11/18/2014)
RT @HeirTZA: Niggas sweating my style 🙌😂
ThatGuyMariio, (11/18/2014)
RT @McJordyShorty: @nateynate_201 I love you baby ❤️
nateynate_201, (11/18/2014)
The Top 5 Foreign Policy Lessons of the Past 20 Years via @stephenWalt t.co/K9weQ5Iprk
TravisHarsha, (11/18/2014)
DENVER Woods lashes out over Jenkins' parody t.co/3YhsftT4en
ColSpringsJobs, (11/18/2014)
Must hear: #Best NY-LA #TalkShow Poweredup #TalkRadio t.co/IapdrHzjHj with Beck & Franklin #Smart #Funny #Entertainment
FortCarsonGAH, (11/18/2014)
Niggas sweating my style 🙌😂
HeirTZA, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (11/18/2014)
RT @AhmedRocky_J: I'd Nash was back lakers would be on racks
_Spunky_Hayes_, (11/18/2014)
@TruthisHers I don't think in our DNa, BUT it does affect several generations. I had abusive dad, so my boys missed out on hunting bc I did
jamesthedivine, (11/18/2014)
RT @integritymusic: CONGRATS to @SheldonBangera & his wife for birth of their daughter this week!! t.co/vZ4TVJGcBY
quietfirerjs, (11/18/2014)
@WhitegurlToya @CRothgeb138 truth hurts doesn't it😏
Kegss, (11/18/2014)
@ CFP, your ranking sucks! Auburn@14? Minnesota @25? You guys are worst than the computers. Those teams shouldn't be ranked. Go away!
squeezeye75, (11/18/2014)
@FiendOfTheVain I care
CoreyAnn16, (11/18/2014)
@MissionTrips Thank you for providing these opportunities for people with a heart to serve in such a tangible way! -Emily
compassion, (11/06/2014)
Primary Colors curated by MAST E-Zine! on Etsy t.co/mURizr8Hrj via @Etsy
thecharmingfrog, (11/06/2014)
@liamsa17 That was crazy. Congrats man. Keep it up, stay hungry for more.
CarsonAberle, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Colorado (11/06/2014)
RT @Quig73: @thebus52 @JRyan68 @23Pete23 Bro has she even ever heard of a dab?
thebus52, (11/06/2014)
Mfs getting they rank taken left and right in my company..
MisterJohnLovex, (11/06/2014)
Walmart Cuts Healthcare for Workers. Starts New Health Insurance Business to Profit from Cuts t.co/2YiIHnfZIu
YourFavDazzle, (11/06/2014)
mbhibberd, (11/06/2014)
Here is an amazing photo of these two. Brother and sister are so Photogenic. t.co/mx7JHSCyXw
Splash_Co_Pro, (11/06/2014)
“@SwaggyPMF: You fucked up when you took me for granted.” Period 🙏
pussy2hot, (11/06/2014)
Clean Bandit - Rather Be #BestSongOf2014
JGiron_, (11/06/2014)
@manubennett @JeremyShada what's your stance on Vegemite?
DonBuley, (11/19/2014)
Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. -Gloria Steinem #inspiration #bhive #smm
SkatingNews3, (11/19/2014)
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper u & not to harm you, plans to give you hope & a future. -Je
brittany_nix4, (11/19/2014)
Nico accepted second, Lewis cried t.co/l6P0WhNiBa
obbseu, (11/19/2014)
t.co/4f1hwIIjfb -- Supersache! :D
Zakoholic, (11/19/2014)
Today stats: One follower, No unfollowers via t.co/3wn20k7fSl
Fourthestategal, (11/19/2014)
RT @gokuffy: Prophecy from @Vertical_Ed starting off pretty strong. t.co/EiGmX0K0PX
Immortallium_, (11/19/2014)
Literally had my Sony Alpha 7 for a week and they announce the Mark II. Same thing happened with my 5D Mk 2 back in the day smh
dvminixk, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Fountain, (11/19/2014)
Nico accepted second, Lewis cried t.co/OavSPoY29T
lanepenne, (11/19/2014)
FortCarsonGAH, (11/19/2014)
RT @FOX21News: #BREAKING: Shooting at Florida State University, gunman has been shot dead by campus officers, three others are wounded. / v
kpriceFOX21News, (11/19/2014)
@Larawithabird I barely understood why dudes insist on such behavior, then I remember: patriarchy.
DonBuley, (11/19/2014)
MUST SEE: Leaked Yoga Pants Selfies! t.co/FmXu31Zu8B
brittany_nix4, (11/19/2014)
🔵⚪ t.co/BH8DgxafSF ⚪🔵 🔵⚪ t.co/BH8DgxafSF ⚪🔵 #GoldWater #NaturalLiving #EssentialOils t.co/3tbXIvdxug
culturedspirits, (11/19/2014)
I better pay my speeding ticket before there's another warrant for my arrest
LightningBoldtE, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Colorado (11/19/2014)
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FortCarsonGAH, (11/06/2014)
RT @YourMilitary Post #military family photos on our Facebook wall. Best pics will rotate as cover photo: t.co/YMPLK56P64
Peterson_AFB, (11/06/2014)
Naruto is over everybody go home
Valcott2, (11/06/2014)
RT @efreyman: Job: Pharmacy Manager in Lake Jackson, TX t.co/Z3o2WeuHYp #pharmacist
karaj271, (11/06/2014)
#throwbackthursday @BENPIPES_ t.co/v7aFWkshuG
SalisburyCalvin, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Fort Cars (11/06/2014)
RT @prmavencolorado: Great article @LaurenHug "IS THE BEST MARKETED AGENCY THE BEST MARKETER FOR YOU?" by @HugSpeak on @LinkedIn t.…
LaurenHug, (11/13/2014)
Warning over downed Armenian copter t.co/1zfG7GYlRP
madcoremp, (11/13/2014)
"The son of the slave wife was born in A HUMAN ATTEMPT to bring about the fulfillment of God’s… t.co/63wmggHjdz
chris_pace, (11/13/2014)
RT @MarieLoerzel: An introvert in an extrovert's world.
CO_contraband, (11/13/2014)
Top Shocking Champions League Results - t.co/RPbAnDCIxJ t.co/mlp85Mq4rS
jimyfallonn, (11/13/2014)
I want years 👫💍, not months 📅
CherelleForkell, (11/13/2014)
@NaughtyGods i've never seen him before, but i enjoyed reading his meltdown
antitrop, (11/13/2014)
I love living a all #natural life. Check out the benefits of natural living at Cultured Spirits. We love helping real people find real life.
culturedspirits, (11/13/2014)
Today is WALK-IN RESUME REVIEW day from 9-4! Are you building the skills/qualities that employers are seeking?? t.co/o0TMA9anvy
UCCSCareerHelp, (11/13/2014)
RT @JasonEdwardDias: #wecanlandonacometbutwecant use they're, their and there correctly.
hmenhusen, (11/13/2014)
Acts 1:8 <3 GOD’S WORD <3 8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes to you. Then you will be my... t.co/8Snl8egonC
mjloveu_forever, (11/13/2014)
8 Whole people in math. Oh and that fake cowboy brandon with his fake lip piercing.
evel_keganievel, (11/13/2014)
@JesCoolbaugh she eats that stuff occasionally. She usually doesn't though. She spits out food/refuses to eat.
TheWendyCarson, (11/13/2014)
Awesome display of support from @katieledecky & Stone Ridge teammates for brother school: t.co/3fAA2xNJQZ
USASwimming, (11/13/2014)
@jhemusinsignia Thanks for the shout-out, and I enjoyed reading your thoughts in the article!
nomorecrisis, (11/13/2014)


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