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Odessa è una città nelle contee di Ector e Midland, nello stato americano del Texas. Si trova principalmente in Ector County, che è il capoluogo di contea. popolazione di Odessa era 96.943 al censimento del 2000 (anche se un 1 Lug 2008 stima posto la popolazione a 98.801). E 'la città principale della Odessa, Texas Metropolitan Statistical Area, che comprende tutti Ector County. L'area metropolitana è anche un componente della più ampia Midland



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Oct 25
Oct 26
Oct 27
Partly Cloudy
Oct 28
Oct 29
Mostly Sunny



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Maintaining the #1 spot in the country!!! Go Wranglers!!! t.co/JoS8hwFlRd
OCGolfTeam, (10/24/2014)
Love West Texas Sun Rises& Sunsets! We have a Panoramic view being this at one time was all… t.co/M28X4nz5H5
Steven_Womack, (10/24/2014)
Remember you can & you will ! Never Stop no Matter what has conspired in your life! Build your Dream… t.co/yaqFmMYTh6
Steven_Womack, (10/24/2014)
RT @ErikaMGM_: vivimos llenos de complejos
__forgetme, (10/24/2014)
RT @ErikaMGM_: vivimos llenos de complejos
AngieRS__, (10/24/2014)
Built on Wisdom established on the Rock! Later! t.co/Sc1RgXmYYd
Steven_Womack, (10/24/2014)
RT @ErikaMGM_: vivimos llenos de complejos
be_lauraa, (10/24/2014)
Don't eat breakfast from a box! Who wants our shake of the day… Banana Split! #ShapeShifters.
GoShapeShifters, (10/24/2014)
@rebekhaann hey frenchfry me and the old lady were talking about flashlights and the cat waz let out the bag u broke my flashlight 🔦
themechanic68, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (10/24/2014)
Wisdom Established on The Rock! t.co/YvQlWm4AwG
Steven_Womack, (10/24/2014)
Odessa, Texas 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4, Make a Reasonable Offer & Have a good Truck! Contact Johnathan Venable t.co/9mT8Ai5Ixa
monkeysgirl351, (10/24/2014)
k96k94, (10/24/2014)
Fog will affect parts of the SE NM plains & northern Permian Basin thru 9 am CDT. Some could see visibility drop below 1 mile. #txwx #nm
NWSMidland, (10/24/2014)
k96k94, (10/24/2014)
@ktek7 squirt??
lweezy88, (10/24/2014)
Bored & sober on a Friday night . How sad😪
Jackie_thegreat, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Odessa, T (10/24/2014)
You know when someone is using juice, just look at that fucking form man.
From_DaTombs, (10/24/2014)
I got Halloween Expert!! Can You Answer These 12 Spooky Halloween Trivia Questions? t.co/WypdnKZJJM
mrs_robinsons, (10/24/2014)
huss_brianna, (10/24/2014)
@dougprispreed t.co/HQPyrANwcN
FeelinHellaGood, (10/24/2014)
Accurate. RT @ToeKnee2GX: Xmas shopping doesn't start till Dec 24th
Str8Knightmare, (10/24/2014)
"@BRUHWEBLACK: Bruh bitches put"goals" after anything baby "goals" feet "goals" ..😂💯"
alekseparra, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Midland, (10/24/2014)
I feel like I should get words with friends again since everyone's bringing it back
___DayTripper, (10/24/2014)
“@youngster710: My phone dry af 😄😩”
janettchavez__, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: West Odes (10/24/2014)
@cwgirl197 thank you ma'am!!
jarrodmjohnson, (10/24/2014)
@dougprispreed Bruh. MLG Columbus until 9 rolls around. Then it's all Doritos and Mountain Dew for the night
FeelinHellaGood, (10/24/2014)
C'mon Mojo t.co/6Z85xloJLh
emptyjay, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Odessa, T (10/24/2014)
You older musicians and music fans might get this or understand. I received a Guitar World magazine in the mail a... t.co/9r7fWxUo7W
terryjahraus, (10/24/2014)
God is testing my strength rn. 😒
TiannaLovespac, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Odessa, T (10/24/2014)
Think about the Devil has know since Calvary! He is a Losing , Lying, Defeated Deceiver! He will be… t.co/juNZa0mue6
Steven_Womack, (10/24/2014)


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