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Mount Pleasant es una ciudad en el Condado de Titus, Texas, en el States.As Unidos en el censo 2000, la población era de 13.935. Es el asiento de condado de Condado de Titus, y está situado en el noreste de Texas. Esta ciudad, por ordenanza de la ciudad, es seca (no) para vender bebidas alcohólicas. Mount Pleasant está ubicado en (33.157891, -94.970084). Según el United States Census Bureau, la ciudad tiene un área total de 12.7 millas cuadradas (33,0 km ²), de los cuales, 12.5 millas cuadradas (32,5 km ²) de él son tierra y 0.2 millas cuadradas de agua.



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Mostly Sunny
Oct 02
PM T-Storms
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RT @trucker_steve: I’ve been doing the #CardoneCleanse since January and it’s changed my life @GrantCardone @JarrodGlandt @TheDaveRobar
TheDaveRobards, (09/30/2014)
I miss you more and more with each day that passes.. :( but I'm one day further than when you left and one day closer to going to see you..
PeralesA_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Texas, US (09/30/2014)
@_Reggie_Rocket_ you take this down an I'll delete the photo of you cuddling a unicorn! Lol
hannahfedorko, (09/30/2014)
Bout to start making thus move... Ain't tryin to be a fry cook for buffalo wild wings for the rest of my life...
faygo_da_king, (09/30/2014)
@DDupree312 @JusMatBer @CarlyMartinez1 let's eat at like 6:15 hoes
JordanRansom27, (09/30/2014)
If You’re From Pittsburgh You Should Probably Check this Cringeworthy Video t.co/Uaqb9iKkf6
Old_Sparky_1996, (09/30/2014)
@nicholedenby did he know he was a man and you are a lady? Lol
Christo83331948, (09/30/2014)
@lottmer yeah and my original, package-sealed, happy meal beanie babies are worth $.50. What a slam dunk that was.
MilesGY, (09/30/2014)
@dougprispreed dudeeee watch wilfred. Total stoner show lol
HJhillm, (09/30/2014)
@maggieftzayn oh stop it
_jordan123_, (09/30/2014)
"Only 10 questions for homework." Yeah, 10 questions with 6 independent parts on each. & I have no clue what I'm doing. #APkills
alwayssjessica, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Texas, US (09/30/2014)
Wish I could change it #imsorry #imissyousomuch
gdogtaylor17, (09/30/2014)
@AngelAngel91124 how was that ass whooping? 😏
_vmora, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Mount Ple (09/30/2014)
i can always recognize limecrime lips when i see them 💄💋
lonemisswolf, (09/30/2014)
SVC Gilbert and Sullivan Club Sweet Frog Spirit Day! t.co/cG71W8KyN5
Old_Sparky_1996, (09/30/2014)
RT @BoHiHa: Still believe we are alone? t.co/pK7hhryrwa
iALShehab, (09/23/2014)
@ImDSiiG welcome to the last 8 years of my life
joe_rod, (09/23/2014)
claude debussy isao tomita dream literature t.co/7LGDBFZ1CJ
_ronnieheart_, (09/23/2014)
@razer_i7 @iAmCyberwaste @MrMattyMouse not doritos and dew, failure
joe_rod, (09/23/2014)
RT @BoHiHa: Still believe we are alone? t.co/pK7hhryrwa
SNalshihab, (09/23/2014)
as muscular tension disappears it is replaced by a feeling of gentle euphoria that fills the whole body
_ronnieheart_, (09/23/2014)
@KaitlynMeagher @JoeMarchert @TazerDaze19 comin over
mccallum52, (09/23/2014)
@MrMattyMouse swag
joe_rod, (09/23/2014)
@SayHelloToAmy bot mia
joe_rod, (09/23/2014)
idk what size to get these roshes, they don't come in kid sizes and I haven't bought women's shoes in forever.
IForgetHerName, (09/23/2014)
k last one t.co/4D5jOIbDc6
joe_rod, (09/23/2014)
OMG that pet tho t.co/73mdtTOtJl
joe_rod, (09/23/2014)
It's so beautiful :> t.co/z24nRiiPEY
joe_rod, (09/23/2014)
@drew_ivery20 is perf
DeneKami, (10/01/2014)
RT @jessicamata__: Why is it still 10000 degrees outside 😒
diegoigarcia_, (10/01/2014)
I should have eaten those cookies
ameliastrait22, (10/01/2014)
@jhipolito_ okay thanks 😁lmao how much is it
Kuko_Benitez, (10/01/2014)
I just took back enough cans to feed a homeless person for a month..
DoubleDDevon, (10/01/2014)
@mitchellswag okay 💁
DeneKami, (10/01/2014)
@SpiveyOMO discount***
DatMudMan, (10/01/2014)
@jhipolito_ damn😨 I wish I was there lol
Kuko_Benitez, (10/01/2014)
2 options for my money: 1. Tithe Or 2. Rob God It's not popular but it's Bible and I believe it.
tylrebutler, (10/01/2014)
If God isn't first in your calendar and you checkbook He may be your Savior but He clearly isn't your Source.
tylrebutler, (10/01/2014)
@paigemccomas @JimJordashian Urinal selfies were so in last year.
swanson447, (10/01/2014)
Big Bang Theory tonight 👌
Kuko_Benitez, (10/01/2014)
Alecia: "Who's on the 20 dollar bill? Franklin Roosevelt?"
JordanRansom27, (10/01/2014)
My mama won't change cable companies 😭
SayMoee, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Mount Ple (10/01/2014)
@PartyAtCMU that's the one place I'd wanna hit up after I eat an edible. Edible + Beer/Liquor = Ultimate Turn Up. #Foolery
LucanDoAnything, (10/01/2014)
Still believe we are alone? t.co/pK7hhryrwa
BoHiHa, (09/23/2014)
Frozen still my favorite movie😍⛄️❄️
_aianna, (09/27/2014)
I don't wanna be awake rn.
kynz0730, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Mount Ver (09/27/2014)
Phone call from my grandparents to start off my Sunday ❤️
JusticeKjolhede, (09/27/2014)
Deep country cut of the day: Ray Price's 'Rose Colored Glasses' t.co/gzKE759rhQ
PriceJanie, (09/27/2014)
This is a great article on Ray. Virgie t.co/0eWJvmGDEe
PriceJanie, (09/27/2014)
This morning FBC Cookville is going to be encouraged by the Apostle John, come join with us as we honor, and... t.co/sp7SJCBimZ
BroMike_White, (09/27/2014)
If this isn't a year jerker, than I'm not sure what is. I can't believe I'm approaching my last bid… t.co/NM9NoTOGJM
breannagleason, (09/27/2014)
RT @JordanRansom27: Always a good time with @SamCozik
SamCozik, (09/27/2014)
I hate when you fall in love with a true friend because you simply don't want to screw the friendship up with her 😒
tyrinbigtevans, (09/27/2014)
One person followed me in the last day thanks to t.co/qHEpM2koXh app
TroutAnnie, (09/27/2014)
Mean Old Bed Bug Blues: t.co/yGrPfQP6XP via @YouTube
joedanboyd, (09/27/2014)
my body hurts
_kelly_jennifer, (09/27/2014)
You know it was a rough night when you turn your blinker on to turn a corner in a parking lot. 😒
sarahthethug, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Winnsboro (09/27/2014)
Strawberry oatmeal😍😍
_aianna, (09/27/2014)
I don't feel good at all this morning😳😞😷
IForgetHerName, (09/27/2014)
@CassLCampbell such a dumb question in interviews
joe_rod, (09/23/2014)


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