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Dallas, avec une population de 1.279.910, est la troisième plus grande ville du Texas et le huitième en importance dans les États-Unis. La ville est le principal centre économique de la zone 12 du comté de Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington métropolitaine que, selon le Mars 2009 Sortie US Census Bureau, avait une population de 6.300.006 à compter de Juillet 2008. Le Dallas / Ft. région Worth est le quatrième plus grand nombre et une plus forte croissance (selon la population) dans la région métropolitaine des États-Unis. Dallas est considéré comme une ville de beta par la mondialisation et villes du monde Groupe d'étude



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Apr 23
Partly Cloudy
Apr 24
Partly Cloudy/Wind
Apr 25
Apr 26
Apr 27
Isolated T-Storms



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@tight_eyezz you play too damn much
_SimplyyLaShae, (04/23/2014)
#CaptionRequests Don't trust your girl to babysit for anyone #cuckoldcaptions t.co/glD3RqyY1i
YourCumcleaner, (04/23/2014)
My eyes are getting heavy but still not gonna crash.
cuh_riss7, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Dallas, T (04/23/2014)
Global warming is likely to have a "severe, pervasive and irreversible" impact, a major UN report says.
paranoidanf, (04/23/2014)
Decks in the Park Season II Launches with Help of Great Local and National ... - PR Web (press... t.co/HmKCSpSsBn - #Dallas #TX
Dallas_DJ, (04/23/2014)
Stars Beat Ducks 4-2, Even Series 2-2 - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth t.co/csCl8Tr6Ad - #Dallas #TX
Dallas_DJ, (04/23/2014)
Gonna get my ribs done sober
AKA_Keyeeth, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Texas, US (04/23/2014)
Who's up?
L__Cervantes, (04/23/2014)
RT @StrokedatTre500: Aiight Zach yo niggas betta hop off my nigga Voya though 💀
ChrisWowWow, (04/23/2014)
RT @Mat_Lock_: Gunshots off in the air, but I ain't scared for my life
YOUNG_KRIT, (04/23/2014)
RT @juliejulie75011: t.co/Zm9NwR0Yjf
SanaBeurette, (04/23/2014)
ZenMaster_J, (04/23/2014)
@D_B_PIERSON first of all, not bitching. Secondly, you won't fight me sooooo .... ✋
lilmissbeckyyy, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Wylie : (04/23/2014)
I have better conversations when I'm not horny
IMIXY_, (04/23/2014)
I wanna watch a movie.
cuh_riss7, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Dallas, T (04/23/2014)
@_JaelanSmith oh, i dont work there anymore lol
elpatroon17, (04/22/2014)
RT @AlissaKnowsBest: Life's great. Can't complain whatsoever.
bradleyochei, (04/22/2014)
RT @lexwatchmeflex: @Dbuzz_5 @madisonmillerx3 you haven't changed one bit 💕
madisonmillerx3, (04/22/2014)
@vnnastty @JocelineJaquez I be fooling in the hallways all the time lmao thats why yall gonna miss me (;
thatkidd_Izaiah, (04/22/2014)
"@JustReIatabIe: greatest #transformationtuesday of all time 😳😂 t.co/67RU4P9uNc" lmao he hoed
FuckYeah_Archie, (04/22/2014)
That vine just scared me to death omg
channyweiss, (04/22/2014)
lmao abrea yasssss !!!!!! taking the tweets right off my finger tips lol
sincerelytiana_, (04/22/2014)
Girl don't know what she want lmao
Billy84678517, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Garland, (04/22/2014)
RT @PharoahDinero: Carrying Tha Carter 3 across some railroad tracks t.co/kHBNGojRma
_coppotelli, (04/22/2014)
@marijuwania awwwww me too but fux that place I've moved up friend you should too
ariel_noemi, (04/22/2014)
@yung_t3x always! Mary is the only bitch that gets me. Lol
kikilubsu12, (04/22/2014)
jgarciap2014, (04/22/2014)
Watching #ChrisleyKnowsBest is the best way to end the day!! #bedtime
sonalpatel96, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Plano, TX (04/22/2014)
I just realized i put a freakin typo in my last tweet.
Halllyyyyyy, (04/22/2014)
RT @brenicole08: “@sabdaddyy: When bae tell me to whip it out t.co/mJVNd4X8v2” omg 😭
MatthewGunners, (04/22/2014)


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