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Миннеаполисе является самым крупным городом в штате Миннесота и округа Хеннепин Каунти. Город расположен на обоих берегах реки Миссисипи, к северу от слияния реки с Миннесота реки, и примыкает к Сент-Пол, столице штата. Известный как''''Города-побратимы, эти две формы ядро ​​Minneapolis-St. Павел, шестнадцатый по величине мегаполис в США, с 3,5 млн. жителей. Митрополит Совета оценкам, численность населения города был 390131 в 2009 году.



Прогноз погоды Minneapolis

Apr 16
Snow Showers
Apr 17
Partly Cloudy
Apr 18
Partly Cloudy
Apr 19
Apr 20
Mostly Cloudy



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Местные Новости Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Местные Tweets для Minneapolis, Minnesota

@EmStaeden yamadbro
bananapancakesz, (04/10/2014)
RT @ASTAGER13: When people try talkin shit and they can't even spell it right 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @Snow_Flake800 #Sioux t.co/YMqOuDPdIi
Siouxforever5, (04/10/2014)
@thegardenbuzz hurray! Any guesses when ice will be out?!
MeetMinneapolis, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/10/2014)
@DDrakeROG nah nigga. I hate your life
RoadsOfGazda, (04/10/2014)
if you wanna play games, then so be it, I'll play twice as hard
rachellebow, (04/10/2014)
Honey, it is called a backpack for a reason, it goes on your back. C'mon it's right in the name 🙆
southgator24, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/10/2014)
O bidi, bidi, bom, bom, según sea el caso.
dorianpardo, (04/10/2014)
@Andxrsxn_ @YUNGFRUITSNACK lol
6prima6donna6, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/10/2014)
Infidelity strikes again
desifalko, (04/10/2014)
Thanks for the follow @EdLac - any online resources for new managers you'd recommend?
mgmtrockstar, (04/10/2014)
@hey_LindyMay t.co/2O9OpJTDS3 #Agwcd
HecadooZ, (04/16/2014)
#ProgressivePatriots, sign to #CloseGitmo, uphold the Constitution & Due Process t.co/mjVeeqO5Wg **Indefinite Detention IS torture**
Sarah__Reynolds, (04/16/2014)
@dicksp8jr so were u guys testing the waters? w/positive fan feedback is Gabriel coming back?
CNMahr, (04/16/2014)
@SenFeinstein @SenJohnMcCain @SenatorDurbin Pls support transfer of #ShakerAamer cleared by CIA/FBI/DoD for release fromGitmo #TransferThe76
Sarah__Reynolds, (04/16/2014)
Joes just ate pizza with chocolate sauce on it 😔
NotttrevorBTL, (04/16/2014)
"Halfway up that mountain. Mountain? I just called that small hill a mountain." -@JohnsonMadeline
twetentweetin, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Minneapol (04/16/2014)
august alsina - testify 🎧
iffyxo_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Minneapol (04/16/2014)
RT @NWSTwinCities: Isanti had 19" of snow. That's only 40 miles north of MSP, where 0.3" was recorded. #mnwx #gradient
MarcKellyMN, (04/16/2014)
@DreJiggin t.co/p3F6KEsLe0 #Bryem
HecadooZ, (04/16/2014)
If Barry Melrose is the coolest guy in the room why is he on SportsCenter for 2 minutes at a time
alex_belde, (04/16/2014)
@clayguida @AliPuncherKing what makes you guys #strong... Besides the obvious.
ldrvisionco, (04/16/2014)
The gettconsulting Daily is out! t.co/TZ5TFjSCYu
gettconsulting, (04/16/2014)
up with one that its out find out not you it when you when do to they me
HecadooZ, (04/16/2014)
@Bloodz_Vs ps4 but he's still the best
MrSicKezT, (04/16/2014)
RT @Sarah__Reynolds: 2 years ago, indefinite military detention w/o charge or trial became legal for the 1st time in US history. t.…
onetruecathal, (04/16/2014)
RT @Thynebear: *dad puts "Up" DVD in backwards* DVD Player: "Please Turn Up" "lol if u say so" *chugs beer & pukes on dog* "dad plz
DillonOliver, (03/20/2014)
RT @pat_landers: .@ChancellorBlock .@UCLA tell @Pac12Networks pay broadcast techs fair wages&benefits. t.co/jNo3MRzfj4 #GeneBlock #P…
wwdevins, (04/16/2014)
RT @pat_landers: .@ChancellorBlock .@UCLA tell @Pac12Networks pay broadcast techs fair wages&benefits. t.co/jNo3MRzfj4 #GeneBlock #P…
IATSE13, (04/16/2014)
Congrats to past ACF Composer Comp winner, @AndyAkiho, on the Rome Prize! MT @yalemusic Congrats alumnus @AndyAkiho t.co/Up12zWS0oe
ComposersForum, (04/16/2014)
Oh and possible summerfest and then fleetwood Mac come September. I'm so pumped!
StaciaMc411, (04/16/2014)
Uhhh there's no snow here...
_branderson_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Bloomingt (04/16/2014)
@streckasaurus is my twin everything she tweets is just like my life
summermeowmeow, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Minneapol (04/16/2014)
Officially on vacation and already down one glass of wine. How many you think I can get through before my parents show up at 3:30?
MaggieLaMaack, (04/16/2014)
If you're looking for all the millennials, you may want to check in one of these 12 cities t.co/0IuPSZtedO
brooksgrainllc, (04/16/2014)
Stupid huh?
GI_NASTY, (04/16/2014)
@robdelaney I'd have to do a lot of weed to enjoy Steely Dan.
JoeAlv, (04/16/2014)
@kittencaboodles yeah they're real nice!!
sipatterson3, (04/16/2014)
RT @MyRecruitBoard: 😵 Wake Up 💪 Grind 🛀 Shower 💪 Grind 💺Sit Down 💪 Grind 🚶 Stand Up 💪 Grind 👟 Head Out 💪 Grind
TRILL_51, (04/16/2014)
Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly's 4 tips for turnarounds t.co/rdFyC6ny2w @MSPBJvomhof
MSPBJnews, (04/16/2014)
@LYG_Danno oh no. He's going to citizens arrest me in the middle of my communications class but first he has to brag about his job... >.&
LYG_Danno, (04/16/2014)
@krousega dang, we'll see how sloppy we get in Bloomington.
42graystreet, (04/16/2014)
RT @twigthefairy: Make a wish
MorningStarCup, (04/10/2014)
RT @jtjt773: "@KINGNASTYXXX: t.co/th7Vx4WRbH & t.co/ZSBP8lnRsv GAMES WE PLAY!" #BiSexual #Girls t.co/0p5WHsoO8k" #loo…
LinderothMikael, (04/10/2014)
#UMN researchers are revamping military medicine through realistic simulation training. t.co/4YySxIGVdz @mndailynews
UMN_Health, (04/10/2014)
DJKODENE, (04/10/2014)
@doubledonkt Who do you like more Lil B or Marina?
mysugarskull, (04/10/2014)
Only a few ways to get limited #bushCON tickets—one is the @BePollen contest: t.co/ikdC1vZbHJ
BePollen, (04/01/2014)
Leland Yee Blackout: CNN Mocks Citizen Who Wants Coverage of Arms Trafficking Scandal t.co/0PYMaV2CZg
JRWatch, (04/01/2014)
MNzombie, (04/01/2014)
RT @TayoMarciano: How can u as a man say that a woman with leaked nude can't be successful in life? Like, come on.
Goddy_Get_Money, (04/01/2014)
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BernardoMonsrud, (04/01/2014)
“@Ch4BrickTamland: Open This t.co/YXRd3Nfs1J” since you're my best friend in the whole world @megmegk
Bgibs27, (04/01/2014)
Analogue t.co/Yu7pciYcTH
BernardoMonsrud, (04/01/2014)
pnc last night 👭💕 t.co/IJQahO9No0
angelalovesyoo, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/01/2014)
Syma X1 Battery (2 pieces) t.co/tubmHhRfKy
BernardoMonsrud, (04/01/2014)
I'm not alone in thinking Draft Day looks like the worst sports movie ever made, right? Air Bud movies look more realistic and entertaining.
BenjaminJDawson, (04/01/2014)
No April Fools jokes here - I did get punked at work. Thanks co-workers! I'm wrapping up on Friday anyway, fools!
VictoryReseda, (04/01/2014)
Standard Horizon CD15A Desk Top Rapid Rate Charger Adapter t.co/8M9k5Aj5H2
BernardoMonsrud, (04/01/2014)
Here we go....Topic is how to make these chats better...#mnedchat
ak2mn, (04/01/2014)
SandG Sterling Silver, 14k Yellow Gold, and Gemstone Art Deco-Style Drop Earrings with Diamond Accents (0.13 c... t.co/0cetD9XO8W
BernardoMonsrud, (04/01/2014)
The King's College Choir helium spoof today reminded me of this. I watched this program eagerly on BBC as I was... t.co/wl5syEl9up
philipblackburn, (04/01/2014)
RT @delia_joann: I hate most the people at my school. They are too ignorant and immature.
Monica_NW36, (03/25/2014)
RT @_YonousPlair: It's just a good feeling being w/ you .
_jazzerrs, (03/25/2014)
"@BugattiBEEZ: NWTS leaked like a week early, & by time it came out, I knew all the words & was bored with it." Fr 😂😂
DONJAExROWE, (03/25/2014)
My brothers stay getting sick like so annoying
twistedforever, (03/25/2014)
@tee_nuhhhh fatties!
lovelymissanna, (03/25/2014)
People are crazy lmao .
PureChocolate_, (03/25/2014)
all blue book tests do is reinforce that i don't need to read, barely need to study, and am terrifyingly good at bullshitting.
VeLaineyRaptor, (03/25/2014)
If you aint wit it run from it mudafuka
_soitsjade, (03/25/2014)
@timfaklis @derek_himself I may have to partake as well...this looks insane. The spectacle alone would be worth going for
Patrick_Fenelon, (03/25/2014)
RT @erin_jams: "Seriousness is not a Fruit of the Spirit, but you know what is? Joy." @rendcollective #aerobicworship
mcwalker16, (03/25/2014)
How do headphones get so tangled up when they are in your pocket.
awthomp15, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/25/2014)
@King_Wizard33 I like em both
Quarterbackin4, (03/25/2014)
"You don't gotta have all the booty I'm the worrrrld, if you tryna be my girrrrl..."
nawabmevans, (03/25/2014)
@u2nurse Feel better! Don't go all Nurse Jackie on us!
modeknit, (03/25/2014)
@theawesomeshow @FilmCritHULK "Apparently film is too good a medium to be used for such a crappy movie like Star Wars." Fixed
HANSEN_SOGROOVY, (03/25/2014)
have my at to me be of all its and so out we on have get can
FoficeeW, (03/20/2014)
RT @SakibMotalib: Thanks for wearing them down Manhattan. We'll finish the job #bbn
TheUKRudy, (03/20/2014)
@NI_double_KI sorry u guys had a rough night but omg thats adorable!
Sinner71175, (03/20/2014)
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MikeSchleif, (03/20/2014)
Why sitting still is the new smoking (as far as your health is concerned): t.co/nA0FSPMXeg
EliteHearing, (03/20/2014)
RT @burns_writer: The Curse of Anubis (Book 3 of the Mummifier's Daughter series) is out now on Amazon Kindle. t.co/81xrwYX2DO #ASM…
EmmyYoshida, (03/20/2014)
#SOAP: Exodus 3 & Proverbs 9 #beDEVOTED t.co/MK2b5pPMvy
river_valley_mn, (03/20/2014)
@_MathewDavid_ you texted me 10 minutes before I showed up lol
joshuagoers, (03/20/2014)
That one crush that never really goes away.
UrsulaCuttellar, (03/20/2014)
“@AmazingUniforms: RT if you wish you had this 😍 t.co/3Lkx9BXeOU” @a_dugan23 does 😏😏😏
audreypaese, (03/20/2014)
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quiresa64, (03/20/2014)
“@SteveJobsDQuote: I want to put a dent in the Universe. Steve Jobs. t.co/1tpSPGYZBD”
r0ckinRobyn, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/31/2014)
Just woke up with a headache, sore throat and I'm having hot flashes. #fantastic 😒
PaulWuMitchell, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/31/2014)
I'm chasing my alcohol with an apple
angieantell, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/31/2014)
@day9tv Sean. Shhhhh. Barking at 1am is unacceptable.
Torio150, (03/31/2014)
deleting my twitter would probably be the smartest thing at this point
angieantell, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/31/2014)
RT @TimBurt: Romans 12:20 (NLT) "If your enemies are hungry, feed them...In doing this, you will heap burning coals of shame on their heads
repofcaba, (03/31/2014)
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HorstRigbyfzo, (03/31/2014)
RT @GalleriaEdina: Pick of the Day: @BangOlufsen's Beolab 14 loudspeaker will show you who is Speaker of the House! t.co/CNHpFw9fap
Carter2069, (03/31/2014)
White Sox 5, Twins 3: Two Alejandro De Aza homers win opener: CHICAGO -- Ricky Nolasco spent parts of two seasons... t.co/x4uX8P0CSJ
stpaulbuzz, (03/31/2014)
RT @TimBurt: Psa 37:7 "Be still in the presence of the Lord & wait patiently for Him to act. Don't worry about evil people who prosper o
repofcaba, (03/31/2014)
Goodmrng wat a lovely weather here.
seezy666, (03/31/2014)
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Starkeynsp, (03/31/2014)
RT @clarejens: YES PLEASE! #kalesprouts #flowersprouts “@ptiberry: BrusselKale, is that gonna be your new fav food @clarejens ? t.co…
FlowerSprouts, (03/31/2014)
Wild sign Christian Folin t.co/AngVMuWDee
MinnesotaWildMN, (03/31/2014)
@tsuunderella @Kyo7763 tell me you're not being serious
Pepyri_, (03/31/2014)
#ff @StKateMBA @Saralitta @CraigCPratt @Schwegman @PriorLakeRotary @LFMusicFest
salguodmai, (03/20/2014)
today is @thyartismurder !!!!!! i am going to be playing HATE album all day on full blast
laytonbeckwell, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country_code: US : (03/20/2014)


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