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Minneapolis is the largest city in the U.S. state of Minnesota and is the county seat of Hennepin County. The city lies on both banks of the Mississippi River, just north of the river's confluence with the Minnesota River, and adjoins Saint Paul, the state's capital. Known as the ''Twin Cities'', these two form the core of Minneapolis-St. Paul, the sixteenth-largest metropolitan area in the United States, with 3.5 million residents. The Metropolitan Council estimated the city's population was 390,131 in 2009.



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Apr 16
Apr 17
Partly Cloudy
Apr 18
Partly Cloudy
Apr 19
Apr 20
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@EmStaeden yamadbro
bananapancakesz, (04/10/2014)
RT @ASTAGER13: When people try talkin shit and they can't even spell it right 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @Snow_Flake800 #Sioux t.co/YMqOuDPdIi
Siouxforever5, (04/10/2014)
@thegardenbuzz hurray! Any guesses when ice will be out?!
MeetMinneapolis, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/10/2014)
@DDrakeROG nah nigga. I hate your life
RoadsOfGazda, (04/10/2014)
if you wanna play games, then so be it, I'll play twice as hard
rachellebow, (04/10/2014)
Honey, it is called a backpack for a reason, it goes on your back. C'mon it's right in the name 🙆
southgator24, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/10/2014)
O bidi, bidi, bom, bom, según sea el caso.
dorianpardo, (04/10/2014)
@Andxrsxn_ @YUNGFRUITSNACK lol
6prima6donna6, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/10/2014)
Infidelity strikes again
desifalko, (04/10/2014)
Thanks for the follow @EdLac - any online resources for new managers you'd recommend?
mgmtrockstar, (04/10/2014)
RT @Thynebear: *dad puts "Up" DVD in backwards* DVD Player: "Please Turn Up" "lol if u say so" *chugs beer & pukes on dog* "dad plz
DillonOliver, (03/20/2014)
RT @pat_landers: .@ChancellorBlock .@UCLA tell @Pac12Networks pay broadcast techs fair wages&benefits. t.co/jNo3MRzfj4 #GeneBlock #P…
wwdevins, (04/16/2014)
RT @pat_landers: .@ChancellorBlock .@UCLA tell @Pac12Networks pay broadcast techs fair wages&benefits. t.co/jNo3MRzfj4 #GeneBlock #P…
IATSE13, (04/16/2014)
Congrats to past ACF Composer Comp winner, @AndyAkiho, on the Rome Prize! MT @yalemusic Congrats alumnus @AndyAkiho t.co/Up12zWS0oe
ComposersForum, (04/16/2014)
Oh and possible summerfest and then fleetwood Mac come September. I'm so pumped!
StaciaMc411, (04/16/2014)
Uhhh there's no snow here...
_branderson_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Bloomingt (04/16/2014)
@streckasaurus is my twin everything she tweets is just like my life
summermeowmeow, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Minneapol (04/16/2014)
Officially on vacation and already down one glass of wine. How many you think I can get through before my parents show up at 3:30?
MaggieLaMaack, (04/16/2014)
If you're looking for all the millennials, you may want to check in one of these 12 cities t.co/0IuPSZtedO
brooksgrainllc, (04/16/2014)
Stupid huh?
GI_NASTY, (04/16/2014)
@robdelaney I'd have to do a lot of weed to enjoy Steely Dan.
JoeAlv, (04/16/2014)
@kittencaboodles yeah they're real nice!!
sipatterson3, (04/16/2014)
RT @MyRecruitBoard: 😵 Wake Up 💪 Grind 🛀 Shower 💪 Grind 💺Sit Down 💪 Grind 🚶 Stand Up 💪 Grind 👟 Head Out 💪 Grind
TRILL_51, (04/16/2014)
Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly's 4 tips for turnarounds t.co/rdFyC6ny2w @MSPBJvomhof
MSPBJnews, (04/16/2014)
@LYG_Danno oh no. He's going to citizens arrest me in the middle of my communications class but first he has to brag about his job... >.&
LYG_Danno, (04/16/2014)
@krousega dang, we'll see how sloppy we get in Bloomington.
42graystreet, (04/16/2014)
RT @twigthefairy: Make a wish
MorningStarCup, (04/10/2014)
RT @jtjt773: "@KINGNASTYXXX: t.co/th7Vx4WRbH & t.co/ZSBP8lnRsv GAMES WE PLAY!" #BiSexual #Girls t.co/0p5WHsoO8k" #loo…
LinderothMikael, (04/10/2014)
#UMN researchers are revamping military medicine through realistic simulation training. t.co/4YySxIGVdz @mndailynews
UMN_Health, (04/10/2014)
DJKODENE, (04/10/2014)
@doubledonkt Who do you like more Lil B or Marina?
mysugarskull, (04/10/2014)
Only a few ways to get limited #bushCON tickets—one is the @BePollen contest: t.co/ikdC1vZbHJ
BePollen, (04/01/2014)
Leland Yee Blackout: CNN Mocks Citizen Who Wants Coverage of Arms Trafficking Scandal t.co/0PYMaV2CZg
JRWatch, (04/01/2014)
MNzombie, (04/01/2014)
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Goddy_Get_Money, (04/01/2014)
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BernardoMonsrud, (04/01/2014)
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Bgibs27, (04/01/2014)
Analogue t.co/Yu7pciYcTH
BernardoMonsrud, (04/01/2014)
pnc last night 👭💕 t.co/IJQahO9No0
angelalovesyoo, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/01/2014)
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BernardoMonsrud, (04/01/2014)
I'm not alone in thinking Draft Day looks like the worst sports movie ever made, right? Air Bud movies look more realistic and entertaining.
BenjaminJDawson, (04/01/2014)
No April Fools jokes here - I did get punked at work. Thanks co-workers! I'm wrapping up on Friday anyway, fools!
VictoryReseda, (04/01/2014)
Standard Horizon CD15A Desk Top Rapid Rate Charger Adapter t.co/8M9k5Aj5H2
BernardoMonsrud, (04/01/2014)
Here we go....Topic is how to make these chats better...#mnedchat
ak2mn, (04/01/2014)
SandG Sterling Silver, 14k Yellow Gold, and Gemstone Art Deco-Style Drop Earrings with Diamond Accents (0.13 c... t.co/0cetD9XO8W
BernardoMonsrud, (04/01/2014)
The King's College Choir helium spoof today reminded me of this. I watched this program eagerly on BBC as I was... t.co/wl5syEl9up
philipblackburn, (04/01/2014)
RT @delia_joann: I hate most the people at my school. They are too ignorant and immature.
Monica_NW36, (03/25/2014)
RT @_YonousPlair: It's just a good feeling being w/ you .
_jazzerrs, (03/25/2014)
"@BugattiBEEZ: NWTS leaked like a week early, & by time it came out, I knew all the words & was bored with it." Fr 😂😂
DONJAExROWE, (03/25/2014)
My brothers stay getting sick like so annoying
twistedforever, (03/25/2014)
@tee_nuhhhh fatties!
lovelymissanna, (03/25/2014)
People are crazy lmao .
PureChocolate_, (03/25/2014)
all blue book tests do is reinforce that i don't need to read, barely need to study, and am terrifyingly good at bullshitting.
VeLaineyRaptor, (03/25/2014)
If you aint wit it run from it mudafuka
_soitsjade, (03/25/2014)
@timfaklis @derek_himself I may have to partake as well...this looks insane. The spectacle alone would be worth going for
Patrick_Fenelon, (03/25/2014)
RT @erin_jams: "Seriousness is not a Fruit of the Spirit, but you know what is? Joy." @rendcollective #aerobicworship
mcwalker16, (03/25/2014)
How do headphones get so tangled up when they are in your pocket.
awthomp15, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/25/2014)
@King_Wizard33 I like em both
Quarterbackin4, (03/25/2014)
"You don't gotta have all the booty I'm the worrrrld, if you tryna be my girrrrl..."
nawabmevans, (03/25/2014)
@u2nurse Feel better! Don't go all Nurse Jackie on us!
modeknit, (03/25/2014)
@theawesomeshow @FilmCritHULK "Apparently film is too good a medium to be used for such a crappy movie like Star Wars." Fixed
HANSEN_SOGROOVY, (03/25/2014)
have my at to me be of all its and so out we on have get can
FoficeeW, (03/20/2014)
RT @SakibMotalib: Thanks for wearing them down Manhattan. We'll finish the job #bbn
TheUKRudy, (03/20/2014)
@NI_double_KI sorry u guys had a rough night but omg thats adorable!
Sinner71175, (03/20/2014)
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MikeSchleif, (03/20/2014)
Why sitting still is the new smoking (as far as your health is concerned): t.co/nA0FSPMXeg
EliteHearing, (03/20/2014)
RT @burns_writer: The Curse of Anubis (Book 3 of the Mummifier's Daughter series) is out now on Amazon Kindle. t.co/81xrwYX2DO #ASM…
EmmyYoshida, (03/20/2014)
#SOAP: Exodus 3 & Proverbs 9 #beDEVOTED t.co/MK2b5pPMvy
river_valley_mn, (03/20/2014)
@_MathewDavid_ you texted me 10 minutes before I showed up lol
joshuagoers, (03/20/2014)
That one crush that never really goes away.
UrsulaCuttellar, (03/20/2014)
“@AmazingUniforms: RT if you wish you had this 😍 t.co/3Lkx9BXeOU” @a_dugan23 does 😏😏😏
audreypaese, (03/20/2014)
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quiresa64, (03/20/2014)
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r0ckinRobyn, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/31/2014)
Just woke up with a headache, sore throat and I'm having hot flashes. #fantastic 😒
PaulWuMitchell, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/31/2014)
I'm chasing my alcohol with an apple
angieantell, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/31/2014)
@day9tv Sean. Shhhhh. Barking at 1am is unacceptable.
Torio150, (03/31/2014)
deleting my twitter would probably be the smartest thing at this point
angieantell, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (03/31/2014)
RT @TimBurt: Romans 12:20 (NLT) "If your enemies are hungry, feed them...In doing this, you will heap burning coals of shame on their heads
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Carter2069, (03/31/2014)
White Sox 5, Twins 3: Two Alejandro De Aza homers win opener: CHICAGO -- Ricky Nolasco spent parts of two seasons... t.co/x4uX8P0CSJ
stpaulbuzz, (03/31/2014)
RT @TimBurt: Psa 37:7 "Be still in the presence of the Lord & wait patiently for Him to act. Don't worry about evil people who prosper o
repofcaba, (03/31/2014)
Goodmrng wat a lovely weather here.
seezy666, (03/31/2014)
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Starkeynsp, (03/31/2014)
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FlowerSprouts, (03/31/2014)
Wild sign Christian Folin t.co/AngVMuWDee
MinnesotaWildMN, (03/31/2014)
@tsuunderella @Kyo7763 tell me you're not being serious
Pepyri_, (03/31/2014)
#ff @StKateMBA @Saralitta @CraigCPratt @Schwegman @PriorLakeRotary @LFMusicFest
salguodmai, (03/20/2014)
today is @thyartismurder !!!!!! i am going to be playing HATE album all day on full blast
laytonbeckwell, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country_code: US : (03/20/2014)
The one Friday a month that my Friday is a Friday. Might skip the usual Friday night grocery shopping for S&Gs.
teandoranges, (03/20/2014)


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