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South Milwaukee es una ciudad en el Condado de Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Estados Unidos. La población era 21.256 en el censo de 2000. South Milwaukee se encuentra en (42.911016, -87.864030). Según el United States Census Bureau, la ciudad tiene un área total de 4.8 millas cuadradas (12,4 km ²), de los cuales, 4.8 millas cuadradas (12,4 km ²) de él son tierra y 0.21% es agua. A partir del censo de 2000, había 21.256 personas, 8.694 hogares y 5.616 familias que residían en la ciudad.



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Sep 23
Sep 24
Partly Cloudy
Sep 25
Partly Cloudy
Sep 26
Sep 27
Mostly Sunny



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الله يمسيكم على حب الهلال اللـي يـهز كل نادي في دقـايق يعطيـك الاجابة قبـل ت
anagt_pic, (09/16/2014)
RT @nwbking: "@_loftmanhayley: Love my team man 😍😘✊😁#6 🙌 t.co/LJnLmG78Ev"is this heaven ?😍
_loftmanhayley, (09/16/2014)
@jrsalzman beer brats?
LongHairMattyP, (09/23/2014)
The beauty of hockey preseason. The heartbreak of not going to any games this season :(((
kaylasofar, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Milwaukee (09/23/2014)
Oh brother t.co/kCucumcIo6
adriannamarrero, (09/16/2014)
@Briauny_ nothing bout too go too sleep .. You?
Aye_ImTaeToo, (09/16/2014)
RT @_donnamaria17: Let me pull my camera out and baby we can make a movie, yeah
linaa_rivas, (09/23/2014)
#TheVoice ...😄👏
mzbrwneyz, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Milwaukee (09/23/2014)
I swear people are so ungrateful😒
SelenaCotto1, (09/16/2014)
RT @Butler_Did_It: U really a terrible friend man 😞RT @Sharpasadagga24: Ayo that nigga Russ is livin the fuckin life #Salute bro @Butler_
Sharpasadagga24, (09/16/2014)
@JordanVogelmann @chlo_chlo_chloe miss you Jordan
jordanxwhitex, (09/16/2014)
& you don't even know. ❌
suzo_topolovac, (09/16/2014)
I have a serious obsession with making homemade hot cocoa.
caitmarge, (09/16/2014)
#avedaibw #zoya #grandeur @ Aveda IBW t.co/OvIfypBFyv
Trayc20, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Milwaukee (09/16/2014)
RT @_Love_N_Pain: @_WorldWideWebb got me over here fucking crying laughing
_WorldWideWebb, (09/16/2014)
RT @LilEbb_: When you walk into class and someones sitting in your seat t.co/jcRgmPR0xH
KissMyChanel, (09/16/2014)
@amswils_07 @Jkells_06 @brandoncar7 ill pay
HollywoodRomano, (09/16/2014)
@Young_Paris, any feedback for this local artist? MT @Jomi_Ortiz: YASE - Mona Lisa: t.co/dKBGgnWLfV DROPPED IT !!!#localartists
MidwestPhoto, (09/16/2014)
RT @lyssa_jenyelle: I feel like I don't have friends because I don't drink or smoke and I actually try in school...? I want friends but I w
_Tatyyannaaa, (09/16/2014)
Finna be straight in a few days so idc what mfs tlkin bout at all 💯😈
Rog_Gardner35, (09/23/2014)
I heard that Boss Abele was bleating about accountability. When is he going to start practicing what he preaches? #MKEunion #wiunion
Cog_Dis, (09/23/2014)
@BrewerNation @AdamMcCalvy thanks for the diagram. Now I know I wasn't losing my mind
tylerd_roma, (09/23/2014)
Blonde boys with flow just walked into my building with me. Oh, hello.
hihoneybunnyy, (09/23/2014)
“@Alimariegymnast: @katienewborgg 💁🐍my anacanda don't want none of ur sass so shush✊” t.co/vHaQE3vN5A
katienewborgg, (09/23/2014)
Loyalty is and should be everything
Mattimm, (09/23/2014)
@raz_aan @SincerelyTumblr 😂😂😂😭
ayeyeah32_, (09/23/2014)
need a quick answer, yes or no?
Mylnari, (09/23/2014)
Not giving a fuck anymore.
Susi_Flores1, (09/23/2014)
Wine Facts: For the Wino in Everyone - t.co/SOUCqnZwkg t.co/uZ8NaWhRHs
femalebookk, (09/23/2014)
Seniors win the first game 25-9 against Tosa East!
DSHAsaac, (09/23/2014)


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