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South Milwaukee es una ciudad en el Condado de Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Estados Unidos. La población era 21.256 en el censo de 2000. South Milwaukee se encuentra en (42.911016, -87.864030). Según el United States Census Bureau, la ciudad tiene un área total de 4.8 millas cuadradas (12,4 km ²), de los cuales, 4.8 millas cuadradas (12,4 km ²) de él son tierra y 0.21% es agua. A partir del censo de 2000, había 21.256 personas, 8.694 hogares y 5.616 familias que residían en la ciudad.



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_PhoolyBaby, (10/22/2014)
Late night tweet from a disembodied Twitter account. >_> <_< #2spooky4you Wishing everyone going to @NightmareNights a wonderful
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meooowwwwwww, (10/22/2014)
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CoachWingreen, (10/22/2014)
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AskRubix, (10/22/2014)
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BoooosieBaby, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Milwaukee (10/22/2014)
Do The Bobby Bitch
xavielshaarawy1, (10/22/2014)
RT @OneCallThatsAll: I hate that I care
Itsyayiez, (10/22/2014)
like it's my last name without a letter and the number 25 that is trashy. why do bad things happen to okay people
auxty, (10/22/2014)
@BigCat003 I just want hugs big Al
BigD_____, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Greenfiel (10/22/2014)
@FilmWriter_Ryan but you'll take a win, no matter how they do it, a win is a win in my book. (I'm being overly Pollyanna to a fault)
PInglett, (10/22/2014)
This the only kinda ppl you need in your life bruh. 😏 t.co/cGj7x9vDja
theBATMAN_atLAW, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Milwaukee (10/22/2014)
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