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Milford Center è un villaggio nella contea di Union, Ohio, Stati Uniti. La popolazione era di 626 al censimento del 2000. Milford Center si trova a (40.178701, -83,435780). Secondo lo United States Census Bureau, il villaggio ha una superficie totale di 0,3 miglia quadrate (0,9 km ²), tutti occupati da terre. Secondo il censimento del 2000, c'erano 626 persone, 232 famiglie, e 177 famiglie residenti nel villaggio.



Previsioni Meteo per Milford Center

Jul 22
Isolated T-Storms
Jul 23
Scattered T-Storms
Jul 24
Mostly Sunny
Jul 25
Partly Cloudy
Jul 26
Scattered T-Storms



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Notizie locali per Milford Center, Ohio

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RT @Nupur_Ghosh: @TVGN #TheSorrentinos Fingers crossed would be the best surprise 🍀🍀
Dleal13, (07/22/2014)
@Gonzowins @primantibros Nice!! #BucN
croskopi, (07/22/2014)
Why OJ Is Getting Squeezed From Breakfast Tables
Atticuscv76, (07/22/2014)
@camerondallas you shoullllld totally follow mee plssssssss???!!!
Salisha12, (07/22/2014)
@Jake_Arthur2 @BrentMBenedum 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄
corttayy, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (07/22/2014)
vdumbgirl, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (07/22/2014)
Delaware_OH, (07/22/2014)
trinittyshelton, (07/22/2014)
@kaimeade97 @WyattAPertuset wait can I come
kristen_nebel, (07/17/2014)
I gotta thing for you 😏
DaneChyna, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Columbus, (07/17/2014)
@trevorcollinz @DevinCollins17 t.co/CP8pN7ZOyp
chavez_joseline, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Columbus, (07/17/2014)
_BrendaGeorge, (07/17/2014)
My life is officially over... t.co/d8y86tvzeZ
SarahNash_24, (07/17/2014)
@nevaRWilliams yea. So many options for deep drama. Love to see the evolution of his relationship with Alfred among other things
TheFlizzle, (07/17/2014)
@TWC_Help Suddenly just lost cable and Internet. Any outages going on in central Ohio or is this isolated?
alderirish, (07/17/2014)
@abbylynn1712 your profile picture is so gorgeous😻
deeleezeee, (07/17/2014)
You know better.
DrewJFord, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Hilliard, (07/17/2014)
@DevinCollins17 ily dev 😘
bryndalynmarie, (07/17/2014)
@nigginzz do you have yours done??
H_Davenport22, (07/17/2014)
lizzietopinkaa, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Powell, O (07/17/2014)
You're my bestfriend and id be completely lost without you. I love you so so much 😘
_bri123_, (07/17/2014)
it's cold af in this b
CamrynDrummond, (07/18/2014)
I'm listening to "No Love" by Eminem on Pandora t.co/bkD6O1us9u #pandora
dengerd_patrick, (07/18/2014)
Well, that escalated quickly... t.co/Z9fgrNqRgX
bieberrauhlity, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Ohio, USA (07/18/2014)
I'm listening to "By Myself" by Linkin Park on Pandora t.co/PUOVoh7nFN #pandora
dengerd_patrick, (07/18/2014)
I'm listening to "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" by Jay-Z on Pandora t.co/Zq51iLx8lp #pandora
dengerd_patrick, (07/18/2014)
Fair tonight and I'm not coming home either yeeesssss
earthtomarri, (07/18/2014)
I'm listening to "Points Of Authority / 99 Problems / One Step Closer" by Jay-Z & Linkin Park on Pandora t.co/LBmVfG06Nf #pandora
dengerd_patrick, (07/18/2014)
I'm listening to "Numb" by Linkin Park on Pandora t.co/I7DiwkAK6c #pandora
dengerd_patrick, (07/18/2014)
I'm listening to "Sing For The Moment" by Eminem on Pandora t.co/7RfvHCtI5u #pandora
dengerd_patrick, (07/18/2014)
God made another one of me to love you better than I ever will.
tasiabradley, (07/18/2014)
RT @YouTern: Time for a new resume! "The 10 Most Critical #Work #Skills in 2020 [Infographic]" #InternPro t.co/SztAwdtfqx
MichaelBowers, (07/18/2014)
If Twitter was a subject, my parents would be soo proud of me.
jessicasoina_sw, (07/18/2014)
I'm listening to "Holy Grail" by Jay-Z on Pandora t.co/Q4S3CskYmI #pandora
dengerd_patrick, (07/18/2014)
@hayley_shaw94 I'll try!!! They're already driving me insane and we ain't even left yet 😞
JordanRenee18, (07/18/2014)
RT @FrizzyPop5: UR Girlfriend, Before Marriage.... t.co/KelFSzOZXC
WWEstripper, (07/18/2014)
Red panda cub cuteness! Born 6/20, this was their 2-week-old photo! VIDEO: t.co/oHpOATB1gn #FlashbackFriday t.co/jEV3J6bcFy
ColumbusZoo, (07/18/2014)
RT @Sylvieamx: #Pisces love you for who you are - bottom line
Just___Ashhh, (07/18/2014)
RT @NerdAtCoolTable: Smh let me call my daughter and my bm RT @NoLucky7: Things found on my IG feed last night t.co/z4ogR552HX
beeaboutmoney, (07/05/2014)
RT @mariacaplin: LOVE this idea Summer Plans such an important message thanks @ruth_ayres for sharing t.co/GD0L0ZozNf
ClareandTammy, (07/05/2014)
Smooth hair starts with botanical care t.co/83FKOxOurh #delaware #beach #offer
InfoDelaware, (07/05/2014)
Okay off to play tennis!
furlongdrive, (07/05/2014)
RT @haileylew3: Love @faithpreston12 ❤️
faithpreston12, (07/05/2014)
Dean Martin Poster Design by @Steven Fisher, MFA / Cre8ive-Differences, on t.co/b2hqivb3pZ t.co/i8DX5EZo99
FisherCre8ive, (07/05/2014)
I Can Wear This Song - Marian Elaine Blair t.co/sj27DD3q4f #nowplaying #listenlive
FmHdmsRadio, (07/05/2014)
RT @Sylvieamx: #Pisces are not competitive and prefers to get their way rather than picking a fight
ElenaKucieva, (07/22/2014)
RT @Doallas: 'Kept Landscape', today's poem by @thestorialist t.co/me2zUCFI4A
BuckandSons, (07/22/2014)
RT @G_Thanksss: “@hilaryxstank: #Towson18 is full of pretty girls.. Lawd, make sure your curve game strong😫😂 they gone be comin at y
NoirRoses_, (07/22/2014)
@ReviewsMall Just my phone
Nupur_Ghosh, (07/22/2014)
taking sunset pics is my thing t.co/J1v3c6H6iH
SincerelyJerry, (07/22/2014)
Ut26, (07/22/2014)
RT @marcylauren: Max getting a bath - liove this guy t.co/cPqmfak01R
louvice, (07/22/2014)
My mom still treats me like I'm 14😂😂
BryBreeze810, (07/03/2014)
Welcome to Philmont! t.co/XRjP2FnRmF
703_C_01, (07/03/2014)
Alexis Pinturault Soars To World Cup Slalom Win
fox_man1o, (07/03/2014)
I dont know why they playing all this slow shit on Kevin Gates Station!!!! 👎👊 t.co/5kRwVjKhtE #pandora
Kesha_B2, (07/03/2014)
@TheChomper44 got that elbow up doe
collinlenoir, (07/03/2014)
RT @Sylvieamx: #Pisces don't smoke and drink to be cool, they do it cause that's the only time they can forget about the bullshit and be ok
Jyhee__, (07/03/2014)
Dentist is spelled with all caps D E A T H
Tanner_Seymour, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Dublin, O (07/03/2014)
The state of New Jersey is poised to raise the smoking age to 21, just like it's neighbor, New York City. What do... t.co/FfadtWLRTB
DublinACT, (07/03/2014)
@A_Nicole38 @JManMillerBug Me too !! Woot would be trending topic #ShareItForward
Nupur_Ghosh, (07/03/2014)
Woah... This will be the first time I probably won't have a significant to see the fireworks with. #weird 😧
tori_nichole13, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Ohio, USA (07/03/2014)
RT @Taurushoroscop: #Taurus never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful for them. If it's bad, it's experience for them.
sexy_secretz, (07/03/2014)
@jackalopejess @PandoraStone @thatdamndhole the Internet's premier website
reauxpudu, (07/03/2014)
@Sucka_FreeT we can or that place I was sayin
dubskiDOE, (07/03/2014)
Monedas de Mandela en Sudáfrica en honor a su Aniversario. t.co/cXvO7FuS3A
ElinformeLatino, (07/18/2014)
1 more week until me and @THE_ajjohnson are done with this summer job. #freedom
nybbyz4life, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Columbus, (07/18/2014)
Not wanting to go back to work, it was so nice to be off but I guess it is time to get some sleep now.... #alldaylong
TomGrogan85, (07/09/2014)
You have never been replaced and never will be 💗
Zoe_Price_, (07/09/2014)
FTCDominique, (07/09/2014)
@Kota_Hashimoto im making it a mission to get wings tomorrow, even if i have to go by myself. Bww and ritas
legoonies, (07/09/2014)
RT @_UnicornThug: Everybody want a crazy girlfriend! 😏😍💁 BUT can you handle a crazy girlfriend? 😴
__anterriaaaa, (07/09/2014)
You're such a freaking idiot and I don't feel bad for you anymore .
ThomasTrevor40, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Urbana, O (07/09/2014)
@_Larynnn yes! Soon!
RollinsArissaa, (07/09/2014)
RT @Madystratton: I miss spending every minute of every day together . Talking to you about everything . I just simply miss being your best
parrishjaylynn, (07/09/2014)
How is everyone feeling?
PaulTheEsquire, (07/09/2014)
patgualtieri, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Dublin, O (07/09/2014)
@DevinRussell73 was it Poison?
ethanRDFjoseph, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Ohio, USA (07/09/2014)
@dylan_gray3 The old black and white ones
lax32aidan, (07/09/2014)
RT @_UnicornThug: I hate a bitch that rotate her outfits every three weeks... Then ask how it look... Bitch familiar. It look familiar.
__anterriaaaa, (07/09/2014)
RT @Sylvieamx: #Pisces love you for who you are - bottom line
mndoza_nicole, (07/18/2014)
Falling In Love Or Having an Affair At Your Workplace: Workplace romance is bad for business and bad for emplo... t.co/dt34iocngZ
cafipuqu, (07/18/2014)
RT @Sylvieamx: #Pisces love you for who you are - bottom line
YungTATTEDFool, (07/18/2014)
What's your workout today? Stay accountable!! It's important to schedule it in and get it done! Post below what you're doing today!!
JaneLPerillo, (07/18/2014)
Although you can feel the pressure starting to build, you're s... More for Aquarius t.co/YTPbBUMf39
legoonies, (07/18/2014)
Recent study found that a married couple adding a 16-year-old driver to their insurance policy could expect to pay 79% more, on average.
Delaware_DOI, (07/18/2014)
'We're paid observers of human misery. We go toward bad things, watch people during the worst moments ... and hope they'll talk.' (1 of 2)
hollyzachariah, (07/18/2014)
@_____r3d_____ keep telling yourself that.
maddiegirl4673, (07/18/2014)
@AlexMay985 they don't accept essays in crayon... ;-)
AricMcFall, (07/18/2014)
RT @Purplesheppy: We opened the bible in our room, found this. LMFAO XD t.co/FNoIch5g1B
Cyber_Gnarledge, (07/06/2014)
I love it when my brain isn't tired... t.co/IEaIoTzvok
kimberlyysasi, (07/06/2014)
RT @Taurushoroscop: #Taurus is always genuine and honest. She hates fakes.
rm_high, (07/06/2014)
RT @JoeReynolds24: Cleveland right now: t.co/AG9qrJivkS
simmybeats, (07/06/2014)
I bought a new bookcase and fancy new sheets and comforter! :D Can’t wait to get my new desk soon. I have... t.co/DbZAAQuWXM
Vicious_Voux, (07/06/2014)
RT @Sylvieamx: #Pisces won't probably miss you as a bf or gf. They miss you as a best friend before your relationship.
Alex_Cardwel, (07/06/2014)
RT @Taurushoroscop: #Taurus is always genuine and honest. She hates fakes.
Jira_fizzle, (07/06/2014)
@SkizzleHD worth it
SquidneyWarrior, (07/06/2014)
RT @Taurushoroscop: #Taurus is always genuine and honest. She hates fakes.
Vick_kyy, (07/06/2014)
Ya fav Bottle girl here every tuesday t.co/DDPyLaYgHI
yeena_love, (07/06/2014)
Ending my night off with some vanish by @markiplier
SquidneyWarrior, (07/06/2014)
Today stats: 4 followers, No unfollowers and followed 4 people via t.co/wXtkXdSuCq
LoGRambo, (07/06/2014)
RT @_daniiielle: It's the perfect weather out right now to ride with the windows down.
weldin_josh, (07/22/2014)
RT @keepinittrill77: I'm trynna cuddle with #oomf
Mau_dd, (07/22/2014)
@lukitasmom @savings Wow this is awesome #HotSavings
Nupur_Ghosh, (07/22/2014)
😌 ; today t.co/p6SmkEavY2
__dasiarose, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Columbus, (07/14/2014)
What If - Action Pac t.co/sj27DD3q4f #nowplaying #listenlive
FmHdmsRadio, (07/14/2014)
#BBDevin: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah .......more blah #BB16 t.co/RXIYlvGWP7
4TrishaOnly, (07/14/2014)
RT @Ajayy50: Thank's to my friends :)
lorileiwe, (07/14/2014)
RT @Taurushoroscop: #Taurus are loving and supportive until you lie or act sneaky.
Queenbre_16, (07/14/2014)
Today is a very special day I want to wish my old friend Danny a happy birthday im sorry you couldnt be here but I know youre celebrating it
chazr14, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Ohio, USA (07/14/2014)
Nightmare - I-Wayne t.co/cT8xWPJia0 #nowplaying #listenlive
hottavibzfm, (07/14/2014)
RT @FrizzyPop5: SELENA GOMEZ has gotten Implants?! t.co/A473aEs8tx
Michelina0028, (07/14/2014)
RT @Taurushoroscop: #Taurus doesn’t mince words or sugarcoat for anyone.
BraeliC, (07/14/2014)
@WILLIC0RN no way bro. I would notice
SgtTiggleyBits, (07/14/2014)
“@cIayrevoyant: dick anal pussy t.co/DNCwMM6mOb” booty power wet
kristvnsolge, (07/14/2014)
RT @Sylvieamx: #Pisces always has something smart to say, but most of the time they chose not to say it.
LuvthePussy2, (07/14/2014)
winnyjessicae, (07/14/2014)
@JonathanMerklin doth thou survive thy trip ?
drex7903, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Marysvill (07/14/2014)
VIDEO: Black Chicagoans Angry Message as Obama Puts Illegals above Blacks t.co/Zo33t1ZtlN
3028976308, (07/14/2014)
RT @Purplesheppy: We opened the bible in our room, found this. LMFAO XD t.co/FNoIch5g1B
TheGregling, (07/06/2014)
Now I know that you're havin a thought picture us having a spot
FloFr33man, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Ohio, USA (07/05/2014)
Nothin worse then being at the nail salon when you in a rush
LexInDaCity, (07/05/2014)
Smh let me call my daughter and my bm RT @NoLucky7: Things found on my IG feed last night t.co/z4ogR552HX
NerdAtCoolTable, (07/05/2014)
@gabbrieIIa @lysadanixo you can spend the night at my house
Andrewidkk, (07/05/2014)
@michaeldthomas I sometimes still have it--if I stay away from beer I'm generally okay.
eilatan, (07/05/2014)
RT @Taurushoroscop: #Taurus is always genuine and honest. She hates fakes.
dhakiddshara, (07/05/2014)
@ArawakWarrior @ChangeDCMascot I'm opposed to the comfederate flag too, but accept their right fly it and mine not to support it.
BigCee302MVP, (07/05/2014)
In Hong Kong, a betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her cheating adulterous husband but she may only do so with her bare hands.
kristinathambi_, (07/18/2014)
i don�t understand how some people can look good every single day
deonlhengvfh, (07/18/2014)
@m_munsonn cam would nawt approve (in reference to her speech last year telling us were all fat besides kp)
Maddie_Sue22, (07/03/2014)
Others may be giving their best performances today just to get... More for Leo t.co/BNWe3CnM7n
kriffle11, (07/03/2014)
Emotional issues have moved to the forefront of your life now ... More for Libra t.co/Io5ErzH5qA
BonnylynH, (07/05/2014)
RT @marcylauren: Conservative Judges Are Ganging up to Steal Your Affordable Healthcare | Alternet t.co/yIsJw04DPZ
HsvLinda, (07/22/2014)
@OhLaLaChrissy @savings I go there every summer for river rafting #HotSavings
Nupur_Ghosh, (07/22/2014)
RT @keithlaw: Edward Scissorhands taking in a Cubs game t.co/9QXh42p5OV
Juicelaw_WI, (07/22/2014)
@Hope_Nicholee can't now...one day. I love kids!
keepinittrill77, (07/22/2014)
If somebody want's to walk out of your life, let them go.
CourtGholston, (07/22/2014)
@tayjjjj can u plz come home & drown maddog in maine 😊
laurennconnolly, (07/22/2014)
@vania_ramirez8 seriously go away tell dev not me😒😒😒😒
chavez_joseline, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Columbus, (07/22/2014)
RT @keithlaw: Edward Scissorhands taking in a Cubs game t.co/9QXh42p5OV
aubreyrosec, (07/22/2014)
i've kind of lost respect for taylor :/
gilinskygoods, (07/22/2014)
RT @Bandy8283: Cuddling sounds amazing rn ..
BraydenLAndrews, (07/22/2014)
@zjsmith104 insignificant song though these days though. Real concern is who won the perogi race?! #Cheese
MikeMirkovich, (07/22/2014)
RT @keithlaw: Edward Scissorhands taking in a Cubs game t.co/9QXh42p5OV
CalebHeeringa, (07/22/2014)
RT @Fallonimr: Amazing Makeup Products to Try - t.co/AYhfxRCckh t.co/MkhzUs1CAB
SongForAnimals, (07/06/2014)


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