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Knifley is an unincorporated community near Columbia in Adair County, Kentucky, United States. Its elevation is 718 feet (219 m), and it is located at (37.2428449, -85.1894035). Category:Adair County, Kentucky Category:Unincorporated communities in Kentucky



Weather Forecast for Knifley

Sep 19
Sep 20
Mostly Sunny
Sep 21
PM T-Storms
Sep 22
Sep 23



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Local Tweets for Knifley, Kentucky

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Who's going to the game ? I don't wanna be a loner
Kevin_caswell, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Campbells (09/19/2014)
My mom got her car stuck over the ledge in the Lee's parking lot. Our Lee's has the most problematic parking situation in Cville.
HowellyCow, (09/19/2014)


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