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Gladeville is an unincorporated community in Wilson County, Tennessee, United States. The community is named for the surrounding cedar glades— a unique type of ecosystem that thrives in the thin or barren soil of south Wilson County. Gladeville is located just off Tennessee Highway 840 along Stewarts Ferry Pike, approximately 10 mi *Wilson County, Tennessee Category:Wilson County, Tennessee Category:Unincorporated communities in Tennessee



Weather Forecast for Gladeville

Jul 30
Mostly Cloudy
Jul 31
AM Clouds/PM Sun
Aug 01
Mostly Sunny
Aug 02
Mostly Sunny
Aug 03
Mostly Sunny



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@mrboro615 maaaaan getcho 7ft ass on sumwhere
jaebaebayy, (07/30/2014)
RT @ZonTrill: “@1PHresh_APE: Jimmy Johns is so over rated” Not More Than Chipotle
1PHresh_APE, (07/30/2014)
I don't know why it's so hard for everyone to believe. It JUST happened in LA. Stop doubting shit NYC. @SharknadoSyfy
MattRewald, (07/30/2014)
RT @Mayanehmehallal: اذا بحت لحدا بسرك بتكون هديته واحد من سهامك .. ورح يضربك في شي نهار
samiz9p, (07/30/2014)
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piercemyazz, (07/30/2014)
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jbFollowme1d, (07/30/2014)
@hippiex0 fair enough.
mattcowboysfan, (07/30/2014)
Daddy cool
jayroolz, (07/30/2014)
Just ole Jim Ed Brown, @owens_matt_88 and myself here at the Opry. #Opry t.co/z3DsHxdjqd
bhurtle4, (07/30/2014)
57 #BeforeIDieIWannaMeetTaylorSwift #BestFandom2014 Swifties #MTVHOTTEST Ed Sheeran #MTVHOTTEST Paramore #MTVHOTTEST Taylor Swift
trendingpurp10, (07/30/2014)
Ive been watching Krump Dancin videos all day for sum reason
JungIeBoy615, (07/30/2014)
RT @TheSingleWoman: There will come a day when, not only will you understand why that person walked out of your life...you will thank God f
KrystieReed, (07/30/2014)
I hope Andy Dick dies horribly. #sharknado2
GeneDeel, (07/30/2014)
Refuel with #carbs after #exercise! Liver glycogen stores about 400 kcal max, while muscle glycogen stores about 2,000 kcal max. #nutrition
HBumbalough, (07/30/2014)
@slaytonslayer its okay bc We balance each other t.co/qZl8IsJVJR
ZazzyJas, (07/20/2014)
RT @ItsImanNiggiee: she is dead ass teaching boys how to be bae 💀 t.co/TW2hAwGoDI
moneyPink_, (07/20/2014)
@T_Grayyy hshahaha
_Robbbbb, (07/20/2014)
RT @ElieMimi: Learned this from ur yoga DVD. At first I thought "Impossible!". But now a peace of cake @JillianMichaels #fitness t.c…
DrFatimah1, (07/20/2014)
movie // Kevin Gates 😍🎦
ItsImanNiggiee, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Nashville (07/20/2014)
But I'm sleep though 💀💀 t.co/xc72ti0zj9
cover_gur100, (07/20/2014)
مظاهرات بالآلاف في عدد من العواصم الأوروبية احتجاجاً على العدوان الصهيوني ع
Salem_Zahran, (07/20/2014)
Be you! t.co/uhx2K00eOO
Rhonda_Ladd, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Gallatin, (07/20/2014)
RT @em_swift: Had a great chat with @melodyjanepool recently about songs, tours & vulnerability. Sharing it tonight on #Revelator on @Do
melodyjanepool, (07/20/2014)
.@Remroum 506 JUST NOW. Escalating exponentially. #Israelterrorist. #FreePalestine #GazaUnderAttack #Resist!
FWCorruption, (07/20/2014)
RT @JarridWilson: If you put God first, everything else will follow.
Yasunshine, (07/20/2014)
I'm tired as hell n I just took a 55 minute long poo t.co/f6894hpn9n
jake_pearcy, (07/20/2014)
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MariekevBommel, (07/20/2014)
RT @JoyCollinsMusic: t.co/oQBfA8kdkG
stagewritemusic, (07/20/2014)
RT @omfgrocko: when people don't reply, i feel like i'm just bothering them.
LexissBabyy_, (07/20/2014)
Lol not even capable of cheating. I find it hard to text someone for more than 5 minutes .
__kuntry, (07/20/2014)
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Great shot from #buckleupfest in Cincinnati. Lovin my Starplayer! @duesenbergusa t.co/Ml5ACEGtIl
astarktweet, (07/21/2014)
I dozed off for a little bit #xXx
boomgood, (07/21/2014)
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118Jana, (07/21/2014)
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RoeFrazer, (07/21/2014)
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ThatsMyJesusJam, (07/21/2014)
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JxsephWhite, (07/21/2014)
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RunningHealthy_, (07/21/2014)
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Dgfheili, (07/21/2014)
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ssosser, (07/21/2014)
@chaserimkus @ImageOfWildlife for Pete's sake. Rules can be broken for the greater good.
misspoo4ever, (07/21/2014)
Not to much tho
issac_6, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Henderson (07/21/2014)
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Blowbubble, (07/21/2014)
😂😂😂 this is why I hate people now
__kuntry, (07/21/2014)
@MoneyMakinNeno I'm to impatient for the doctor
Orlandriaaax, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Nashville (07/21/2014)
Kimberlypaige1_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: La Vergne (07/21/2014)
@maadeleine13 saved us cause pictures don't count #MTVHottest Taylor Swift
1SwiftieLove3, (07/21/2014)
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karenrojas_11, (07/21/2014)
@yairbeat @DannyNis want to give me proof of that? Other than IDF propaganda vids and pictures? #stopIsrael
FWCorruption, (07/21/2014)
"I sold my soul to the devil that's a crappy deal.. But it came with a few toys like a happy meal" - @kanyewest
N_Big13, (07/21/2014)
holy shit this is for my watch
weirdhead, (07/21/2014)
RT @1SwiftieLove3: Her smile #MTVHottest Taylor Swift
vampetteswift_, (07/21/2014)
RT @MyCrushZiall: Harry's deep tweets #HarryAppreciationDay #MTVHottest One Direction t.co/krtyvxeQiQ
akfjsjrjjjd, (07/21/2014)
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sltnbdrdn13, (07/21/2014)
RT @__kuntry: No 🙅 flex zone ⚠️
MissLady_nika, (07/21/2014)
Bad mood
Abousaba, (07/20/2014)
waaaa seeing kids in their ethnic costumes made me start to miss my op life..
ehrickyeh, (07/20/2014)
RT @daywood: حال الطقس في #غزة بحسب ما يتناقله بعض الأصدقاء على الفايسبوك t.co/D49lK0rKZl
MTowfighi, (07/20/2014)
Volkswagen puts its faith in Tennessee - WOLFSBURG, Germany -- Volkswagen will soon... t.co/tFtZJOpiyU #NorthAmerican #UnitedStates
TennesseeRecord, (07/20/2014)
RT @consmover: If ever a time should come.... #tcot #ccot #pjnet t.co/qWPdTc1HYw
longboard5150, (07/20/2014)
RT @FancyTheKing: If your girl tells you she doesn't like one of your friends listen to her she sees something that you can't
ASinners_Life, (07/20/2014)
Outdoors Knoxville: Splashing and cleaning up the Cove and more - SPLASH JAM River Sport Outfitters invites the... t.co/kbkOKjIliq
TennesseeRecord, (07/20/2014)
RT @bad_boy_six: #tcot t.co/NpKDuUJxp1
mjohnbollinger, (07/20/2014)
JoDee Johnson found your new sport!! t.co/skQSnQr2dt
cld9rrl, (07/20/2014)
@4GEECH me neither:/ someone has to make me laugh so i can.
im_SHIMMERING, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Nashville (07/20/2014)
the tears are real
ew_savannah, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Lebanon, (07/20/2014)
White shirt :'( Ewwwwwwwww
Rayan2357, (07/20/2014)
Tennessee Walking Horse event gets new bank sponsor -... t.co/yDaRBIDM4p #BarnumBaileyCircus #ConnieWhitfield #FeldRinglingBros
TennesseeRecord, (07/20/2014)
Bob Mehr's Memphis Music Beat: Lucero keeps busy with live album, big... t.co/r1RzebiKKi #BenNichols #NewportFolkFestival #RiotFest
TennesseeRecord, (07/20/2014)
A soaring new gig: Julie Bowen gains cred with her kids for 'Planes' role - A new comedy-adventure... t.co/4DmE4bfV02 #BowenYeah
TennesseeRecord, (07/20/2014)
Today stats: One follower, No unfollowers via t.co/qEwMLX8Dw5
Mariamkassab24, (07/20/2014)
Tennessee commits move up in Top247 - Five-star defensive tackle of Concord, Calif., is ranked the... t.co/FUB3SpsN2n #VirginiaTech
TennesseeRecord, (07/20/2014)
Four farmers markets are open today. - If... t.co/G41RXelBrZ #BroadwayAve #FarmersMarkets #JacksonSquare #MaryvilleFarmersMarket
TennesseeRecord, (07/20/2014)
RT @FWCorruption: .@GameBreakersCan @StanleyCohenLaw This is real Judaism -Zionism just manipulated naive Jewish people! t.co/FGFyTW…
itsyummyyy, (07/20/2014)
Go Out This Weekend: Greg Cartwright, Black Flag/Black Oak, 'Voyagers,' etc. - Here we go again with another list... t.co/bIs006LnVq
TennesseeRecord, (07/20/2014)
@Fact @RidersInTheSky_ Im talking about Grammy winners country & western music Riders In The Sky
MarciaCampbell1, (07/20/2014)
Rainy weekend in store 4 the Mississippi coast t.co/kmXVFCbuv2 #PacificNorthwest
TennesseeRecord, (07/20/2014)
#Forecastle Day 3: Sun Kil Moon / Jenny Lewis / The Replacements (ft. Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day) / BECK
Thompjs, (07/20/2014)
@SalahElashrym63 @12194318Www صباح الورد ولو طلتك هيي الاحلى شو كيفكن خبروني
CaDutlook, (07/20/2014)
@BadassAshaRay "Asher? You don't hear that name too much but both names do have a pretty neat ring to 'em."
AMindSatisfied, (07/20/2014)
Rainy weekend in store 4 the Mississippi coast t.co/XmBLuhCIzA #PacificNorthwest
TennesseeRecord, (07/20/2014)
@camerondallas do you know that I love you? If you don't well...I love you😊 #TweetMeCam 24
camerondalove, (07/24/2014)
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lovesmook, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Murfreesb (07/24/2014)
I'm so protective over whats mine
Toromarie23, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Mount Jul (07/24/2014)
RT @Michael__Rey: @pw052064 t.co/XDfd3V47JP #CountryMusic Best Unknown Song Writer @AmyBeth_Lopez @rhonda3467 @angiCsng t.…
pw052064, (07/24/2014)
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FindSymmetry, (07/24/2014)
@_SqueezeMeBaby is wifey material
jon_thicklin, (07/24/2014)
Can't wait for my paycheck 😋💰💰
Posada_3, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Tennessee (07/24/2014)
RT @NancyAjram: After a long long day of shooting, I wish u all the sweetest dreams... Love u all...
hala_sidki, (07/24/2014)
RT @Vic_Gatto: Jumpstart Foundry Investor Day tickets are now available - August 21st at the Schermerhorn. Get it here: t.co/WLYSxM…
The_BeeWerx, (07/24/2014)
RT @Bitajarod: حسين الجسمي: لا يمكن وصف ما رأته العين من دمار وعدوان تدمع له العين وا
3ayeshaSM, (07/24/2014)
RT @LandonAustin: Close enough @Starbucks t.co/GtbCxuzIEU
GlitterSkies, (07/24/2014)
hey sunshine ilysm i hope you're having a good day please smile. I hope you'll follow me one day i love you 💕 #TweetMeCam 171
idk_bae, (07/24/2014)
RT @act4life: If all I strive to do is to be right...then I will forever be wrong....
marylener9, (07/24/2014)
Why didn't LP cover it yet
HadiaBoutary, (07/24/2014)
'I have to prove myself all over again this pre-season,' says @sterling31 t.co/BlY6OHEK3d #lfctour #lfc t.co/36Jn5LzYbu
Akramhazo, (07/24/2014)
RT @shanemcanally: I would give my left nut to sing like @chrisstapleton. I would actually give both of 'em.
maryalison33, (07/21/2014)
Erica was my baby fr though i was young minded back then lettn ha go😩
LulKain, (07/29/2014)
RT @farahf97: صباحوو 😑😴
Annihilator333, (07/29/2014)
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momay1996mm, (07/29/2014)
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unicornblueblue, (07/29/2014)
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ahtziri_cabrera, (07/29/2014)
@BorisLaursen LEBANON!!!
leona_ah, (07/29/2014)
RT @doctorfollowill: What a gorgeous day. I will be outside all day until rehearsal. I may even sneak in 9 holes of golf. Only 2 more days
ZoeMVallins, (07/29/2014)
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