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All About Saint Petersburg, Florida

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St. Petersburg (often shortened to St. Pete) is a city in Pinellas County, Florida, United States. The city is known as a vacation destination for North American and European vacationers. As of the 2000 census, the city population was 248,232.



Weather Forecast for Saint Petersburg

Sep 19
Scattered T-Storms
Sep 20
Scattered T-Storms
Sep 21
Scattered T-Storms
Sep 22
Scattered T-Storms
Sep 23
Scattered T-Storms



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Local Tweets for Saint Petersburg, Florida

Another @AmericanAir fail, no self check in kiosks at PUJ airport
braddewhat, (09/14/2014)
Enjoyed this post on AfPak from @Aelkus. Thoughtful, with good links. t.co/YI6zAo7o1m
colemanm, (09/14/2014)
RT @federicoalves: Loco #FidelCastro prometió superar a Estados Unidos NO CUMPLIÓ. Nicolás Maduro y Evo Morales prometen lo mismo. http
beltasantoyo, (09/14/2014)
RT @dolphintale: #DolphinTale2 is now playing! Have you been to see @WinterDolphin & #HopeDolphin? #WinterHasHope t.co/FmhokH4Jei
ZeLawdSister, (09/14/2014)
No se que me tiene más mamao si Loma Miranda o el PRD, cuanto joden.
EdLuis_11, (09/14/2014)
@THEREALBANNER @Queendown4life nope
AceOta927, (09/14/2014)
RT @thegoofykid: Maaaaaaan all I want is some pancakes from IHOP
jessica_dgarza, (09/14/2014)
Ukraine prisoners freed in swap t.co/ExyCpp4uHk #cnn
rmj_rosa, (09/14/2014)
#SentFromFuse @iCarbonsBruce iPhone 6 Plus yet? I need one!
kylematthews, (09/14/2014)
@TINTEDLUKE HI! Please rt this link it would mean the world to me please please t.co/VVRe47ySRW
HolyTylerOakley, (09/14/2014)
RT @taj_taylorr: Everybody sleeping on Pcounty athletes
K_Head7, (09/14/2014)
RT @thegoofykid: Maaaaaaan all I want is some pancakes from IHOP
gillianxo_, (09/14/2014)
@MarcasG 10 team Std, need 3 in order please, Gerhart, West, FJax, Ivory, Joique, Greene & CJ-okay. Thanks
pkomalley, (09/14/2014)
@rollinoatstampa on my way to SP store for lunch & shopping. Can't wait to see what you've got new waiting for me #veganshelfspace
susanthevegan, (09/14/2014)
I liked a @YouTube video from @kennychief t.co/llLYsCeCql Chief, street balling, Tampa fl
kennychief, (09/15/2014)
RT @TB_Times: NAACP orders its St. Petersburg branch to cease operations t.co/7S52kT7gwO
julieinjax, (09/15/2014)
RT @Tampa_Bison: Tampa Bison Presents: Online Scrub University Season 2 coming soon. Who is excited?!?!?
WA_Psycho, (09/15/2014)
@ErcoleGinoble Please follow me. Your son helped pull me thru some hard times in the hospital with his voice. Thank you for him :)
friedafacinelli, (09/15/2014)
You tol me you no hoe but Jullyyy
TriniRudeBwoi, (09/15/2014)
@joseluiscarazo No le hagas caso, esta enfermo de estar a -6 :)
Fhilip_Villa, (09/15/2014)
AUCTION - Friday, October 17, 2014 at 12 noon in Fredericksburg, VA. 3 BR / 2 BA Home off Gordon Road. t.co/U4z0B7VGeS
Land4Bid, (09/15/2014)
@jordan_clary_ @MrSquishyyy thats gross
SyrusTheGreat_, (09/15/2014)
Fashion Lady Strands Suede Rope Bracelets $4.48 Shipped - t.co/iP2n7fSudj
mytampabaymommy, (09/15/2014)
@sgailschomaker @kmsaari26 There is nothing as magnificent as that.
john_e_gus, (09/15/2014)
#Birthday fun #Virgo t.co/ge5LuA5Jjc
PCFRFirefighter, (09/15/2014)
A woman whose man dependent can only teach her daughter how to be as well
TruthCampbell, (09/15/2014)
"@SouthernHomo: When the professor keeps lecturing after class has already ended t.co/EDxykHS2rK"
Luis_R_arroyo, (09/15/2014)
Smh....at the" crackhouse" that never has parking....I done had 4 butter croissants this week...I hope… t.co/sSkp2eGnRx
Queenoftampa11, (09/19/2014)
RT @kayleighleon: Stop making a big deal out of the little things
jordanbriske, (09/19/2014)
I posted a new photo to Facebook t.co/5hkReOJ6I6
VirtualOfficeFL, (09/19/2014)
@alexdaajeezus fargo
rekabnad, (09/19/2014)
@Kelly_PN She won't say anything.
LarissaGPW, (09/19/2014)
I'm no longer a friendly child. .. Tampa change that for me.
charming_mars69, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Town 'n' (09/19/2014)
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CheysWonderland, (09/19/2014)
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CryptoJauregui, (09/19/2014)
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MartyEverson, (09/19/2014)
t.co/Lh4tX7LxPP Bitcoin Price Goes Down? Good! - CryptoCoinsNews #Bitcoin
CryptoJauregui, (09/19/2014)
Tanked at 10pm on ch.AnimalPlanet tonight(They build fish tanks for celebrities &hotels &restaurants & people)
nellywife2010, (09/19/2014)
How to Make Family Dinners Happen: t.co/vBfhcx8iat
iMOMTweets, (09/19/2014)
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gasman91139, (09/16/2014)
@kwagiheath lmao shut all the way up
Panasuaresrex, (09/16/2014)
RT @10NewsTraffic: #Tampa, EB Bruce B Downs Blvd at Skipper Rd - Accident - police on scene - no injuries
TampaBayLover, (09/16/2014)
RT @MargieTBBJ: Whatever happened to notorious #Tampa businessman Paul Bilzerian? t.co/7YvIhVTjoq #corporateraider #fraud
TampaBayLover, (09/16/2014)
RT @WZHappening: Loso's Way will forever be in rotation
Produced_By_D, (09/16/2014)
RT @RaysJoeMaddon: Understand the Yankees frustration, but there was no intent. It’s baseball.
tayslemp, (09/16/2014)
RT @BlackDaggerMHC: #WARRIORWednesday TY @JStrickland_PS @ProSanctuary team! Our Military heroes need us all @MichelleTrent2 @H4WTricia ht
JStrickland_PS, (09/16/2014)
I remember the days of his eyes not even hardly opening. My little baby spen. t.co/ilwXh6VgzQ t.co/Ft7NBcRGjl
kacie_1987, (09/16/2014)
Winn Dixie #Retail #Job: Bakery Associate (#TAMPA, FL) t.co/1sgijM5hbn #Jobs #TweetMyJobs
WDCareers, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Tampa, FL (09/16/2014)
RT @yrfn_jimmie: my knee killing me bruh
annicakya, (09/16/2014)
Is it true? t.co/I9819gGflg
AnnaSweetnam, (09/16/2014)
Body shots 😏😋...
ImOhSo_Prettyy_, (09/16/2014)
"@OhRebelAngel: @OrbAgency don't they know what they are messin' with? 🐎" #longlivelongmire
RhondaHendee, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Largo, FL (09/16/2014)
MT @TimesStephenson Watch out @FSU_Football, @EastLakefball alum Artavis Scott already stars @ClemsonFB t.co/MMISsH1gHh … @TB_Times
TBTimes_Sports, (09/16/2014)
Awesome! #rocketfuelaudienceguarantee
aplewes, (09/16/2014)
Terrific. MT @BukoTime:Top corners popping off about who the best has created content like this from @PFF_Sam t.co/nmkVIYoVMk …
NFLosophy, (09/10/2014)
I liked a @YouTube video t.co/jtFIpRGXVm Kevin Gates: I Can't Be Focused on Game's XXL Diss
813_Problems, (09/10/2014)
Lula started her day out a little bit shy ended it romping around with Lexi in play yard two. Welcome to camp, Lula! t.co/nLkzHlCQTB
CampBowWowTSS, (09/10/2014)
How to order a customized doughnut at new Perk’s Donut Bar t.co/m6gk6vAJXP
TBOSEEN, (09/10/2014)
eaddyker9458ijz, (09/10/2014)
@KittieCuddlezz KITTY! 😻
zacharyDROZ, (09/10/2014)
I basically live in Ms. Funs room
tatum_gallant, (09/10/2014)
Drugs expensive as hell in every other state my nig we got it cheap.
FitzBeatz, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: St Peters (09/10/2014)
Show your appreciation to your customers by letting them show theirs! #ReviewCards designed by #NativeImaging. Boost… t.co/UTxaPoOTsU
NativeImaging, (09/10/2014)
@brandonleblanc My eyes love the bigger screen on the 1520.3, my fingers sometimes have issues reaching across.
ChuckOp, (09/10/2014)
__cn_2, (09/10/2014)
Buck has done a great job in Baltimore this year. 2 Thumbs up!
LFish36, (09/10/2014)
I need to somehow hide my bank account from myself.
iamCongolese, (09/15/2014)
@coolfrancess so you're ponmo activist =D
LORD_KOSSY, (09/10/2014)


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