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Jacksonville est la plus grande ville dans l'Etat américain de Floride, et est le siège du comté de Duval County. Depuis 1968, en raison de la consolidation de la ville et du gouvernement du comté, et une expansion correspondante de limites de la ville pour inclure presque tout le comté, Jacksonville a été la plus grande ville en superficie des États-Unis contigus. Par conséquent, la majorité de la population métropolitaine de Jacksonville réside dans les limites de ville, ce qui en fait la ville la plus peuplée bon en Floride et le douzième plus peuplé des États-Unis. Jacksonville est la ville principale dans la région du Grand Metropolitan Jacksonville, une région avec une population de plus de 1.313.228. Jacksonville est situé dans la région de la côte nord d'abord en Floride et est centré sur les rives de la Saint-



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Jul 28
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Jul 29
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Jul 30
Partly Cloudy
Jul 31
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Aug 01
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RT @PGATOUR: Tim Clark is now a two-time #PGATOUR winner. The clubs he used to win the @RBCCanadianOpen: t.co/Ag3qBks8fd t.co…
GolfTEC, (07/28/2014)
RT @WJCTJax: In 10 mins on #FirstCoastConnect, @holy_cross prof and sports economist Victor Matheson on @EverBankField's new scoreboards. @
crisp21, (07/28/2014)
Lmfao!! That's none of my business RT @MMARoasted: Breaking News t.co/wRVk32NBXt
Kontravercy, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Florida, (07/28/2014)
RT @CrowdFoundme: Crowdfoundme's @HeadTalker campaign. Please support by logging in & clicking #Twitter, #Facebook or #Linkedin. Ty! h
GeekBizOwnR, (07/28/2014)
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takeonejax, (07/28/2014)
RT @3k1the: Vice-Presidential debate highlights t.co/KXD2jbEW
gfpnew, (07/28/2014)
I am counting down to the home release of #Neighbors using Movie Hype for iPhone. (w/ 91 others) @flickdirect t.co/zdYDs3jgc3
davidscherrep, (07/28/2014)
RT @3k1the: Physicists crack another piece of the glass puzzle (w/ Video) t.co/ddq0s0XK
gfpnew, (07/28/2014)
Her body was covered in whipped cream she sighed as she laid down, then these words echoed cleanup in aisle 3
raymogarb, (07/28/2014)
“@Hoes_LoveMarie: Lmfao tbh idgaf if you ask me.” Nobody Asked You Doe
SoloWillieRay, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (07/24/2014)
RT @noelitoflow: Take a moment. t.co/YS0ck193Rt
sakoawrat, (07/24/2014)
RT @NixonFirstAlert: Happy Friday!! It's a very muggy start. I'm tracking your PM storms on CBS47/FOX30 t.co/xOQG29oMIq
go_duval, (07/24/2014)
RT @PaigeeCiaraa: I talk a good game 💁😈
YannaThoo, (07/24/2014)
RT @__WeEating: “@anetarosaly: They'd kill to see you fall.. t.co/BO20O60oJP”This pic fye 👏
anetarosaly, (07/24/2014)
"@SpeakComedy: Whats the point in Having Twitter If you are not following ℱℴℓℓℴω ➔ @Lmao"
thandi_skhosana, (07/24/2014)
Girls are too sensitive .
BubblyAlexandra, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (07/24/2014)
RT @noelitoflow: When somebody calls you out by your instagram name in public. t.co/RAi7Cgtt8O
RLG_shaud, (07/24/2014)
RT @noelitoflow: Take a moment. t.co/YS0ck193Rt
Joiadaa_, (07/24/2014)
RT @noelitoflow: Take a moment. t.co/YS0ck193Rt
AKiDNamedBryan_, (07/24/2014)
I want a relationship that lasts.
RogerWaynenex, (07/24/2014)
Combining insomnia with fitness.... — at LA Fitness Atlantic Kernan t.co/SLJ3ctluWD
hullrealestate, (07/24/2014)
t.co/0tjJ4H8pmi. KellyHair Braider (Clean)
aBigHitzRadio, (07/24/2014)
__WeEating, (07/24/2014)
seu perfil foi visto por 3 pessoas nas últimas 2 horas t.co/ilWZzHW1dJ
dhieraputra, (07/24/2014)
RT @Yowan: An amazing quote from Star Trek TNG S07E01 (1993). Retweet if it reminds you of anything today t.co/x3KdDfyhcI
CaeVye, (07/24/2014)
Whatever, North Korea! - t.co/2saAodaVbR t.co/3tNJxY80Vj
radical959, (07/24/2014)
@Azrinvoker @MissLynnaCom Could I please have you doggie style Lynna and spank that gorgeous ass.
tommyd9409, (07/24/2014)
funny bc out of all the stuff that may or may not be going on, i still wanna believe him I'm messed up
ayeyonceh, (07/24/2014)
@Bungie Um I just started my second mission. Investigate some beacon I think. Anyone I went down some stairs & found a Hollowed knight.
xDeathcraftx, (07/24/2014)
@emilymfmoore I texted ya
Matt_Who_, (07/24/2014)
RT @tylergeminisexy: @FloralChristGod @Flladi_Albo7 @angelallairee we all know she doesnt like black guys. lol
Fro_Wilson, (07/24/2014)
@kashfiiaa do what exactly?
seeniejahan, (07/24/2014)
@WEIRDASSGIFS what the fuck? 😳
Tevizzle, (07/24/2014)
Hunter x Hunter is so addicting #ineedalife
lyfeisunfair, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Jacksonvi (07/24/2014)
The Strangest Airports - t.co/1wxBojdCSK t.co/UUM9lLiRLU
ccchinnna, (07/24/2014)
“@FunnyVines: bruh.. t.co/32LQcAf7Lh” this is where my twitt name came from😎
Matt_Who_, (07/24/2014)
The 20 Coolest Apps for Your Car - t.co/6kInpHNSfC t.co/GuojKpGXFR
frenccch, (07/24/2014)
7 people followed me and 4 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by t.co/r4WEGXZID0
Lexxipooh_2012, (07/24/2014)
@Fvreign_Bliss It's In Our Blood
SoloWillieRay, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Jacksonvi (07/24/2014)
#Jacksonville #Jobs Logistics Coordinator: Jacksonville LOGISTICS COORDINATOR Weekly paychecks Health Care Oth... t.co/MpKPF46EL3
JacksonvilleJbs, (07/20/2014)
#Jacksonville #Jobs Data Entry Clerk: Jacksonville DATA ENTRY CLERK Weekly paychecks Health Care Other Great B... t.co/OWjF6INeqi
JacksonvilleJbs, (07/20/2014)
#Jacksonville #Jobs Purchasing Assistant: Jacksonville PURCHASING ASSISTANT Weekly paychecks Health Care Other... t.co/8hoKhRiEqY
JacksonvilleJbs, (07/20/2014)
Ever had juicy watermelon straight from the heart of Georgia? 🍉
BlackPowder_, (07/20/2014)
#Jacksonville #Jobs Customer Service Representative: Jacksonville Customer Service Representative.select 21/07... t.co/pCaPDQQGce
JacksonvilleJbs, (07/20/2014)
#Jacksonville #Jobs Clerical Support Associates: Jacksonville CLERICAL SUPPORT ASSOCIATES NEEDED! Weekly paych... t.co/BnjPCwBBjp
JacksonvilleJbs, (07/20/2014)
You Have Proven Alot Of People Wrong
Unique_Bitchhh, (07/20/2014)
All the Final Fantasy Type-0 cast that has been revealed. t.co/GHnIFyL02y
iadagraca, (07/20/2014)
RT @ElizabethXO14: It's 5 o'clock somewhere... t.co/lDjRXqg7hV
xXGabe_RealXx, (07/20/2014)
RT @PGATOUR: The shot that sealed it for Rory McIlroy: This chip at No. 17: t.co/Ffa7Ndz2Wq #TheOpen
Kron64612, (07/20/2014)
Hello there. It is I. Mortal. I have p'wnd Poseidon. t.co/mGXx5pueGR
DuncanJamison, (07/20/2014)
t.co/qI8l7whK7T Run To The Roc (Dirty) Young Chris ft Junior Reid
aBigHitzRadio, (07/20/2014)
I'm so Bany (Albany, GA) I remember I remember clubbing at the Casino in Sylvester because I was just 13.....
MSVIVACIOUSCOM, (07/20/2014)
Ha. Ew
kaylalaperez, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Jacksonvi (07/20/2014)
@FaggotLife GOOD LUCK, hope it goes well! (:
Cyrokx, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Jacksonvi (07/20/2014)
#masqueradecake #masquerade #mardigras #masks #mask #purple #teal #green #gold #familyreunion… t.co/EbaiAV2NJM
cupcakelady1, (07/22/2014)
“@nobiggov4me: Dem Rep. Gutierrez: We Need Amnesty To “Punish” Americans Opposed To Illegal Immigration ) The word is ILLEGAL..ILLEGAL
NStoryBaker, (07/22/2014)
Sr pics Saturday
malik_doug, (07/22/2014)
@soffes :/
JustinNipper, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Fernandin (07/22/2014)
@will_langhart @ZakM10 @willhughes10 will it's 6-6 for the trophy thing. Winner gets it all
d_naidoo24, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Palm Vall (07/22/2014)
RT @xLickMyTattsHoe: People are so temporary I swea ✌🚶
litzyibarraa, (07/22/2014)
RT @xLickMyTattsHoe: People are so temporary I swea ✌🚶
2Slick_4Tricks, (07/22/2014)
RT @shawnykun: I'm going to be all night doing last minute online classes....😒 Note to self: "Don't procrastinate"
mmaarriiee_, (07/25/2014)
@dastels feel free to join us in #nothaskell if you have any questions about any of the things! We're very friendly!
ReinH, (07/25/2014)
Btfolmao.....like.....who is this bf he speak of :/ w/e 👌👌👌
BulletNHisHeart, (07/25/2014)
@Woah_its_amany How did that big toe taste HAHAHAHAHHAA
Savagebosnian, (07/25/2014)
Basically the best selfie ever. Almost. t.co/C5e9pP579r
laurenclemons, (07/25/2014)
RT @DerekTysonESPN: ESPN300 LB Jeff Holland says #UCLA #Auburn and #Gators are all neck-and-neck.
Duval9oh4, (07/25/2014)
all we know is yayo t.co/hmNrGw6nFn
annamass_, (07/25/2014)
@rallendrum, you went beast on those drums tonight! Good to see ya again, even if it was from about 25ft. #JohnnySwimJax
bryancgrant, (07/25/2014)
RT @DownerJagFan: Come visit me and you'll see the Red Zone. #EverBankPickupLines
sbjaxfl, (07/25/2014)
@CoolWhipIV thank you friend
MissWilson904, (07/25/2014)
to be an artist is to be a story teller. #art
kusilek, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Southside (07/22/2014)
7 for $26 .. #vs 👙
KiaraJolie, (07/22/2014)
@EatMyWordss_22 dnt get smart KARINA .
__DRAGAN, (07/22/2014)
one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by t.co/S3QJvmq8Zg
beautifulbomb_, (07/22/2014)
I wanna love ya till ya wanna hate me😈 t.co/DMnAWRDUSf
abbymarievining, (07/22/2014)
RT @dougferguson405: Interesting: PGA Championship takes players from previous Ryder Cup team if still in top 100. Lawrie, Colsaerts and Pe
wfpccsells, (07/22/2014)
Be wise lol
ShellOnDaTrack, (07/22/2014)
RT @Weirdo904: @Daya_Swagger FB 😏
Daya_Swagger, (07/22/2014)
Just posted a photo t.co/igIAaLXLOt
KobeEllis, (07/22/2014)
Just favorited "Introducing KOS BELLA mix" Cloudcast by Levi Scouse Hood House on Mixcloud t.co/9KlFDNdJPR
MrBruckshut1, (07/22/2014)
Successful day of meetings at @CFMediaInc if I do say so myself! Excited about our awesome new clients! #WeRock
lovelindi, (07/22/2014)
DJshab904, (07/22/2014)
RT @BenjiCool_: Just woke up 😜
BadGirlsNoGood, (07/22/2014)
@BrendaGisselCA t.co/AjoHcfRt0r lmaoooooo smh
J_Nubz, (07/22/2014)
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shanertinsley, (07/22/2014)
"@ChiefKeian: I'm bout to start getting on that lean shit" Shit chill fr
TykeWorthen, (07/22/2014)
RT @xLickMyTattsHoe: People are so temporary I swea ✌🚶
Prieya_TheGreat, (07/22/2014)
You don't hold grudges on the person you're dating wtf
Sp_surfLife, (07/22/2014)
RT @Cyrokx: @gypsydragonlady u r me
gypsydragonlady, (07/22/2014)
@dinahjane97 hi girls see you concert best friends sixth harmony bus
Designergenes19, (07/22/2014)
RT @BBIC_Jax: When you do the thing you were created to do you are never AT work. You are just "doing you." @BishopJakes #INSTINCT
AshAintGotTime, (07/22/2014)
Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies when you high > anything else
xLickMyTattsHoe, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Jacksonvi (07/22/2014)
RT @goqivana: State Dept. Refused Sandbags & Machine Gun at Benghazi Consulate- “It Would Upset the Neighbors” t.co/wziohhMzfY via @
Knight3Black, (07/22/2014)
RT @Roger_Hoover: Benches-clearing brawl twice tonight in Jacksonville. Barons win 5-1 but Suns fought hard.
go_duval, (07/25/2014)
By curly_v13 "A puff kinda day 😊#curlygirl #blackhairgrows #washandgo #frowhawk #productreview… t.co/l7v35AfSAV
Tranzition2Natu, (07/25/2014)
RT @Jaguars: Not a bad view from the pools...inside an @nfl stadium. t.co/YfFek29FXW
chris_7anderson, (07/25/2014)
"@SamanthaCartel: It's amazing what happens when you just won't give up."
Blackdingo_95, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Jacksonvi (07/25/2014)
aBigHitzRadio, (07/25/2014)
Oh glorious morning. I have the privilege of opening Gods word after a week of study & feed His people. Oh blessed joy to be Gods servan
macbrunson, (07/19/2014)
You might think that sharing your current worries with a close... More for Scorpio t.co/V8t6nBnEa8
KiKi_Sledge, (07/19/2014)
I'm earning #mPOINTS Rewards in Dragons: Rise of Berk. t.co/LiAmKK7GRr
Oogolden, (07/19/2014)
#Family #Jacksonville #photobomb @ Jacksonville FL, USA t.co/Wr0mHDMp4q
darthsi, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Jacksonvi (07/19/2014)
You're not eager to become overly involved in a friend's melod... More for Virgo t.co/XTgNq5w0F3
donjouze, (07/19/2014)
It is hot today at Royal Liverpool.Maybe 1 cloud in the sky and winds almost non existent.Expect huge crowds,low numbers all on @TheOpenLive
Amanda_Balionis, (07/19/2014)
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SocialMundial, (07/19/2014)
@HuffingtonPost This is easy. Hamas needs to stop firing rockets.
StandwithRush, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Jacksonvi (07/19/2014)
When I was young I would swear I could communicate with animals
Inn_Town, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Jacksonvi (07/19/2014)
I have Master's Book, and it's much easier to play now! t.co/LTUzl6ehez #iPad #iPadGames #GameInsight
FamilySAFEse, (07/19/2014)
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Chalana305, (07/19/2014)
RT @PGATOUR: Curious about the other courses that make up #TheOpen rota? Here they are with their defending champs. t.co/snAUNkTdhX
ConnerPhilson, (07/19/2014)
#JaxPol is out! t.co/ng1XtjmidR Stories via @katieisalovebug @cliffcrook @HorseguyTLH
crizoft, (07/19/2014)
RT @wwpinc: Tell #Congress to extend program helping #veterans with #TBI @VAChair @SenatorBurr @HouseVetAffairs @RepMikeMichaud t.co…
EllaGraceGA, (07/21/2014)
RT @Jaguars: #Khanstruction won't be the only thing looking great on gameday, check out the #Jags20th patches. t.co/37WxP5Km2p
kklausser, (07/21/2014)
friends. . . lend a voice? t.co/7eB7qYEkAd @larrypareigis, @TimTebow, @taylorswift13, @scottborchetta
promojeff, (07/21/2014)
@ThatGuyD_D I saw stars when I was done lol. But I did it lol
ShellOnDaTrack, (07/21/2014)
RT @UNFCE: #UNFCECustomerCare FAQs = Q: Where are you located? A: UNF campus near @StJohnsTownCtr. Take the Kernan Blvd side entrance - it'
go_jacksonville, (07/21/2014)
RT @MTUJAX: You can live longer with HIV and with a better quality of life than ever before. Make choices that keep you healthy and protect
Wanjala, (07/21/2014)
when i tell my mom i love her, she always says this: -what do you want -go away -i don't love you -i'm not giving you money
rhiannon_0712, (07/21/2014)
Like fighting sleep at my desk tied smh
Juiicy_K, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Bulls Bay (07/21/2014)
bpittman21, (07/21/2014)
"Imma let yall have all the turning up cause right now I'm all about perfecting my craft." #realshit… t.co/QxCv50BoII
MakafiTheDon, (07/21/2014)
@Peadar85 hockeysticks 77. I've been playing to a 4/5 but always good to test in tourney conditions. Amelia Island Club Long Point is a gem!
ctimmerman35, (07/21/2014)
RT @ActionNewsJax: TEEN KILLED: Family members described 13-year-old Garrett Schaub as fun, loving and outgoing t.co/cK7IWwYmmk http…
BriEwingg, (07/21/2014)
Abbies been my snapchat best friend for about 2 years now...... I need new snapchat friends lol
durmidurm, (07/21/2014)
RT @ActionNewsJax: TEEN KILLED: Family members described 13-year-old Garrett Schaub as fun, loving and outgoing t.co/cK7IWwYmmk http…
ErickaJayBeeee, (07/21/2014)
@julie4nier That's great.....options are always good.... Stay focused on what is important....
Florilis, (07/21/2014)
You should always have the mindset that life is too short !
NaeDope, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Atlantic (07/28/2014)
@AlfieBCC Like RFID? Is there an article you can link? I feel too lazy for google.
VaultDweller1o1, (07/28/2014)
Happy Monday!!! #lol #mua #laugh #monday #quoteoftheday #jillstonierprofessionalmua t.co/dvZN6Ex2B0
jillstonier, (07/28/2014)
Why #EverBank is keeping its name on the #Jaguars' stadium t.co/Y4CXPKTjDG via @JaxBizJournal
JBJAndy, (07/28/2014)
I am counting down to the home release of #Lucy using Movie Hype for iPhone. (w/ 11 others) @flickdirect t.co/zdYDs3jgc3
davidscherrep, (07/28/2014)


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