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Du Pont è una città nella Contea di Clinch, Georgia, Stati Uniti. La popolazione era di 139 al censimento del 2000. Du Pont si trova a (30.989643, -82,870653). Secondo lo United States Census Bureau, la città ha un'area totale di 0,8 miglia quadrate (2,0 km ²), tutto l'esso terra. A partire dal censimento del 2000, c'erano 139 persone, 57 famiglie, e 42 famiglie che risiedono nella città.



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Nov 23
Nov 24
Scattered T-Storms
Nov 25
Nov 26
AM Light Rain
Nov 27



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“@abbyyparker: Newtons band is currently killing it 💦”
alexwill_, (11/14/2014)
RT @ValwoodValiants: Valwood is sacked on 3rd down and Valwood has to punt. 6:44 left in game
alerstang, (11/14/2014)
Ball is downed at JM 15. A 50 yard punt and Valwood's defense has to hold!
ValwoodValiants, (11/14/2014)
RT @GoValdostaCats: It's halftime!! Let's warm up and come back ready to win this ballgame!!! #GoCats
clanton_20, (11/14/2014)
RT @BlazerAthletics: That victory marks VSU's first ever win in the NCAA Women's Soccer Tournament.
eenzzaj, (11/14/2014)
long as my shawty love it! 😌👐
LoveCourtneyyy_, (11/14/2014)
RT @ValwoodValiants: And Milledge completes a 39 yard TD pass. XP good and John Milledge takes the lead. 35-34 w/ 8:37 left in game!
swganetwork, (11/14/2014)
If you haven't seen the dark knight then you don't know what life is lol
ControlYObish, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (11/14/2014)
@JOC_PoloJunkY need sumn lol they spanking yall w/o wade 2night
papercuppoonie, (11/14/2014)
RT @BlazerAthletics: GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL BLAZERS!!!!! Erin Hill with the game winner in the 107th minute for @VSU_Soccer
swganetwork, (11/14/2014)
Valwood is sacked on 3rd down and Valwood has to punt. 6:44 left in game
ValwoodValiants, (11/14/2014)
Typical Friday night at home in the bed 😞
_quweenbee, (11/14/2014)
RT @ValwoodValiants: 4th and 7 at Valwood 40 and JM going to go for it!
swganetwork, (11/14/2014)
@_bigtype oh yeah they're pit beasts down there
SharkTeeFX, (11/14/2014)
RT @BlazerAthletics: Its 42-40 at the half as @VSUBlazersMBB leads Lane.
swganetwork, (11/14/2014)
I ain't with this throwing up shit I can't with it! 😢🙈
PrettyMouch, (11/01/2014)
Anybody needs an iPhone 6 case?t.co/Lcs2lZN7G5
swanson2093, (11/01/2014)
I just may be done with them this year. You can only take so much
YoungPrynce1, (10/26/2014)
Bullshit finish to the game
EA_BOSS, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (10/26/2014)
blazingsigma_6, (10/26/2014)
Falcons find new and creative ways to piss me off every week
TannerA7X, (10/26/2014)
Sorry ass falcons
ControlYObish, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Georgia, (10/26/2014)
Johnny Manziel to Atlanta 🙏
JohnyLanch, (10/26/2014)
You gotta be kidding me....
Colby_Dremann17, (10/26/2014)
Who knew that a penalty on your team would be the only reason you won the game
blazingsigma_6, (10/26/2014)
Lmaoooo RT @anlgdiv: mike smith.. how you feel about not trying to drive for points for half-time now dumbass..
Mack__Gee, (10/26/2014)
Cowboys fan since birth🙌 patience is key, look at us now😌✊💙🏈
PrettyLiz__, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (10/26/2014)
That is bull.
mdtrammell, (10/26/2014)
RT @blazingsigma_6: So because the lions broke a rule they get to try to win the game again.
Keemo_Baracus, (10/26/2014)
Breadman06, (10/26/2014)
Football is so fixed bruh.
blazingsigma_6, (10/26/2014)
BongsBunny, (10/26/2014)
A lot of things going on around me I'm praying harder every night
MakeEm_BegXX, (10/22/2014)
Crazy how that works
MakeEm_BegXX, (10/22/2014)
I thought it was just me sick but 2 more of my roommates sick too
MakeEm_BegXX, (10/22/2014)
Guess I'll actually start using Twitter. I made an account and never used it.
Tommyboy7300, (10/22/2014)
Watching Lizzie McGuire #disneythrowbacks
MakeEm_BegXX, (10/22/2014)
@Johnson376Joy Add me on glide
TBlack89, (10/22/2014)
Today stats: One follower, One unfollower via t.co/1GyKxu2QNC
lydiarayam, (10/22/2014)
The boys were turnt tonight😂 @JoeMccranie @DWW_16 @gagestalvey
hhinson23, (10/22/2014)
Whenever someone takes a piss at the bar before me AWH SON OF BITCH
Buttkake, (10/22/2014)
Older and wiser voices can always help you find that right path, if you are only willing to listen. ~ ... t.co/0Mq0HoQ7W0
EIVRecipeBible, (10/22/2014)
Sorry NoSorry (prod. by @ThaProducerATL) Contact for beats: (404) 764-8692 ThaProducerATL@gmail.com t.co/nSrzASQOa5
aerose87, (10/22/2014)
This all is probably good for me.
coleupson, (10/22/2014)
Car wash at 1:00 in the morning
modernly_adornK, (10/22/2014)
RT @CWVSU: Micah for HC King t.co/ZZh76swZmf
kitaboone_, (10/22/2014)
AFShawty, (10/22/2014)
Just waiting on my mama to tell me the insurance on the car so I can my shit and move on with life
Ceasars_Palace9, (10/25/2014)
Asu homecoming turnt af i hear
papercuppoonie, (10/25/2014)
These two dorks (A.j. Stewart and Jeremy Stewart) came and visited Emily Dunn and me in Valdosta. t.co/mgbaKgIMPu
evanfond, (10/25/2014)
RT @kaydotace: step show now , #PhrostBite right after ! be at Palladium early guys ! #DefThreatVSU
_ImBanana, (10/25/2014)
step show now , #PhrostBite right after ! be at Palladium early guys ! #DefThreatVSU
kaydotace, (10/25/2014)
@FalconsMMoore 274 yards, Lions put up 31
gatorhater31601, (10/25/2014)
Reunited at homecoming ✨ @ Bazemore–Hyder Stadium t.co/hPtJKctRDg
L_Ingy, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (10/25/2014)
Told y'all I don't believe in dak Prescott or Bo Wallace for ole miss man
papercuppoonie, (10/25/2014)
"This Week in Political Scandal" Reality Show Could Reach Uninformed Voters - Chad Whittle Week in Review t.co/m40VCmNN0z #teaparty
CWhittleMedia, (10/25/2014)
RT @papercuppoonie: 😂😂😂 Prescott folding
jeezynosnowman, (10/25/2014)
I'm hiring an assistant that I will call personal pledge.
summerlyn_kay, (10/25/2014)
@RalphJordan_ are u by a tv? Prescott out there folding like a bad hand in poker 😂😂
papercuppoonie, (10/25/2014)
RT @chasityn_: I need 5 skip tickets! #DertySouthClassic #ASUHomecoming2k14
_Shariaa, (10/25/2014)
RT @papercuppoonie: 😂😂😂 Prescott folding
BuddyNoLove, (10/25/2014)
Sneakin pics while he's being interviewed..Go Blazers!! ❤️🔥 #theking @ Bazemore–Hyder Stadium t.co/U0E4ECjBVp
carolinedean_01, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (10/25/2014)
I'm carless for a few days.. I miss u Lucy!!🚗💔💚
K_Monique__Dior, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (11/04/2014)
@BootyyGawd bruhh chemistry was ass
topgunn229, (11/04/2014)
I got to cop me one ASAP "@creativemedia7: ppl really vibin to this ugly Christmas sweater thing .. bet"
Im_2_Smoov, (11/01/2014)
In the past month
Polo_Jones19, (11/01/2014)
RT @Space_Stay_High: My Nigga Shun Hell
No_relations1, (11/01/2014)
Blah... whatever man.
_OSo_Lovely, (11/01/2014)
Thank you McDonald's for the rotten white chocolate mocha 😒😷
WaraSells, (11/01/2014)
My Nigga Shun Hell
Space_Stay_High, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (11/01/2014)
Weekend was great with this guy. #Bae 😏 t.co/eGKVAOVJF2
The_TalentedONE, (11/01/2014)
Sometimes I really hate being such an open person
paigefran, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (11/01/2014)
That Quija Was crazy Asf
Space_Stay_High, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (11/01/2014)
Ain't nobody worried bout my ass man.......
_OSo_Lovely, (11/01/2014)
My weekend was great with Bae. Goodnight. t.co/e54jxNqJTP
The_TalentedONE, (11/01/2014)
Alcohol hitting me... about to go get in my bed and call in a night...
_OSo_Lovely, (11/01/2014)
RT @PutROSSInUrLife: Joe church cool
Ceasars_Palace9, (11/01/2014)
Lady in the glass dress I can see right thru u
papercuppoonie, (11/04/2014)
🔋100% 😃 🔋90% 😆 🔋80% 😁 🔋70% 😏 🔋60% 😅 🔋50% 😬 🔋40% 😐 🔋30% 😥 🔋20% 😧 🔋10 % 😫 🔋1%
Gkxxnie_Da_ckid, (11/04/2014)
Who told playstation to automatically take 17.99 out my acct for playstation plus?
papercuppoonie, (11/04/2014)
@Madduhlynn__ no wednesday!
Schmeedstastic, (11/04/2014)
Fr? RT @MingLeigh_: I can move mountains when i'm angry.
PutROSSInUrLife, (11/04/2014)
Extraordinary on twitter real basic In real life
papercuppoonie, (11/04/2014)
Yes I'm random tweeting because I haven't tweeted in almost 2-3 months... Lol
K_Monique__Dior, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (11/04/2014)
@RCARecords @respecttheplug @JackDaniels_US @roycerizzy t.co/w36Jy1zrCW
lilceasar101, (10/28/2014)
@RCARecords t.co/w36Jy1zrCW
lilceasar101, (10/28/2014)
@jsullivanmusic @RCARecords t.co/w36Jy1zrCW
lilceasar101, (10/28/2014)
Hang in there denver
papercuppoonie, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (11/23/2014)
@_ZayBron 😉😉😉😉😉
ChelseaKeyana, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (11/23/2014)
Tired of all these feelings for today. Can't take it no more.
__xpf, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Georgia, (11/23/2014)
@iball_5 sorry bae. 😒
ChelseaKeyana, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (11/23/2014)
@selenagomez beautiful job!
MelissaFitmix, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (11/23/2014)
@_ZayBron ready to see you . When yall making yall way to Fitzgerald .
ChelseaKeyana, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (11/23/2014)
I'm really over here crying laughing at that tweet. He had roses on the bed and all
papercuppoonie, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (11/23/2014)
@_ZayBron nothing.
ChelseaKeyana, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (11/23/2014)
RT @PulOutNWalkAwaY: See... Nope. Nopenope“@FascinatingVids: Happy Halloween! t.co/EkjCuSaxfr”#
StrongAsIron34, (11/04/2014)
#Farm4Good, RETWEET & play @FarmVille2 to help raise $ for @WholesomeWave charity t.co/PUmpGc9IUG t.co/xzMNYIblCC
savilez83, (11/04/2014)
@L_Diablooo lmao damn ol big hungry ass..u mad breh
Camo_757, (11/04/2014)
RT @Camo_757: @L_Diablooo lmao damn ol big hungry ass..u mad breh
L_Diablooo, (11/04/2014)
Each RETWEET sends $1 to @WholesomeWave charity! #Farm4Good by playing @Farmville2 t.co/N56wKkLoUr t.co/bu5qvFa8AB
savilez83, (11/04/2014)
#Accounting #Job in #Valdosta, GA: INSURANCE FOLLOW-UP COLLECTOR at South Georgia Medical Center t.co/1gHJvJsYPx #Jobs
tmj_GA_ACCT, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (11/04/2014)
@KuntryNerd aww man I must invest
papercuppoonie, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (11/23/2014)
@blitch_please photo creds
kristianna_8, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Homervill (11/23/2014)
@RCARecords @Kid_Ink @Usher @Tinashe @Vevo t.co/w36Jy1zrCW
lilceasar101, (10/28/2014)
@RCARecords @kelly_clarkson @taylorswift13 t.co/w36Jy1zrCW
lilceasar101, (10/28/2014)
The last four games in the #WinnersvilleClassic have been decided by a TD or less, the last two games have been decided by a FG #VDTFB
dmac21bucs, (10/28/2014)
@RCARecords @MOMOMOYOUTH @nbcsnl @IGGYAZALEA t.co/w36Jy1zrCW
lilceasar101, (10/28/2014)
@MOMOMOYOUTH t.co/w36Jy1zrCW
lilceasar101, (10/28/2014)
RT @KandyAshley__: Don't even feel like working todayyy 😣
KekeMingo24, (10/28/2014)
@IGGYAZALEA t.co/w36Jy1zrCW
lilceasar101, (10/28/2014)
@ABCFpll @IGGYAZALEA @JanelParrish @iamValC @DancingABC t.co/w36Jy1zrCW
lilceasar101, (10/28/2014)
@Forever21 @IGGYAZALEA @NickSwagyPYoung t.co/w36Jy1zrCW
lilceasar101, (10/28/2014)
@TRINArockstarr @IGGYAZALEA t.co/w36Jy1zrCW
lilceasar101, (10/28/2014)
lilceasar101, (10/28/2014)
We will bring u pics & video content over the next weeks from today's event! We were proud to host @TomZiglar and we are proud to BE Zig
ExcellencEffect, (10/28/2014)
Nigga I'm the smartest one in our class, I'm suppose to stay in the classroom! #bruh
KobeMcBride, (10/28/2014)
@foreverCHRE alright cool so bout 9:30?
SaVaGe_2Fo, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (10/28/2014)
RT @bigdaddypaige30: If someone willing to do anything for you that's the person that's for you
bLk_BeRrY22, (10/28/2014)
RT @_Hyyerr: I could use some Zaxbys in my life right now
Yup_HeRolls, (10/28/2014)
So maybe I have an obsession with online shopping
_coop13, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Georgia, (10/28/2014)
@laurabullard_ you're one lucky duck
erlton94, (10/28/2014)
If someone willing to do anything for you that's the person that's for you
bigdaddypaige30, (10/28/2014)
I hate when hickle send you to the SPED room for tests & worksheets
KobeMcBride, (10/28/2014)
Wow... today's client was awesome.
LavishBoudoir, (10/28/2014)
RT @sarajscruggs: t.co/LX1V1lF1Sp
allie_maxx, (10/28/2014)
That shower just gave me so much life 😩
LIVE_LOV3_JAY, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (10/28/2014)
RT @CieloxAmor: October 30. come out and do yoga with @DWE_VSU2012 and learn about breast cancer t.co/ggDpqyMJB9
nasia1229, (10/28/2014)
“@__Slimberly: Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!☺️❤️”happy birthday boo🎉😘
MakeEm_BegXX, (10/28/2014)
@Jeremy_XII I hope you have a super awesome Tuesday! The week is almost halfway over. #bepositive :D
NesslieElisa, (10/27/2014)
Raise your hand if you're carrying your kid's Halloween mask within thirty seconds of trick-or-treating.
rock108fm, (10/27/2014)
@joe_elway I would say it is related to implementation costs if you don't have the expertise on staff..going through this issue right now.
jamierterrell, (10/27/2014)
Lilli, Mia, Quin, & nanny. Dang I miss my sweet babies. t.co/mOAzTREKow t.co/d4LQNUsSp8
carolmbrowning, (10/27/2014)
Happy 1st day of the 2014-2015 NBA season
CodeBlack_DC7, (10/27/2014)
Good Morning people
CodeBlack_DC7, (10/27/2014)
RT @Yo_Finesse: Them thangs wet "@Gwapboy_Rell: I need these ! t.co/Lj6iKpf0ni"
_krkdb, (10/27/2014)
Yep a Democrat t.co/szzhRLOxcl t.co/ffyHM0zTrJ
carolmbrowning, (10/27/2014)
"Free Yourself" t.co/ncYrXNj6hE
beaufort831, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (10/27/2014)
Our team is super! #superhero #super #patientcustomerserviceweek t.co/SwDYrVw08Y
VFMedicine, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (10/27/2014)
@csmr3_8 @USABlackout that's not all of them trust me.
benwestberry, (10/27/2014)
Headed to court for one of my many tickets...don't I look sleepy, mad, and irritated? About to catch… t.co/3EpSZUhj2C
CaptainShankAHo, (10/27/2014)
@TooChillToCool heck yea
Yo_Finesse, (10/27/2014)
It is good to thank people for their helpfulness. But let us not forget to thank Him who made and sustains us. Psalm 100 #GodsWordisTruth
RogerLLeonard, (10/27/2014)
Good morning Fam and Friends Coworkers and photography friends in pray u all woke up in great spirits… t.co/DxFFIGMRIP
@sonnset2 @WatcherOnAWall @ForQ2 @jamespotts179 That's correct, no matter how much you wish you were.
RepStevenSmith, (10/28/2014)
I miss my cousins I can't for the holidays
MakeEm_BegXX, (10/28/2014)
RT @ExcellencEffect: Among the things that you can give and still keep are your word, a smile, and a grateful heart. -Zig Ziglar #ziglar ht
JUTYOUNG, (10/29/2014)
@TanBrown11 he got a ring and 24 million coming his way being papa uggs is somebody you want to be right now
Mitch_Lamb55, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Valdosta, (10/29/2014)
RT @Lil_swahh: I always see 👀 girls associating with girls they just said they don't fuck with t.co/szdaZF8TlV
SammieChaisson, (10/29/2014)
Time to do something productive
1armedbanditt, (10/29/2014)
Among the things that you can give and still keep are your word, a smile, and a grateful heart. -Zig Ziglar #ziglar t.co/4d2WwkMufA
ExcellencEffect, (10/29/2014)
RT @eric_mck: Biblical maturity is never just about what you know, its about how grace has employed what you've come to know to transform t
Chaker_Fares, (10/29/2014)
YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE: The All-In-One Program Is Now The Personal Computer Guardian Program t.co/jWuQRWuHEs
techwizardsolut, (10/29/2014)
YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE: The All-In-One Program Is Now The Personal Computer Guardian Program - YOUR... t.co/fU6AUeUwgS
techwizardsolut, (10/29/2014)
Bored out of my mind😖😖😖😖 t.co/O7HuqzJSxV
itskhalilgamble, (10/29/2014)
I really don't like it when someone do the most to get some attention
bigdaddypaige30, (10/29/2014)
Irrepressible issues from your past are here for one more roun... More for Pisces t.co/lsWO8XEG1I
Cinnamin_Sweets, (10/29/2014)
For all the @GSAthletics_FB fans, the bigger picture t.co/nkNgwZH4zG
Jack_OMalleyIII, (10/29/2014)
@tBrookeE93 and I are alive and well
caevas, (10/29/2014)
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation®4! #PS4live (Battlefield 4™) live at t.co/NQzOIXmIMC
BasedSwagggg, (10/29/2014)
RT @papercuppoonie: Just downloaded Taylor swift new album and it's fye. S/o to @britt_naay
britt_naay, (10/29/2014)


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