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All About Peak, South Carolina

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Peak is a town in Newberry County, South Carolina, United States. The population was 61 at the 2000 census. Peak is located at (34.237174, -81.325737). It is located along the Broad River, with Parr Reservoir and Monticello Reservoir nearby. According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 0.3 square miles (0.7 km²), all of it land.



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RT @thatsty: I've seen men in relationships getting verbally tore down by their woman & will not say anything just to avoid arguing/any
cvndywife, (09/22/2014)
@ThatsRacistAF #facesofracism this shitbag thinks I'm black. Swing and a miss: t.co/AYbsObz7Pj
HolyMackerel72, (09/22/2014)
Just posted a photo t.co/jCVi4KN232
MylesNOfficial, (09/22/2014)
We will be at an open venue on Wednesday at The State Newspaper office on Shop Rd. from 11-2 pm. Swing by and grab a plate.
PIMFoodTruck, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Lexington (09/22/2014)
@kiiaiire @elfyzizi ufsdhbfdbojqdjvhsfheraoi *o* ♥♥♥♥
Jyulliet, (09/22/2014)
@nflnetwork #Bridgewater
ZachWonders, (09/22/2014)
It low key angers me seeing women verbally abuse their men.. (& vice versa of course)
thatsty, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Lexington (09/22/2014)
anyone want to take me shopping and buy me clothes for fall
raeghanashley96, (09/22/2014)
I've seen men in relationships getting verbally tore down by their woman & will not say anything just to avoid arguing/any further confl
thatsty, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Lexington (09/22/2014)
RT @StephenGlickman: Good morning ya jackasses!!!! t.co/2AZZ1tXX1t
marielle_BTR, (09/22/2014)
RT @allikossler: We > Me. In groups, we don't get weaker; we get stronger #YouCantDoLifeAlone t.co/jDvDNzioch
angelhope136, (09/22/2014)
@yoshfriedman @berkbuegler @BestFansStLouis umm, no they are NOT: t.co/NFlHyBFLlj
HolyMackerel72, (09/22/2014)
Ich will einfach nach Hause und zocken. Ist das so schwer zu verstehen?
GirlWithTwoDots, (09/22/2014)
I need to go ahead and drop my tennis class cause I'm always missing that shit on accident
wineandpoisonn, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Seven Oak (09/22/2014)
RT @thatsty: It low key angers me seeing women verbally abuse their men.. (& vice versa of course)
cvndywife, (09/22/2014)
RT @JimHog1: There is still time to join our series of HiPo roundtable client events at a location easy for you! t.co/9Bz4Grc6qw
SLHRIGHT, (09/19/2014)
@bradherbert Glad you're having a fun time
aquigley, (09/19/2014)
Never go to movie with bneal @ForeverOceona_
Ayooo_BossLadii, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Newberry, (09/19/2014)
ayer t vi con Sara salazar — Si? Que bien ya tenéis tema de conversacion pa rato t.co/BVsbjgEUYD
_tesobraropa, (09/19/2014)
@GlitteryAnimal oh my god yes
galactwee, (09/19/2014)
@FitzTheReporter we should play it in a quieter environment as an actual drinking game
galactwee, (09/19/2014)
@FitzTheReporter im so glad you made it!!
galactwee, (09/19/2014)
and I did it all wit a banana on
24OmarLo24, (09/19/2014)
The countdown to my birthday wit zotime24 and Ashley!!!! lol Gonna be a good day !! Now who gonna sang… t.co/1qrpgU5A1n
IAmZEL_91, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Lexington (09/19/2014)
RT @shottonb: Christine McKenna, @univofstandrews awarded a national prize for the UK’s best final year undergraduate dissertation in #Mar
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GolfDeals1422, (09/19/2014)
So proud of our National Merit Semifinalists! Way to go Abby, Lucas and Emily! t.co/97iKPAIbcz
ChapinHigh, (09/19/2014)
Prayers up for the Clemson student found in Lake Hartwell and for his family...
MBremer4, (09/22/2014)
“@WSFights: student section goals t.co/3NET08cMBk” irmo can't win because our student section isn't like this
alyssachauvin, (09/22/2014)
lukebird30, (09/22/2014)
Lever fight night was a success hell yeah
manningpumpkin, (09/22/2014)
@24OmarLo24 *shall
DuaneHarvinJr, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Irmo, SC (09/22/2014)
I am not the same girl that I was a year ago.
c_walt13, (09/22/2014)
RT @MikeV_803: Just learned of passing of a friend & @SCBoysState counselor Tucker Hipps. Please join me in lifting up his family. t…
ZParadise7, (09/22/2014)
RT @carolinedolan_: @C_Dobson9 jkk you're pretty cool... I guess
C_Dobson9, (09/22/2014)
Often our darkest hours reveal our true character. Such was the case with #Hugo. We in SC learned then that we ARE our brother's keeper.
vickiringer, (09/22/2014)
Come on
KILLTaron, (09/22/2014)
Brandon Marshall is just a beast. Role model! #MNF #CHIvsNYJ
BaselineBallin, (09/22/2014)
@Jeffdamanz Crib bro
Parrkerd, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Irmo, SC (09/22/2014)
Heaven gained an angel today, and now this. Not sure what to do anymore
TheyCallMeJeeb, (09/22/2014)
RT @24OmarLo24: the truth shale set you free
ShekilaC, (09/22/2014)
Pull out game weak af @Ava1x
XOXO_ODALIS, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: South Car (09/22/2014)
These player tweets on the screen are killing me 😂😂
__LeNeve6, (09/19/2014)
#Healthcare #Job alert: Physical Therapist ... | Lexington Medical Center | #WestColumbia, SC t.co/Yzn2qcbru0 #LexMedJobs
LexMedCtrJobs, (09/19/2014)
@__driccch oh yeasssss😍😍
SlimOnHaShidd, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Dentsvill (09/19/2014)
@dhbatten arghhh, your wife is going to make you walk the plank matey!
Sandi_Batten, (09/19/2014)
RT @jack_payneee: Biggest question... What to do tonight
IAmySmith, (09/19/2014)
RT @NHS_Dogs: GAMEDAY....Good Luck to the Bulldogs as they take on Broome tonight! #FridayNightLights
Cberry803, (09/19/2014)
They see doin good now its kinda hard to diss you...
JustBow_down, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: St Andrew (09/19/2014)
Seeing Steph and Corey before work was a bad idea lol
SaraMarie__, (09/19/2014)
“@Youngandtatted: If we date. t.co/WewNIZbUwt”
khack_, (09/19/2014)
I love it here but I just want to be with my family
jcravena, (09/19/2014)
Lol at the fact that my whole study hall class just saw me get blood drawn
shay_daley, (09/19/2014)
Calling all #nurses - your manger getting hot under the collar over billing & coding? Call me - I'm the coding & billing expert.
Medcode_SC, (09/19/2014)
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I'm so bored I'm trying to think of shit I can buy at the liquor store.
grumpymonica, (09/19/2014)
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