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Richmond is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the United States. Like all Virginia municipalities incorporated as cities, it is an independent city and not part of any county. Richmond is the center of the Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and the Greater Richmond area. Surrounded by Henrico and Chesterfield counties, the city is located at the intersections of Interstate 95 and Interstate 64, and surrounded by Interstate 295 and Virginia State Route 288 in central Virginia. The population was 200,123 in 2007, with an estimated population of 1,212,977 for the Richmond Metropolitan Area — making it the third largest in Virginia.



Weather Forecast for Richmond

Jul 24
Scattered T-Storms
Jul 25
Jul 26
Mostly Sunny
Jul 27
Isolated T-Storms
Jul 28
Scattered T-Storms



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Local Tweets for Richmond, Virginia

You might bring important information out into the open, but t... More for Capricorn t.co/888EWLhWvO
BRobenson, (07/23/2014)
@RigganRVA Thanks! I taught my first lesson last weekend and it was a blast. @Blackdogpaddle
MattofMaymont, (07/23/2014)
@Troi_13 @itsShirlz Hi both I've just noticed there's a programme about Edinburgh on BBC 2 tomorrow night
LeeGreen11, (07/23/2014)
Shit Been Fuck Up Since Yesterday Evening.. And Still Is!! Nt A Gd Morning..😢
Nee_BrownSugar, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Richmond, (07/23/2014)
Genuinely confused by the fact a neighbour has hired ‘Garden Angels’ to come mow the tiny patch of grass outside his house.
Spoonfulofvodka, (07/23/2014)
Serious backups on I-95 at MM57 in @ChesterfieldVa. @KristenLuehrs will have an update for you at 6:44a.m. LIVE on @CBS6 This Morning
ohsoclever, (07/23/2014)
RT @CBS6StormTeam: #Redskins are in #RVA for the 1st day of training camp! Good idea to take an umbrella or poncho for scattered rain. http
DBILL, (07/23/2014)
An unexpected change of plans may turn your world upside down ... More for Pisces t.co/YNyPVkfL3V
Kiddtacular, (07/23/2014)
#tbt. This one time, in Guatemala, I climbed a volcano. My feet got hot through my shoes and it was a… t.co/zHdNcdRhP5
GoRamsGo2010, (07/23/2014)
And who should you bump into at #Glasgow2014 #bringiton t.co/tmhSqbKFtU
skierhughes, (07/23/2014)
RT @tracytraffic: All southbound lanes of I-95 are closed near Woods Edge due to an overturned tank truck. Use Rt. 1. t.co/5OeKFggz…
VAI64thm, (07/23/2014)
@john_capper Ok! Other than a short meeting at 3 I'll be at my desk most of the day :)
wamplify_sue, (07/23/2014)
@kevpalmer about time ya carted you're ass back down to the homeland
stokespartan, (07/23/2014)
Woke up, still on FaceTime 😌
LeFille_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Virginia, (07/23/2014)
For a limited time only (until the end of July to be exact) you can order a 10x8" portrait of your child,... t.co/XXf8mEB8uo
_jessicalennox, (07/23/2014)
RT @RachelBartman: Five ways to arouse a woman t.co/iLdv5Z3ui9
TillyOgbourn, (07/23/2014)
RT @RachelBartman: Five ways to arouse a woman t.co/iLdv5Z3ui9
KatuschaBurling, (07/23/2014)
RT @EqualityVA: RT @AltDaily: Op-ed: Because Clara deserves to have two legal parents t.co/zdTp3515r5
CombsKeith, (07/23/2014)
@AudreyMcClellan aw my boys will be in kindergarten and 2nd grade this year.. #tommeetippee
4evamamii, (07/23/2014)
@DomVAPower could still use assistance
dgolumbia, (07/23/2014)
RT @RachelBartman: Five ways to arouse a woman t.co/iLdv5Z3ui9
AmitieCrockett, (07/23/2014)
RT @RachelBartman: Five ways to arouse a woman t.co/iLdv5Z3ui9
HaletteMierula, (07/23/2014)
@RogueGentlemen only seen it in bars.
ShaneJesq, (07/23/2014)
Prof. Carl Tobias comments on the federal judiciary wars: t.co/HJBPNuwt2B and Brenda Sannes's confirmation: t.co/w5UmLvPnlK
URLawSchool, (07/23/2014)
RT @RachelBartman: Five ways to arouse a woman t.co/iLdv5Z3ui9
SunnyAshe, (07/23/2014)
Ready to make moves
Rell804RichCity, (07/23/2014)
Washington Redskins Training Camp 2014: Players on the Bubble - t.co/yQJrcH2hO3
HTTR4LIFE, (07/23/2014)
RT @RachelBartman: Five ways to arouse a woman t.co/iLdv5Z3ui9
KlarrisaWalkmil, (07/23/2014)
i got hit by an suv while biking earlier and now i'm just drinking pepsi while listening to metallica. a well-rounded day
Tos_Ram, (07/23/2014)
RT @M0_diary: يقتلون الميت ويمشون بجنازته t.co/nWNEiLn7qS
ReuofAltuwaijri, (07/23/2014)
@Jagnarok how's it going?
GarriellBoyd, (07/16/2014)
WHOisJMONTANA, (07/16/2014)
@itsboyschapter boom.....
tenacious_image, (07/16/2014)
It's going to be a slow day in sports, unless Kevin Love is traded.
HenrySchilling, (07/16/2014)
@communityjuice nope as in irritated
IamLucyWood, (07/16/2014)
Coming soon Super Ultra Premium Shelf Prev'e. Only Ballers #prevevodka #preve100proof #localchoice t.co/x9S50teBXk
ITZJUSME_DOMO, (07/16/2014)
RT @ellen_perryxx: Costa date ☕️ @abimoore98 @_emmapowell_xox @KatieJones1997
abimoore98, (07/16/2014)
@BuzzFeed these are just too easy to write t.co/eiovZtaeGT
bumgarls, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Richmond, (07/16/2014)
Although you can charge forward into the unknown today, it's s... More for Aries t.co/5kYQTiQtYO
JuliquaPhelps, (07/16/2014)
RT @ImAmandaNelson: The Falcon is taking over Captain America, therefore, there is now a black Captain America: t.co/Hl3iw9fRPI
StefanSaysNo, (07/16/2014)
I earned the Coffee Bean Chaser Badge at My Starbucks Rewards. Start earning your Badges! @StarbucksGold t.co/nNUlbd0XkV
Ciarin, (07/16/2014)
Life's a bitch & then ya die...but we living forever riiiighh bless
_LilDarryl, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Richmond, (07/16/2014)
RT @NXLConstruction: Thrilled to make a donation to @FeedMoreInc thanks to a very successful Golf Tournament & the support of our client
e_rips, (07/16/2014)
Music and dance time! These two have so much fun. #playtime #thursdaytunes t.co/UkwYQwaO4z
GrassFedMom, (07/16/2014)
If you haven't seen dawn of the planet of the apes what are you waiting for?
UgotDANAYAed, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Laurel, V (07/18/2014)
Good Morning RVA !!! 8:00am-12:00pm South of the James Farmer's Market at Forest Hill Park.@cyclotisJ
BokaTruck, (07/18/2014)
Can burning plastic be toxic/dangerous??? Cos I've just been inhaling it for the past fuckin 3 hours
hannaahaustin, (07/18/2014)
@bukesbestfriend @JimiPug yes, mum suppose to be going to a beer festival this afternoon, in a marque! 😳
Elsiemaepuggles, (07/18/2014)
TIL: I need to practice using sharpies. I'm horrible with them! 😳
seventhandbliss, (07/18/2014)
@RosssHarris haha me too! And all the girls that work there are right bloody babes aren't they!
nikkiseaqueen, (07/18/2014)
RT @_naomiconroy: Would love just one Saturday off work 🙏
Madiibott, (07/18/2014)
Call on the UK government to halt the supply of arms to Israel. We must not facilitate war crimes. #GazaUnderAttack t.co/P6GXWuEsR8
pgo1980, (07/18/2014)
@Uncivil_S @NickCohen4 through, some of us have been, for example, screaming about child abuse for decades, in my case the Staffordshire
Zoompad, (07/18/2014)
I wonder if a doctor has their own doctor
mafyu_, (07/18/2014)
Just watched the very last Sopranos. Was anyone else as disappointed as me with the ending?
Traff, (07/18/2014)
RT @humanityhealing: Daily Oracle Card Reading for July 19, 2014 t.co/qNpmIdXoMz
ZolaWieser, (07/18/2014)
Millennials don't know what they're talking about when it comes to economics. Do you? t.co/7Ox4rQVyKC
paleriderll, (07/18/2014)
J now putting foot down to follow a D type Jag on M 20
debthedyer, (07/18/2014)


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