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Richmond is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the United States. Like all Virginia municipalities incorporated as cities, it is an independent city and not part of any county. Richmond is the center of the Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and the Greater Richmond area. Surrounded by Henrico and Chesterfield counties, the city is located at the intersections of Interstate 95 and Interstate 64, and surrounded by Interstate 295 and Virginia State Route 288 in central Virginia. The population was 200,123 in 2007, with an estimated population of 1,212,977 for the Richmond Metropolitan Area — making it the third largest in Virginia.



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Apr 23
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Apr 25
Scattered T-Storms
Apr 26
Mostly Sunny
Apr 27



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Look who it is! t.co/kCbZ7ycAu4
AustinPrime, (04/19/2014)
RT @M0_diary: امداه صار صديقه !
Mohsin23Chafik, (04/19/2014)
Going to get my feet done and forgot to shave my legs wow I feel so bad 😂🙈
j_mckennaaa, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Colonial (04/19/2014)
@AudioSandwich @pornstarKiki I AM SO GLAD IT LOOKS SO PHOTO SHOPPED!
DRAAKARMAN, (04/19/2014)
RT @M0_diary: امداه صار صديقه !
chawkiohsin, (04/19/2014)
RT @Laila_A_S: مهما يطول الصبر ماخاب منهو صبر كم واحدً زاد جرحه به وهو كاتمه الايام
ash772901, (04/19/2014)
RT @Laila_A_S: ما فيه احد من لسان البشر سالم ۈاللي يدور الزله ﺑيحصلها بدال ما تااخذ
Dyduidufsid, (04/19/2014)
I'm just going to start wearing brown all the time so my coffee spills look like my shirt. And my pants. And my shoes.
L8enough, (04/22/2014)
why do I set an alarm if my body insists on waking up an hour before & refuses to let me fall back to sleep 😐
hellbailz, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Richmond (04/22/2014)
I hate doing my make up at my desk but I'm no natural Beauty it's the lesser of two evils
Scherley, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Richmond (04/22/2014)
Siemens AG Relies on Teradata Architecture to Industrialize Big Data Analytics - Wall Street Journal t.co/RFHT7c52b3 #BigData
DarthAnalytics, (04/22/2014)
@alinalam93 I am sorry we woke you up early, but we are required by law to do 4 fire drills a year in each building.
VCU_Housing, (04/22/2014)
@naomi_eg Ay my dad works in biofuels and hires chem majors if you wanna do that haha
jennanite, (04/22/2014)
RT @Topic_ToDiscuss: I hope today is a good day
alwaysdancinnxo, (04/22/2014)
RT @BruceVH: The man who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them - Mark Twain
Journeyingdave, (04/22/2014)
Cutting people off gets easier and easier.
KarnaEmberson, (04/22/2014)
RT @Ctment_ls: Bout to start a trend retweet hash tag #ugotbadluck @FreewayRicky @RVAMG @ColdCash773 @LilSaintBSM @djsleepez804 @LaflareBe
NieceyJ514, (04/22/2014)
RT @EmilyCrosland: KEEP THIS HASHTAG TRENDING FOR OUR KINGS @KingslandRd x #KingslandRdNewCover #KingslandRdNewCover #KingslandRdNewCover #
fans_kingsland, (04/22/2014)
@Transformental they are horrible things!
readmymind3, (04/22/2014)
Random thought: when John Blackburn published CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT in 1966, was anyone else in the US or UK writing literate horror novels?
Valancourt_B, (04/22/2014)
I'm gunna take care of your body I'll be gentle don't you scream 😏
allismiles11, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Virginia, (04/22/2014)
@TrashOut_en You can only seem to take a photo when reporting and not use photo from the phones library. I would like to report from home
FlyFlytipping, (04/22/2014)
Damn bro RT @_TiffanySade: @AYE_BOOGIE working 😩
AYE_BOOGIE, (04/19/2014)
Pretty sure Liverpool's season this year is a sports movie written by God
KoalaGare, (04/19/2014)
Fit chicks finally getting that recognition they deserve
Torez__Jones, (04/19/2014)
RT @FanFaisal: آخر تويت من 10 ساعات :(
4b8999e0b03c4cb, (04/19/2014)
“@BrenzieAZ: WE ARE PENALTYPOOL, TRA LALA LALA” who's the scouser in the black?!?!
cdtgre, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Virginia, (04/19/2014)
RT @M0_diary: الله يلوم اللي يلومه .. الموت أرحم t.co/3KP8hZ6SDE
Raghad22220, (04/19/2014)
RT @M0_diary: رعد قمط يحسبني الهكر t.co/vwlr6LEgY1
Riielqhtani, (04/19/2014)
@3mlouiseyoung t.co/ncFUTX4MVw NEW NEW go go listen tell. Me wat u think thank for da follow
Parkaboi, (04/19/2014)


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