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Washington, DC, formalmente en el Distrito de Columbia y comúnmente conocida como Washington, el Distrito, o, simplemente, DC, es la capital de los Estados Unidos, fundada el 16 de julio de 1790. La ciudad de Washington era originalmente un municipio independiente dentro del territorio de Colombia hasta que una ley del Congreso en 1871 se fusionó con eficacia la Ciudad y el Territorio en una sola entidad llamada el Distrito de Columbia. Es por esta razón que la ciudad, mientras que el nombre legal del Distrito de Columbia, es conocida como Washington, DC La ciudad está situada en la orilla norte del río Potomac, y limita con los estados de Virginia y Maryland al suroeste de la otros lados. El distrito tiene una población residente de 591.833, debido a los viajeros de los suburbios circundantes, su población asciende a más de un millón durante la semana de trabajo. El Área Metropolitana de Washington, de los cuales el distrito es una parte, tiene una población de 5,3 millones de dólares, la novena



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Aug 01
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dinsdale_scott, (07/27/2014)
RT @AmyJost: rt if u think I'm annoying
SarahFinley15, (07/27/2014)
Had to het my homie @DjMustard just cause he in the DMV! #LMAO #ButYouLaughed #JusSwaggFunnies #Salute @DjMustard #10Summers #BestFunnies...
iDJswagg, (07/27/2014)
RT @ErikWemple: The ravages of ex- @BuzzFeed staffer Benny Johnson: t.co/mCej9dI3C9
Eliasfarraj, (07/27/2014)
Vc foi desconectado pq está usando uma versão desatualizada do skype... minha cara > '-'
fernandoplayer, (07/27/2014)
"Nostalgia as Hope" by Luke Foster
BrianKenMiller, (07/27/2014)
RT @nacin: If not familiar with bikeshedding, see t.co/jgHfeAxo3L and t.co/MC4ybW4xum. So glad PHP has literally codified thi…
tollmanz, (07/27/2014)
RT @juliaioffe: U.S. releases photographs it says are proof that missiles are being fired from #Russia into #Ukraine. t.co/t64cdQ9Oqv
saumrk, (07/27/2014)
Couldn't go w/o my #AokiJump #EdMlife #LMAO #ButYouLaughed #JusSwaggFunnies #Salute @steveaoki What # is this again? Lol #EDM ...
iDJswagg, (07/27/2014)
Yep @David_in_Dallas: @lelandvittert Excellent interview Leland with @HowardKurtz today. Your explained a reporter's point of view very well
HowardKurtz, (07/27/2014)
Approaching your #Residency #PersonalStatement #MATCH2015 #ERAS t.co/LRqq13JGS4
IMGPrep, (07/27/2014)
Why am I not surprised. RT @nytimes: What's in It?: Coconut Water Changes Its Claims t.co/zUtXo6esZx
NateMJensen, (07/27/2014)
People listen to &respect people like @KidCudi more than they do the church. Why? Because he's the one truly spreading love, not judgeme
lanetheking, (07/27/2014)
RT @mattyglesias: Writing about streetcars isn't quite as contentious as Israel-Palestine, but the gap is smaller than you'd think.
Yeslikedavis, (07/27/2014)
RT @valor_book: Why Kevin Remington of the @NDNationalGuard went back into the kill zone, 11 yrs ago today. #hero #SilverStar #Iraq http:/
ridgeway275, (07/25/2014)
You're up, thinking about life in general, I suppose. t.co/HgKMSa3QX4 will shed light on a few things. ✨😉
yungxqween, (07/25/2014)
#يلا_نعيد_على_بعض_بفولو كل فولو وانتوا طيبين :3 ♥
smileyangel10, (07/25/2014)
RT @_o_Jennifer_o_: #TURNEDUP members. I seem 2 b being targeted. I've slacked, there is a reason. I apologize 2 all 4 that. Who ever want
_Angel_Luv, (07/25/2014)
RT @zaidbenjamin: حصيلة القتلى الفلسطينيين وصلت الى ٩٠٠ وفق المتحدث باسم وزارة الصحة
saadalmutairi33, (07/25/2014)
RT @_o_Jennifer_o_: #TURNEDUP Be yourself, don't let others influence you, they're just using you. I would never do that.
_Angel_Luv, (07/25/2014)
I never know why I still miss you woooooaaahhh ooooooooohhh
harukazeshalala, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Silver Sp (07/25/2014)
I liked a @YouTube video t.co/FrOTdPGkX2 The World s Strictest Parents - Chicago (USA)
Ladydarksky, (07/25/2014)
@Raikeehime @swadoka babe that means you have a little swag :3
KirokitoKazuto, (07/25/2014)
RT @NihadAwad: بشرى.لأول مرة في أمريكا:إسرائيل تنهزم في أخر استطلاع للرأي.غالبية ال
artoflight01, (07/25/2014)
@wbdnewton I only had a few beers, and that was AFTER I prayed the rosary.
Mark_J_E, (07/25/2014)
I want some pussy😩😩😩
suave_gent, (07/25/2014)
When u see something 😳 n u wanna open ur mouth about it but then u sit back n like nahh😅
Yes_zay, (07/27/2014)
Boehner rules out #impeachment: ‘Scam started by Democrats’ - Washington Times: t.co/voI4sjVcPV #democrats #POTUS
WashTimes, (07/29/2014)
popcornhaas Auction it for charity Bidders online globally
isybm4436, (07/29/2014)
@thekenyeung sure! Haha
sabelharris, (07/29/2014)
RT @Philanthropy: $100M gift pushes Oregon University to brink of securing $500M match t.co/DF2KNCbMqM
mrsmulry, (07/29/2014)
RT @GinaEPA: New column in @TheRoot w @GreenForAll on our work to combat climate change & protect our most vulnerable neighbors: t.…
TheRoot, (07/29/2014)
#TweetSomethingYouGetAlot "you're so skinny!"
murycaterinaaa, (07/29/2014)
Go Checkout the latest in the DMV at t.co/EEBMumEnp5
EverythingDMV, (07/29/2014)
RT @acslaw: .@SBSwenson of @rethink_media says that for much of the public, the money in politics issue can "unlock" the #FairCourts issue
ReThinkDemocrcy, (07/29/2014)
RT @TylerThompsonDC: Empowering the FSA to fight both ISIS and Assad. The Syrian people don't want to be ruled by either a dictator or mani
just1nlynch, (07/29/2014)
RT @JosephineKulea: Proud moment...#YALI2014 #YALISummit @USEmbassyKenya t.co/aVG2QVk78z
ACTSKENYA, (07/29/2014)
RT @__theyLoveKAYLA: @AyoooMed @TonysKEEPER @____TonyMontaya @__FREETONY see Ahmed this where you fuck up at man 😩😘 I love you but I'm
__FREETONY, (07/29/2014)
RT @dccc: MT @daveweigel: At mtg, Walden told GOP that Dems raised $2m on impeachment. So don't help them. // Add $1 mil more! t.co…
Fried_Kimchi, (07/29/2014)
RT @washingtonpost: China to investigate its once-powerful former domestic security chief t.co/OPIbFLI3vI
EmpathyReigns, (07/29/2014)
RT @thinkprogress: From "the nicest Satanic cult in the world” t.co/w1ygyyXSrp t.co/46hxPVvXJc
JMAbrassart, (07/29/2014)
In life, people will not care how much you know until they who know how much you care about them.
RobbyKinn, (07/29/2014)
RT @Kay_KayNicole: I'm chill and don't really care what anyone does until they lie to me or go behind my back. Then you got a problem
KylieRohr, (07/24/2014)
|الحاخام دوف ليئور(علي جمعة بتاعهم):"يجوز اطلاق النار على الفلسطينيين الأبريا
mmheldefrawy, (07/24/2014)
Conference hears referendum views t.co/KIXQwcNUMX
ScotlandUS, (07/24/2014)
There is no quick fix in fitness. Stop looking for shortcuts.
fitness8234, (07/24/2014)
RT @BarackObama: "The hardest thing in politics is to change a stubborn status quo." —President Obama #OpportunityForAll
RajSidharaj, (07/24/2014)
@J2tellem lol we didn't even get a table now I can't probably dine on this #cliffbar
yrinfinitycrush, (07/24/2014)
Who does that?!
ProblemsofPair, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (07/24/2014)
RT @officialjaden: From The Day You're Born To The Day You Die You Have One Responsibility And That's To Make Yourself Happy.
DawnKathleeen, (07/24/2014)
RT @AyeeHarry: Yall Gotta Quit Sharing Clothes 😭
FreeMikeBriscoe, (07/24/2014)
Violence curbs farm productivity in Nigeria t.co/cmLMwPHExg via @AjEnglish
SAISAfrica, (07/24/2014)
RT @_ThatsIt: Lmfaoo 😂😂😂😂 Who did This t.co/k2NXSqavCJ
_FuckYouImDope, (07/24/2014)
RT @politicoroger: WH Pool Rpt: "3 days, 2 states, 6 fundraisers, 4 helicopter lifts, many motorcades and a speech."
missb62, (07/24/2014)
...Bragging, they ain't never sold a unit (One unit!) Acting like you will never do it Don't wind up on the wall over music...
DamoJiDope, (07/24/2014)
RT @vj44: 5 years ago today, flip phones were still cool. It was also the last time minimum wage workers got a raise... Time to #RaiseTheWa
taiping2, (07/24/2014)
@CN_Confluence thanks for following me
MyHealingCoach, (07/24/2014)
RT @PostGraphics: Life among the Yanomami: An isolated yet imperiled Amazon tribe. t.co/okftwJdFDu t.co/XVOE0sU6mZ
Lynnxghua, (07/25/2014)
NowPlaying Claude Barzotti - Various Artists Ballades De Paris t.co/LmJywKZrFP
Kompalakayradio, (07/25/2014)
RT @TheAtlantic: A brief history of typography, as told through stop-motion animation t.co/kcj2a6zRXB t.co/94jBEWe7Gq
kasaclise, (07/25/2014)


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