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Herndon es una ciudad en el Condado de Fairfax, Virginia, en el área de Washington, DC metropolitanas de los Estados Unidos. La población era 21.655 en el censo de 2000, lo que hace la mayor de las tres ciudades en el condado. Herndon fue nombrado por el Comandante William Lewis Herndon, explorador naval estadounidense y autor de''La exploración del Valle del Amazonas''. Comandante de Herndon fue capitán del vapor desafortunada''SS Central America'', bajando con su barco, mientras que ayuda a ahorrar más de 150 de sus pasajeros y tripulación. El acuerdo fue nombrado Herndon en 1858.



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Jul 29
Partly Cloudy
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Aug 01
Scattered T-Storms
Aug 02
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7amadaLovers, (07/29/2014)
There's more deaths from #Abortion (13k) in 4 DAYS than by guns (11k) in 1 year! #NRA #Faith #ProLife #NARAL t.co/WKJh7jg2
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_rro0o, (07/27/2014)
RT @raif_66: إنني حاليا في واشنطن س أطير إلى السعوديه قبل دقائق قائلا الله أكبر الل
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RT @raif_66: إنني حاليا في واشنطن س أطير إلى السعوديه قبل دقائق قائلا الله أكبر الل
nubirdlar, (07/27/2014)
RT @NRCATtweets: Take a moment this Sunday for MC's prayer to #STOPsolitary t.co/NHPm6Xx81n
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Cayley_adtr182, (07/27/2014)
RT @Worldwatch: Meet the needs, skip the greed. t.co/u80DSUysqD
hollesch, (07/27/2014)
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asotres1, (07/27/2014)
Black Widow / GAUDY GIRLZ HEAVEN t.co/qnSsMezhOu
IMSOGAUDY, (07/27/2014)
@Yes_ImDeeDee #YouTheRealMVP
SilasG1026, (07/27/2014)
RT @AVCupdate: For veterans, hope from Habitat for Humanity - t.co/nxgPgZun26
FansofAmerica, (07/28/2014)
So frickin happy!!! Thort is share that with ya'll ☺️😝😝
laurenc_125, (07/28/2014)
RT @NRSC: Majority Monday: Tom Cotton Is Fighting For You t.co/QP6h8N89oa #ARSEN #MAJORITYMONDAY t.co/saRYLzrocF
SummitApps, (07/28/2014)
RT @markknoller: WH clearly thinks GOP talk of impeachment helps rally Dems behind Pres Obama. @Schultz44 even linked to impeachment story
c_cgottlieb, (07/28/2014)
RT @marieharf: .@JohnKerry will release the 2013 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom at 11:15am today in the Press Briefing Ro
NDiament, (07/28/2014)
#ICantSleepBecause my brother watches me while I sleep.
nathanvoell, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Virginia, (07/28/2014)
Wtf! I look at my hand and someone smudged mandi on my fucking hands ewwwww!!!
Captain_Paki, (07/28/2014)
RT @SenJohnMcCain: Must-read @LizSly Wash Post: "Critical time for rebels in #Syria - US-authorized arms may be arriving too late" t…
freesyriannow1, (07/28/2014)
@Bosladyycollins omg I love you too💜💜 I was so happy to see you!
T_bojanglex3, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Centrevil (07/28/2014)
RT @SonofWashington: Again to DJax for basically would have been a 65 yard touchdown. RG3 looks very sharp today. #redskins #httr #skinscamp
SPorTzTeaM_Arch, (07/28/2014)
Happy Birthday Maite! ily 💖 t.co/nv36fMXEtW
AwkwardFaaiza, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Springfie (07/28/2014)
YEP! @TaylorShay947 has them all week. RT @dev721: @947FreshFM are you guys giving away tickets to the new cirque du soliel show in August?
947FreshFM, (07/28/2014)
RT @IyanlaVanzant: We cannot expect to be in control of the circumstances in our lives when we cannot control our minds for five minutes.
lcldanika, (07/28/2014)
#World: Air Algerie plane's black boxes arrive in France: The two black boxes from the Alger... t.co/7wtOrxGHVL via .@TheNewsHype
TheNewsHype, (07/28/2014)
Are you a resident of Prince George's County, MD and interested in learning the steps to take to become a foster... t.co/ogC5X4Cclw
kidsneedafamily, (07/28/2014)
@wilw Happy birthday to the World's #1 Geek! :D
AstragaliUSA, (07/29/2014)
basically my job: Inside the 49ers' fan data playbook: How catering to fans can make teams money t.co/wJedsyXuCu via @svbizjournal
joshbrickman, (07/29/2014)
Tastes Like Chicken? McDonald’s Japan Offers Tofu McNuggets t.co/JRt66xkODe via @wsjasia
Chetana, (07/29/2014)
He won ten million words and became the outspoken leader of America's disgruntled youth, their self-anointed "Broadword General".
Audio_books_guy, (07/29/2014)
RT @LCPSOfficial: 38 LCPS Students Accepted to 2014 Governor’s Foreign Language Academies, t.co/116QWGjQeg #LCPS #Loudoun
VaGenAss, (07/29/2014)
Literally the only thing getting me through work is #PLL is on tonight! @ABCFpll @SleepintheGardn @shaymitch @SashaaPieterse @AshBenzo!!
tori_clark4, (07/29/2014)
. Via @esaoperations: Watch this timelapse video of #ATV5 as it was installed on #Ariane5: t.co/BMQ0Z79w0e
jakowsky, (07/29/2014)
RT @LeoShane: Public service announcement, with correct spelling: Please don't confuse your VA Bob McDonald news today with your Va. Bob Mc
SlicNic5150, (07/29/2014)
RT @JeffYoung: It's almost as though most Southern states chose not to do something about their uninsured! t.co/hqJ9q2PMIW t.…
nickbodkins, (07/29/2014)
RT @CarolLeonnig: McDonnell defense has House of Cards intrigue but is crafty too:If wife had crush on bizman,can't prove Gov and wife cons
SamHananelAP, (07/29/2014)
My week on twitter: 16 Mentions, 133K Mention Reach, 49 Replies, 43 Retweets, 15.1K Retweet Reach. via t.co/LDj0XqSxqJ
StudentSuccess, (07/29/2014)
RT @SmithsonianMag: Even in the ancient world, wrestling was fixed t.co/o8iBhWcXTh
Retiario, (07/29/2014)
@Kennymack1971: You're my fave #TeamNoFuckstoGive
andie_walsh, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Washingto (07/29/2014)
Donald Sterling Loses Lawsuit Against NBA (Clippers To Be Sold) #LAClippers #LongLiveLA t.co/AdGRPDeCzh
Blog4Mob, (07/29/2014)
Hagan and Reid are standing the way of jobs. t.co/0lU290LLJJ #DefeatHagan & #FireReid
WilliamAllison, (07/29/2014)
RT @rmaghrebi: RT @tweetsintheME: Not clear where French arrested MUJAO figure Yoro Ould Daha: t.co/djNXT7txHl // probably Tabankort…
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CTTSTAR, (07/29/2014)
😙💋 t.co/YzusNjENQ3
Kathyyy_Cruz, (07/29/2014)
RT @TheRoot: #WhoopiGoldberg defends #StephenASmith's comments on #domesticviolence: t.co/7Ef68eBttj
deezkatzman, (07/29/2014)
RT @NRSC: Braley’s Blunders Making Democrats Nervous t.co/tUQ4AuBDyz #IASEN
BDayspring, (07/29/2014)
@johncusack Can you imagine what a peaceful world we would have if we weren't so oil dependent?
Firegal_01, (07/29/2014)
RT @NealMcCluskey: Pub School Battle Map passes 1000 throwdowns t.co/YHgcU1DImh Now w "Paper Towns," mission trips, dress length, & …
CatoCEF, (07/29/2014)
RT @shadycunt_: : its about time everybody grow up 👶👧👩💯
goldvn1x, (07/29/2014)
@awfulannouncing Watching @espn comment on the overhype of the NFL combine and draft is hilarious. The problem meets the cause. #irony
SanDiegoExile, (07/29/2014)
RT @MEMRIReports: A Move Towards Coexistence In Egypt: Iftar Held At Cairo Synagogue Attended By Representatives Of Egyptian Minorities htt
tyrannywatch, (07/29/2014)
RT @SwatiGauri: The situation in Gaza has gone from bad to horrifying. t.co/PDB12594sI t.co/9FyHdiJpjm
bhrn2012, (07/29/2014)
RT @joshledermanAP: WASHINGTON (AP) — Obama says new US and European sanctions will make Russia's weak economy even weaker
yurikageyama, (07/29/2014)
RT @LuciaGrenna: Youth Voices on Climate Change Take Times Square t.co/8o0xvUauVR @connect4climate #action4climate
DanJSimplicio, (07/29/2014)


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