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Boalsburg es un lugar censo-señalado (CDP) en el Centro del Condado, Pennsylvania, Estados Unidos. Forma parte del Colegio del Estado, Pennsylvania el Área Estadística Metropolitana. La población era 3.578 en el censo de 2000. El pueblo reclama ser la cuna del Día de los Caídos. El nombre Boalsburg proviene de la familia de Boal, que se establecieron en la región.



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Sep 17
Partly Cloudy
Sep 18
Mostly Sunny
Sep 19
Mostly Sunny
Sep 20
AM Clouds/PM Sun
Sep 21
PM T-Storms



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RT @coachjfranklin: #WeAre...Better! #107kStrong #PSUnrivaled
DJSchmail, (09/14/2014)
RT @coachjfranklin: #WeAre...Better! #107kStrong #PSUnrivaled
PSUfan1122, (09/14/2014)
RT @coachjfranklin: #WeAre...Better! #107kStrong #PSUnrivaled
MrB_Rabbit21, (09/14/2014)
RT @coachjfranklin: #WeAre...Better! #107kStrong #PSUnrivaled
Good_Ry_Hunting, (09/14/2014)
RT @coachjfranklin: #WeAre...Better! #107kStrong #PSUnrivaled
ZachSmick, (09/14/2014)
Twitter. I neglect you so.
CassieMPsu, (09/14/2014)
RT @coachjfranklin: #WeAre...Better! #107kStrong #PSUnrivaled
psufootballu, (09/14/2014)
“@GeniusFootball: James Rodriguez t.co/XKGCQ39UdG” @C_Gomez95 hahahahaha
_marcosparks, (09/14/2014)
If that's not binge drinking I don't know what is😂😂
AshleyBork_, (09/14/2014)
RT @coachjfranklin: #WeAre...Better! #107kStrong #PSUnrivaled
DSaich42, (09/14/2014)
RT @coachjfranklin: #WeAre...Better! #107kStrong #PSUnrivaled
TheREALNPolak, (09/14/2014)
RT @coachjfranklin: #WeAre...Better! #107kStrong #PSUnrivaled
shorthorn79, (09/14/2014)
RT @OnwardState: How many Big Ten teams are 3-0? ONE. WE ARE.
alwayshaveehope, (09/14/2014)
I'm listening to "Give Me A Sign" by Breaking Benjamin on Pandora t.co/lSMKD7utGN #pandora
gogeta581, (09/14/2014)
RT @RobertRoselli: If you're a Giants fan, you can feel free to favorite this tweet just to do something positive with your day.
ChefBuzzORLANDO, (09/14/2014)
@JChooch57 I'll let you know how much soon
Pasquiggs, (09/15/2014)
Back in state college for a little...😍😛 t.co/xC57koOs4Z
The_MasonJar, (09/15/2014)
Come on McCoy all I need is 6 points from you! #GetMeTheW
BartleyBEA5, (09/15/2014)
RT @PennStateMSOC: TOMORROW: #PennStateFutbol hosts Saint Francis at 7 PM. Read the preview, come to Jeffrey! t.co/3f3VOcMQ5a http:/…
GoPSUJeremy, (09/15/2014)
RT @unsilentK_neier: Literally the only thing I want to do is sleep
Destinee_Jonas, (09/15/2014)
Nothing I love more than a good Moleskine at the end of a long day.
toriadickson, (09/15/2014)
Wish I was a slave to an age-old trade.
toriadickson, (09/10/2014)
RT @rydain: 7 years past release, brainstorming a proper tribute to Warriors Orochi - best What the Hell is That? GameStop purchase ever.
BillNigh, (09/10/2014)
The psu plague is real over here #cantstopcoughing
theEL_MAN, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: State Col (09/10/2014)
RT @HappyValleyPSU: To celebrate the bowl ban lift, everyone who retweets this is entered to win 2 tickets to a Penn State home game #Happy
Tyler2Thomas, (09/10/2014)
RT @NHarvey101: We're not all Amish #NewStateMottos #Pennsylvania
that_girl_23, (09/10/2014)
RT @rydain: Sorting through a decade of photo archives. My office circa 2005 was a nerd hoarder explosion.
BillNigh, (09/10/2014)
@LinnyVaurentino terrible picture quality bruhh
kennnf, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: State Col (09/10/2014)
Gonna be a tale of two halfs
TommyLicurgo, (09/13/2014)
I've gathered 2 Scrolls! Can you do better? Download to find it out! t.co/7NYMBzuF6x #android,#androidgames,#gameinsight
Liveyouvixen, (09/13/2014)
RT @bieberstares: RT for an Indirect.
DaniGivs, (09/13/2014)
RT @bieberstares: valuableswift oh hey, I'm a swiftie too. Hahahaha. btw who's Fob?
valuableswift, (09/13/2014)
@carolaskyn Rutgers fans suck apparently
EricGreenePSU, (09/13/2014)
RT @OnwardState: What the hell is happening
marissalanich, (09/13/2014)
RT @OnwardState: What the hell is happening
demieylin, (09/13/2014)
RT @bieberstares: Who wants a DM to Ariana?
cyrusismine1, (09/13/2014)
Definitely! RT @Joerobinow: Papoose is a funny word.
sqeptiq, (09/13/2014)
GabrielaGomezM can't say anything but thank u for retweeting lol lol lol
bieberstares, (09/13/2014)
Headlines: M. Soccer. Klerks Sends No. 16 PSU Past No. 11 IU, 1-0: RECAP: Sophomore Mason Klerks' (Corona, Cal... t.co/xRK5qtZ8B8
PSUSportsCollec, (09/13/2014)
RT @sqeptiq: Not enough women have mullets.
faithspeaks, (09/13/2014)
RT @PABBEJ: @PABBEJ @GarzaVillanueva @llamas_gabriela @alicia_lupercio @ORALIA750 @basquiat518 @YardrepShortbus @gracielap123 t.co/b…
DvDRip_HoG, (09/13/2014)
RT @OnwardState: What the hell is happening
SierraMartin150, (09/13/2014)
Love jersey, hate Rutgers.
AYOnattt, (09/13/2014)
@petey_pablo52 haha, I see what you did there
maddyyypryor, (09/15/2014)
RT @haleyr323: Looking for strong manly man to kill a big black and fluttery bug #apartment806 #comethrough
jacqq22, (09/15/2014)
قسما بالله أنفع أكون كاتب أو شاعر #كاتب_كم_تغريدة_بيتفلسف #شاعر_صاعد #مع_عواس_
3awwas_alh, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: State Col (09/15/2014)
Wonderful work by @PBS & Ken Burns about #TheRoosevelts Teddy = war hawk with a social sensibility. Unique individual.
McCormickEduc8r, (09/15/2014)
RT @BigJoeBastardi: Prepare yourself for Odiles remnants being blamed for everything that goes wrong in the weather in the 6-10 day period
Bill_Huff, (09/15/2014)
paigemaino, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: State Col (09/15/2014)
RT @MNMSRoar: Congrats to MNMS Tech. Ed. Teachers on winning the TEEAP Middle School Program of the Year!! t.co/XbJeZuGtOk
SCAEATeachers, (09/15/2014)
All you guys are about to be pissed about chipotle closing in state college!!!!
j_anfroney, (09/10/2014)
RT @PSU_CollegeOfEd: A great New Student Reception featured live music & tons of ice cream scooped by the College's deans #welcomebackPS
EmilyR_Miller, (09/10/2014)
FB post by @RBReich & article t.co/zcISHklhBv via @chronicle give us plenty to consider re: #AppleWatch t.co/frZpSoKAyi
SJTelenko, (09/10/2014)
@alicia_tequila awe thank you!!😊 miss you so much!
ashkristoff, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: State Col (09/10/2014)
"Has the stick been removed from your ass yet?" -Mom
haleykola, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: State Col (09/10/2014)
Bruhh the weather about to be shitty from here on out 😒
ReluctantQuise, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: State Col (09/10/2014)
@olivia_salem let's see it then Olivia
MichelleG_14, (09/10/2014)
RT @TCPB_Finnigan: Howards homecoming tho
ImJustDeV, (09/10/2014)
How am I supposed to do homework when the #EAGLES are on #MondayNightFootball?! Lets go birds! #EaglesNation
Mseifert18, (09/15/2014)
RT @breakingweather: Ontario, CA, saw highs hit 107 F, while LA hit 94 F; temps soared nearly 10-20 degrees above normal across SoCal today
bradwbuck, (09/15/2014)
B94.5 would like to wish a happy birthday to Lucas who turned 21 today! He will get a FREE PIZZA courtesy of @CanyonPizzaPSU !!!
psuPJ, (08/26/2014)
@emphinney oh my ... Flannel cutoffs are not quite a satisfying substitute
Karliila, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Park Fore (08/26/2014)
.@penn_state President Eric Barron arrives with the team in Ireland. #PennState t.co/zaLPriBFm1
CentreCountyRep, (08/26/2014)
RT @PennStateFball: The Nittany Lions have "touched down" safely in Dublin! #wontbethelasttime #redeyescausepuns
Nittanylion94, (08/26/2014)
@HANNAHMOYE0 love you hanny
taylor_moye, (08/26/2014)
RT @PennStateFball: The Nittany Lions have "touched down" safely in Dublin! #wontbethelasttime #redeyescausepuns
ekenn66, (08/26/2014)
RT @PennStateFball: The Nittany Lions have "touched down" safely in Dublin! #wontbethelasttime #redeyescausepuns
amy_neff, (08/26/2014)
J'ai trop envie de la voir mais j'ai la flemme de sortir de chez moi c'est ça ma vie
Pvtance, (08/26/2014)
#PennState football team is arriving now in Dublin. t.co/GQbZPpi7iL
CentreCountyRep, (08/26/2014)
Safe travels to @shcdean and our Scholars participating in the research symposium in Dublin. @PennStateHonors
SHCacademicdean, (08/26/2014)
Happy belated dog day.🐶 t.co/vhJCSeCLEr
taylor_moye, (08/26/2014)
The Blue Band has safely landed in Dublin, Ireland!
BlueBandSilks, (08/26/2014)
RT @PennStateFball: The Nittany Lions have "touched down" safely in Dublin! #wontbethelasttime #redeyescausepuns
KKITKO, (08/26/2014)
Want to blossom internationally? See Dr. Stoller rjs27@psu.edu for academic travel opportunities.@PennStateHonors t.co/2G79VM70PQ
SHCacademicdean, (08/26/2014)
@GarooSama That's good!!
M_Albassami, (08/26/2014)
RT @SeanCigich16: Never forget
davidsolano6, (09/10/2014)
Trying to get them student hockey tickets #HockeyValley
JordonHodder, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: State Col (09/10/2014)
MifflinCounty, (09/10/2014)
RT @DailyCollegian: The Chipotle in downtown State College is closed after employees left this note about sweatshops t.co/bwF3FRDpBt
cuentafrijoles, (09/10/2014)
Sunrise for September 11, 2014 at 06:46AM! We're expecting a high of 75F. It's currently Cloudy.
StJosephRehab, (09/10/2014)
Preta Gil ficou retada com uma foto dela na capa de uma revista que foi excessivamente tratada no photoshop. Ela... t.co/4BgGp9ADt3
lumateles, (09/10/2014)
El cuaderno del peregrino t.co/hOs9pSujMd
AlexRamaMX, (09/10/2014)
ooooooooOOOOOOOO I see you gurl! Walk of shaming it on thursday morning!!!! #getit #gotit #damn
TrevorHoward6, (09/10/2014)
Dad Transforms #RayRice jersey into something positive: t.co/Pvb6J0PiQy t.co/bjNwLq30vC
937thebus, (09/10/2014)
Never forget
SeanCigich16, (09/10/2014)
Headed home in a few hours for a great weekend! #excited
CoReYyRuTlEdGe, (09/10/2014)
RT @DailyCollegian: The Chipotle in downtown State College is closed after employees left this note about sweatshops t.co/bwF3FRDpBt
JPS409, (09/10/2014)
Someone will win a fifteen dollar gift certificate from Mount Nittany Inn when we play Anybody's Guess after the... t.co/vl03xKmM5J
WRSC103, (09/10/2014)
@RaymondKlaassen. Would luv to meet u
AccuRayno, (09/10/2014)
Seven Former Lady Lions Sign Overseas Contracts t.co/OLP4AK2sxg
PSULionsDaily, (09/10/2014)
RT @PSU_Crush: "Kim Deausen, I want me some sexy Fillapinooo"
kdeau1, (09/17/2014)
@El_Coffee with a #bucn BOMB! ⚾️
palmirayicela, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Park Fore (09/17/2014)
"Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, first make sure you are not, in… t.co/KJw7pYA9fK
Kay_Hoff11, (09/17/2014)
RT @OnwardState: Congrats to PSU PhD student Bill Cossen, who just won his 2nd night on Jeopardy. He'll look to increase his $31,801 total
DanHep1, (09/17/2014)
my new catfish Melvin #catfish #pet t.co/Gh3ooQ6cow
chris2thachris, (09/17/2014)
“@ltsOlaf: don't even look at me you basics t.co/oWSXpP0Kxk” @K_Cyl
amanddaa_please, (09/17/2014)
Sankofa starts now! t.co/Ppj967C0xW
PSUblackcaucus, (09/17/2014)
A photo of "are you sure you want to delete Bible?" With the caption I needed space for iOS 8 forgive me Jesus. Innovative, clever new humor
henry_theuer, (09/17/2014)
RT @emma_diamandis: Grab their ass IT WORKS EVERY TIME
pgchillin_, (09/17/2014)
RT @OnwardState: Congrats to PSU PhD student Bill Cossen, who just won his 2nd night on Jeopardy. He'll look to increase his $31,801 total
joe_darko, (09/17/2014)
Just tutored a 36 year old woman who told me she practices her French speaking with her cats #mylife
kkrissinger, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: State Col (09/17/2014)
RT @QusyairiAnuar: Tak siapa pon peduli kau nak update ios8 ke apa. Itu pon nak post 😒
AzmanZQ, (09/17/2014)
I feel like you shouldn't openly mention in a restaurant that your nuclear power plant doesn't have an IDS or lacks other security controls.
bonds0097, (09/17/2014)
ΦΣΡ/DU/AXP is so excited for Greek sing!! @PSUgreeksing_14
krikea_a, (09/17/2014)


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