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Uniondale è una frazione (e census-designated place), così come un sobborgo di New York City a Nassau County, New York, Stati Uniti, a Long Island, nella città di Hempstead. La popolazione era di 23.011 al censimento del 2000. Uniondale si trova a (40.703097, -73,591070). Secondo lo United States Census Bureau, il villaggio ha una superficie totale di 2,7 miglia quadrate (6,9 km ²), tutte le terre. E 'una frazione diversa e vicini di casa le città diverse come Hempstead, Roosevelt, Freeport, e East Meadow.



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RT @JetsamCadillac: Funnih RT @FootballFunnys: Real Madrid t.co/tB7ODXUxWF
sufishidan, (04/23/2014)
@Weatherford5 catch our story by @ravensantan about you @FiOS1NewsNJ going to the prom this morning 5am to 10 am @MollyRokasy
cjpapa13, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: New York, (04/23/2014)
@Jack_Abbe A chacune sa lubie !
ManonRoselyne, (04/23/2014)
RT @nofilmschool: Why Dynamic Range is Just as Important in Your Audio as It is in Your Image t.co/0FGv1y5Gen @soundworksvideo
smiggalssmith, (04/23/2014)
RT @skylameferreira: Omg, I'm in love with her! t.co/ZYYD03CJaA
syafirarrsy, (04/23/2014)
I was given a size L shirt at the Skylanders event. It's tight on me but not insanely. I might be able to wear it by year's end. Bad ass!
Romudeth, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Queens, N (04/23/2014)
RT @PrinceRoyce: Gracias Guatemala por el gran apoyo! Bendiciones!
ana_majo, (04/23/2014)
Oscar Pistorius Fired Gun Through Sunroof, Ex-Girlfriend Says - Businessweek
aric1996q, (04/23/2014)
RT @Me_So0_Harlem: It's rare to find a fire bitch that's down for you only now a days
aSpiteful_Idiot, (04/23/2014)
RT @twin_magic5: @LoneWolf_305 @SummerReigns1 THERE YOU GO!!! YOUR STILL IN YOUR FAIRYTALE WORLD BITCH!!!
LoneWolf_305, (04/20/2014)
RT @AskCheyB: If God is not in your relationship, you shouldn't be either. #GodIsLove
dawneelebeau, (04/20/2014)
RT @di_ggyy: I'm still trying to figure out why people hate me? What I do
Japan_Logos, (04/20/2014)
RT @lmasaprocky: I know right? 😖 t.co/njC7M4ZJlN
ItsKeisha_DUH, (04/20/2014)
been laughing all night dooee
dannii_daley, (04/20/2014)
This movie has me bugging
Cadenking407, (04/20/2014)
This #PORvsHOU game more entertaining than I thought
zfinest83, (04/20/2014)
@nimyajc I take pride in you 😏
MaisonMargiela, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: New York, (04/20/2014)
RT @lmasaprocky: I know right? 😖 t.co/njC7M4ZJlN
RonSan003, (04/20/2014)
Astrokush321, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Bay Shore (04/20/2014)
RT @yochum: DevOps Engineer Job: DevOps Engineer needed for a contract opportunity with Yoh's client located in So... t.co/VFwhVQzEr…
cruisemaniac, (04/20/2014)
@YosefMuzik @ChozenMuch much love bro thanks for the support I appreciate
Jaikingston, (04/20/2014)
RT @lmasaprocky: I know right? 😖 t.co/njC7M4ZJlN
pxnk_mvgz, (04/20/2014)
RT @tamiiBee: @I_Am_YurLeader I made y'll laugh awwez ☺
I_Am_YurLeader, (04/20/2014)
RT @LuisAmazin: When bae won't text you back t.co/feFTz83v6c
idkellyy, (04/20/2014)
@teamkeri_nc ARTISTS WANTED for shows in NY for info EMAIL dropontopent@gmail.com
DropOnTopPromo, (04/20/2014)
. @gerhardrichter tops @AlexanderForbes's 10 most expensive living German artists list—but there are surprises, too: t.co/eq2DcojgRq
bhsutton, (04/20/2014)
RT @BKcolin: I'm not sure how I feel about this t.co/LCOl5uIQC9 t.co/mAtsOnWmzJ
mpvollen, (04/20/2014)
RT @DraftRT: 2014 NFL Mock Draft 4.0: t.co/15Yf1hWFeB . t.co/RXKASMZKnB
JacobbHamilton, (04/20/2014)
RT @ThatsJusMee_x3: School be the death of me😩😩😩
__kerraaa, (04/20/2014)
@comeoutandplay oh cool, saw the article but hit the brakes at comments
metasynthie, (04/20/2014)
@micacirilo post mo lang :3
xyberbrian, (04/20/2014)
@GaryDeJesus happy Belated birthday !!
MillieJRivera, (04/20/2014)
You can look at the world through x-ray lenses today, but your... More for Taurus t.co/aiUuIXCkpt
Daddy_Yohan, (04/20/2014)
RT @nayarina7: A pasar el dia con las feas @jessicuuca22 @MarlenLiebana @andrea_rubi1 @jenni_liebana #more
jenni_liebana, (04/20/2014)
@KiaJD @brokeymcpoverty @NYMag he's six?!? 😳😳😳😳😳
bkbusy718, (04/20/2014)
Good morning you sexy people!
CeRusso, (04/20/2014)
RT @GG_quotes: t.co/vOmq0UqYri
Tys_Promise, (04/20/2014)
RT @gym_exercise: t.co/H2l9MnObFG
Fitt_ET, (04/20/2014)
Sun is setting, NBC studio #newyorkcity #thatsit #bright #nbc #news #nyc #manhattan #midtown #sunset @… t.co/tojP07v3dk
silviaparicio_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: New York, (04/20/2014)
makrko7, (04/18/2014)
Coach Mike Woodson wants clarity on job status before face-to-face meeting with Phil Jackson - source (ESPN) t.co/lKrqDgHAf3
411SPORTSTV, (04/18/2014)
@michaelhickies I just saw an ATL tank for $16
Asking_Ariana, (04/18/2014)
What you wanna do when your parents keep asking you to get them stuff W/ Timothy Kennedy t.co/CYTzmOo7XO
PageKennedy, (04/18/2014)
I rather be with you but your never around..
Lowkey_Monii, (04/18/2014)
But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon… t.co/RX7kwroSy6
Simpleton126, (04/18/2014)
RT @FrencHMonTanA: Tonight club ALLSTARS 153 3rd st Elizabeth New Jersey @Djbobbytrends  s/o @ShawnHartwell t.co/qO7s5yOHhJ
IMMAFORCE, (04/18/2014)
Giveaway: Win A Copy of De La Soul’s ‘Smell The Da.I.S.Y.’ on Vinyl t.co/bRdbhngTlq t.co/I7khm7GQgZ
Gifted76, (04/18/2014)
RT @LuisAmazin: She got my ass 😂 t.co/8ycYV1Kafu
Kariinacv_, (04/18/2014)
The one line summed up like my whole driving career lol
_wallabeeCLARKE, (04/18/2014)
RT @JoshuaARosario: Died for me so i live for him #GoodFriday t.co/VYrZz20NaE
itzMoosey, (04/18/2014)
@maura @bob_ham Even if the act is national/celebrity? There's a way to introduce without condescending or appearing uninformed -
hilmonstah, (04/18/2014)
EyeFi Cloud t.co/bZQDcglgwE #photography #arts
adamsherwin, (04/18/2014)
I AM HATING FAKE LUKE!!!! What an ass!!! #GH
jenniferlevy, (04/18/2014)
@ashhlayylmao PS were not friends anymore 😌😐
Sul_Darko, (04/18/2014)
unless someone DM's me
BijeeSkull, (04/23/2014)
RT @EdwNewHeightsNY: What you all been waiting for is Back #Lucky7_Tuesdays #MechanicalBull with @djkassny OnSet 🙌🙌🙌 RSVP… t.co/N
DjkassNy, (04/23/2014)
Who's up?
FrankGotDaJuice, (04/23/2014)
Because I been thinking bout ya, you already know🌚🌝
StevenGuzman_14, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: New York, (04/23/2014)
@shanderss_ yeaaaah your fucking up 👎
xBrandonavichx, (04/23/2014)
Newcastle United: Toon eye Serbian ace: Source: t.co/SB0aZVFt92 --- Wednesday, April 23, 2014Newca... t.co/W2IRodUury #NUFC
NewcastleWatch, (04/23/2014)


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