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Бейсайд является пригородным районом в районе Квинса в Нью-Йорке, Нью-Йорк в США. Бейсайд известен как один из самых дорогих районов живем, и хорошо сохранились дома и озеленение. Окрестности является частью Квинс Общественного совета 11. Бейсайд был включен в список CNN Money о самых дорогих рынков жилья, а также был претендентом на рейтинге CNN Money о лучших городов для жизни 2005 года, и лучшие места уходит в отставку 2005 года. История Бейсайд восходит к 2000 году до н.э., когда Матинекок индейских племен впервые поселились там.



Прогноз погоды Bayside

Aug 20
Mostly Sunny
Aug 21
AM Showers
Aug 22
AM Showers
Aug 23
Partly Cloudy
Aug 24
Partly Cloudy



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Местные Новости Bayside, New York

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RobustControl, (08/20/2014)
Ohh, fuck did I miss?
mikelovenyc, (08/20/2014)
RT @kenzohoe: !!! low key wanna smoke hella blunts on my 1st day of school w/ @xgypsyqueeenx !!!
xgypsyqueeenx, (08/20/2014)
RT @michaelhayes: Incredible @Reuters photo from last night in Ferguson t.co/1aXAbOoMh4
the_mckern, (08/20/2014)
only if math was that easy fam.
Shawndylan_, (08/20/2014)
Cock!!!!!!! t.co/eJM2vdNaI1
mitchsunderland, (08/20/2014)
How many people can you help with crystals? t.co/2GV7LQtRYx
liveLOA, (08/20/2014)
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TheSOCAce, (08/20/2014)
@LadyShaba You're jealous of the twins? Why?
WhorableHWives, (08/20/2014)
RT @A_mericanMuscle: #Mopar t.co/73EvXRlmPi
PaulNiewinski, (08/17/2014)
Having a Sunday Funday NIGHTTIME EDITION! Oh snap, getting loose on a Sunday. NYC people, where's your favorite Sunday party?
OfficialMel, (08/17/2014)
PLS😂😂😂 "@Addicted_to_CMB: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 t.co/AoagPGh1kl"
QueenNicki__, (08/17/2014)
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Meselyn, (08/17/2014)
RT @AutumnWednesday: Sure, Lets have sex. Sure. #ThingsIWillNeverSay
vikingunicorn, (08/17/2014)
Sitting next to steph is an automatic set up
kimmykins_x3, (08/17/2014)
RT @Joaomilfolhas: Tenho os sonos trocados. Também tenho a vida trocada, pq eu devia ser rico.
Ines_pequenina, (08/17/2014)
RT @FunnyNbaGuy: When you see Bae in the stands. @NBAMemeTeam t.co/vzwFVcOXkc
CoolAssPatt, (08/17/2014)
I dont need no more set backs.
xoxo_shaunaaa, (08/17/2014)
huytan - ily thank u sm for ur package ur one of the coolest ppl i know
salviaxplath, (08/17/2014)
Love this! Source: t.co/QeRcc1h9sh Photo: t.co/fPo6ZF8QtB - - t.co/m1BXJenW5M
MiriamLPN, (08/17/2014)
Photoshoot today was lot
paxstonia, (08/17/2014)
ATL Shawty
lana_L_rey, (08/17/2014)
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fgranik, (08/17/2014)
RT @MisterNo_: Mi domingo. t.co/6IBlszO5Q2
Prazmo_, (08/17/2014)
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as_Reckless, (08/15/2014)
RT @Itz_Steviiee: Nuff a dem yutes yah too frighten fi gyal dawg.
Broodzz_Massive, (08/15/2014)
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Sandy_PDA, (08/15/2014)
RT @esmailyas: t.co/yz0Se7ea6p
katelynmire, (08/15/2014)
Proxima Control at Trash Bar.
samanthanoise, (08/15/2014)
Photo: put-yourself-backtogether: You’ve got some nerve thinking we could be friends, well what did you... t.co/1pYFbgSCOl
AngieNotSoFancy, (08/15/2014)
RT @epicurious: Is cold brew iced coffee always better? t.co/dn9h0OdCjK t.co/VCRlayPGqY
EmpressCarri, (08/15/2014)
Slim gotta go 😂😂😂😂😂
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Alright goodnight :)
hemmoftparker, (08/15/2014)
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@runagainstawall, you just added 12 points to BASTILLE - bad_news! t.co/jggBGq2uIi
hypem_charts, (08/15/2014)
if you don't like the red hot chilli peppers then i'm sorry tbh
1DUpdatesNY, (08/15/2014)
“@DaveNavarro: Watching #needforspeed in 3-D! Unbelievably terrible and even MORE unbelievably awesome!” I did/thought the same thing t
DMullzNYC, (08/15/2014)
RT @RoyalMobISH: Being a gentleman never goes out of style.
YoungStonerTy, (08/15/2014)
Gary deadass my nigga for that 😂😂😂😂
granitisking, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Bronx, NY (08/15/2014)
RT @SCMagazine: FBI begins investigation into 1.2 billion stolen credentials | t.co/LwelZoSdIz
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vssrrr, (08/20/2014)
Then hopefully gonna go on a run then hang w @elysemcmahon tonight :)
livwashere, (08/19/2014)
5hygur1, (08/19/2014)
Stag Hollow Vineyard — creating work-life balance t.co/fpwoIm8YMb [t.co/TUUcdUSDh8]
winetimesUS, (08/19/2014)
#team Steven @PanthersWhs t.co/YELrgfqYgi
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@sermad @julapy @stavwasthere I think these are the tiles with sensing that we used. They are pretty solid. Made for dance floors.
chrisallick, (08/19/2014)
Just posted a photo t.co/WyWwPwlGQv
DenGatti124, (08/19/2014)
That ass tho RT @VeronosaurusRex: I'm at rite aid & this dude has been following me around for like 5 minutes
polo430, (08/19/2014)
@AlPakinoo tg
AdhiyaSenGupta, (08/19/2014)
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NeauxChillGod, (08/19/2014)
Lets pray for: 1st Pakistan , then democracy then anyone else....
asim9012, (08/19/2014)
#Np #SuicideSilence - Lifted
MitchLuckerSS_, (08/19/2014)
@Blaztful give me ur ip so that i can still boot u once u change skypes
MidpIay, (08/19/2014)
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khoshmirzad, (08/19/2014)
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njbm68, (08/20/2014)
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Thiskid_anthony, (08/20/2014)


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