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Bayside est un quartier de banlieue dans le quartier de Queens à New York, New York aux États-Unis. Bayside est connue comme l'une des zones les plus chères à vivre, avec des maisons bien entretenues et l'aménagement paysager. Le quartier fait partie de Queens Community Board 11. Bayside a été inclus dans la liste CNN Money de marchés immobiliers les plus chers, et a également été un concurrent pour le classement CNN Money de meilleurs endroits pour vivre 2005, et Best Places to Retire 2005. L'histoire de Bayside remonte à 2000 ans avant J.-C., lorsque le Matinecock tribu amérindienne d'abord installés là-bas.



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RT @STARFORCEHH: HIP HOP VIDEOS | Marcus Marcell “Facebook Friends” t.co/mJuilGQEpx @MarcusMarcell1
PatmaDCM56, (04/15/2014)
RT @511NYC: MTA Long Island Rail Rd: due to Equipment problems, east Ronkonkoma Branch out of NY Penn Sta (Mnhttn) The 5:53PM train from P
NJI95thm, (04/15/2014)
RT @StephMBuck: Thanks to @thedailybeast for including @mashable's piece on Boston survivor Rebekah Gregory in its Best Longreads! t…
GinaTweetsToday, (04/15/2014)
RT @StyleList: Duchess Kate was the belle of the St. Patrick's Day ball today: t.co/GReOAmQwmj t.co/MQwEj8CXNC
PhilippaClare_S, (03/17/2014)
RT @DicePrinceRoyce: "Esa sensación de verte y enamorarme un poco más."
NahueeelDiaz, (03/17/2014)
RT @jimmyfallon: Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
a_noellee, (03/17/2014)
They say they love Hip-Hop
krooklyn_, (03/17/2014)
When A Kid Is Taking A Nap, Will It Be Fair To Call It KIDNAP?
ROYelHassan, (03/17/2014)
RT @AgentM: Still looking through all the #CapWorldPremiere photos. Total Black Widow look in this Scarlett Johansson pic. t.co/Jj1F…
jean_frescas, (03/17/2014)
Who needs coffee when you can just drink up an essay on the End Of Civilization (henceforth #CIV) with your MIND??!
CaseyG, (03/17/2014)
RT @Cnyari: Celaya (Mexico's 2nd division) protest unpaid wages by wearing bags over their heads saying "pay me" (via @waatpies) t.c…
MrAyo_, (03/17/2014)
RT @MTV: .@IanBohen + @TylerL_Hoechlin on #WolfWatch? #OhHaleYes! t.co/VA2iffOiaJ #TeenWolf
IwelinaKastrewa, (03/17/2014)
Show Your Team Spirit With the Perfect March Madness Nails | Lifestyle Mirror: t.co/QgBhRcf4G9 via @lifestylemirror
Penelopeaton, (03/17/2014)
t.co/kEGJFLuaJw Where's the Beef?: If there's one meaty entree associated with Irish... t.co/ciLG7xlNex Call (212) 644-9494
acneonline, (03/17/2014)
RT @GuitarWorld: Video: @Metallica Perform New Song, "The Lords of Summer," in Bogotá t.co/Jlk0dwAYV4 t.co/bnv97ksQFv
EmX_GT, (03/17/2014)
Follow me please. I love you so much ♥ @justinbieber #BieberFollowBrazilianBeliebers 144x
TeefeyDrew, (03/17/2014)
"Cow lick: a kitten receives a 'kiss' from a calf in western France" t.co/3wOaz8BZsC
josephjett, (03/17/2014)
RT @badgirl_chiinky: @iSwaG_23 nigga I don't want ya dirty ass D but I'll put this pussy on ya bottom lip 😂
Jrizzy215, (03/17/2014)
#WhitePlains #Jobs AS 400 (ISeries) Developers with RPG experience t.co/jMJ1BWcfCb
White_Plains_Wk, (04/09/2014)
These Teams & Crews Are Just Fake ... All You Have Is Yourself
WavyboiYatted, (04/02/2014)
@FlazuhL @EasyTheBean @moeisking_ That would be one of Eazys 59 million accounts
iBeZo, (04/02/2014)
This feeling in my heart, mind and stomach just wont go away.
KaitlynRecine, (04/02/2014)
RT @KenRoth: Congrats to my colleague Tom Malinowski--removed today from Congressional purgatory & confirmed as US ass't sec of state f
benjaminzawacki, (04/02/2014)
RT @LuckyMagazine: The 30 most famous jewels in the world: t.co/5HWDVZZ8BS
1nsmexico, (04/02/2014)
@Al_Martin5 @ahernzy14 @Dahnea thanks al you're a GOOD FRIEND. All of you come visit me now
errrinhy, (04/02/2014)
@CarterII_OWA That's what I thought!
JenFUCKINdayi, (04/02/2014)
@orangexxdream @Crunchy_SAHM @FedIsBest @jjustinking those are just some of the things that were said. Justin was copying what you guys said
MomStrong_, (04/02/2014)
A situation that seems to be beyond your control could push yo... More for Taurus t.co/JTXjVA6k4M
asvp_shaun, (04/02/2014)
I need a black prom dress😫
salutedbad__, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :country: United Stat (04/02/2014)
I learned my lesson, I know who my real friends are 💪
beauteerush_, (04/02/2014)
Great. Cept it was season 4 so no Idris or Wood Harris RT @Samson2509: @stereowilliams how was the cast party for The Wire?!? Omar comin'!
stereowilliams, (04/02/2014)
RT @DarkMatterRage: politics = the presidential election #WhitePeopleEquivalents
pikabrian13, (04/02/2014)
RT @SiriusXMNFL: Joel Segal "Obviously the money matters, but the way the Redskins players came out to recruit @DeseanJackson10, was the r
StefanCaldwellr, (04/02/2014)
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Cordelia_vaub, (04/15/2014)
RT @ArthurPitt: The #1 most added record at Urban radio this week is @WizKhalifa's "We Dem Boyz". Check out the video here t.co/hgcQ…
IAMBUCKONE, (04/15/2014)
RT @BillNojay: Very sad night in NY - hundreds of thousands of citizens branded criminals by their government.
Farahanipour, (04/15/2014)
I forgot my dog was laying with me .. i squished him 3 times ... oops! sorry Nibbles lmfaoooooo
DeeTyb_, (04/15/2014)
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RT @lindsaylohan: Me and my new friend zeeks1000 in 🇬🇧 t.co/YNnsmdXe3w
TonyECombs, (04/15/2014)
RT @FemaIeNotes: If you truly love someone, the only thing you want for them is to be happy, even if it's not with you. 💯👌
skip152, (04/15/2014)
Throwing lamps at bitches who need to lighten up
PandoraAnnamae, (04/15/2014)
#SummerVacation No, we haven't gone anywhere. In fact, we've been meeting, planning and spending quality Team... t.co/8JGQX7iXQF
yakapAral, (04/15/2014)
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Jerry76650, (04/15/2014)
RT @TheMarySue: "The Man-Signal! Someone must be doing reverse sexism!" t.co/DaqYBkRetz
CaptainMagpi, (04/15/2014)
RT @businessinsider: 5 Things To Know Before Accepting A Job Offer t.co/2E1vNQH5mK
IamShashiShetty, (03/22/2014)
RT @FrankieJGrande: Grinding on that wood. Serfboardt. #emergencyroomart t.co/9TAJ89zkJq
rizzlesbutera, (03/22/2014)
Angie's list
l3enedetto, (03/22/2014)
I don't wanna be bothered anymore 😠✋
CallMeAdrianna_, (03/22/2014)
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lisamartinez_, (03/22/2014)
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hanziaaa, (04/15/2014)
@LaNena323 oh god thank u that I don't wake up at 7:40
DJsnipe1, (04/15/2014)
@ChelsyYounger lol You're welcome!!!
Alyssa_TMNT, (04/15/2014)
God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do.
WandaKnapp8LQR, (04/15/2014)
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IdoWHATiWANTidc, (04/15/2014)
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scribblezayn, (03/20/2014)
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Rising star Santino Fontana refuses repetition _ t.co/iyKLgTfQY9 @SantinoFontana
KennedyTwits, (03/20/2014)
Gaius Publius: "Report on CIA black sites and torture may provoke constitutional crisis" t.co/NEZmLikCIL #p2
SmirkingChimp, (03/20/2014)
@LonCarter91 true bruh true lol.
CodyMoneyTaylor, (03/20/2014)
@MaruDelaCruzz @KtnyGarciaa @JhnCrsDntn HAHAHA gulat nga ako pumayag ka e hahaha!
shelleybalbin, (03/20/2014)
RT @grossdm: Big unappreciated story of Obama years is gov't repeatedly imposing higher standards: mileage, insurers, light bulbs, for-prof
terri_georgia, (03/20/2014)
A Taste of the Return of the Momofuku Ssam t.co/LpUnSErnDw
ForkintheRoadVV, (03/20/2014)
33 '90s Trends That, In Retrospect, Maybe Weren't Such A Great Idea t.co/BoHU7XIl9U
KidOmeletta, (03/20/2014)
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awryo, (03/20/2014)
RT @gettingsome: @EmilyGould or MILD EULOGY or UM, I YELL GOD or MULLED YOGI.
EmilyGould, (03/20/2014)
3 Decades covering NYM--I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy EVERY single moment--I am so lucky
coutinho9, (03/20/2014)
Love the gym late at night
D_2theA2the_VID, (03/22/2014)
@XANAXDREAMS do it. Lil bae / bae dog Ts
chelawhita, (03/22/2014)
My mom really is the fucking best
BelleDeEsprit, (03/22/2014)
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polo_Melodies, (03/22/2014)
RT @PencilsOfPromis: Kids who learn proper handwashing techniques are up to 54% more likely to attend school (@UNICEF). #WorldWaterDay http
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Efreet69, (03/22/2014)
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AshleyGlittersx, (03/22/2014)
@ovid9 No worries - it would require new tax funding methods and changing of staff. Both of which are entrenched.
mediachecker, (03/22/2014)
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elmendezzz, (04/03/2014)
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fabulouslyme__, (03/29/2014)
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FXSniper22, (03/19/2014)
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violletsaidwhat, (03/19/2014)
RT @kaysarahsera: Sharing a stage w/ @imogenheap, @amandapalmer, @neilhimself, @usmanriaz1990, @Cmdr_Hadfield+more!? Vancouver, you really
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