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Brooklyn (nommé d'après la ville néerlandaise''Breukelen'') est l'un des cinq arrondissements de New York, situé au sud-ouest du Queens à l'extrémité ouest de Long Island. Une ville indépendante jusqu'à sa fusion avec New York en 1898, Brooklyn est l'arrondissement le plus peuplé de New York, avec 2,5 millions d'habitants, et le deuxième plus grand en superficie. Depuis 1896, Brooklyn a eu les mêmes limites que le comté de Kings, qui est maintenant le comté le plus peuplé d'État de New York et le deuxième comté le plus peuplé des Etats-Unis, après New York County (Manhattan). Même si une partie de New York, Brooklyn entretient une culture distincte, la scène artistique indépendante et unique patrimoine architectural. Beaucoup de quartiers de Brooklyn sont des enclaves ethniques où certains groupes ethniques et cultures qui prédominent.



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MalcolmDaKiid, (08/19/2014)
@neytawnia you always see me, even when your eyes are closed
ramoybonner_, (08/19/2014)
RT @dailyteenwords: Everything I hate in one picture: t.co/RgyTI71ie5
Lidyarosalina, (08/19/2014)
I am only 1 person, that happens to be a Mom also. =SUPERPERSON
TiffanyTW_Image, (08/19/2014)
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Seinbooks, (08/19/2014)
TONIGHT 7PM at MIST - Harlem: See IMPACT Repertory Theatre's Original Hip Hop Musical "Peace Warriors" FREE! t.co/6g2I45tTUd
ArtsinNewYork, (08/19/2014)
RT @dailyteenwords: I hate the fact that my phone battery dies so quickly when I need it the most.
nabilafrrsmt, (08/19/2014)
RT @mylips4herclit: headache went from 0-100 real quick 😒
tiffany_raeee, (08/19/2014)
On CH: Lookbook-meets-travel-guide in @LEVIS Made & Crafted's Fall 2014 collaboration with #WilderQuarterly t.co/uGBaKaQunP
joshrubin, (08/19/2014)
RT @mandurrsR5: 5 minutes till amnesia bts video should be up but 5SOS are probably gonna be late as usual so #vote5sos
lauren_reilly13, (08/19/2014)
RT @PrincessChar_xo: ALL I SEE IS PINK💖💓💕💖💞💘💗🎀👙👙👛😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 t.co/eFLXpE15tM
LowKeyLife_Zay, (08/19/2014)
RT @Keceeeh_: "@redv_gi: "@exonsh: masih newbie #openfollow for RP Korea. help retweet jfb *5""
cnyeolz, (08/19/2014)
Hahaha. #keepplayingson #cuffinseason on the way. t.co/1spyz4LM3W
Asolmiah, (08/19/2014)
RT @TaylorCatLady13: Goodbye ''Red'', thanks for everything. Hello ''1989''. 💕 #MTVHottest Taylor Swift t.co/cqEPCQpcU1
annkimxx, (08/19/2014)
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CzmOutdoorRecre, (08/19/2014)
@NinjaNik i mean.
crissles, (08/15/2014)
“@Mr_Carterr: Nash was sucking on the mcdonalds mcflurry straw for like 30 seconds until he realized it was a spoon 😂” i did the same
carter2turnt, (08/15/2014)
@versaljournal - you were the first lit mag I ever enjoyed cover to cover. just bought some backlist issues and can't wait for '12. :)
yanyiluo, (08/15/2014)
Plenty of retail therapy, Mario's , and booze to prepare to send my baby off to Tampa and I'm still nowhere near ready
McCasey_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Maywood, (08/15/2014)
This is what he does while I drive. #LOVEHIMSOMUCH dee_best09 t.co/Y7ZZPw8tcV
BKLYNNETTE30, (08/15/2014)
RT @BuzzFeed: Little League Pitcher Mo’Ne Davis Is The Hero We All Need t.co/b9n24QG3za t.co/pJ90ML5Nbp
NolaPeachTee, (08/15/2014)
RT @Kay_Snow: #AfricansAlways be buying phone cards like its part of the grocery list. Smh
sadgirlny, (08/15/2014)
Photo: First time outside.. #nycbabies HANA t.co/wM3i5OqfUf
Uziego, (08/15/2014)
@violentfanon i block everyone and almost never @ people I dislike. Some discipline.
RancidTarzie, (08/15/2014)
RT @Jen_applepie: if before ur marriage a guy told u is 'thing' was 3cm...would you cancel THE WEDDING ? — Yeah dat cyaa do nutten …
hanaxia_, (08/15/2014)
It takes true artists years to regress and produce work that's reminiscent of their childhood.… t.co/6wc2AtMyKQ
FredyRalda, (08/15/2014)
RT @XXL: 21 hip-hop songs that shout out Robin Williams and his movies t.co/J2j9JpcoVH
brittsharpie, (08/15/2014)
"meaner than Katrina mixed with Gina, shut up Cole"
Cy13_, (08/15/2014)
@Scrixx i used to have it there but idk I kind of just floated it back up there
xMOONS, (08/15/2014)
RT @ejdfosho: It's the sweetest being called beautiful
lindsey_cutler, (08/15/2014)


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