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Brooklyn (named after the Dutch town ''Breukelen'') is one of the five boroughs of New York City, located southwest of Queens on the western tip of Long Island. An independent city until its consolidation with New York in 1898, Brooklyn is New York City's most populous borough, with 2.5 million residents, and second largest in area. Since 1896, Brooklyn has had the same boundaries as Kings County, which is now the most populous county in New York State and the second most densely populated county in the United States, after New York County (Manhattan). Though a part of New York City, Brooklyn maintains a distinct culture, independent art scene, and unique architectural heritage. Many Brooklyn neighborhoods are ethnic enclaves where particular ethnic groups and cultures predominate.



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RT @ban_bannnn: Wish I was fucking taught computer programming as a kid or in highschool but nooo let me learn Spanish, French or Italian S
Julliaaannnnnnn, (09/10/2014)
NoBootyBrooke, (09/18/2014)
RT @Cosmopolitan: Mexican government officials not happy with Miley Cyrus, she may be sentenced to jail time: t.co/EKcKge7FV6 http:/…
ShadeTreeJacob, (09/18/2014)
RT @Latina: Mexican officials are NOT happy about @MileyCyrus's latest stunt: t.co/6YFqnhve4j t.co/7KKKQZe2at
Rorie_Rdrgz, (09/18/2014)
@lpotr4 got it! Thanks Tito, I know what I'm doing later tonight!
bdelcastle, (09/18/2014)
RT @BuzzFeed: This dehydrated baby rhino found on the side of a road was saved by a passing motorist t.co/LM1BHddxiP t.co/MXh…
atieyK, (09/18/2014)
RT @BuzzFeed: Harry Styles’ hair has reached peak man bun and it’s beautiful t.co/T4NVJLXXCq t.co/LDHLpdCDwG
MelaniePBH, (09/18/2014)
It's cold asl in this room
_Tonniiiii, (09/18/2014)
“@OfficiallyIce: Bricks. All white bricks. Off white bricks. Light tan bricks. Just hit a lick. For 50 more bricks.” BRICKS!
smackedboyjayo, (09/18/2014)
NowPlaying Members Only - Bobby Blue Bland t.co/aP0RuDoKAH
radiogarifuna, (09/18/2014)
RT @tjsochi: a mistake is forgetting to do your homework or texting the wrong person, beating you wife unconscious is not a mistake
ericaa_millerr, (09/10/2014)
RT @therealelp: i also think fire departments are pretty cool. they run in to fires and save babies and shit.
YungSplean, (09/10/2014)
Atlantic City's Revel casino reaches $90 mln sale deal -documents: Sept 10 (Reuters) - Atlantic... t.co/Epni8uqzRg (Via @Reuters)
WorldNe25169003, (09/10/2014)
RT @WSJbreakingnews: Obama to say U.S. will lead broad coalition to roll back Islamic State t.co/N4dNusy1do
MenzelZEL, (09/10/2014)
RT @obitsband: Discovering that U2 has a new song called "The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)" is irrationally upsetting.
MarkMansfield10, (09/10/2014)
And now Mack wild lol
tatianaowens, (09/09/2014)
Flyest glass eye though.
CallmeminiKC, (09/09/2014)
#Oregon #wine inspiration from @SteveatCristom @CristomWine @2850Restaurant last night. t.co/mqSCdPRWsS
canterburywine, (09/09/2014)
Gaga really has an amazing heart as she is willing to tailor her artRAVE show to suit the values & the culture in Dubai. True Respect.
GagaLovesBey, (09/09/2014)
SOOOOOOOOO you can tell me who you wanna do it for- I was thinking on the lines of Cash, Jack and Jack, Shawn or Matt
dallasvuitton, (09/09/2014)
@GarrettStepp @KacyWilkins ty garrett ily
D_LoGreen, (09/09/2014)
@TokoloshDesign Download #Free #Responsive #bootstrap3 HTML5 Template #themifycloud t.co/dUF1kEDxqy t.co/610NAXu08i
ThemifyCloud, (09/09/2014)
Sonart Audio Rhodes MKI MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS t.co/GMa7BlVCkg
magesy_pro, (09/09/2014)
RT @WSJ: First impressions of the new iPhone 6: t.co/eOqjTKyoE7 t.co/UqI56VWNyb
madonnafeather, (09/09/2014)
View my 4 latest photos on Flickr: t.co/1MfD95a2KV
TWO01Basketball, (09/09/2014)
Listen now: #Best NY-LA #TalkRadio Powered up: t.co/t8L2DGLRK9 with Beck & Franklin #Sandwichgeneration #Edlercare #Childcare
PoweredUpGirl, (09/09/2014)
RT @joshgroban: Get a room, you 2 t.co/vCP1flfB2Z
red_velvet2, (09/09/2014)
scsp_bot, (09/09/2014)
A LIFE coach doesn't focus on what THEY think is WRONG with YOU...They Point you in the direction of What YOU see as RIGHT so YOU ENHANCE IT
SOOPERSTAR13, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Montclair (09/09/2014)
@jimgigliotti Thank you Jim.
StanleyCohenLaw, (09/09/2014)
RT @Yankees: .@carlosbeltran15 was scratched from #Yankees lineup with soreness in his right elbow.
Charlatan001, (09/10/2014)
RT @WSJ: "The iPhone is no longer really a phone." @GeoffreyFowler's first impressions of the iPhone 6: t.co/SrVB28cCGW t.co/…
sidshukla, (09/10/2014)
RT @ltsChuckBass: when the girl you hate likes your boyfriends picture t.co/C2fTm4iNWQ
Angel_Micayla, (09/16/2014)
@LiiLBitt_ sometimes women ask for it Prima
BigPapiStatS, (09/10/2014)
RT @Rich_ThaFactor: Thottin on twitter 😪
mikayla_26, (09/10/2014)
Wales and Lions full-back Leigh Halfpenny is set to sign for Toulon and will join the big-spending French side next summer.
Jenny_RRTq, (09/10/2014)
RT @Cyphoc: Pretty girls don't need make up 😊
juliwantdollas, (09/10/2014)
treat for the day: the wonderfully low-key and excellent Jeff Still doing a bit of Our Town. beautiful speech,... t.co/nH24Ay8tU2
evbvd, (09/10/2014)
@Quinn_RND -Se estremece al escuchar su gemido y sube las manos por su espalda, entre abriendo los labios al sentir su lengua-
SantanaRND, (09/10/2014)
@Kid_Laney 😭😭😭
kimmykins_x3, (09/10/2014)
Game day 7pm @ Drexel
jake_heroux, (09/10/2014)
RT @aidybryant: To the man with the bleached tips who just stole my cab, your look fits you perfectly! H8 u!
WeirdWorkaholic, (09/10/2014)
According to t.co/jjlPhTZRkY my Twitter account is worth $169.20 What's Yours worth? #freestuff
Kyle_Jenner22, (09/10/2014)
Updated @marionraven & @larsenmarit CD collection (via plenty of importing). A few items still to come! #M2M t.co/RI2vrgkvTx
that_guy_santo, (09/10/2014)
IRFNYcom, (09/10/2014)
RT @nahright: .@ChrisBrown ft. @KendrickLamar – "Autumn Leaves" t.co/i5zBUhjuYJ t.co/0Fqxq3a9tP
Lee_Kanitsua, (09/10/2014)
RT @jonjonmak: GURUS by J.MAK!!! t.co/OIWBaCZD1I
AlexPangelinan, (09/10/2014)
@Soplengpleng_ ah sige kelan ba? hahahah jk la akong pera
httpjeon, (09/06/2014)
RT @pickover: Dice + Escher. An astonishing configuration. t.co/8C9SJqjPwg
gmarsau, (09/06/2014)
Demain j'commence par physique... j'ai jamais eu un cours aussi ennuyeux de ma vie
maried_st, (09/06/2014)
RT @AdamSchefter: On first full Sunday of season, bet I'm not the only one who can't sleep.
643DoubleA, (09/06/2014)
@HS_BrockR @Sena_Denver (그렇다면 평범하게 다른 사진을..) t.co/HfDvFc1iO9
HS_SteveR, (09/06/2014)
RT @Forbes: At a news conference in Carson City, Tesla's billionaire CEO Elon Musk called Nevada a "get things done state:" t.co/pZm…
training4gold, (09/06/2014)
Uh oh I'm on the new ios7 update?
JonTron_ebooks, (09/06/2014)
RT @AdamSchefter: On first full Sunday of season, bet I'm not the only one who can't sleep.
IDrinkThere4IAm, (09/06/2014)
TopLess Jessa Hinton t.co/S4rY0W8HDZ t.co/YWqQuOofI7
VSModelOfficial, (09/06/2014)
RT @Mark_Beech: One definition of jangly 1980s guitar music: Lotus Eaters. I was sent a new mix from DJ XQ which I'll post if I can https:/
LeeDP4, (09/06/2014)
RT @sinanantoon: روايتي "وحدها شجرة الرمان" من بين الكتب التي منعت في معرض الكويت ! أي
Al77assan, (09/06/2014)
RT @Vevo: Another one for @BritneySpears! "Circus" is now #VevoCertified with over 100M views & counting! t.co/iajimk4lY1 RT to say …
lordefancy, (09/06/2014)
RT @Z100NewYork: YOU GUYS DID IT! The most requested song of the hour is @JessieJ, @ArianaGrande, + @NICKIMINAJ's #BANGBANG! TURN IT UP! #S
objessedgirl, (09/06/2014)
It's the best day of the year! Happy Race Day! #Race4theCure
KomenGreaterNYC, (09/06/2014)
RT @Newsweek: Zapping your brain with TDCS could help you lose weight t.co/brFCHXjWGx t.co/JtRHXDZs65
mallopes, (09/06/2014)
RT @QueenaNYC: don't ever second guess yourself of who you are.
frostlock2911, (09/13/2014)
RT @michaeljackson: Today on Tour: In 1997, Michael finished the second of a two-night stand in Helsinki, FI as part of the HIStory Tour. h
chrisyopictures, (09/13/2014)
RT @gauravsabnis: From all accounts, @IndiGo6E has done a spectacular job in the context of #KashmirFloods.
CaptShaktiLumba, (09/13/2014)
RT @ThePlaylist: Watch: Spike Jonze Directed Video For Karen O's "Ooo" Starring Elle Fanning t.co/7rEg6yykWP t.co/OI3xFltsNy
RyanSound, (09/13/2014)
idk if ill ever sleep again with this constant fucking ringing in my ear
Youngfillynewps, (09/13/2014)
UPDATE 1-Nevada lawmakers to consider huge tax breaks for Tesla: (Recasts with start of session... t.co/v2z6jzHaj0 (Via @Reuters)
WorldNe25169003, (09/10/2014)
RT @JaredOverdrive: Behind the booth with Tommy Lee mrtommyland deadmau5 in Phoenix az @soflofficial performance… t.co/WkvI1p445C
cruehead16, (09/10/2014)
so many devices that want to replace credit cards...who is their demographic?
AlexEberg, (09/10/2014)
Keep doubting me fine. Don't doubt my God t.co/09tNUZf32T
loganrnb, (09/10/2014)
Must not say negative things. Must not say negative things. Must not say negative things. Hand me my vodka soda.
TheRealBillyS, (09/10/2014)
【la select】[セット]シフォン切替+チュニックボーダー[黒×白黒]la select(2)新品: ¥ 1,800 (この商品の現在
Fashionodel, (09/10/2014)
@_julianserranoo @valenetche12 RT RT
alvariito_jose, (09/10/2014)
RT @BuzzFeed: A 10-year-old goldfish had surgery to remove a tumor, he's expected to live another 20 years t.co/uJLwDquAig t.…
k8gally, (09/15/2014)
RT @DefJamRecords: Photo: hiphopclassicks: LL Cool J t.co/HSDEiYKVRu
Darealtefp, (09/15/2014)
RT @verge: Watch the first full trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 t.co/byEe9Y3C0I
amalantonypaul, (09/15/2014)
Lamps' debut, a big win for the Cosmos, and more—catch up on all the latest #NYC soccer news: t.co/GbdRw7tzVI t.co/YcNsgyYH5v
u90soccer, (09/15/2014)
I find Chrome eats way more RAM than Safari. (iMac here) 24GB of RAM? Did u dupe your laptop? @gimelresh
sfreynolds, (09/15/2014)
@BadgersTweetToo Sent you an article. Working on a photo, but I'm short staffed this week, so I can't promise anything. Should know tonight.
TheWallStBull, (09/15/2014)
RT @NYCityAlerts: Queens: W/B LIE at Greenpoint Ave. U/D; Photo overturned cement truck w cement mix spill. Consider alternate routes. http
mws5689, (09/15/2014)
Shak always got some shit to say to my ass yo 😭😩
ZaniyyahNieamah, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Newark, N (09/15/2014)
RT @hhmahra: اللہم في هذآ المساء آرزقنآ خير آلدنيآ، ۆنعيمَ آلآخره، ويسر لنآ گل آمر
abdalwurs72, (09/15/2014)
@JayTheWanted 😍😘
madelny03, (09/15/2014)
@shoshanarf We have too many channels of communication, so none of them get the full attention they deserve.
itsdlevy, (09/15/2014)
RT @ChakerKhazaal: #HaletHob (Situation of Love) with someone from #ConfessionsOfAWarChildSahara. I wish the character isn't fictional ;)
Sosba_, (09/15/2014)
RT @HuffPostEnt: Meet the newest cast member of "SNL" t.co/9YlmsgDWAg t.co/DlECPutQVL
katlamcglynn, (09/15/2014)
RT @HerbieZiskend: The @HuffingtonPost is the #1 news site in the US with over 100 million monthly UVs. Congrats to the team! t.co/…
ethanklapper, (09/15/2014)
RT @_barbzzzz: I hate a pussy nigga
N123Valeria, (09/10/2014)
RT @BI_Science: Here are some of the scariest emerging viruses around the world t.co/xK37jljMPU t.co/iaPDU3GRoj
kamra61, (09/10/2014)
-Yo no dejo lo que esta Seguro por mujeres Ajenas...
XanderRulay, (09/10/2014)
RT @PenseesdeFilles: Ça me fait rire les gens qui parlent dans mon dos. Ils ont trouvé leur place, derrière.
SandraBna, (09/10/2014)
RT @leerothchild: Join @LymphaticNet, @SenSchumer, & @SarahHughesNY at the #LymphWalk this Sunday in NYC. Sign up or donate at t.co/…
SarahHughesNY, (09/10/2014)
RT @BIGEASTMBB: "As soon as the schedule comes out it's basketball season" - Jay Wright t.co/fIQJVD90Bk
vuwildcat07, (09/10/2014)
That was type mean forgive me Bigga
nikaspoiledbrat, (09/10/2014)
RT @GZuckerman: A shale king outbids Bon Jovi to win Buffalo Bills t.co/Gx4uZpTcPo
karenbmoreau, (09/10/2014)
RT @bujaredee: Drinking tonight to celebrate our existence .. Because why not ? @MendimeDee @_ninaaboss @BinaPirzada
BinaPirzada, (09/10/2014)
@Evil_Dattebayo Nope.... so who are you?
mrvlblackcat12, (09/10/2014)
@Harajukudanny Throw on It's A Question Of Time. Helps me ;)
Modejay, (09/10/2014)
The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Social Media Tools and More t.co/D6WQozDdZE #SocialBiz
ShopKeep, (09/10/2014)
El Grito: Mexico's Independence DayEl Grit... @ The Church of the Intercession Sep 12 at 6:00 pm t.co/JF3MUYahsC via @SocialNBrooklyn
SpinGoNY, (09/10/2014)
RT @XDJerks: #رايف_العتيبي_المبتعثين_امانه #استشهاد_قادة_أحرار_الشام #حاجه_تخليك_مر
minolycurij, (09/10/2014)
Volcanic eruption sends shockwave you have to see to believe t.co/qQenw3JbxD
HuffPostGreen, (09/10/2014)
♪Shalamar♫ A Night To Remember ♬♫♪ - Tune in here : t.co/6aii4Bc58y
TSoNYC_radio, (09/06/2014)
Vou começar s junta din
thheus_, (09/06/2014)
t.co/wH7f3ckaFa hm
Goomcloud, (09/06/2014)
RT @ninagarcia: Next ... @ALTUZARRASTUDIO #nyfw t.co/MJqMbMAZfb
DanielleSonda, (09/06/2014)
Man, Roy Hodgson t.co/uyYyHDn93r
TundeOS, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Manhattan (09/06/2014)
So impressed! I tried these natural berry drops and lost 13 pounds so far! Try it out!-> /XRasp.com #fitness #health
jjbarea4, (09/06/2014)
Feelin' so frivolous
KhalilJibran_, (09/06/2014)
@CurlsAndSports estabas drinking??
yankycowboylvr, (09/06/2014)
@BeforeYouExit so adoranble
irwinsgirl13, (09/06/2014)
RT @TravlandLeisure: There are an infinite number of beaches, but here are the best ones to visit in 2014: t.co/gKwLh26Qwi t.…
u_ssnn, (09/06/2014)
hotzjmgifs, (09/06/2014)
@yogurtsensual Que terror
masedepois, (09/06/2014)
@OhhWarm i was never programmed for a band...
brrrrrriiian, (09/06/2014)
@GABYSPEARS_ I remember we was cool and part of the Same team lol
Triple52, (09/06/2014)
#ProTip "@bananapeele: It's too soon to sleep with your coworkers if everyone at your office doesn't already assume that you're having sex."
orestimusic, (09/06/2014)
@tylynn_sings Is Nigma (Nygma?) a person we will know? A famous bad guy?
PunkyStarshine, (09/22/2014)
@DancingABC #DWTS #ABC 😍😍😍
Max2179, (09/22/2014)
RT @gchesman: Mars, Statoil, Unilever, Southwestern Energy to Announce Green Actions at #Climate Summit t.co/xyeIYLJpwu via @Justmea…
TheEarthNetwork, (09/22/2014)
RT @TreyvonKhalilD: @pizzaofboys the walking dread 😍💀💀
pizzaofboys, (09/22/2014)
RT @PublishersWkly: Pink Floyd offers release date, cover art for album 'The Endless River' | LA Times t.co/xHJFaw0KMW
KingandKids, (09/22/2014)
RT @HoodieAllen: Who wants some new music?
LexiBuitenhuys, (09/22/2014)
Showing off my selfie brush to Hideki Matsui thanks to @RakutenUS @RakutenJP t.co/D9MganDAnC
dberkowitz, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Bronx, NY (09/22/2014)
@_yungpanda oh but when I'm sick you call me a pussy?
_aidenkenny430, (09/22/2014)
There's no point if you've been muted...
StrwbrryBanama, (09/22/2014)
Shree lost 0.5 lbs since his last weigh-in! Shreemulay's lost 15.8 lbs so far. t.co/RTtzFrnyxK
ShreeMulay, (09/22/2014)
School- full of dick riders 🍆 , ass kissers 💋,fake people, snakes 🐍, scary ass bitches 💀, purping ass niggas me lol and fake squ
imnojason, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: West New (09/22/2014)
no school on thurs n fri thank you lord
josebespinoza, (09/22/2014)
Trebezzal1, (09/22/2014)
.@chappers06 Right, agree. Not confident they'd look at it even then either.
TheLesbianMafia, (09/22/2014)
RT @JBarrettNYC: "Men.. gender equality is your issue too." Emma Watson, in her (excellent) UN speech. t.co/tgjtOShcMB via @UN
iprisc, (09/22/2014)
RT @EricStangel: Recap "Adrian Peterson is innocent until proven guilty by law and will have our full, oh crap we lost a sponsor get him ou
SCJoson, (09/16/2014)
RT @WSJ: Take a look at the rise of Asia's Internet giants: t.co/8agoZYjiUj t.co/UEUgvNKRoU
SeeEvener, (09/16/2014)
RT @nickonken: Great day of amazing pics with @justinbieber & codysimpson yesterday. Good times @scooterbraun… t.co/SQUWMqCZBp
mrjbbizzle, (09/16/2014)
Download Fresh Music: Mc Galaxy – Ketekete Ft True Voice t.co/9Q5W7IKTPe
2shymusic, (09/16/2014)
RT @boudelaires: comprou o iphone 6 mas do que adianta, vai tirar foto com filtro retrica e colocar a capinha do tamanho da casa do meu cac
Mundo_Rebeldes, (09/10/2014)
@DaliaSariah you should listen to Jessie J's acoustic covers.
lukeshapirooooo, (09/10/2014)
RT @halseymusic: We were supposed to be mean muggin. @Ashton5SOS t.co/GoREIQDO8k
Hemmoslilthings, (09/10/2014)
@MartellAden @gabbyycutlerr you can bring a friend also we're tryna get a lil group
heathergonz_, (09/10/2014)
RT @erickarcelliott: 222
ONajeeb7, (09/10/2014)
RT @bryanteslava: Nash the burrito and Matt the dinosaur.
lolagodoy3, (09/10/2014)
@DanGheesling is SUCH a qt
LindsayClarken, (09/10/2014)
La vereda? Yo diría alcantarilla 😂
RyanMackensie_, (09/10/2014)
; t.co/DdTh51uJoa
KaitlynRosado, (09/10/2014)
Done for
kendallzanella, (09/10/2014)
Wow. Bad call, but it actually went our way. Unsure how to feel, this feels new. #RBNY
asherman87, (09/10/2014)
Richard Kiel (1939-2014) actor, best known as "Jaws" from the James Bond films t.co/t63OTnTFQ5 from @THR
willmckinley, (09/10/2014)
Photo: This guy @blackscale at @mightyhealthyny x @rizzosles drop #thewastedtalent (at Rizzo’s Fine Pizza... t.co/eoEhTsvaZJ
thewastedtalent, (09/10/2014)
jo_takaba_bot, (09/10/2014)
RT @businessinsider: Obama will say tonight: “I can announce that America will lead a broad coalition to roll back this terrorist threat"
Zakahra_White, (09/10/2014)
#CNNMoney Discovery Channel strands rival senators on island: Two U.S. senators are going to… t.co/jTkHCHZlGw
WorldNetTimes, (09/11/2014)
RT @GStyleMagazine: #NewOnGStyle: #ParallelsiPhone6: Front of the Line Enter to Win an Apple iPhone 6 with a t.co/E7f7V0E9A6 by @GSt…
walkitnation, (09/11/2014)
@Miss_Kimsue gi u bi greeting carry redcapet..
CrazJayy, (09/11/2014)
@NASA what is it like jerking off in space ?
ZacharyGaines, (09/11/2014)
RT @EW: This frosty foe is returning to @AgentsofSHIELD for season 2: t.co/stJlx2WA1t
MargotWarshow, (09/18/2014)
@Melkussell omg no way is this true??!! go @DunkinDonuts !
ChelseaWagner, (09/18/2014)
RT @neha_aks: Dafuq! t.co/aaknZ0xFUQ
ShubhamBhuyaat, (09/18/2014)
How long do we have to wait for padded sports bras? I'm trying to flex.
krunkpony, (09/18/2014)
SabreSaji, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Yonkers, (09/18/2014)
RT @AskCheyB: Sometimes, your family and your friends will support your endeavors the least. You'll often get more help from complete stran
D_Mills27, (09/18/2014)
RT @jewelry24seven: Lampwork Beaded Bracelet in Red Yellow - Bright Fall colors by #JanetsDesignStudio t.co/6riUybb0bP via @Etsy #je…
MadeByTammy, (09/16/2014)
RT @nypost: The Viking have barred Adrian Peterson until child abuse charges are settled t.co/H7A7hwtStP
Mr_Olives_, (09/16/2014)
RT @MarketCurrents: Top Salix shareholders not on board with Cosmo deal t.co/EM5bRgWyGi #premarket $SLXP $ACT $AGN
SeeEvener, (09/16/2014)
my hoodie and sweatpants today screams I don't care.
Tayday_Parade, (09/16/2014)
@dianacwright @TODAYshow sure does and time lapse mode!
KatieLinendoll, (09/16/2014)
RT @ComplexMag: Pharrell x adidas Originals. Releasing this weekend. t.co/Ewh7J5LiJO t.co/VM3DhDWJcA
FreeS0up, (09/16/2014)
RT @FrankieJGrande: 💜🙌😊🐱✨💫
simplebocagirl, (09/16/2014)
RT @Ginger_Zee: If #Odile remains a tropical depression as it gets over Arizona it would be one of only 9 to do so since 1965! t.co/…
gott_arun, (09/16/2014)
Status: Saiu pra entrega! *----* Definição de alegria pela manhã! #correios #sedex10 #happy t.co/uoP6Fn4rxs
flaviolinista, (09/16/2014)
it's me, I'm the person on the express bus pretending they don't hear you when you ask them to move their bag off the seat
unironiceric, (09/16/2014)
Nigga talking in his sleep, let me listen more closely
SharleneR_, (09/13/2014)
RT @NYCONLY: #NewYorkCity Classic Photography t.co/aN0TLiboBi t.co/D2abmxOyxl
Sexycentennial, (09/13/2014)
RT @Carrie_Bradsh4w: Every sunday should be like this.... t.co/LYX95Jxaes
selenadee_, (09/13/2014)
So repulsed
kelseyfinck, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Middletow (09/13/2014)
And once again I say , boy knock it off 😒
Ace_Brav, (09/13/2014)
RT @jamesmielke: I'd feel more lust for this #3DS If it looked like an actual NES & didn't have the controller bit printed on the outs h
shereef007, (09/13/2014)
Thank you 😘“@anamariao_: @thebrattym Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day!! 😘🎈🎉💐”
thebrattym, (09/13/2014)
RT @AOL: RT for a chance to win a signed copy of @LadyGaga & @ItsTonyBennett's #CheekToCheek from @HSN! Rules t.co/mNse5o9drk #AOLGi…
SEZZZDREAMS, (09/13/2014)
"@Viccent22: "AKU RAPOPO."" jupe kaliah aku rapopo
punchonbieber, (09/13/2014)
RT @samir: every human should have a tiny X in the top corner of their face so we can close them out if we don’t want to talk to them
elaineelisabeth, (09/13/2014)
Yesterday went shopping 💯😏👌🙌 t.co/LwIw4vGWck
izzy113095, (09/14/2014)
😭🙌 t.co/pSPt8BliTR
legendarymars, (09/14/2014)
@LindsayFox5 Replay shows ankle hanging at awkward angle in slow no
HooRayKam, (09/14/2014)
RT @colesprouse: .@dylansprouse you're that kid that swims with his shirt on
Silly_LiLix3, (09/14/2014)
@Punan_World nice titties
offbeathip4, (09/14/2014)
RT @benjpasek: It's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and SLEEEEEEP
KimberlyPB_, (09/14/2014)
I miss my bedazzled lawn virgins. I call this one "Pearl"...#wickedsanjose #morriblestravels… t.co/Z6dhZTuhNE
alisonfraser, (09/14/2014)
@SultanstaysFLY thuggee out drunk Croats across the st too
AlDukess, (09/14/2014)
@SirKellman you better believe me man, I wouldn't sell my dignity for 1 night with a rap star
missdavies_, (09/14/2014)
RT @UzoAduba: La paix de la Seine. #Paris #netflixFR t.co/SpH5VUL8tY
OITNB_today, (09/14/2014)
Audio: My new sounds: t.co/I9COVTj1Lb
Phade120, (09/14/2014)
RT @bIoach: i think driving over it will help me win a kart race RT@TeamKanyeDaily: What do you think of Kanye's new haircut? t.co/…
chrisalexander_, (09/14/2014)
RT @lawblob: [texting] me: goodnight moon moon: k
ParkerSnook, (09/14/2014)
RT @dylansprouse: .@colesprouse I bet I am facebook, thanks for asking t.co/Bn0PgzzdqD
CientoDosHuevos, (09/14/2014)
@Brando4625 @2ndprints Its turning into a pussy league they keep this shit up I will start watching the CFL or Arena Football instead.
OmegaStorm84, (09/14/2014)
RT @Inc: Twitter's plan to raise $1.5 billion via convertible notes @businessinsider t.co/RrTsPhJB4I
annabelleblue, (09/11/2014)
I’m finally watching the Eliane Stritch doc “Shoot Me”. Of course it’s amazing.
themikejones, (09/11/2014)
RT @ZAXXOfficial: 9/11 jokes aren't funny at alllll dude
TommvH, (09/11/2014)
That moment you pull almost the same cards twice in three days #tarot #higherselfknowsbest… t.co/jW7FKN89Qi
ShebaRemy, (09/11/2014)
RT @GEEZUS_19: "@cathy_sousa30: Class being cancelled>>>" lucky
ayala0815, (09/11/2014)
I'm looking for a full-time book #Designer. Must love: #kidlit, #cartoons, #illustration & @penguinkids! t.co/D0u7MSUxk7
pinocastellano, (09/11/2014)
RT @JohnFugelsang: Walmart: Prices so nice, you pay for 'em twice. #p2 #uniteblue #wiunion graphic by Unions4Workers. t.co/9OyZC2R…
emjchi, (09/11/2014)
RT @BuzzFeed: You can now buy gothic burgers with black buns in Japan t.co/nruPcNBWJb t.co/T58sNvp8Ca
peachy__keene, (09/11/2014)
__L27, (09/11/2014)
RT @LastWeekTonight: Last Week Tonight is proudly sponsored by The Gap! The Gap! When you’re too grown up for Old Navy but don't make Ban
jhayes42, (09/11/2014)
RT @Beyonce_Iove: Someone who truly loves you will be angry at you for so many things, but will always stick around.
vow_to_end, (09/11/2014)
It sucks tht I can't do nothing about this 😩
katiana_love, (09/09/2014)
RT @necrobabe_: "if feminists want equality I should be able to assault them for no reason whenever I want!!!" -men who would have be abusi
lizardsenpai, (09/09/2014)
RT @HoodieAllen: RT my next tweet to win a free signed t-shirt of your choice from my merch store! t.co/KNMmFGghcw
pleesegoaway, (09/09/2014)
RT @GreatLeys: 8 O'Clock is 10min away.... Ill be locked into Dash Radio to hear @TheFixxFactory with @DJSWHiT an Official #TheSeptemberSoc
TQSimp, (09/09/2014)
RT @LiveScience: #Socialmedia addiction is real. Here are some signs that you are dependent. t.co/W3QVZohtNL t.co/vVLfW11QO5
rachel_lgl, (09/09/2014)
RT @JennaMorasca: As u know I'm NO fan of romance & not read the books. But have to say @Outlander_Starz has me TOTALLY hooked. So worth
JnAPenn2679, (09/09/2014)
Strength training for your back. t.co/3k0jelulUB #health #fitness #back #training
P2PTrainer, (09/09/2014)
@JoanSoliva if you haven't heard investfeed will be the next big social network, reserve your name t.co/7JkoKu8Rdf
warrenbuffet42, (09/09/2014)
@OJK24 can't go wrong either way. Depends on your pockets.
thisismarv, (09/09/2014)
RT @rehemaellis: Find out if the shoe fits for @KekePalmer making her #broadway debut. Watch my story tonight on @NBCNightlyNews. t.…
nupenewson, (09/09/2014)
@lfckarthi What do you think of this Eminem Success Story video? t.co/5BkreM6EB9
EvanCarmichael, (09/09/2014)
@gotstyles_ @beauTIFFulcurls I keep my hair in protective styles 50% of the time. That's the way I retain most of my length... #BeautyBChat
ImOnlyBlessed, (09/09/2014)
@RonThe_Don lol nah I was jus messing with you.. I'm always tryna pick ppl brains.. women, old heads, businessmen & etc
Stevens_Island, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Roselle, (09/09/2014)
Big Dog t.co/WLcAjA5pjC
WindSalt, (09/09/2014)
Perdón, pero ¿ya empezó el partido? #NoCachoNáh
Darryl_Jenks, (09/09/2014)
Frasscoolie follow train,gain 50+ followers instantly!!!- retweet this and follow me and everyone who retweet this,its that easy.
frasscoolie, (09/15/2014)
7uca - yes lord #everyday
ItsHowieBaby, (09/07/2014)
STL GM Les Snead said hot-hand approach is coming for 3.9ypc @ZSTACY_ and 5.6ypc @BCunningham36. t.co/u3nJc9MmmY
RealDaveMajor, (09/07/2014)
Wait did last night happen?
Kramer10, (09/07/2014)
RT @dailyteenwords: I'm not afraid to fall in love again, I'm just afraid to fall in love with the wrong person, again.
FafMello, (09/07/2014)
Your innovative thinking brings unexpected answers to long-sta... More for Aquarius t.co/anij9mhneQ
Reyzr_, (09/07/2014)
@SipsChris nothing
nesgto, (09/07/2014)
Have you seen my fucks to give? I have none I cannot live with the pressure!
Phrxny_JA, (09/07/2014)
RT @Baddiies: t.co/qLLmOHPAMt
PostBadDon, (09/07/2014)
NYC’s hottest open mic MONDAY @ Parkside Lounge, 317 E Houston St, Manhattan. 7pm. 21+ age limit. t.co/6qnNcEvRjt
InspiredWordNYC, (09/07/2014)
At the end of the day the last man standing with you is all that counts. #Hoodqoutes
harlemsmover, (09/07/2014)
RT @AdamSchefter: On first full Sunday of season, bet I'm not the only one who can't sleep.
jmauren07, (09/07/2014)
Проснулась от звонков пионеров, которые все узнают где я! А я дома!!!!!!
Milana220295, (09/07/2014)
It's tricky to focus on practical matters today, even if you t... More for Libra t.co/2INhVwtcXy
MoodyLesbian718, (09/07/2014)
sexiestgirlahah's room t.co/XHLlLrR1KB
ChaturbateSuzi, (09/07/2014)


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