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Brooklyn (το όνομά του από την ολλανδική πόλη Breukelen'''') είναι ένας από τους πέντε δήμους της Νέας Υόρκης, που βρίσκεται νοτιοδυτικά του Queens στη δυτική άκρη του Long Island. Μια ανεξάρτητη πόλη μέχρι την ενοποίηση της με την Νέα Υόρκη το 1898, Μπρούκλιν είναι η πιο πυκνοκατοικημένη συνοικία της Νέας Υόρκης, με 2,5 εκατομμύρια κατοίκους, και το δεύτερο μεγαλύτερο στην περιοχή. Από το 1896, το Μπρούκλιν είχε τα ίδια όρια με Kings County, η οποία είναι πλέον η πιο πυκνοκατοικημένη κομητεία στην πολιτεία της Νέας Υόρκης και η δεύτερη πιο πυκνοκατοικημένη κομητεία στις Ηνωμένε



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Nov 23
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Nov 24
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Nov 25
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Nov 27
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RT @BET: Wait a minute...Did @KrisJenner try to shade @solangeknowles's family wedding photo this wknd? t.co/YyYVqQeEUd t.co/…
WhoIs_Nikita, (11/17/2014)
RT @ComplexMag: "Jurassic World" website let's you tour "the world's greatest theme park" t.co/w3e2yq5K8X
LArryKING_Live, (11/17/2014)
Who knew? It's the golden age of the executive assistants. t.co/eSrxD1qbQi
oneandonlydiana, (11/17/2014)
radiogarifuna, (11/17/2014)
are you people actually watching katherine heigl voluntarily? #StateofAffairs
jakebeckman, (11/17/2014)
😘👼🙏 t.co/Yat1c9Lr3o
Jay__Elliott, (11/17/2014)
RT @StrayfromHeart: Zoey is an adorable 9 y.o. Maltese / Yorkie mix, who's 13-pounds, housebroken, social and very sweet but it's... http:/
PuppyKittyNYCty, (11/17/2014)
@1L4NC3L0T #NEWMUSIC 🔥 @JayMotive215 "GET LOOSE" t.co/il275cIYwY #ATG RETWEET ❗️
ATG215, (11/17/2014)
RT @fa19942: اصنع الخير لأصدقائك تزدد محبتهم لك واصنع الخير لأعدائك ليصبحوا أصدقا
w8v5oax0yfv, (11/17/2014)
watching the wire waiting for gtav to drop
thisismarv, (11/17/2014)
RT @lmasaprocky: Real reason I'm excited about Thanksgiving😋🍴 t.co/LyxVgvpzM1
ogmanijohnson, (11/17/2014)
#vscocam #vscony #vsco by sam_alcaphone t.co/DiW8wWFHoE t.co/dvwYYp0xYH
fromcentralprk, (11/17/2014)
Bhamboned, (11/17/2014)
Lo nuevo de @MAGICJUANELDURO "La Inocente (Como No)" ♫♪ ÉXITO Seguro; t.co/nIeh7nfloU @TicketmasterES
Reflectmebaby, (11/17/2014)
When realize u took on more than u can chew #bigdickalert > t.co/9XqRidfz1o t.co/YGPg0MsF5F
videoboyblog, (11/17/2014)
RT @verge: Nokia's first device after Microsoft is an iPad mini clone that runs Android t.co/TiyTOE2rfj t.co/PYWKF3hJNI
aminazuar, (11/17/2014)
Chocolate is the secret ingredient that makes my girlfriend nice to me. t.co/mhgeCxT0IG by @RobertPunchur
JokeBlogger, (11/17/2014)
RT @ranz_ap: ***SMILES*** Check them Out!! t.co/86Ht7VESbl
PassThaBleezy, (11/17/2014)
RT @XSalaimartin: "Catalunya no tiene competencias para hacer una DUI". O sea, que nosotros PODEMOS pero vosotros NO PODÉIS. #TotsSouElMate
petitpons, (11/17/2014)
RT @ranz_ap: ***SMILES*** Check them Out!! t.co/86Ht7VESbl
OnlyFreeMinds, (11/17/2014)
RT @MattBellassai: All I wanna do is play "Ready To Run" while Harry Styles drives me in a car & I'm wrapped in scarves & there's a
kissmeliourry, (11/17/2014)
@asdfghjkaycehh @calvo_kevss @asdfghjkmz @jay_eugenio @WeinierRosario @SophiaaaaaaG @jalenmijares corny walang pinakita hahahaha joke
khowleen, (11/17/2014)
RT @oneffdirection: One Direction, Ed Sheeran and others united t.co/Ol7IKR5HxZ #onedirectiononbbcr1
1d_5sos_mine, (11/17/2014)
Enter to Win radiance PLATINUM line #Giveaway #CVSradiance @Momstart t.co/iS0GvAAcQm
macdrap50, (11/17/2014)
RT @ranz_ap: ***SMILES*** Check them Out!! t.co/86Ht7VESbl
olgakxox, (11/17/2014)
RT @TanGurlz: yeppppp😤 t.co/sjFvdFFaBt
princessxoallie, (11/17/2014)
RT @dailyteenwords: I'm tired of waiting, I want you now.
destyriyanti11, (11/17/2014)
Walking into class & your teacher got a attitude for no reason 😒😏😂 t.co/nCNdq2Bgwo
_baileybutton, (11/17/2014)
RT @MisterNo_: Mejor solo que mal cogido.
NikoDevolders, (11/17/2014)
the thermostats in the dorms are such a fucking joke.. that shit only works when it wants to work
sincerelykhaiii, (11/17/2014)
RT @PrinceRoyce: Today is the last day to help Nominate me @PremiosJuventud #GOTIME !! t.co/6gee0DzL1m t.co/Mmg5Qxp9zz
JennRoyce25, (11/16/2014)
RT @ZAXXOfficial: my heart says yes but my anxiety says no
3littlebirrrds, (11/16/2014)
RT @HuffPostGreen: How to eat eggs for dinner -- and why it's good for you t.co/8Y7oEBsB8p
loopyandlumpy, (11/16/2014)
RT @soFORElGN: Follow me right now and I'll follow you back! 😏
Mubaraksson1, (11/16/2014)
Theres only one hispanic cop in Bogota & im starting to be his nigga #Lit #WeDemBoys #HesLowKeyGivingMeAdviseOnHowToHideMyLiqSmell
simplyjorge23, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Hackensac (11/16/2014)
RT @LibroMusical: No te amargues por alguien que no valoró tu corazón y presencia, sé fuerte y espera a que llegue la persona correcta a
Yoaniiya, (11/16/2014)
biancaherrera17, (11/16/2014)
RT @LOYALTY1st___: People change everyday 😯😑💯
daabomb_leelee, (11/16/2014)
Fucking blew mine....
TainaaAshlyn, (11/16/2014)
RT @michaeldweiss: PT: Reminds me of a joke heard in Kiev. "Our only choice is to declare war on China. To get to us, they have to invade R
myroslawabrulak, (11/16/2014)
RT @jimmyfallon: Hey @jhutch1992. How's your day? I'm just gettin' my Starbucks. So sad. #Frappuccino
missymisa2002, (11/16/2014)
RT @aidybryant: CHARACTER I RELATE TO MOST FROM FILM: all 4 charlie and the chocolate factory grandparents
riotgearss, (11/16/2014)
Jeezy's voice 😩😍🙌
Caramel8, (11/16/2014)
@Gritwriter @LevanteUD Ugh
amunti, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Brooklyn, (11/23/2014)
I'm so fucking awesome
willie_romero, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: West New (11/23/2014)
@Oprah jesus in answer, seek the 4 giveness ,soulmate, prayer changest things . Lord will make way. Seek,seek.!!!!!!!!
bettygiles53, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Manhattan (11/23/2014)
RT @toriaascalzo: @adriana_cocucci @LifeStarterPack @FightsOnVine part 2???
adriana_cocucci, (11/16/2014)
People underestimate my niceness and quietness as weakness but little do they know I'm a little body builder in the making 💪 👊
Tiny_ana77, (11/16/2014)


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