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All About Bronx, New York

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<!--<!--August 17, 2009, taking much too long to http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?titleeditload/edit these days even on FIOS broadband (other smaller wiki article pages are fine as are other sites) - see WP:SIZERULE - article is 120+kb. it is a technical problem when it is inaccessible to readers - see WP:SIZERULE--> The Bronx is the northernmost of the Five Boroughs of New York City. It is also the newest of the 62 counties of New York State. Located northeast of Manhattan and south of Westchester County, New York, the Bronx is the only borough situated primarily on the North American mainland (while the other four—apart from the very small Marble Hill section of Manhattan—are on islands). In 2009, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that the borough's population on July 1, 2008 was 1,391,903, inhabiting a land area of 42 square miles (109 square kilometers).



Weather Forecast for Bronx

Aug 21
Partly Cloudy
Aug 22
Aug 23
Partly Cloudy
Aug 24
Mostly Sunny
Aug 25
Mostly Sunny



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Local Tweets for Bronx, New York

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YoungLitoBSB, (08/21/2014)
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RonIzDaMan, (08/21/2014)
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bilalZrebel, (08/21/2014)
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PeJeNaveros, (08/21/2014)
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Harrystruggle, (08/21/2014)
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Don't miss the last two weeks of #ItalianFuturism @Guggenheim, #NYC.Saturday evenings:pay what you wish Read my take:t.co/rvPVETKj90
italylocals, (08/21/2014)
The #NYPD tells people not to join gangs, yet they're the biggest gang in town. Attacking and killing defenseless innocent people.
ReallyRealChris, (08/21/2014)
RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: Tomorrow's NY Daily News t.co/qchq35tRDh
jeffvanlaar, (08/21/2014)


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