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Нью-Йорк является самым густонаселенным городом в Соединенных Штатах, и в центре Нью-Йорка, который является одним из наиболее густонаселенных городских районов в мире. Ведущий мировой город, Нью-Йорке оказывает мощное влияние на мировой торговли, финансов, культуры, моды и развлечений. В качестве принимающей стороны штаб-квартиры Организации Объединенных Наций, он также является важным центром по международным делам. Город часто называют Нью-Йорк, чтобы отличать его от штата Нью-Йорк, из которых она является. Расположенный на большой естественной гав



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RT @ElliottWilson: Home cooked meals for the real niggas.
SexappealB, (07/28/2014)
Living the high life back in the 914 t.co/38I6aWYqQs
greeneggsand54m, (07/28/2014)
Being able to walk into your friend's house during a family dinner and not feel out of place is the best kind of relationship there is
hannajoy117, (07/28/2014)
Have you ever loved someone so much, you wanted to keep them hidden from the world & all to yourself?
JanotSturdee, (07/28/2014)
A white flag over 1 Police Plaza? - It was already a bad year... t.co/9ttihF81o8 #BrooklynBridge #CommissionerBratton #PolicePlaza
TehNewYorkPost, (07/28/2014)
RT @brianwood: "Empathizing w/ Gaza does NOT make me anti-Semitic, nor pro-Hamas or anti-Israel. It makes me human." t.co/oRoBng4C4y…
jpmarc2009, (07/28/2014)
RT @OpTic_MBoZe: When you go 10-2 in finals t.co/nv91G86GKF
JordiMcintosh, (07/28/2014)
Leave your problems.
MylezFrmBk, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: New York, (07/28/2014)
@Shawndylan_ no more of that shit smh (except benihanas)
YoungGodJeff, (07/28/2014)
hectaintshit, (07/28/2014)
RT @MTV: I can't stop thinking about @TheHungerGames #Mockingjay trailer: t.co/QeSzGcaFA0
PeculiarAngie, (07/28/2014)
RT @511NYC: Constr. on Park Ave both directions btw E 116 St (Mnhttn) and E 125 St (Mnhttn) all lanes closed from 8:30PM until 5:00AM
NYI78thm, (07/28/2014)
RT @callmenadzz: Deep man. t.co/m9VYkMLRWl
AndreaSalarini, (07/28/2014)
RT @shadowandact: RT @HistoryInPics: Bill Cosby in a sea of Bill Cosby's. 1968 via LIFE. t.co/DUcUXdaQea
alrisa, (07/28/2014)
RT @Elisa_XoXo_: “@nmrs__: @Elisa_XoXo_ Im single though 😂” What u Trynna say 😴 Ik u not neglecting us 😡
nmrs__, (07/28/2014)
RT @ComplexMag: Biggie rocked BAPE before anyone else: t.co/3ccDDwKDuD t.co/lqaCjMw5b7
azharbhimji_92, (07/28/2014)
Friday night in Chelsea t.co/3UIhtBJev7
IAMlifeSTYLE, (07/28/2014)
RT @Joan_Rivers: Miley Cyrus bought $20,000 in Dior lingerie after wearing it at a shoot. She loves it so much, she might start wearing pan
hnn_elm, (07/28/2014)
TheVinnette, (07/28/2014)
Sony PlayStation 3 40 GB + full setup 2 controllers 2 ps move - Full read by eBay: Price 115.99 GBP ( Bids) End... t.co/KqnSk7xm0y
jessica__nigri, (07/28/2014)
RT @HuffPostGreen: Lightning strikes couple's vacation selfie; no flash needed t.co/yWI6MaYR3o
LI_Nerfherder, (07/28/2014)
RT @MKBHD: I'm giving out 100 64GB @OnePlus One invites to people who retweet this tweet over the next 24 hours. Good luck! t.co/hHa…
randycclark, (07/28/2014)
RT @timkellernyc: If you didn't earn your salvation how are you going to un-earn it?
aaroncbailey, (07/28/2014)
RT @ThatLatino973: When bae asks if I wanna cuddle t.co/fzIVvp8UWv
KatieBoie, (07/28/2014)
RT @PrinceJayTheGod: Gotta Keep Your Shit Lowkey No Bullshit !!
Mrs_HoneyDip, (07/28/2014)
RT @OneGreenPlanet: 10 Outrageously Awesome Quotes From @rickygervais That Prove He Is a Bonafide #AnimalLover! t.co/TqH6SlHtkv http…
corrme, (07/28/2014)
Have to go to work and I haven't had any coffee yet so let's see how this goes.
adriennetooley, (07/28/2014)
I didn't know it took 2 fucking hours to get my oil changed #stillwaiting
J_Durkee, (07/28/2014)
@itsMari95 Si, admito que esa mesera tampoco me agrado a mi 😒 Gracias por respetar mis decisiones bebe 😍
SebasLucasJake, (07/28/2014)
RT @ohsogirIquotes: This is what I want with you baby❤️😚 t.co/XFTKQWX0M5
itsxkimmy, (07/28/2014)
No Time for Mind Games - #Facebook and Test Studies - t.co/TntH4oX3H2 #MentalHealth #Research
SJSworks, (07/26/2014)
@MPCmonkey So enjoy the gift, make up your own mind, and live with your choices. @dhiggins63
tonybruni, (07/26/2014)
RT @iiHate_People: Fucking done 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭 t.co/Ix5rqIRJYX
KarlaGissell98, (07/26/2014)
@onlyxtom เล่นติดลมหรอคะ?
scarlettooc, (07/26/2014)
@BuckyBoy1917 "I'm scared of death." Jimmy confesses quietly, not really wanting Bucky to think he was a coward. "But it don't mean I'm nota
YoungCap1918, (07/26/2014)
RT @UzoAduba: Me and this pretty lady who also has a funny bone to boot. Ms. @nlyonne #natashaforpresident t.co/sZDaHYLwwh
fuckingcarly, (07/26/2014)
@alexisa1859 Have a good day, god bless and Make sure to follow me on Instagram #TeamRude
GinnyRipple, (07/26/2014)
RT @NAlLEDIT: Nailed it. t.co/uuXO7Qf4eT
imthemaaaaap, (07/26/2014)
@DevonJohnsonEL 1017 BRICKSQUAD prospect releases new single "Rolling With Pounds" -> t.co/s0uMMi95qz
CocoButtaKiss, (07/26/2014)
An I Luh Yu Mami
QuannyIllz, (07/26/2014)
RT @KyuhyuNUNU_: f(x)'s Victoria is the '2014 Goddess of Asia' t.co/ud42rlYgwi [Via DKpopNews]
qyurea, (07/26/2014)
tomo_naka, (07/26/2014)
видео чат комната t.co/fPOy9BDx24 jakir j #знакомство в одессе
movieszones, (07/26/2014)
@JustinFixAHeart joder yo tambien, dile a tu paloma mensajera que me traiga piccolinis :c
parxskzone, (07/26/2014)
Edelweiss Financial allots equity shares
shanemillercyn, (07/26/2014)
hisnameisAlan, (07/29/2014)
Holy moly...Feels AMAZING to see that I have rank advanced to Manager within this amazing company!!!… t.co/QxYmBfOeOX
SheriAZHomayoon, (07/29/2014)
RT @lawblob: I don't even like guns. I only bought this gun hoping Obama would come take it so I could make him hang out & play Mario Ka
Parkepedia, (07/29/2014)
RT @UnitedNationsRU: В одной из школ ООН в центральной Газе обнаружен тайник с ракетам
uboinikov, (07/29/2014)
♥ #CamsNewVid ♥ ♥ #ShareACokeWithCam ♥ Go like and subscribe! >t.co/qPCJSO4oKp …< @camerondallas FOLLOW ME I love you
Kristina_Newby, (07/29/2014)
DrugLordDana, (07/29/2014)
I have a slight obsession with Pinterest
monicashelley, (07/29/2014)
In the "Good News" video there are #Blackfoot Natives talking about indigenous translation work #jw t.co/veVjuquUNB
BecuzImHappyy, (07/29/2014)
RT @yokoono: We get shy about saying things like i love you. Life is so short. It's crazy, that we hesitate to express our true thoughts to
Stefi177, (07/29/2014)
@boring_joker #twerk fo me
LePrettyFlacko, (07/29/2014)
RT @jbarro: Has Grover Norquist started referring to Democrats as "sparkle ponies" yet?
TheHarper, (07/29/2014)
#SixFlags #sixflagsgreatadventure with richie__25 milliondolla_nay n kingwellsz ♡ t.co/gFDXszH83x
Mrsz_Cano_x3, (07/29/2014)
RT @MTV: I'm absolutely LOVING @LucyHale's video for #LieALittleBetter: t.co/FV2ON0riUK
plwolves, (07/29/2014)
@JustynBrodsky ‼️🚨‼️#NewMusic (( Audio )) @TsunamiTone ft @40_100s #NYtoCHI100Proof Prod. @Azbeats📱 👉 t.co/GshnQu0FUC
TsunamiTone, (07/29/2014)
RT @yokoono: We get shy about saying things like i love you. Life is so short. It's crazy, that we hesitate to express our true thoughts to
HannaTrine, (07/29/2014)


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