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#redirect Lumberton Township, New Jersey



Weather Forecast for Lumberton

Aug 21
Aug 22
PM T-Storms
Aug 23
AM Clouds/PM Sun
Aug 24
Mostly Sunny
Aug 25
Mostly Sunny



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Local Tweets for Lumberton, New Jersey

RT @Ike58Reese: Old School football !!!! #BOOM
jtplantulli, (08/21/2014)
RT @Tae_Ken: I will NEVER 🙅🚫 put my nigga in a situation where he got niggas laughing at him.
LordJolie, (08/21/2014)
“@_kiyahhhhh_: @daeh8nme_ @_ChazTrump dont talk to him dae”dats bestie😞😕 lol don't put me in y'all beef
daeh8nme_, (08/21/2014)
need too buy a clock
sharpalright, (08/21/2014)
RT @Eagles: #BattleOfPA Instant Analysis: Starters Dominate Steelers. t.co/OGg8rVHmve t.co/si7B3jakrQ
mattguestt, (08/21/2014)
@TheGoodPhight Suns and Houston, maybe. Portland and GS, don't think so. Even if they're not historically good again, it's still 21-22.
RealMattCarey, (08/21/2014)
RT @cxlvmhood: #vote5sos you seriously need a belt luke t.co/2TJ21UfWoh
xfvckingluke, (08/21/2014)
I couldn't find nooo links to it
JULEZ_98, (08/21/2014)
RT @SamuelAAdams: cc: @FXXNetwork @EverySimpsons t.co/tPpz98HMb7
LYTrules, (08/21/2014)
Almadyne, (08/21/2014)
RT @TGalarion: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!
Takehumister_12, (08/21/2014)
@RedSTROLLOCup see you then to watch those awesome idiots do what they do best!
samanthasamplee, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (08/21/2014)
RT @Capt_Cleavage1: if i have a daughter she's not aloud to leave the house until she's 25.
krisssty_k, (08/21/2014)
I really gotta go to sleep but I can't get off twitter. It's a daily struggle😩😩😩
pennylaineee, (08/21/2014)
watching funny gifs to kill the time 😂😂😂😂
christianxroi, (08/21/2014)
RT @JustiinMoriarty: This world is cold it's only right I keep my heat on
cheeybresnocker, (08/21/2014)
@ScottLost You're welcome 😊☺
tiahenderson, (08/21/2014)
Let's Go Birds??? #IhaveNoIdeaWhatsHappening #Clueless #ButDemClubLevelSeatsDoe #EaglesVsSteelers #PHL… t.co/CVfoyNd9i2
cptofindustry, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (08/21/2014)
@GianFrancoAaron aaah cest super 😄
Dsiree1, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (08/21/2014)
RT @EaglesCommunity: Birds fly together! The Harleysville Eagles lead the Philadelphia #Eagles out of the tunnel. t.co/JDKouCwMIK
RandyeTonyg3, (08/21/2014)
RT @Horny4DaBiebs: How normal people go shopping vs how Justin goes shopping #MTVHottest Justin Bieber t.co/MV3pL8XjPK
twerkin4pxzza, (08/21/2014)
Ok well it's time to bring more ice cream out and cry
beat_rice77, (08/20/2014)
RT @Vickybymary_: When a hoe says "omggg y'all so cute" t.co/oVqjTTvDmr
jasminevcid, (08/20/2014)
Am I the only who thinks that Mo'Ne Davis can strike me out?
Mikee_Jordann, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Echelon, (08/20/2014)
"@____kissandTELL: @iAmDreBeatz you clearly care lol" probably 😂 it don't matter, you talking about a whole week from now
iAmDreBeatz, (08/20/2014)
RT @Samminat0r: When someone try to see your downfall, PROVE THEM WRONG #FaithOverFear
KING_NINA_, (08/21/2014)
Kansas City Missouri Debt Consolidation call 1-888-551-1270 - YouTube t.co/RNTEbZnS1d
NY_Ticket, (08/20/2014)
I never thought I'd be so stuck on a nigga
jadahN__, (08/20/2014)
RT @fieldnegro: Background of prosecutor in Ferguson case has some questioning probe's credibility t.co/6kXcSYmgXP via @cbsnews Recu…
elizabeth28536, (08/20/2014)
RT @Diartspora: Zeezee still missing last seen terra Alta Court Castlerock and Ellis Rd Havertown REWARd pls RT #havertown #lostpet http:/
DEnck360, (08/20/2014)
7am here. About to head to the port to #swimthestrait. Water around 63 deg F. Hoping it'll warm up. Hoping for a great swim and shoot.
swimstraitdoc, (08/20/2014)
لاَ أحَد يبقى لأحَد 🚶 ولكننِيٓ سٓأبقىٓ لمنٓ يُريدنِيٓ دائِماً 💕
iSaL7oV, (08/20/2014)
Quote this wit ya natural hair
_Tyheim60, (08/20/2014)
@Scottie_McAvoy @BreezyHartman go to bed
ChasingKaneff, (08/20/2014)
My fitbit #Fitstats for 8/20/2014: 17,527 steps and 7.1 miles traveled. t.co/on0SaTKiVW
boredgirl260, (08/20/2014)
RT @we_a_business: Fuck the Bullshit , Just don't fuck it Raw t.co/ejbBhaDv8b
tonylopez559, (08/20/2014)
RT @CchellyRose: “@FreakyVine: When She Acting Up & You Gotta Put Her In Check... 😈😈 t.co/mIj1zWC9G2”🙊🙊🙊
nta45, (08/20/2014)
At least the weather won't be terrible in Seaside this weekend.
alex_fn_staxx, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (08/21/2014)
#MattTo2Mill ☀️ #MattTo2Mill ☀️ #MattTo2Mill x3 @TheMattEspinosa
summer_reagan, (08/21/2014)
@steffprice18 red Mountain Dew 😂
T_nols, (08/21/2014)
Windmills #barexercises #abs #corestrength #fitness t.co/mP4ch5adax
JaesonAnthony__, (08/21/2014)
Somebody always watching..
nationru, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (08/21/2014)
Its cool tho, Ima get up again and when I do don't nobody say shit to me
melly_rockin, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (08/21/2014)
@MiPHiLLY215 😂😂😂😂 I jus did it tho
BangBang_Sg, (08/21/2014)
RT @VinePhilly: Youngbull Said "Square Up" t.co/OCQwie5h1R
shaunclark0110, (08/21/2014)
Bruh these niggas just told me $549 for a glock and the other place said $629..man I almost shit my heart out
UptownRaised, (08/21/2014)
I'm too advanced
_groovydude, (08/21/2014)
RT @hamletgarcia17: . @BarackObama Should children only of the wealthy have access to quality early education?  our story t.co/6YXW…
xefyhecuqem, (08/21/2014)
RT @KushBeats215: A fat ass🍑 don't make you cute ‼️
TheReal_Dayo, (08/21/2014)
@A_Lushea Ctfuuu so funny yo
La_niyahh, (08/21/2014)
dink_00, (08/21/2014)
@OtherJuliette maybe a less conspicuous Twitter handle then 😘
littlemonnny, (08/21/2014)
RT @airredahc_: As soon as a girl don't like you, you automatically become "ugly"😫😂😂
_Teshonaaa, (08/21/2014)
RT @Slew_Naz: Eagles Better Fry 🏈🎯
MakeHerSquirtx3, (08/21/2014)
Feels good to see my steelers 😍💛⚫️
_Shaunaa_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Deptford, (08/21/2014)
@ike58reese New School penalty flag too. #BOO
mj1531, (08/21/2014)
RT @Eagles: Spotted on the videoboards at @lffstadium: #BelieveInDragons t.co/nOb32cvMA0
MrMattLittle, (08/21/2014)
WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Now THAT was a hit!!! #DamecoRyans #Eagles
Yorel1226, (08/21/2014)
@bdawg0015 @Elle_KCCO @toenailtapper5 @BeSassyChivette @layniekcco @sexyashleyblues @iowa_chivette @MissBeaner ugh le sigh
katdeevers, (08/21/2014)
You can't let a guy that slow cut the ball back for positive yards
MattPlunkett, (08/21/2014)
Podcast: Learn how to start your own SCHOOL from Kelly Tenkely (@ktenkely) | @PrincipalCast #34 t.co/eW9PkFXekP #edtech
TeacherCast, (08/21/2014)
Video: An interview with @ShellTerrell from #ISTE2014 | @TeacherCast LIVE t.co/6lTN1FpqRO #edtech
TeacherCast, (08/21/2014)
As if the person's family they sent the note to is saying, You know what?! You misspelled a few words, we're not taking this seriously.
E_got_swagg20, (08/21/2014)
@mirwontstop 4849048125
_AsToldBy_Bri, (08/21/2014)
Its still odd not seeing @Realrclark25 in black and yellow lined up next to troy #alwaysgoingbeasteelertho
lakers_reef, (08/21/2014)
onе of my friends showed mе this sitе whеre you can gеt an ipadd and it wоrks. i just got one mailеd to my homе... t.co/5Cu3osTAxo
completeconcept, (08/21/2014)
“@Biebers__blunt: #vote5sos 💕 127” 257.
AshleyMarie1114, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Berlin, N (08/21/2014)
@XXL @Raekwon t.co/AVrGTJBPak
SWIFTblackcity, (08/21/2014)
Who was the hottest teacher you've had? @wildfire_radio
BigDaddyGraham, (08/21/2014)
@kateleth so how's the writing going? t.co/ypnqFxEWra
platypusjones, (08/21/2014)
RT @Machiavelli400: #SuperiorGang🔥
xo_katrinaaaa, (08/21/2014)
What a disgusting POS -> Henry Rayhons, GOP Rep., Accused Of Sexually Abusing Incapacitated Wife t.co/hCBkHLH3Bj #WarOnWomen
RoseFromPhila, (08/21/2014)


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