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All About Lumberton, New Jersey

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#redirect Lumberton Township, New Jersey



Weather Forecast for Lumberton

Dec 19
Dec 20
Partly Cloudy
Dec 21
Partly Cloudy
Dec 22
PM Showers
Dec 23
Light Rain



Restaurants In Lumberton, New Jersey

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Local News for Lumberton, New Jersey

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Local Tweets for Lumberton, New Jersey

@ChaseButlerTV @Barnacules @AskeBay yes I have it set like that. Don't know how I did it :p
keithbrown, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Palmyra, (12/19/2014)
I need to get out of my house right now
Jimmy_Dromgoole, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Stratford (12/19/2014)
they let my brother out❤️😭 roc free
_inaiS, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
When Evan tries to act tough t.co/mXFDdJyPBh
Jesus_Swagz, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Audubon, (12/19/2014)
@on_the_KATwalk I'm testing you tonight
jacktremper, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Ashland, (12/19/2014)
Christmas Village🎄 LOVE PARK ❤️ t.co/0AGV0qRCXW
xtina_lao, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
@SportsCenter How much make-up is Tom Rinaldi wearing right now? #cakeface #mannequin
PhilCav17, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
told y'all I was gon scream it til I say it backwards!!!
_inaiS, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
I think I'm gonna try to grab a quick nap before work 🙇😴
OSage17, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
Living the life where you have nothing to worry about & being able to just do what you want is SO much fun 💃
sammludwig, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
I will be performing 249 E.jacoby st.Norristown Pa 8pm hosted by @scarfo24 come threw Yyeeaahhh!!
reasongmb, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
Go against the 9⃣ .. You ain't no friend or Mine
Jizz1900_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
When your landlord gives you 200 dollars and a bag of Godiva chocolate t.co/hFzXlqLIPV
_tedel, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
#fbf to black Friday shopping with these dorks @ Cherry Hill Mall t.co/lXHlm9A53I
lauraabritton, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Cherry Hi (12/19/2014)
Kelly Services #GeneralScience #Job: Logistics Technician (#Pennsauken, NJ) t.co/tk1KrNNCUn #KellyJobs #KellyServices
tmj_PHL_gensci, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Pennsauke (12/19/2014)
On the 76 😩😓😳. Omggg t.co/Y0GqR666B2
Carinalatorre_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
#Healthcare #Job alert: Camden NJ Schools Contract CCC-SLP Job | Soliant Health | #Camden, NJ t.co/ulJYJG27Dd #Jobs
Soliant_Schools, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Camden, N (12/19/2014)
@anissaoudk you're more childish than me, I'm older than you lol
BJosh_Morgan, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
How we had the club going ☝️
Kevin21Burton, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
People are so weird.
__Idriss, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
Jim Gardner goes one on one with director M. Night Shymalan. Shymalan is trying to reform education in Philadelphia. More at 6pm and 11pm
RaymondRegan3, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
Shades - @Wale
Black_Jeezus, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
@_HRHphoenix haha cause rent is based on la boheme!!
jasmineleir, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Barclay, (12/19/2014)
@JulieKramer4 @Phillies @JimmyRollins11 right there with you 😢
debbie25lw, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Blackwood (12/19/2014)
I'm still kinda tired , might take a nap until its time for me to head to the trap
L21_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
I want to be the one to give you everything so please, let me.
lisafosho, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
There will be a quiz later. Watch "Bob Dylan - It Must Be Santa" on YouTube Bob Dylan - It Must Be Santa: t.co/47N9b7Gfdr
DominicImbrenda, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
@iamgigiok @mrsexyasshit @Osidosy
AkinSolebo, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
@NatalieEGuercio not only has to deal with @KarenGravanoVH1 hippo booty now the other Natalie donkey booty. Oh Snap! Gotta handle Bitches
Kayla_Vas, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
I'm better of going to my doctor 😒
TouChainz, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
Waste of fucking time
TouChainz, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
@tylerwilton170 she sternly tells me not to eat this late and makes me feel bad
sarah_ferrry, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Glouceste (12/19/2014)
@Luckyluchiano__ heyyy baby wyd
cashmula_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
Waiting in er for 3 hours 😴😒😒😒😒
TouChainz, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
Being high all the time is not a good look and definitely isn't cute. Grow up.
katelynsteinman, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
@KEEpIt_THURL im bored hit my jack u drawnn
priceless_hak, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
Why tf did I think it was a good idea to watch Greys anatomy this late? Can't stop watching
sarah_ferrry, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Glouceste (12/19/2014)
@thereal_marr I'll sleep on it ✊
_Tvron_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
california is a crazy state
crocmartens, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
(((it's cyanide in my styrofoam cup)))
emmysierraloo, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)
I hate the fact I can only fall asleep/ fall back asleep only if it's bricks in my room.
Briexo, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Berlin, N (12/19/2014)
@Luckyluchiano__ eating chilling bored is shit lol 😔
cashmula_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Philadelp (12/19/2014)


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