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Die Picatinny Arsenal ist eine US-amerikanische militärische Forschung und Fertigung auf einem 6400 Hektar großen km2 0 Menge im nördlichen New Jersey, USA. Das Arsenal ist das Hauptquartier der United States Army Bewaffnung Forschung, Entwicklung und Engineering Center. Es ist für die Erfindung des allgegenwärtigen Picatinny-Schiene bekannt, sowie als die Armee Kompetenzzentrum für Kleinwaffen Patronenmunition. Die Anlage wurde im Jahre 1880 als der''Picatinny Powder Depot''gegründet. Es produziert Schießpulver bis nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg, zu welcher Zeit die Anlage begann auch die Herstellung schwerer Munition und wuchs in Forschung und Entwicklung beteiligt.



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RT @pandoerra: @CarolineManzo not to our president...
die_mich_zwei, (10/23/2014)
#Parsippany #Jobs District Administrative Coordinator Manager - PARSIPPANY, NJ (88339) at Home… t.co/Z3hGG4tNvX #Job #ParsippanyJobs
Parsippany_Jobs, (10/23/2014)
RT @The_Seymonster: @shannon_walshh I adore you
shannon_walshh, (10/22/2014)
RT @CENTURY21: #HomeBuyingTip: Should you rent or should you buy? Our Renting vs. Buying Calculator can help you decide! t.co/QNenO6…
CraigRealEstate, (10/22/2014)
@99_manutd @Shelin50 and to whom do we leave that to. I may get flack for this but Jones is great at man-marking
hermit64, (10/22/2014)
"@Cuban__God: Chief keef have the dumbest picture poses ever😂😂😂💀💀 t.co/64eqGhdFgl" I just screamed...
TiffanyWonton, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Montclair (10/22/2014)
Treat people like they make a difference...and they will.
DJamis0n, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: West Oran (10/22/2014)
@MatrixxCity they might even go further with it by having a fourth movie u never knw
@JEFFJVPITER one bite will leave a baseball sized lump that itches/burns like hell.
2DZbeats, (10/22/2014)
“@PrettyDreezBae: Still up I gotta get ready for bed school in the am 😩💤”better get to sleep 😴
TheRealMike___, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Paterson, (10/22/2014)
Bxches Be Cold-Hearted On Purpose And Blame Their Ex As An Excuse
Surf_TheLegend, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: East Oran (10/22/2014)
Exactly “@MatrixxCity @BDIDDYRUNDACITY I Think They Might. Add The Whole Infinity Gauntlet In There & You Got A Crazy Plot”
@SlimJenn215 ☺️
TheRealMike___, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Paterson, (10/22/2014)
@FatalBaby you watched the hip hop awards live URL cypher ?!
TiffanyWonton, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Montclair (10/22/2014)
RT @SassyEurasian: @DrJennBerman @triggertreach tonight cut SO deep it hurt! No one knows the pain others carry, we should all take a momen
LRC29, (10/22/2014)
@ashhbur honestly SAME
sarahhh666, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Clifton, (10/22/2014)
RT @EmilyAsh94: @ChristyAsh19 @nicolettepezza I think he forgot to pick me up 😭💔 can't wait to see you guys in about a month!!!!!
ChristyAsh19, (10/22/2014)
RT @ImmigrantNacion: @GOPLeader #GOP You cant ignore us #LatinosVote this people out #Nov4Th #TakeBackTheHouse #GOPGOTTAGO #AINF t.c…
Gift2USA, (10/15/2014)
Ima walk thru usually with my nigga best believe
1BLACGURL_, (10/15/2014)
@sarax0h i can think of one dusty hoe
xoDanielaaaxo, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Franklin (10/15/2014)
Joseph Jimenez talks to @Forbes about Novartis’ medical breakthrough that could save lives. t.co/KTW7zOwwLg t.co/2Si8yvnAd7
NVSOncoCareers, (10/15/2014)
"We're in north america right?"
JeanineKennedy7, (10/15/2014)
RT @ImmigrantNacion: @davereichert #GOP You cant ignore us #LatinosVote this people out #Nov4Th #TakeBackTheHouse #GOPGOTTAGO #AINF …
Gift2USA, (10/15/2014)
RT @ImmigrantNacion: @SteveScalise #GOP You cant ignore us #LatinosVote this people out #Nov4Th #TakeBackTheHouse #GOPGOTTAGO #AINF …
Gift2USA, (10/15/2014)
RT @bianchilawgroup: Prosecutor’s Perspective: @rbianchiesq is quoted in @WSJ article on Sayreville football case! t.co/DxUTX5YTsF h…
GKevinBarrett, (10/15/2014)
RT @ImmigrantNacion: @RepPaulRyan #GOP You cant ignore us #LatinosVote this people out #Nov4Th #TakeBackTheHouse #GOPGOTTAGO #AINF t…
Gift2USA, (10/15/2014)
Love staying busy .
Tatted_Hooligan, (10/15/2014)
RT @ImmigrantNacion: @RepPaulCook #GOP You cant ignore us #LatinosVote this people out #Nov4Th #TakeBackTheHouse #GOPGOTTAGO #AINF t…
Gift2USA, (10/15/2014)
Improving ur Social Media By Creating Better Pictures #SocialEveryday t.co/GnFXKG4ipO @TheCMOclub @uniquephoto @accessarynews
MSweetwood, (10/15/2014)
Throwing up my set in yu hood nigga !
1BLACGURL_, (10/15/2014)
RT @511nyNJ: NJ DOT - STMC: Delays on I-287 north btw ex 37 - NJ 24 (Hanover Twp) and ex 40 - CR 511/Parsippany Rd (Parsippany-Troy Hills
NYI78thm, (10/15/2014)
I have so much homework, yet I'm just laying down here
yourehawt_, (10/20/2014)
@sammshermann or deanna.. You can always craft for deanna (me obvi) 😁😎
dmancini25, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (10/20/2014)
friends 💕 t.co/JaDXYI1VN9
fallonmorrisonn, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (10/20/2014)
“@UnexplainedPicx: The Forever 27 Club. .` t.co/xG3azqIIcd” @danielles711
GabbyCordova98, (10/20/2014)
Light a joint or spliff it if Ya classy
patitts2, (10/20/2014)
kiannasaw, (10/20/2014)
RT @NockFootball15: #FreeCrooks
austinvw15, (10/20/2014)
The real question is how am I going to fill my gap between 5 p.m. and meeting for dinner at 6:45... #heweb14
CBarrows, (10/20/2014)
RT @VZWnews: VR in the ER: Are today’s Oculus gamers tomorrow’s surgeons? t.co/yI4Tq2OG5c
VZWheidi, (10/20/2014)
@GarrettBackhaus @SixSecSports definitely doesnt look old out there
joetortorelli_, (10/20/2014)
It's 8 pm do you know where your remote is #Gotham
flexxpele, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (10/20/2014)
Yashi Announces $4 Million Committed Line of Credit Through PNC Bank - SYS-CON Media (press release) t.co/Q4rIjsZfZQ
JaredMcGuan, (10/20/2014)
@ricky_martin fascino 👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️
mafercita87, (10/20/2014)
Confused af
pabloxmarza_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (10/20/2014)
3 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by t.co/5JfF9VTEOo
NickMihalik13, (10/23/2014)
RT @BrendanPFarrell: Thanks to @NiallNorton of @OpenetGlobal for sharing this. #FB t.co/YzipKC5oyu t.co/K65tN9jzCg
IlanBrat, (10/23/2014)
@0nlynoa oop watchu doin up?
am_moraless, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: West Oran (10/23/2014)
“@CauseWereGuys: When she don't know you looked through her favorites t.co/K2wnnERIeW” 😂😂
matt_kronyak, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Lockwood, (10/23/2014)
Karma Police// Radiohead
yourehawt_, (10/23/2014)
Tomorrow's NecroDancer Race will more than likely be cancelled, so maybe I'll work on an Overlay with you guys on strim tomorrow instead. &l
AsherArtistry, (10/23/2014)
“@CauseWereGuys: Sounds about right t.co/zl7fqoUaIt” 😂 love it
matt_kronyak, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Lockwood, (10/23/2014)
RT @HeartSussex: #xfactor fans, make sure you join us after 8! We've got Betsy from @OTYOfficial on the show Nic x
fxck_hayesx, (10/23/2014)
Drake the relatable track champion .. and he's gonna go down as the best ever for that very reason .
elirosstheboss, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Plainfiel (10/23/2014)
RT @HeartSussex: More from @OTYOfficial's Betsy next. We want the gossip from the #xfactor house! @Nicola_Hume x
fxck_hayesx, (10/23/2014)
The Carlos Sanchez Daily is out! t.co/cRCCSBWQgC Stories via @SoleSurvivorDet @KspragStyle2
Sneakgeekz, (10/23/2014)
Making the Internet of Things Understand Your Voice t.co/XWnFvpGvBq #IoT #WearableTech #mHealth #DigitalHealth #Mobile #QuantifedSelf
epilkington, (10/23/2014)
Besides the fact that I am dehydrated and got escorted out, Skrillex was sick
cdevine9, (10/23/2014)
“@ABC: Police: Man pretended to b in coma for 2 years to avoid court t.co/SrA3X4xJQT t.co/WEbr96e0GM”😂😭 t.co/AIcqKkwz3G
Ohnasheratchet, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Bloomfiel (10/23/2014)
RT @ToysRUs: Re: BB "Let's just say, the action figures have taken an 'indefinite sabbatical.'"
katgugs86, (10/23/2014)
@cuzzychris you know i got you
luuvles, (10/23/2014)
EL OH EL 😂😂😭RT @DJJime: "@Lost_InMyMusic: Youre going naked? 🔭 RT @Ashes268: You guys are wearing costumes ??" t.co/TJCtr607vp
Mali_TooWotless, (10/23/2014)
“@doxydejour: Ohh. Dat Skyhook. @NECA_TOYS Well done you guys. t.co/DD8AwOUQSA” thank you!!
NECA_TOYS, (10/15/2014)
RT @WestfieldTAP: Raritan Valley Rail Coalition Hosts "One Seat Ride" Meeting with NJ TRANSIT on Mon, Oct. 27 t.co/6ItlQccXHk
SueChecchio, (10/20/2014)
You ain't really fwm way back then girl how about now? Cuz I'm up right now. And you suck right now.
2DZbeats, (10/23/2014)
Girls are so fake lol
colombiawins, (10/23/2014)
RT @WoollyBoo: Always a pleasure attending events at @FelicianoCenter at #MSU. They are a great resource for #entrepreneurs t.co/HCC…
jaymf, (10/23/2014)
"the proof of spiritual maturity is not how “pure” you are but awareness of your impurity. That very awarenes... t.co/tqpWr0RrVt
Jmarquez316, (10/23/2014)
seu perfil foi visto por 5 pessoas nas últimas 4 horas t.co/PoBrK3kh4R
MrLeoLongo, (10/23/2014)
Just love how fast my phone dies 😄
bri_mccoy44, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Pequannoc (10/23/2014)
can't wait for tomorrow
victoriastecky, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: New Jerse (10/23/2014)
@JulioSoto77 ack! You’re right. I liked both for their first three seasons before falling off the wagon…
augiedb, (10/23/2014)
@goddessrosemar1 im so up or down .wish i could just be here for awhile without hiding out so long
artiepayne, (10/23/2014)
84 points in fantasy and it's only Thursday...
evankurzman, (10/23/2014)


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