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Alpine is an extremely affluent borough in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States. As of the United States 2000 Census, the borough population was 2,183. According to Forbes, Alpine ranks first in "America's Most Expensive ZIP Codes" for 2009, with a median home price of $4.14 million. Alpine's history of expensive homes also extends back to July 2006 and June 2007, where it ranked #1 in a tie with Fisher Island, Florida on the ABC News list of most expensive zip codes, with a median home sale price of $3.4 million. ''New Jersey Monthly'' magazine ranked Alpine as its 15th best place to live in its 2008 rankings of the "Best Places To Live" in New Jersey.



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ikaw ga ay iba!!
superginelle, (09/20/2014)
I'm now connected to JEREMY MATRAS - Conseiller financier on Viadeo: t.co/arlJRN1aA5
SNCrunch, (09/20/2014)
RT @nytimes: Japan may be a nation of early adopters, but the compact disc is still king t.co/VV9nlhsZbX
AlperDelikara, (09/20/2014)
RT @ohsogirIquotes: I'm a sucker for the "I miss you" message...
danfirsnk, (09/20/2014)
I got home before the parentals. What is life?
JovitosWay, (09/20/2014)
RT @SamirGotti: Mf's loosing sleep over someone who's probably in bed with someone else.
AshleyL27465674, (09/20/2014)
I'm now connected to Angélique MASSA - Etudiante en décoration intérieure on Viadeo: t.co/EQIWGmsj9P
SNCrunch, (09/20/2014)
RT @brendohare: Help Wanted t.co/ZRVpy2EvNs
vsRobots, (09/23/2014)
Tonight's special brought to you by @chefmichaelnyc @asmiakseafood Alaskan #KingSalmon Belly Tartare,… t.co/NVe1PK2H3Y
DeliNYC, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Manhattan (09/23/2014)
RT @Baddiies: t.co/xQFxx7512q
Broitseden, (09/23/2014)
RT @Giolmao: " Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul "
verenicex3, (09/23/2014)
RT @HoodieAllen: NEW VIDEO: Hoodie Allen - "Act My Age" t.co/CB0lDLWguZ
EDlTOR, (09/23/2014)
RT @HoodieAllen: RT my next tweet to win a free signed t-shirt of your choice from my merch store! t.co/QP1lIQE4mT
EDlTOR, (09/23/2014)
sending snaps to the wrong people happens to me way too often
morgannntweets, (09/23/2014)
RT @therealtyla_: i personally don't think that just because everything looks so pitch perfect w/ a family on the outside that there aren't
bcharlesx3, (09/23/2014)
RT @therealtyla_: sometimes you just have to f*ck with you heavy because the people you f*ck with or "thought" f*cked w/ you, aren't always
electrawarfare, (09/23/2014)
If I didn't want to watch these shows I would be sleep, I feel so icky
MsTamarShawnice, (09/23/2014)
RT @therealtyla_: girls complain about guys not approaching them. but i swear girls will be the first one to call a caring guy thirsty, scr
yamelramos1, (09/23/2014)
AducciLuciano, (09/23/2014)
@ourchoiceismade lmao I feel so shitty selling my friends demos but dang it I have no room and need money for things
BachataBoi420, (09/23/2014)
RT @marissafeinberg: "Design Thinking, #SocialChange & #Empathy" tonight's @InfluencerCon's salon. Thrilled to host @GaranceChoko @TheDe
GaranceChoko, (09/23/2014)
I know it's such a weird thing but I honestly hate when it's completely quiet then someone coughs, it pisses me off more than it should..
JazzyDWitty, (09/23/2014)
RT @Larcamerica: barks news of JAPAN NIGHT #VAMPS t.co/MlUsDMm0yK t.co/rGz0M3Jjcv
NorikoPak, (09/11/2014)
Front End Developer - Explosive Startup $130k + Equity (Relo) * t.co/scEvsLjkyO #jobs #it #dev #nyc
nyc_it_jobs, (09/11/2014)
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anggazvesparast, (09/11/2014)
Girls Hello Kitty shirt size 7/8 - Full read by eBay: Price 2.99 USD (0 Bids) End Time: 2014-09-12 22:54:49 PDT... t.co/ygAZE1OFaD
erica__ellyson, (09/11/2014)
This Food Company More Deserving of Your Attention Than Apple? t.co/oCtQUqVqQf #investments
PConfidential, (09/11/2014)
RT @nypost: In terribly disappointing news, the number of homeless US schoolchildren is rising t.co/O7sVtpdqJc
LizaFayB, (09/23/2014)
@RobMacNYJETS And to boot they knew this since last year. Need to get Amare into the Offense more.
JAGD94, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: North New (09/23/2014)
RT @TheHoginator: “@LilChinaaaaa: I be trynna tell em.. t.co/VBi6G4SflX” I've been 23 for 5 months, I'm confused.
TatzAllOverMe, (09/23/2014)
#anotherdayanotherdollar #hardworkpaysoff #hungry #templeqinesis #longdays #grinding #trainerlife… t.co/77UXR1crFR
scottfairlamb, (09/23/2014)
#Buctober #RaiseIt
PMullen43, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Bronx, NY (09/23/2014)
RT @Cristyy_xO: never been to Fright Fest 😞
jreligionx0__, (09/23/2014)
RT @ihatequotes: We limit God's grace because we think we don't deserve it. Thats how great He is. We don't deserve it yet He freely gives
annaxleex, (09/23/2014)
RT @DeepViibes: Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher. Life is already filled with enough people who want to bring
haaiileee, (09/23/2014)
RT @missbreezyy: Beyond excited to see my bff in two weeks!!! @XzOtiCaNdY 😘😜😛💨💃👏👯🙆💁 #pickme 🙋🙋🙋
XzOtiCaNdY, (09/23/2014)
If you correct for average wind velocity in the Bronx and subtract relative humidity Jeter was actually the worst player in MLB history
morningmoneyben, (09/23/2014)
RT @therealtyla_: it's a soul cutting feeling when the person u look forward to talking to the most doesn't seem the least bit interested i
ApexB_, (09/23/2014)
RT @wwwbigbaldhead: Kojima Releases First Teaser for Silent Hills - Dread Central t.co/2pBTjGOGVi
cinthya_blu, (09/23/2014)
RT @thepeav: @AMBestCo Wins best rating agency at @reactionsnet North America Awards Dinner! Matt Mosher accepts t.co/ASlVcYKAPW
reactionsnet, (09/23/2014)
RT @Epic_Records: .@FifthHarmony serenading @LOHANTHONY! #5HVinePass t.co/cbgIQE5aTO
laurendieta, (09/23/2014)
RT @In2TheSunshine2: Always locked into @TheFuse984 from New York! Morning (or is is afternoon?) @WanjiraL and @TaylorEightySix! Rock on, k
FayolFayee, (09/11/2014)
But what i really want is a bottle if that @bellaforma sorrel wine. So i can lie here reading The American by Henry James, relaxing & si
SassyEthnicBoho, (09/11/2014)
#freakyfriday #coworker #mbakoda #gruman #garudaindonesia #makassar t.co/xxG4gZIOpt
blameitonangga, (09/11/2014)
RT @JOSHXANTUS: Love what you do & do what you love 💯
Fatieeeey, (09/11/2014)
RT @toddstarnes: Atheists attacks football team mourning two dead teammates. t.co/UyPl5ydaon #EVIL
AUgrad1997, (09/11/2014)
RT @Forbes: The number one reason people leave a job is because of a bad boss or supervisor: t.co/bO89yBanmN
lightmimi, (09/11/2014)
@ATTCustomerCare why won’t apple let me pickup in store if I pre-order phone via next?
SolRieger, (09/11/2014)
I donate to great causes where people are really being helped donate today to help abuse victims t.co/2eDkjCmeCQ
HonesTweets4U, (09/11/2014)
RT @DaveHC31: @sooyscottxscott that's might be good lol
sooyscottxscott, (09/11/2014)
my soul connects to lanas voice
gelseyfannon, (09/27/2014)
RT @ARLoveHoney: Masih teringat jelas Senyum terakhir yang kau beri untukku.!! :)
WDpratiwi20, (09/27/2014)
#porn,#sex,#hot,#romance,#desi,#teen, | #Babe | Hot group sex with two babes
PornzMilf, (09/27/2014)
@ivanel99 @darroyo04 pues que PP se proyecte esa es la manera de contrarrestar la popularidad de Rosselló.
00prJose, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Brooklyn, (09/27/2014)
RT @fbgchase: If Drew Brees doesn't throw for 4 TDs against that Cowboys defense tomorrow, it's time to officially worry about the Saints o
LateHitsNYC, (09/27/2014)
RT @Tim_Cahill: hahahahahahahaa JAGS What a goal. #COYB
Joshgregory38, (09/27/2014)
RT @IBM: "Design is the silent ambassador of your brand." -Paul Rand cc @IBMDesign t.co/m6mOcX7riw
tunvall, (09/27/2014)
#selfieSaturday #workout felt great!! #gym #gymrat #biceps #skulls #obey @ New Olympia Health Club t.co/GiZznfVh9u
MasterGio, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Queens, N (09/27/2014)
Niagara or never. #FallzSoHard @lexidcross @HaileyTully @shutupilovethat t.co/hBrFIluLY8
aboyce18, (09/27/2014)
RT @anjaliworld: I love you New York
Jerilyn_Zar, (09/27/2014)
RT @lawblob: my dad swiped left on our family
kawaiidonut_, (09/27/2014)
Never mind...
BlakeWilliamsEh, (09/27/2014)
I Love Lifestyles * I think ERRRBODY fuck w/that song .
ShaneelJohnson_, (09/27/2014)
RT @therealtyla_: understand this. t.co/lQYfLO0Meb
kkadytavaress, (09/23/2014)
#JáComeçouAManipulaçãoNaAfazenda #RT
DiasComenta, (09/23/2014)
sentirme así de triste, por que no me dejaron ni desearle un feliz cumpleaños :-(
ugly_girl_88, (09/23/2014)
@BABEELOC HEY FAM 11:00PMEST 929-477-2453 Listen in now at t.co/6vulvHJSCL JOIN US TONIGHT ON APESHIT
Greenleafmag, (09/23/2014)
RT @Forbes: There are 201,200 women in US prisons, representing 8.8% of the total American prison population: t.co/zCGnIckJ92
debrown1000, (09/23/2014)
Quit defending abuse: Lunatic ‘lessons’ on Peterson - Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s... t.co/SCJ7nZ7s0q
TehNewYorkPost, (09/23/2014)
RT @UnitedNationsRU: Гражданская авиация и именение климата t.co/FB2gOodQBP
SharsheyevIsken, (09/23/2014)
@REALLiSAMARiE Didn't know you were a fan. How long have you been watching @SpikeInkMaster? #InkMaster #InkRivals
THERobertL, (09/23/2014)
🍂🍃🍂 t.co/yF04Q4lYBS
jordanhammons12, (09/23/2014)
@Dr_Potatoes_ t.co/F5ZtD09GAJ
Rfourone, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Brooklyn, (09/23/2014)
Poker Player Confesses to Scamming Others Out of Nearly $300K t.co/Gy0BeaklyC
WinafyNews, (09/23/2014)
@kaelinnnnn that's not coo
BennChill, (09/23/2014)
RickleDillon, (09/23/2014)
RT @therealtyla_: being "alone" is not always a bad thing. gives you time to file your scattered thoughts, locate your feelings and bluepri
Joyyrentsss, (09/23/2014)
So as a female I found male in high school. I had boyfriends b4 but we could never take it to that place. It's special.
Angelscry53, (09/23/2014)
RT @Lasrtajaramillo: No sabes que estabamos tan cerca de vos y de mi. De los dos juntos.
tatianaerazo15, (09/23/2014)
MarianaVegaRJ, (09/23/2014)
RT @CityJournal: #Jihad in Jersey? The murder of Brendan Tevlin and three others. t.co/dX65wVstwq
Hopler77, (09/23/2014)
RT @keivonwood22: @milam_sam bet
milam_sam, (09/23/2014)
RT @HeymanHustle: "@WWEgames PROTIP: Do not use @HeymanHustle's face as your online avatar. Just.. Don't. t.co/aNu5DQssfc #WWE2K15 …
d500881828, (09/23/2014)
RT @MTV: AH! Season two of #FakingIt starts NOW! RT if you're watching.
kenzieisawkward, (09/23/2014)
RT @FrankGrillo: W the crew at WWHL. #Kingdom #DirectTV @andy t.co/g6tNn4Qdan
m_elizabeth_t, (09/23/2014)
RT @HeymanHustle: "@Bella_Worlock Can't wait to shoot next year! @HeymanHustle #HustleBootyTempTats @MikeCohenTOG t.co/ALUZIWzEjk"
Debera_0924, (09/23/2014)
RT @HeymanHustle: "@JoeyStyles The ECW episode of Monday Night War is on @WWENetwork tonight! ECW's 25 most must-see matches t.co/AF…
Shera90907, (09/23/2014)
Oops. By 2100, There Could Be Two Billion More People Than We Anticipated t.co/7zlm87aPDg
mitchell_silver, (09/23/2014)
RT @nice2sissyU: More sissy captions at t.co/1OdX2MBQYx #sissy #crossdressing #tgirl #tgcaptions t.co/5Cwn66YKpl
absxabs, (09/23/2014)
RT @LibroMusical: "Yo siempre quiero verte, eso ni lo dudes."
mariyacante, (09/23/2014)
@_juliocalderon visteeeeee, el domingo inicia la 4*
sancarlena77, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Manhattan (09/23/2014)
RT @therealtyla_: shoutout to anyone who's picked someone up when they were feeling down instead of adding more weight. you are love.
Papichris16, (09/23/2014)
@NTBro oh and don't let anyone say anything negative to you- you know what you want and you'll find it!!!
jessica38973934, (09/23/2014)
RT @Lingualina: この天変地異は瑞穂の国の八百万の神々が安倍政権に怒っているということでキチウヨさん
namakoz, (09/27/2014)
Jessica call me man asap pls when u see this smfh
Morenasworldd, (09/27/2014)
RT @TheHarlemHotBoy: I'm hosting @taolasvegas 2morrow! #TheMoneyTeam Official Party @myfabolouslife will be performing. #TMT #TheFamily h
OLLGdoBieber94, (09/11/2014)
Needa case nd a memory card
DavidDAuthor, (09/23/2014)
@spicadefenders Cause you don't want to see me cause death in Injustice
RickGrimesBeard, (09/23/2014)
FUCKIBG shit austin t.co/T9XNvdvoTF
_angiefina, (09/23/2014)
@TheRossEverett your video was amazing ok
ldrliam, (09/23/2014)
I'm now connected to Thierry Arrigossi - formation, t.co/JxD2M1pXUk on Viadeo: t.co/HGxj1OjJYs
SNCrunch, (09/20/2014)
RT @BuzzFeed: 26 Times Kelly Kapoor Taught You How To Win At Life t.co/P9Uofuk1yx t.co/3fPCp3fmIH
LilleMullen, (09/20/2014)
RT @JMovieLifeJones: Who still up ? 😜
Suliixo__, (09/20/2014)
RT @nytimes: Push for New Pact on Climate Change Is Plagued by Old Divide of Wealth t.co/9oCzlPafYN
MarielaMMEnciso, (09/20/2014)
RT @ChMadar: Judge rules police entitled to SWAT raid of private home over Twitter account making fun of Peoria, Illinois mayor: t.c…
kinetictheorist, (09/20/2014)
RT @MoenayahBvby_: Swear nobody understands me🙍
___MellowMind, (09/20/2014)
@DickMarcs true story
DickMarcs, (09/20/2014)
I'm now connected to Céline Felder - Manageress of t.co/CuzwlqRBnQ on Viadeo: t.co/qEKRaXvJYY
SNCrunch, (09/20/2014)
#Buffalo: WWE: Live - Nov 3 at First Niagara Center Tickets: t.co/WYtq0ygHkf
TicketChatterNY, (09/30/2014)
RT @kicksonfire: When you and the squad is rocking HEAT and you see another squad just as fresh. t.co/6P8SLFufCR
jmoss_4, (09/30/2014)
RT @bevysmith: I'm not even a Kardashian/Jenner fan but the girl is walking all the top shows at the top fashion weeks across the globe,SHE
lipstickjunkie_, (09/30/2014)
RT @NBCNews: Statistician calculates the odds of who will be killed off in 'Game of Thrones' t.co/aZdyF9PJoY t.co/C9o5HSmZ7H
SitNomineDigna, (09/30/2014)
RT @Inc: A time-management strategy to shave 1 day off your workweek @ArianaAyutopia #productivity t.co/nnpQF9DOGS
japalaciosg, (09/30/2014)
RT @KaylahRaquel: I wasted my time, energy and my beauty on guys that weren't even worth it. I don't regret that. All lessons learned.
_Zaaaaa, (09/30/2014)
RT @ChuckBassReact: #ThrowBack t.co/61MPxlwksN
TheSinger_Aunye, (09/30/2014)
#DevelopmentAid 4 Trees: #Liberia stops #deforestation,gets #development aid in return t.co/S338dBte4H #environment #naturalresources
Anne_Dienelt, (09/30/2014)
Special Guest Mix for @fuzerecords (Sony Music) with @ellroyclerk !! ---- t.co/rAJ8GsG4k6 ----… t.co/vCMRFGYjUX
RussianNickNyc, (09/30/2014)
RT @TrinityNYC: 郵便物をお届けできなかった理由「入り口に熊🐻がいた。」でもカナダでならあり得るでし
saru03181, (09/30/2014)
RT @MellyV90: Good morning everyone❤️😊
messina86beckah, (09/30/2014)
French once again! Let's do this!
dariusshu, (09/30/2014)
RT @TheStreet: Now is a good time to invest in Yahoo! t.co/xQBhCHhASC $YHOO via @dougkass
noblunder, (09/30/2014)
Alex Skolnick singing "Red House" at Alex Skolnick's Book Release Concer...: t.co/7hrhmhTTpY via @YouTube Amaaaaazing!!!
marieboscia, (09/30/2014)
RT @911LightSkin: Anyone struggling with their weight needs to know this!! Eat This, Never Diet Again! 👉t.co/IaX3QG0Au0👈 t.co…
bha_thax, (09/30/2014)
@JahMMARastafari @DJSPINtel Outstanding. These leftists support using it as birth control. 96+% of abortions are a matter of convenience.
RedHandNYCity, (09/23/2014)
RT @ChrissyCostanza: Boyfriend t.co/W4BGTorPyf
Palo_mTorres, (09/23/2014)
RT @timcarvell: Oh, man, I really hope "The Boxtrolls" is about people who live in boxes and spend all day making inflammatory Internet com
clearlydemented, (09/23/2014)
Wish I had a terrible relationship with my father growing up because it would justify me wanting to hang with 50 yr old men.
NYCVixen, (09/23/2014)
RT @Mac__Facts: College is pure stress. By the end of graduate school I think I'll be deceased.
IsaacPetey, (09/23/2014)
#ResidentEvilRevelations2 #ClaireRedfield #Genderbend cosplay teaser 4 #NYCC14 :P #Videogames #ResidentEvil #Capcom t.co/dMLs8FAEDR
JoshuaSStevens, (09/23/2014)
@DabbirTirmzy @mubashir_luqman @mubasherlucman
Sammyjoe37, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Queens, N (09/23/2014)
RT @LibroMusical: "Todos tus sueños se pueden hacer realidad, si tienes el valor para perseguirlos."
verochrispins, (09/23/2014)
RT @MusicChoicePlay: "Music is a human resource..." - @AloeBlacc
MusicChoice, (09/23/2014)
Ugh...the walls of my mind are abt to implode w/ the idea of me not getting any sleep tonight 😩😢 ... simply bcuz Im determined to ans
tamacita23, (09/23/2014)
Cat Includes 4 signs free shipping by KatzenKlaa t.co/swArs0K1QA via @Etsy
katzenklaa, (09/23/2014)
#Free admission to over 1400 museums across the US this Saturday. t.co/rj6fXMqOfO #travel @SmithsonianMag #weekend #MuseumDayLive
Fly_com, (09/26/2014)
RT @ShinSnipes: @BanginHxrry94 @DarthLCFR @DekuSticksnNuts @UterusPlungerHD Sorry, I don't help whales. Oh well
DekuSticksnNuts, (09/26/2014)
@culturedcode Ugh every other app really sucks, I tried converting to all of them in the past two weeks and failed miserably.
CalaveraUSA, (09/26/2014)
Photo: This Sunday 9/28 FREE ALL NIGHT!! Music by @djnoproblem #MaybeYouHeardOfHim #FreeAllNight!! #Hookah... t.co/yvS3KQZUy8
NYSUES, (09/26/2014)
RT @camanpour: ISIS “is a common threat for all of us,” Iranian President @HassanRouhani tells me. Calls for united effort: t.co/0iX…
kelliemccown200, (09/26/2014)
#ff the red-hot WAGs of PoNY // @sgharrison @lizgayokay @nataliatorija @kerbeyr
PrideofNY, (09/26/2014)
@KCMPRBUZZ You bet! Would love to work with you guys one day! ;-) t.co/5nTTAZiunE t.co/uqDpP7Gy91
Kane007, (09/26/2014)
Photo: lovey-asians: Click here for more sexy Asians! t.co/mAftjk2xjB
TheArtGoon, (09/26/2014)
RT @BilldeBlasio: Terrorists want us to live in fear. We refuse to live in fear. t.co/T1kb1HYBep
mayorsCAU, (09/26/2014)
@NJT_Commuter now
ScuziNewsy, (09/26/2014)
RT @camanpour: Iranian Pres @HassanRouhani says U.S.-led attacks on ISIS are mostly for show, not victory: t.co/0iXGuKLxBu t.…
Davy_boy152, (09/26/2014)
Back pain is no joke.
LovingAC_, (09/26/2014)
RT @Esquiremag: It's Just a Damn Phone t.co/WqmLtjrWkY t.co/05Ebw5trBA
cpowers94, (09/26/2014)
Another fine day here in nyc. Enjoy the weekend! t.co/rR8EUV6Sv5
TeaSpreader, (09/26/2014)


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