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Brewer est une ville du comté de Penobscot, Maine, États-Unis. Il fait partie de la Bangor, Maine Metropolitan Statistical Area. La ville est nommée d'après son premier colon, le colonel John Brewer. La population était de 8987 au recensement de 2000. Brewer est la ville sœur de Bangor.



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RT @CrissieYoslowit: I hate feeling unimportant to people that are important to me...
AljboryMohammed, (08/16/2014)
@BradPaisley i would die if u followed me
gmcauliffe0921, (08/16/2014)
Scattered Showers Sunday, Clearing Skies Monday t.co/phEMijW7xq
WABI_TV5, (08/16/2014)
@rachelheldevans @jlupf I’m open to it being the case, but I don’t understand how it would. I’ll take a look at the article tho
dannyjeskey, (08/16/2014)
Dude just came into dunkin, looked at our menu, and with a dead straight face asked, "What's a bagel"?
chrisharris207, (08/16/2014)
@rachelheldevans @jlupf but my whole point is I don’t understand how requiring an id prevents liberal demographics from voting.
dannyjeskey, (08/16/2014)
Hehe @Mr_Carterr @camerondallas t.co/ChfOwPpg1D
gmcauliffe0921, (08/16/2014)
Break it off? it was broken off when we barely spoke words to one another for weeks.
RolandLaliberty, (08/16/2014)
@ericianhuffman haha, thank you! Glad you enjoyed my ranting.
Dallhouse, (08/16/2014)
back to school t.co/682yUGhaHr via @shopyourway
jsension, (08/16/2014)
back to school t.co/7AyI2jRk4t via @shopyourway
jsension, (08/16/2014)
back to school t.co/w43c1sF2vz via @shopyourway
jsension, (08/16/2014)
RT @DrCJN: Thanks to @chaddah @beerbabe and #twitterlessOD for a great day and a ton of fun #wfaw14 #LetTheMuscleSorenessBegin
Chaddah, (08/16/2014)
one person followed me // automatically checked by t.co/35bLtLYiLN
alvieraamp, (08/16/2014)
RT @jgclarke: Thanks to all who came out to my talk on Empathy and WordPress today at @WordCampMaine ! Slides and notes: t.co/ZC8uh6…
ChrisWiegman, (08/16/2014)
Verdict reached in "excessive force" case against TW Bangor police officers. JimM
WABI_TV5, (08/15/2014)
Be the reason for her smiling, not crying.
EddyRosen, (08/13/2014)
Me: "I'm over him." Him: "Hey!" Me: "Nevermind."
AugustinaGoldbl, (08/13/2014)
A minute you spend with jealousy, you've wasted a moment of your time hating yourself.
RoriePetric, (08/13/2014)
Life is about trusting your feelings, taking chances, finding happiness, learning from the past, and realizing everything changes.
KrissieDenial, (08/13/2014)
That fake laugh you do when you don’t understand what somebody just said to you.
ArdeliaPitcairn, (08/13/2014)
RT @SamsungLEVANT: @ALIQUDAH2 بالتأكيد! :)
ALIQUDAH2, (08/13/2014)
No texts no calls, nothing. But I'm still here thinking about you like crazy.
AudrieCambrillo, (08/13/2014)
Don't think that i'm pushing you away when you're the one that i've kept closest.
TobiMebius, (08/13/2014)
Love our bit of land :) #Views #Peace t.co/A2wqOdK3je
PaulieKerry, (08/13/2014)
When a girl is acting like she doesn't care about you anymore, that's when she needs you the most.
MaddyGrelak, (08/13/2014)
When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, and no one can ever tear them apart.
TonyeLavandier, (08/13/2014)
gmna ath ini? bukunya ketinggalan-_-
sarniati_nia, (08/13/2014)
I hate how people say "I'm here for you," when really they aren't.
NellieLivesey, (08/13/2014)
I'm raising money for Help With Start Up Costs For AngelFace. Click to Donate: t.co/7fC10DozPN #gofundme
ross66_lisa, (08/13/2014)
I'm so stressed that I can't sleep. And I thought its supposed to be the opposite effect. Thank flying spaghetti monster for Netflix
mlaformat94, (08/13/2014)
RT @SpencerEmerson6: Strip club love
angry_spud, (08/16/2014)
It's the medium things
viivviiaan, (08/16/2014)
When you see a movie you haven't seen in years, and suddenly it all makes sense, because you were originally too young to understand.
TomaMalsnecte, (08/16/2014)
Slow !
Breyner_Ruiz, (08/16/2014)
I need another watch I'm getting sick of seeing rose gold on my wrist
___Fu___, (08/16/2014)
Imma wear Js every time I go out lol
___Fu___, (08/16/2014)
Idk Why birches love Js...
___Fu___, (08/16/2014)
@ChuckMindenhall @arielhelwani Now don't you feel foolish for staying home this weekend, Ariel? ;)
TheMightyHoblet, (08/16/2014)
Bitch forgot her drunchies (drunk munchies)
Savannahmw12, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Orono, ME (08/16/2014)
@ChuckMindenhall Damn. Next Bangor card, I'll get you all decked out! Have an epic night! <3
TheMightyHoblet, (08/16/2014)
@ChuckMindenhall where are you? I'll drop it off
TheMightyHoblet, (08/16/2014)
Love this guy! @Jon_Anik @ufc #FightNightBangor t.co/cfbTfEQMXL
TheMightyHoblet, (08/16/2014)
I owe @ChuckMindenhall one funky hat, because he couldn't wear the one I brought (post-fight presser, not professional to wear a Bad Piggy)
TheMightyHoblet, (08/16/2014)
@bobbyfrem hahha so am i!
McBradley8090, (08/16/2014)
Long night at the octagon! t.co/AeFlGH5x3x
Lyons092, (08/16/2014)
RT @GBCVB: 2014 Bangor Car Show: Wheels on the Waterfront - 3 Weeks Away! - t.co/vHxNbscNFX
bensprague, (08/19/2014)
taking the next step in my recovery today, wish me luck
maddiomo, (08/19/2014)
please note we have a new email address freshfaceclinic1@gmail.com
ClinicFresh, (08/19/2014)
I'm at American HomePatient in Hermon, ME t.co/QtamxFxRqx
downeastdrifter, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (08/19/2014)
@ksanzz welcome! I know you'll do amazing 👍
karrleeprice, (08/19/2014)
Baru saja mengirim foto t.co/HlZuQf01Mu
dheaaavissa, (08/19/2014)
@karrleeprice thanks pretty girl! 😊
ksanzz, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :contained_within: [] (08/19/2014)
@riocarmine You have to report the unsettling news. But at some point it becomes more about shock value and fulfills the goals of murderers.
justinrussell, (08/19/2014)
RT @karrleeprice: @ksanzz @xbeccalee good luck!!!❤️❤️
ksanzz, (08/19/2014)
@ksanzz @xbeccalee good luck!!!❤️❤️
karrleeprice, (08/19/2014)
@sarahdelage The loss is a bigger tragedy than the death, in my view. Same with, say, school shootings and Robin Williams.
justinrussell, (08/19/2014)
Gilday pleaded guilty in July to killing Lynn Arsenault & wounding her son Matthew Day in Belfast last yr @WABI_TV5 t.co/AvNxzMwpWe
johnkrinjak, (08/19/2014)
Your uncharacteristic uncertainty prompts you to withhold your... More for Taurus t.co/JGIhgv9lZS
BillyWetherbee, (08/19/2014)
@sarahdelage It’s also worth keeping in mind that it was done largely because of the media reaction it’d receive.
justinrussell, (08/19/2014)
NBA Players Union's new leader... t.co/xR7bMBe0Oo
Nemokamoto, (08/19/2014)
Today is National Relaxation Day, so here are some quick tips to help you unwind. What's your favorite way to relax? t.co/PufSoYPztn
CollegeDentalME, (08/15/2014)
Ambassador is out. A 3 hour & 20 minute animated series. Go look at it at t.co/D3QgfMSeWk!
BenjaminRozens, (08/15/2014)
@sammi__brown, @rye_powell and I have been in the ghetto all day. Nice to be back
ashleysimon728, (08/15/2014)
@Springleigh Walmart cards me for wine ( I'm 56) but not for ammo. Go figure
PhilWarrenII, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Maine, US (08/15/2014)
It's all about what you allow yourself to feel
SamuelScott2212, (08/15/2014)
@ashleysimon728 @sammi__brown i didn't choose the thug life the thug life chose me
rye_powell, (08/15/2014)
I am now quite confident that my GPU rendering is capable of doing an animation. BEO will use this technology.
BenjaminRozens, (08/15/2014)
We'll be at the Bangor Target until 6:30 p.m. taking school supply donations (photo: Bill McChesney/edited) t.co/pGrKVevcwH
WLBZ2, (08/15/2014)
After more than thirty years Bingham's food pantry is closing. JimM
WABI_TV5, (08/15/2014)
Next, Disney will release drawings by J.J. Abrams done by, yes, another artist!
BenjaminRozens, (08/15/2014)
"If I pop my trunk. It'll be two k's then you got served" sheeeesh
SpencerEmerson6, (08/15/2014)
how much clothes I have bought in the past 2 days is crazy
faheyg0315, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Bangor, M (08/15/2014)
Back in Bangor for the weekend, every time I come up I feel more alive. Can't wait for school. @elizzabethh_ks @kjowilso love you two ❤️
PoliticalPolos, (08/15/2014)


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