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Swampscott ist eine Stadt im Essex County, Massachusetts, Vereinigte Staaten 12 Meilen bis zur Küste von Boston entfernt. Die Bevölkerung war 14.565 bei der Volkszählung von 2007. Ein ehemaliger Urlaubsort an der Massachusetts Bay, Swampscott ist heute eine wohlhabende Wohngegend, die das Dorf Beach Bluff, sowie ein Teil der Nachbarschaft von Clifton enthält. Die Stadt ist die Heimat von Marian College Gericht. Ab 2008 war es eines der am besten zwanzig reichsten Städte in Massachusetts.



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Oct 01
Oct 02
AM Showers
Oct 03
Partly Cloudy
Oct 04
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Oct 05



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RT @GotmSpeechless: Anything for attention; shimmer down baby!
DRO_FVC, (09/18/2014)
@OrdQuelu Yeah, I’d stopped that ages ago, as he hadn’t written anything good this millennium. Fool me thirty times, etc.
Tsalmoth, (09/18/2014)
wish i chose spanish as an a-level :(
alicegumble, (09/18/2014)
RT @RealBobbyJay: If I cut you off, chances are, you handed me the scissors✂️
ryrypoletz, (09/18/2014)
LuvKendra, (09/18/2014)
I want some timberlands... My new goal haha sod gym goals and life goals its all about shoe goals 😂😂 #justkidding
jessicamarkie, (09/18/2014)
@kat_7796 ..did u just get on the train? I think I say u
Russell_Trainor, (09/18/2014)
#run2thebeat is approaching! Is your #rockstar costume 5k ready? Passes to #NECC awarded for best costumes! Follow @ZUMIX for race info!
NEComicCon, (09/18/2014)
@ojomagico Tíbet, Xinjiang, Mongolia Interior... China tiene independentistas de sobra. En Europa pueden expresarse; allí van al gulag
DavidJimenezTW, (09/18/2014)
@Rudikulous Thanks Ruds. I'm trying my best... :)
fabmaster1984, (09/18/2014)
Zephyr Teachout speaking at Harvard today @ 5:30 - Don't miss it. t.co/j6ij7B42AI
Citizens_Rising, (09/18/2014)
RT @Flex_Moore3: Oomf 😒😐 t.co/kwJNi4mQDe
JulyBissh_, (09/18/2014)
Better be thirsty when you #win a $3,000 bottle of champagne from Underground Cellar. #Givaway ends 10/17 @JavaJohnZ t.co/HQn90Pd224
JavaJohnZ, (09/17/2014)
soloqnewb (LoL) ~866 extra viewers of 1120 total t.co/OHLXAVZBp3
LiveBotDetector, (09/23/2014)
GildedEzras, (09/23/2014)
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6reddihoughncej, (09/08/2014)
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LoveStoneArts, (09/08/2014)
RT @csoandy: Scavenger hunt at the @BerkmanCenter includes “get lots of retweets.” Sort of an odd Internet-society destroying meme, but
secretjsoltan, (09/08/2014)
RT @csoandy: Scavenger hunt at the @BerkmanCenter includes “get lots of retweets.” Sort of an odd Internet-society destroying meme, but
batistabechtel, (09/08/2014)
I Give You My Heart & Closing Prayer: t.co/3UHK07k6nz via @YouTube
FullGospelAG, (09/08/2014)
RT @csoandy: Scavenger hunt at the @BerkmanCenter includes “get lots of retweets.” Sort of an odd Internet-society destroying meme, but
nenitapuj, (09/08/2014)
اللهم اغفر لنا الذنوب التي تنزل البلاء اللهم اغفر لنا الذنوب التي تحجب الدعا
Madawy_20, (09/08/2014)
RT @HarvardBiz: The best time to schedule your most important work t.co/Lph6q8VMHG #HBRMgmntTip
CrossCip, (09/08/2014)
We’ll be safe and sound… Doo-do-doot-do-do-do…
thebenrogers, (09/08/2014)
RT @csoandy: Scavenger hunt at the @BerkmanCenter includes “get lots of retweets.” Sort of an odd Internet-society destroying meme, but
engelhardtfo, (09/08/2014)
RT @csoandy: Scavenger hunt at the @BerkmanCenter includes “get lots of retweets.” Sort of an odd Internet-society destroying meme, but
2gbeatify, (09/08/2014)
RT @MinorPlanetCtr: Asteroid 2014 QQ362 flyby in ~ 30 mins (Sep 9 at 09:51 UT). Dist: 23.25 LD. Size: 30-94 m. t.co/FRqyortStE
iwatamizuho, (09/08/2014)
RT @BB16Vortex: Derrick:Zach,do u hateme?Do u think.. Chris:Do u hate the popo Derr:think I could b a cop Z:who doesn't hate the popo http:
kwatkins72_kim, (09/08/2014)
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aidaabduls, (09/08/2014)
RT @csoandy: Scavenger hunt at the @BerkmanCenter includes “get lots of retweets.” Sort of an odd Internet-society destroying meme, but
6028honingha, (09/08/2014)
RT @ProfKeefe: Every year on #911 I post this photo hoping 2 return 2 owner. Found at #groundzero #WTC in 2001. Pls RT t.co/mZ9LdQqE…
PhillipArrow, (09/11/2014)
RT @iamnickfarr: Tough blow #GetWellGiancarlo
JimSullivan14, (09/11/2014)
RT @battledroid513: it's getting colder out n i've never been more excited for anything ever
_VanessaNichols, (09/11/2014)
RT @Janice_Farrell: If your girl ain't crazy SHE DONT LOVE YOU
_moneyinc, (09/11/2014)
Lost my now third debit card in the past 6 months because drunk. Help.
krysmetcalf, (09/24/2014)
#Cambridge #Job (USA-MA-Cambridge) Delivery Driver(03748) - 1022 Massachsetts Ave: Title Delivery Driver(037... t.co/0rbTXZUKXb
CambridgeJobs_, (09/24/2014)
Obama is trying to end corporate "inversion" so anti-American corps can't keep hiding their tax dues overseas. No help from GOP Congress.
Sublimateus, (09/24/2014)
RT @ChrisJelly: "Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor." - Rumi
Marissa_Florio, (09/24/2014)
#Job #Cambridge (USA-MA-Cambridge) Scientist II / Senior Scientist I: -RDP 294:Start-> JOB TITLE Scientist I... t.co/o9NDly8LeL
Job_Cambridge, (09/24/2014)
#Job #Cambridge (USA-MA-Cambridge) Sr Scientist II: -RDP 294:Start-> JOB TITLE Sr Scientist II Requisition N... t.co/FhKH4gdkn3
Job_Cambridge, (09/24/2014)
#Job #Cambridge (USA-MA-Cambridge) Assistant Manager(03748) - 1022 Massachsetts Ave: Title Assistant Manager... t.co/UVI4NBMou1
Job_Cambridge, (09/24/2014)
RT @NHLBruins: It's #TuukkaTime! t.co/Cb3Vedk1t9
shaynastaerk, (09/24/2014)
Cirque du Soleil + Quadcopters = SPARKED. t.co/nJyk4fKhAz
howrichmi, (09/24/2014)
#Job #Cambridge (USA-MA-Cambridge) Customer Service Rep(03748) - 1022 Massachsetts Ave: Title Customer Servi... t.co/pT6Uq8REz8
Job_Cambridge, (09/24/2014)
RT @fox25news: This man walked from Ground Zero to #Fenway Park to bring attention to world peace. t.co/Nlswa8DhNa #fox25 t.c…
MAI95thm, (09/24/2014)
@DS_ARIES like a couple of days ago
cubanely, (09/24/2014)
#Job #Cambridge (USA-MA-Cambridge) Delivery Driver(03748) - 1022 Massachsetts Ave: Title Delivery Driver(037... t.co/pLAZBEWcow
Job_Cambridge, (09/24/2014)
“@SixSecNFL: Drew Brees, you mad? 👀 | t.co/xKxS7bwx8u”@logansprague19
SmithRyan821, (09/24/2014)
Photoset: I Get these emails all the time. They boast alumni benefits but when you click on link you get a... t.co/IZkZF4Fjim
SkipBensley, (09/24/2014)
t.co/lDQYTtJrCL t.co/GxQ0ENR6Nd t.co/Te3AMVB7BA Иногда я отключаю телефон, �
richcourt1, (09/24/2014)
RT @OfficialTedSays: The year is 2060. IPhone 842 is released. The screen touches you.
markcabigthing, (09/24/2014)
@fredriklindholm You're obsessed with trying not to be racist?
silverwolfcc, (09/24/2014)
Ayo dapatkan 2.595 FOLLOWER GRATIS dalam 2 menit, pake ini t.co/tLk4ap8y0v #WSspm3 $114
MferialAkbar, (09/24/2014)
RT @iRelateWords: I've never related to a vending machine more in my life t.co/UVhnhWPNuI
wei_yim, (09/24/2014)
Always want what I can't have.
realniggajuice_, (09/24/2014)
RT @suerudd: Make #Virtualization Real & Implement #SDN in 2015. Learn about Proof of Concept Trials at @BBWorldForum Forum #BBWF t.…
BBWorldForum, (09/24/2014)
RT @Maccoul_: life goals 😍 t.co/jZ36sey4wQ
WhitneyRivers21, (09/24/2014)
Big Brother - Finale Interview: Frankie: t.co/Sm8hU1el9Q #Grandtourage #ZankieReunion #Zankie #Bb16Finale
BB16Vortex, (09/24/2014)
Why not smoke some hookah at 4:48am?
sarah__nowell, (09/24/2014)
RT @Waleed_alhomayn: @sulltan066 ما قصرت، انا بكرت و دخلت قبل شورك بيوم، والشهاده لله من كم ي
sulltan066, (09/24/2014)
RT @omhrimom: पुलिस क्यों Asaram Bapu Ji के केस में लड़की की सही उम्र की
RBhaisaab, (09/24/2014)
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) t.co/NV9SWk9j0C
SweetGraphik, (09/24/2014)
Suspect captured in case of missing UVa student t.co/l3yZIGH96e
buberzionist, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Newton, M (09/24/2014)
На школьном дворе помнишь лихость былую?
siodocoti, (09/24/2014)
Super proud of #GFSA grads Shireen Yates (Sloan'14) & Scott Sundvor (SoE'13) of @6SensorLabs on fund raise t.co/MTfMI3fsVU @EshipMIT
BillAulet, (09/11/2014)
Puked from anxiety At least hempfest is tomorrow
hannah_lentini, (09/11/2014)
RT @csoandy: This morning, the @Akamai community gathers to remember Danny Lewin. t.co/UAp9ooRG3D
JubelFoster, (09/11/2014)
RT @ProfKeefe: Every year on #911 I post this photo hoping 2 return 2 owner. Found at #groundzero #WTC in 2001. Pls RT t.co/mZ9LdQqE…
FairlyUncertain, (09/11/2014)
@The_Shield_ HARDO
DJ_1s, (09/11/2014)
RT @MIT: Researchers at @eapsMIT say a large earthquake may occur 5 miles from Istanbul. t.co/pIJd3T4tTd t.co/GigAewlnQc
tugayozturk, (09/11/2014)
RT @vanessavalliere: of course i already feel like shit and got no sleep last night
chhrisstinnaaa, (09/11/2014)
Trying to holla at meee t.co/58UMpWsvr5
jtaimejesy, (09/11/2014)
RT @slumdog2013: “@codydeal: Practice, practice, practice, every every day. 🏃💨💨💨💨🏈😍 t.co/cnSLoix9ZQ” Time to tackl
leescott5110, (09/11/2014)
Housekeeper t.co/ITTKPmiP4R Jobs Boston
JobsBoston1, (09/19/2014)
Supply Chain Risk Senior Manager t.co/QOvfD7mncC Jobs Boston
JobsBoston1, (09/19/2014)
Chair Department of Surgery (UAE) t.co/J8QUPPFwTW Jobs Boston
JobsBoston1, (09/19/2014)
@Alissa_Whitten tweet something quirky
TheVolcy, (09/21/2014)
RT @EvilFabregas: About a week ago, it was "bring on Chelsea" t.co/W6Fb8SSloY
scopelordlovsky, (09/21/2014)
this guy last night was chatting me up and telling me he liked the way i danced
VictoriaRoseDiC, (09/21/2014)
Mungkin sekarang inilah dunia ku, jalan hidupku menjadi sebuah pengabdian.nTerima kasih ibu, ayah dan t.co/3xMs5zygxn
AchmadFauzi_96, (09/21/2014)
Stay classy United fans. Racism won't make you feel better. #MarioMagnifico
MrBazingaa, (09/21/2014)
the actual question is why wasn't I at the iheart radio music festival
OliviaSartori1, (09/21/2014)
@CSPANJNKY charity belongs everywhere, to individuals and government, especially in a government of the people.
Sublimateus, (09/21/2014)
@tiaguinsousa parecendo o liverpool
jrsantss, (09/21/2014)
Zeman for United.
capasso10, (09/21/2014)
RT @EvilFabregas: About a week ago, it was "bring on Chelsea" t.co/W6Fb8SSloY
Rabdhul, (09/21/2014)
と書いたけど普通にGoogle Driveに上がってたわ。
rtanaka623, (09/21/2014)
@Swolg @DuckFootball if they don't drop 3 int's we don't have this convo. When they execute, the "strategy" is fine (see 2nd half MSU)
NewEnglandDucks, (09/21/2014)
After grocery shopping and getting gas t.co/TLSxMKy8UL
melissssa92, (09/21/2014)
Goodmorning 👋 #AlsinaNation
kendraxox_, (09/21/2014)
RT @HarvardBiz: Some philosophical self-reflection can make you a better leader t.co/SibVNwLx31
411on311, (09/21/2014)
Companions, Caregivers and CNA’s Needed t.co/mLRMlcjORw Jobs Boston
JobsBoston1, (09/19/2014)
@homhomhomw приф,как ты?😏😄
Valeriya2034, (09/19/2014)
Friday a bar, Saturday a club. I'm ready👏😍
xxNorma_Cxx, (09/17/2014)
Hahahahah😂😂 @bostonbrunette7 t.co/hGcfOUYDT6
courtneyg23, (09/17/2014)
The Freaky Thing Your Brain Can Do While You're Asleep t.co/XExtSS4qbO via @HuffPostScience
simmyroy, (09/17/2014)
@RayanaBenzohra yes omg ray i have to send you a video from the summer before freshmen year started 😂😂😂
DzenanaOmerovic, (09/17/2014)
#RedBandSociety thanks for talking about it! #amputee #BostonStrong
AdrianneHaslet, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Marblehea (09/17/2014)
RT @Failedimages: How I feel after I eat: t.co/PfAKx2kSKH
alexisriveraaa, (09/17/2014)
NOT ON MLS -for sale-3bdrm MODERN COLONIAL $299K (salem ma off north st) $299000 3bd 1500sqft ... t.co/JLzDc33PcY
BostonZRealty, (09/17/2014)
I don’t worry ‘bout you niggas, I ain’t stressing ‘bout no ho I just focus on this money, I’m addicted, that I know
MyCrewIsLife, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/17/2014)
RT @AmericaEast: We have @BaxterBearcat1 featured in our #WildcardWednesday #meme @binghamtonu t.co/U4mz3FrZ7S
binghamtonu, (09/17/2014)
RT @NitaBTooReal: Ladies... t.co/RDKYDrx6CA
KthaRose, (09/17/2014)
Gotta say this doesn't get old t.co/UNhcFfUjZG
GinoMele13, (09/17/2014)
RT @_RonnieMontana: Idk bout y'all but I wanna go somewhere in life. I got my goals set
GrowUpAsshole, (09/17/2014)
@Mr__Malachi I ain't Finna take the risk
Yankees0322, (09/17/2014)
RT @BratFashionista: 😂😂😂 t.co/MQuynrUy3A
jen_givitis, (09/17/2014)
@ConorCourtade hahaha they were making dinner...not surprising
LeeHaggerty, (09/17/2014)
#tb #GoodMorning #BackIn99 t.co/qoWx8frVos
NishMcNasty, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/11/2014)
RT @ONECondoms: Come follow #ONE on @instagram! t.co/xcag9yIS1h t.co/qpv7D7BIGH
southgirl8064, (09/11/2014)
That @JetBlue flight was faster and smoother than my cab to the airport. Hey there, Boston. ✈️ #TrueBlue t.co/lb6Fgt42da
euorth, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/24/2014)
@Penetrationarry I haven't even hugged a guy
lxcasloveaffair, (09/24/2014)
RT @samantha_xoxo__: Bruhhhh my body is mad sore from last nights twitter party.... Thanks to August, but he did it good doe😂😂😍😘
SuperiorKyla, (09/24/2014)
@iLGDaily @ShitPussiesSay
LegendaryGov, (09/24/2014)
Come'on people turn up
NoLackingChris, (09/17/2014)
Lionel Messi’s Amazing Car Collection - t.co/pfaew7d10D t.co/86vYp8IXRG
mrhcarey, (09/17/2014)
My lyric writing teacher at berklee. Melissa Ferrick - Home (Official Music Video) t.co/VQxfcgfJ2z via @youtube
hedemannjohann, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/16/2014)
RT @9LivesofKat: #WhyIStayed Because after being stuck in an abusive relationship for awhile I started to believe I deserved all of it.
carshanicole90, (09/16/2014)
No #cubicles for these folks. Their office is outdoors @MassAudubon @WheatonCollege @thetrustees #Chronicle5 t.co/nX8IRycZCb
OnWCVB, (09/16/2014)
"Aleesh-yuh, get ova hurr gurrl. Did candle smell like coffeeeeee" #BasicsInTarget
RM_Mathews, (09/16/2014)
RT @MaskeGirl3: Küçük yavru suflelerimizde olurdu papyon amcalari onları yerdi
Akrslm, (09/16/2014)
@FredToucher Dude's on point & he's a good interview! Just ask @JoeNumbas
PaulyChicknWing, (09/16/2014)
@MichaelVPina Easy targets, lazy arguments
MrTrpleDouble10, (09/16/2014)
@iiBra17 مصور المسلسل من السنه الماضيه.. واضح..
DA7M_FCB, (09/16/2014)
Strollin the streets of downtown boston.
DjAceWonders, (09/10/2014)
Desgracia de madre me toco!!!
vane_eusse, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Everett, (09/10/2014)
E-book of GIRLS LIKE US on sale this month at @evoltbooks for $2.99! t.co/bPB84et08d
Candlewick, (09/10/2014)
8 Mile will never get old
Dsnow93, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Saugus, M (09/10/2014)
What's in a name? #Follow these folks and find out. @arjun918 @adfilmtv @indiereign
RockFightFilms, (09/10/2014)
i'm not even a fan of Bieber but... 'Love Me Like You Do' >
_jennytrinh, (09/10/2014)
Naturally @MassadAyoob and I agree on this: "5 Critical Post-Shot Must-Dos" t.co/IpApnYBMOJ "Say Nothing" just not the smart play.
LawSelfDefense, (09/10/2014)
RT @stoolpresidente: Bye bye @nflcommish Law enforcement has 12 second video confirming they sent the punch video to NFL in April. #li
WeNoSpeakAdamo, (09/10/2014)
Needed some color in my life 💁🌻🌺🌞 Thank you waynetec for the new look! Love it ❤️ t.co/CCy2zLEEy9
madds2468, (09/10/2014)
my mom suggested just now that I kill time by eating some snacks #professionalsnacker #snacksforever
devgregor, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/10/2014)
"@Summerbreezeed: tweeting is so stupid like no one even gives a fuck 😂" lol its so true.. Shallow af
AStateOfSnark, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Newton, M (09/10/2014)
I thought I was late but apparently doors didn't open yet. In line @HOBBoston for @TPROfficial @taylormomsen 😆 #goingtohelltour #Boston
_EpicalGabe, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/10/2014)
I pledge to wear a purple string on my wrist just like Ronan on SpiritDay to support LGBT rights & antibullying. t.co/gAlIlVzyIX
AshleyChunell, (09/10/2014)
#Northeastern has been ranked Best in Internships/Co-ops & Best Career Services by both The Princeton Review & U.S.News & World
flashnotes, (09/10/2014)
RT @NHLBruins: Reminder: tonight's preseason game vs. Caps will be live-streamed via t.co/LZmMq5y6oL, presented by @ATT t.co/…
REMBostonsports, (09/24/2014)
RT @bostoncatholic: Saint of the Day: Our Lady of Ransom t.co/th7v0B9dvf t.co/aFEYYW7ibZ
HarryJFriel, (09/24/2014)
RT @boburnham: #repeatstuff #repeatstuff #repeatstuff #repeatstuff #repeatstuff #repeatstuff #repeatstuff #repeatstuff #repeatstuff https:/
missbreebot, (09/24/2014)
@AndrewArthur65 miss u bro
efraintorres08, (09/24/2014)
RT @boburnham: #repeatstuff #repeatstuff #repeatstuff #repeatstuff #repeatstuff #repeatstuff #repeatstuff #repeatstuff #repeatstuff https:/
harry_wren, (09/24/2014)
RT @BOSSSHlTONLY: I love my relationship
JayJay_Almighty, (09/24/2014)
LRT: :(
scottpriest, (09/24/2014)
Michael Geertsen t.co/JBHlJy9RHq
honeybun727, (09/24/2014)
@NaNoPals I'm so sorry to hear that - but I will be with you at the :00! Sending you virtual antibiotic ointment!
caitreynolds, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/24/2014)
RT @Dart_Adams: As for the Patriot Act? I mean... C'MON. Between the Telecom Act & the Patriot Act it's almost as if The Matrix met COIN
muzikscribe, (09/24/2014)
RT @sonian: Have you heard what a leading analyst is saying about data retention best practices and policies? t.co/n7diliRty9
VrishabSrivaths, (09/24/2014)
@nataliamdemarco why do you have a picture of me on your phone 😒👐
GabriellaJ96, (09/10/2014)
RT @GreenSkyDeb: Get my Mind Vitamin Minutes #Ebook #Free at -> t.co/nFbr4V0R9x #transformation #personaldevelopment
DOSCULTURARH, (10/01/2014)
RT @SlapLightSkins: Frank Ocean when you gonna bless us with R&B again¿? t.co/0BjmsRmqg4
NatOnDeck, (10/01/2014)
Shoot RT @bomani_jones: yeah, kinda hard to overcome this one. t.co/yS3FRHqBDE
HalfAMill4Bail, (10/01/2014)
I am totally LOVING the new show #Scorpion. It's geeky, smart and warm. @CBS
gregmclark, (10/01/2014)
@seleaustin serio ?? qual o bairro ??
MahomieUSA3, (09/21/2014)
@briankraemer no idea
browinboston, (09/21/2014)
- The President And First Lady Are Starting To Scare Me 😨 #TheLottery
Quan_Dro319, (09/21/2014)
watch my hair not be poppin in the am
_xiomaraxo, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Lynn, MA (09/21/2014)
RT @camphalfblood: “@Ravenclaw21: from now on I'm going to call the sun Helios' chick magnet” Wait, you weren't calling it that before?
JR_l94, (09/21/2014)
RT @philxcoco: TYLER & TACO FT. MY DAD t.co/5Oz03Et6Wr
TYLER4G, (09/21/2014)
RT @RealBobbyJay: Who Else Got A Permanent Scar From Their Childhood ? 😰👌
1young_don, (09/21/2014)
RT @MetMikeWCVB: With the arrival of Fall tomorrow, time to check out the foliage...in a few weeks. Here are the peak times. #wcvb t…
mpjjoker, (09/21/2014)
itscrazydeisy, (09/21/2014)
#nowplaying, appropriately: @whitedenimmusic - #LastDayOfSummer ❤️ #lasthourofsummer #vinyl @ Neue… t.co/mG71Byzy5F
ckchew23, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/21/2014)
This is happening right now @Randalyn #weloveyouselena #weyogurlz t.co/UTziThSQZJ
kelsh14, (09/21/2014)
WTF Double Fine... way to drop the ball with SpaceBase DF-9.
Ludusium, (09/21/2014)
@Tanya__Alix3 idk at 7 I guess
DSkyBleu, (09/21/2014)
@MsTy321 Check out the new video from 2Dip entitled "Good Morning" 👉 t.co/3Fdvf0YYrL 👈 @2Dip4Tv Dir. by D.G Richardson
TheOfficialBSD, (09/21/2014)
$1 Invested in #Climate Change Prevention Will Yield $9-$38 in Avoided Cost #2030now #CWNYC t.co/jVfqxpygcR t.co/C79ExtzE4Z
ReachScale, (09/21/2014)
Charles River Country Club is looking for hot and cold line staff t.co/UKWi0teWiI
BostonChefsJobs, (09/17/2014)
Terrific #video tips today on Those 4 Girls - woo hoo! Double up on your online share love... t.co/Pb8LIxNZOI
AndeLyons, (09/17/2014)
RT @camphalfblood: Seems like some readers are going to an awful lot of effort to convince themselves black characters aren't black. Hmm. W
troyesbae46, (09/17/2014)
i nominate one direction #FeelingNuts
doncasterhemmo, (09/17/2014)
Photo: And just like that, #sheepsearch2014 is complete. (at Trapp Family Lodge) t.co/YqIyyu8Tyy
DippyDawg1932, (09/17/2014)
RT @aktetreault: The iron triangle of content marketing: social, multichannel, search. #inbound14 @jakesorofman t.co/zhJ2YJk3fj
cweprin, (09/17/2014)
Great advice for first time #jobseekers! t.co/OgdUCnT73n
JLEmployment, (09/17/2014)
Report: 1 in 3 migrant workers in the #Malaysia #electronics sector works under #forced #labor conditions. t.co/REBvzZghkO
mikebuetow, (09/17/2014)
"The new #MLS logo was designed by a bunch of children. It looks like it was drawn with crayons." -- Bruce Arena
fakeJPD, (09/17/2014)
RT @jonfollett: RT @lizadonnelly: Speaker @ethanz apologizes for inventing the pop-up ad. Really. #BIF10 t.co/lBXtGyyHys
jhsilbert, (09/17/2014)
@erinannepelham it's because i'm disliked and didn't play any intramural varsity sports in high school
ruralennui, (09/16/2014)
RT @HarvardHBS: Interested in observing an MBA class at HBS? Sign up here: t.co/wunmd9uEXO #HBSAdmissions
Sparshpolly, (09/16/2014)
I want to meet nash
wtvmarina, (09/16/2014)
1 week into general election and I'm already sick of political TV spots. Nearly all even look unfair. Plus we get trash from CT & NH
payneco, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/16/2014)
RT @kayshizzzle: jobs not jails
foreverbbybritt, (09/30/2014)
RT @chefscollab: 91% of voters favor the FDA requiring GMOs to be labelled, says @Gary_Hirshberg of @Stonyfield and @justlabelit #ChefSum
armsbyabbey, (09/30/2014)
RT @MrAndMsChamp: Happy #MirrorMonday from #MrAndMsChamp t.co/Ob9MzI1CVA
lucky_9982, (09/30/2014)
RT @BoobzAndBrainz: Pizza doesn't care about that Goal Dress on my Hanger.
rikrt_jke, (09/30/2014)
RT @AnnaTaughtYou: Need bacon
jonathancavaree, (09/30/2014)
RT @Failedimages: When your friend almost slips up and tells some shit nobody supposed to know t.co/pJ1zbI4PJk
shaiksyasya, (09/30/2014)
Having trouble turning your thoughts into words lately? Let these quotes help you get back on track t.co/KpEiMPf9Yl
Penmia, (09/30/2014)
RT @Telerik: Securing RadEditor Content and Preventing XSS Attacks t.co/pDZlE9snZN
GSMcNamara, (09/30/2014)
"Not having boundaries and ability oy innovate works best for entrepreneurs " Ruzwana Bashir @ruzwana @women2 #W2SF14
kavithaknair, (09/30/2014)
RT @AlbertBreer: Greg Hardy is inactive.
JerisMcIntyre, (09/14/2014)
@ashfurrow what bugs me most about this is also why I like it: adherence to implementation detail regardless of limitations.
Dirk_Gently, (09/14/2014)
What a boy!!
lukeknight96, (09/14/2014)
"@ogmonalisa: Utmost respect for people who like their own pictures" <3 mi
elizagonewild, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Salem, MA (09/14/2014)
#Floral patterns all day with @generalknot. Beautiful ties made from #vintage patterns. #americanfield… t.co/2jKndoDraY
ABostonBlazer, (09/14/2014)
إِنَّ أَصحابَ الجَنَّةِ اليَومَ في شُغُلٍ فاكِهونَ ﴿٥٥﴾ هُم وَأَزواجُهُم ف
slmanmhmd, (09/14/2014)
People! I have THE BEST customers! Man I love them! And their tiny eggplant-adoring offspring. -kjc
myp_comics, (09/14/2014)
Wanting something you can't have is theeee worst.
BonnieGKennedy, (09/14/2014)
@ZaksSpiritGirl Next week #truecrime #paranormal will be released! Its like #CSI meets #Ghostadventures please RT. t.co/Or0hGd7wqB
PARANORMALXPED, (09/13/2014)
@mozartshouse I was in the car tonight and rather be came on and I started bawling bc i love you so much (I even spelled bawling rite 4 u)
GildedEzras, (09/13/2014)
We can make the sun shine in the moon light we can make the grey clouds turn to blue skies
fredosjbs, (09/13/2014)
💕🐧💕🐧💕🐧💕 Luke Hemmings, I've been up all night Tryna get a follow It would mean the world & ily so much @Luke5SOS
spraypaintirwin, (09/13/2014)
RT @hscaparotti1: A date to the Cheesecake Factory would be great😛😻
JMontezuma17, (09/13/2014)
RT @ValaAfshar: Welcome to 2012 — via @RonAmadeo $AAPL $GOOG t.co/7DHUwfchja
ShandomThoughts, (09/13/2014)
RT @_xiomaraxo: "@delgisss_x3: im just a real ass shordy ."
delgisss_x3, (09/13/2014)
RT @SlapLightSkins: Frank Ocean when you gonna bless us with R&B again¿? t.co/0BjmsRmqg4
_SavageLex, (10/01/2014)
RT @JUICYY_JAYY_23: When your scrunchie breaks and you don't have another 😔
lovebukkybee, (10/01/2014)
@thenatewolf @justabloodygame WHAT!? NO! I NEED IT!!??!
milpool__, (10/01/2014)
RT @chickenugluke: “@primadonuggets: "a fan said "bye daddy" to niall and he replied "bye baby girl" is that fan still alive” t.co…
ViralMikey, (10/01/2014)
taylors tweet wont let me unretweet and retweet what the heck
espinosathot, (10/01/2014)
RT @AnalyticsWeek: Microsoft to set up cloud data centres in India - Times of India t.co/RFtgmhlwhN #bigdata
bslook, (10/01/2014)
Kyy_nV, (10/01/2014)
RT @itsjeffreymusic: when people answer my text with "ok" I feel like they're mad at me and are like "ok i don't care whatever"
MarieLeannemj11, (10/01/2014)
“@SASHA_DARAPPER: I understand why they mad.”
Official_Dionnx, (10/01/2014)
to all those women who are fighting or fought breast cancer you the real MVP's
sophiaavv, (10/01/2014)
RT @HarvardHSPH: A new center will research metabolic diseases like #diabetes #CVD #obesity. Thank you Ülker family! t.co/UGubspQhZM…
ogz_turan, (10/01/2014)
@counternotions I wonder are there any credit cards that are "better" than others in terms of things like privacy? Or all the same?
mpv, (09/16/2014)
@foxesinfiction It reached me in places most music has yet to touch & made me consider a lot of pain and beauty I've neglected. Thank yo
ciakraa, (09/16/2014)
Love my babies t.co/PBYJTOGJTw
Esantos1992, (09/16/2014)
Looking at some of these receipts from gamescom 2014 and one is literally dated 2005. WTF, Cologne? Seriously?
nickchester, (09/15/2014)
@MrGeorgeWallace You're supposed to recycle used electronics, Mr. Wallace. Or sell them to @gazelle. #youliveyoulearn
devonjdawson, (09/15/2014)
#killreddit Also, great @Wonkette scoopage MT @commiegirl1: ... t.co/myMNeTC2I1 …
dbernstein, (09/15/2014)
RT @NickGossNESN: I'm more optimistic than most Bruins fans on Chris Kelly. I really think he'll have a good year.
angelm17_, (09/15/2014)
Asi mismo!!! t.co/zOfqHkYvr9
taysha62, (09/15/2014)
Ode to my amazing daughter....t.co/ue9HKpmwVh
DebraDoxer, (09/15/2014)
RT @kennagq: Sometimes they cant even hide their shock at your progress despite trying to ensure that you failed
La_Stretchy, (09/15/2014)
Talk doesn't cook rice. © Chinese Proverb simple
femo520, (09/15/2014)
Literally text and talk to no one 😂😭😂 #PateticLifeILive
LaLaDubbsz, (09/15/2014)
That's cause IG be nosey t.co/E4nUqHQffQ
kingjeomani, (09/15/2014)
RT @FLYFOTO: Charmer t.co/5Mo1e0R1YP @p0rnlover91 @Darkhog1 @WessMarcus @BrianRozell1 @wnyfun @XanderMxxx @Sexy_Seth_1982 t.c…
p0rnlover91, (09/15/2014)
Solar Storm Bubbles t.co/cZiW6fDarm
Sam_Sheppart, (09/15/2014)
surface tension t.co/SleVCFiMt7
Sam_Sheppart, (09/15/2014)
Michael Clifford From 5SOS ☀️ ☀️ 🎮🎮🎮🎮 🎸 🎸 🎸I LOVE YOU @Michael5SOS 🎸 🎸 🍕🍕🍕🍕 🐼 🐼 Make
massachustyles, (09/13/2014)
RT @DandCShow: BC over USC. t.co/RfOhsDPEYt
ddjhoff, (09/13/2014)
wtf I wanna see the fight
hernandezchaira, (09/13/2014)
RT @Jared_Carrabis: @BobbyMitch02 If you ever get the urge again, try @JakesMintChew.
JakesMintChew, (09/13/2014)
I swear people try to piss me off 🙌
SupaMcNastyyyyy, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Newton, M (09/13/2014)
@AlexisAmber7 @AndrewScolaa hope u like my album! t.co/xJCOkMTEMb
NickCincotta, (09/13/2014)
Weekly Resources for Mid September t.co/PpNr8Ecejs #edchat #satchat
EdTechTeacher21, (09/13/2014)
@JackieMcSoup 😌👌 we gotta chill soon
pbyfield31, (09/13/2014)
RT @MomCentral: Q6 Errands, fitness, activities. The list goes on & on… how would you use the Avi Jogger in your family? #GetFitWithAv
mommylife23, (09/30/2014)
“@HarrisBMcLean: Not sure if I want a relationship, or sex and pizza”
Melissastephh, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/30/2014)
RT @JP_CentreSouth: In two days we'll be hosting our FINAL Art Walk of the 2014 season and we need your help! We're looking for... t…
ArtsinBoston, (09/30/2014)
@alomari_a_s @JAWAHER_ALSAIF تاهل الهلال اليوم مع الاحترام الشديد يذكرني بالعاهرة المتبا
sabatoop, (09/30/2014)
Oof #TP8AC
ThePsyKing, (09/30/2014)
RT @Marino_Pepen: NOTAS LIDOM: Manny Ramírez, Miguel Tejada y Rafael Furcal, se proyectan estar desde el primer dia con las @aguilascibaena
Joel_Martinez25, (09/30/2014)
RT @brgsjks: Boleh respect kan dia nak posing bentuk patung kedai mana mana pun kan.
iezaaat, (09/18/2014)
RT @brgsjks: "weh jom hangout" "Takleh la mak aku tak kasi" "Boo anak mak boo" "Kau anak anjing boleh ah citer"
AyedWay, (09/18/2014)
@daniofficiall @fuckdyson are you guys gonna go out or nah😜
Marissajadebaby, (09/18/2014)
#hot,#porn,#sex,#hot,#teen Super thick bbw booty t.co/xHyb2oZbZx
DatingTeenz, (09/18/2014)
RT @xoalitalia: @milchemipiace Indeed! Hope to come soon & stay @PalazzoParigi! Wish I was there this wknd w/ Michelin-starred Chef @lor
PalazzoParigi, (09/18/2014)
Fresh Summer Salads - t.co/yNoAk6qbG0 t.co/cKMWpvAvzu
Sarcasmiia, (09/18/2014)
RT @iwearaonesie: talked a guy out of proposing last night *adds guardian angel to resume
Error_143, (09/18/2014)
RT @MITOCW: | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | 🐰 | | 💛 | | MIT | |_________| (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || /   づ
Jeew333T, (09/18/2014)
RT @brgsjks: "@UiTMconfession: Aku tak suka dress up budak Masscom. Agak la. Kelas tu Pavillon ke?" Nak pergi tuntut ilmu kena pakai baju
Imxn10, (09/18/2014)
Kindle HD 6 and HD 7 hands-on t.co/dBRpRUnZbH #tech #news
nielsenlink, (09/17/2014)
The only kind of texts that matter t.co/YCCT037KNp
Overlord_senuN, (09/23/2014)
Jake is cold. Where are you?
iiHsoYei, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Chelsea, (09/23/2014)
new offer.. t.co/FFLnLgpKAo .. t.co/jqWxLYAwUZ
qahitahexora, (09/23/2014)
@_emswfc what have I to be obsessed with? A bunch of pigs?
CalMODFlatters, (09/23/2014)
RT @boburnham: Is it technically cheating if she's out of town and she's not your girlfriend and you don't have anyone and oh god I can't f
Scarbuns, (09/17/2014)
Forced to break into my own house 😑
HighmehPanggan, (09/17/2014)
RT @travisransom: Follow me on SoundCloud! t.co/73DULhbwlk
KeepJayyQuiet, (09/17/2014)
HookMeUp So you got identical twin brother ...HookMeUp
harthillpat, (09/17/2014)
@_RizmAlex Tell that smelly muthafucka ibad stfu, all he does is pump gas and get no ass, fuck sunoco
Jaybacks_, (09/17/2014)
RT @adamsigel: Best $1.70 ever spent, marketers: guy creates HYPER-specific targeted Facebook ads for his paranoid roommate t.co/2bE…
twilliability, (09/17/2014)
RT @TheLoopLoft: Mixing the @markguiliana drum sessions and this Copperphone Mini mic has all kinds of lo-fi mojo.… t.co/fszxgYtBlS
PlacidAudio, (09/17/2014)
The church services the upper class by using people's donations to buy gold, stocks and all sorts of financial assets.
martin_lutherr, (09/17/2014)
RT @neilyourself: naming a scandal ___gate is like expectantly naming your pop punk band Blink 183
InWithTheAshes, (09/17/2014)
car2nr02 (Destiny) ~425 extra viewers of 435 total t.co/26WR2Aw88q
LiveBotDetector, (09/17/2014)
@ChrisChibnall it's a bit different to the reason Daft Punk couldn't get to sleep! Not as catchy, but debatably more important
DorsetEchoLee, (09/17/2014)
@DogsWithHats @SquidDad @DOCisChief have you heard emojis by chief keef
mitch_hav_, (09/18/2014)
RT @brgsjks: "weh jom hangout" "Takleh la mak aku tak kasi" "Boo anak mak boo" "Kau anak anjing boleh ah citer"
elbhrn, (09/18/2014)
... but thinking of it that way kind of warms my spirit. (t.co/HfA5BrL6SI)
graveolens, (09/18/2014)
@Spanarchie are you on the London Midland that just passed through Cheddington?
amfarrell, (09/18/2014)
@6544R المعايير مختلفة بين الثقافتين
Muqaddam88, (09/18/2014)
Festive Bus kicks off 4th Oct as we make our way to Sin City 🌂💪👙🍹☀🌊 Travel Agents: Cardo -… t.co/AIenP0sEzQ
CardoValentino, (09/18/2014)
RT @TuftsSJP: U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren's ( @SenWarren) #Tufts Lecture Turns to #Israel, #Gaza: t.co/c9NRGSdJWS
w4y2n1rv4n4, (09/15/2014)
This time, last year, everything was so different.
BonnieGKennedy, (09/14/2014)
khrvath, (09/14/2014)
Catch no feelings, feel no pain.
BonnieGKennedy, (09/14/2014)
RT @stylemepretty: This gilded nautical party has so much steal-worthy inspiration: t.co/xVkRsdS2ju Photo: Threaded Together …
Jade_KGIfinder, (09/14/2014)
Some gems from my reunion last night... t.co/kpkN4vZyfB
cory1976, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/14/2014)
@lennyismyname t.co/DlRqu7VzXs Im gonna leave this here for you, educate yourself.
cuntxmuffin_, (10/01/2014)
@silentstarr1969 please pick up a copy of my 1st self published book. t.co/kNygLDKYfo t.co/chj8N8TRVh t.co/WP5gxjhepV
coco_dragonfly, (10/01/2014)
RT @Failedimages: A bacon seed. t.co/DpZLO1F5UR
Calli_pillar, (10/01/2014)
@FluffyCoat instead of saying I/i am they say man/man's
danstill97, (10/01/2014)
@itstiff after we go see G.O.D
B_Dragon_, (10/01/2014)
fakirler ramazan bayramında köye gidiyor ama kurban bayramında belki komşular et getirir diye istanbul'da kalıyor :(
YARIMDeIi, (10/01/2014)
RT @yamagatm3: 世界大学ランキング(2)「オカネを出さずにランクだけ上げるのは難しい」元三重大学学
shiwasumi, (10/01/2014)
Kileyggg, (10/01/2014)
Sorry about this folks t.co/TIHxtp4PvU
horribIeperson, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Salem, MA (10/01/2014)
RT @NautankiTadka: Shaurya Goenka back in his form!! @shethvatsal t.co/yTG0QxgwOV
khushi1963, (10/01/2014)
DkDeez, (10/01/2014)
@ThatYankeeGuy D:
Likavonwoofwoof, (10/01/2014)
Today stats: 7 followers, 16 unfollowers and followed 3 people via t.co/EcBoouGFb6
Natp822, (10/01/2014)
RT @GarrettQuinn: Dean Of Boston Sports Journalism Celebrates 42 Years On The Job t.co/KCotkK5WDI t.co/v9eHMudzVJ
drjefflo, (10/01/2014)
RT @caidid: Ooh! Canada identifies ship from British Arctic expedition | t.co/DqlJPh0Zmn via @PTSDinfo
DzirhanDefence, (10/01/2014)
RT @doctorORbust: The difference b/w exams in undergrad and #medschool? Undergrad: That went pretty well. Medschool: I'm moderately confid
KnifeofIce9, (09/15/2014)
@misterxclusive finally lol
Verdugolugo, (09/15/2014)
@Shufflejoy i’ll be ready to start in a few minutes, not going to be on IRC though, i’m in bed
Dirk_Gently, (09/15/2014)
@Louisjumbo781 lmaoo , I'm perfectly fine.
FBritoJr, (09/15/2014)
@617StrongJosh Thank you!!
BCHoopNews, (09/15/2014)
😐 or not t.co/tCONesxmCZ
morganxelise, (09/15/2014)
RT @HanFreakinSolo: are you a true hardcore reader or just a filthy casual one
RegretZero, (09/15/2014)
RT @mossdogmusic: I made a short game for #RuinJam - "This is a Real Thing That Happened". You can play it online here: t.co/KRxc7zC…
inurashii, (09/15/2014)
@Puffinstuffinn t.co/bqPwRrLAbS
caroramsey, (09/15/2014)
“@TaffaniR: Stripper booty and a rack like wow” we're talking about your rack right👀👀👀
_cuntastic, (09/15/2014)
RT @BOSSSHlTONLY: Nicki's dreams went from 100-0 REAL QUICK t.co/sIo2CYCE6t
KoriGunz, (09/15/2014)
Gym sessions after work ain't easy but they Are worth it!
Gaetarade, (09/15/2014)
And now I have nobody to talk to
Brendan_OD95, (09/15/2014)
@LBXDrew wats lbx?
HonoR_HazMaT, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Waltham, (09/17/2014)
Enter to Win a $500 Sephora Gift Card - ends 10/5 t.co/VRQoId3xKp
SpecFicRdr, (09/17/2014)
RT @brgsjks: @brgsjks jangan nak sayang sangatla.
nizamnazmi, (09/17/2014)
RT @OfficialTedSays: the only emotions that i've felt since i started school have been tired and no
klstory1518, (09/17/2014)
RT @HarvardBiz: Believe it or not, too much openness at work can be counterproductive t.co/rKbkh0AV3o
CharlesGardiner, (09/17/2014)
RT @HerCampus: "Power is not given to you; you have to take it." -Beyoncé #inspiration t.co/fqlbp9c6ZZ
_susancatalan, (09/17/2014)
RT @Failedimages: I'll start trusting women when this bucket gets full t.co/jFjPL6ruQn
WaldirthaGOAT, (09/17/2014)
RT @Failedimages: I'll start trusting women when this bucket gets full t.co/jFjPL6ruQn
F_khriMansor, (09/17/2014)
RT @HarvardBiz: Design your workspace for productivity and innovation t.co/cNb1z2uoZA
ShawnaBeeBju, (09/17/2014)
RT @benmadermusic: Sometimes I lay in bed and look at all the cute pictures that we take together for hours😘 love you guys
Cris_Jaramillo_, (09/15/2014)
RT @dbernstein: Meet @Ann4Congress, who is challenging @nikiinthehouse; is there more anti-incumbent magic north of Boston? t.co/rtL…
GoVols37872, (09/19/2014)
RT @RedSox: What's a @davidortiz game winning HR without giving away his gloves? This lucky kid goes home with a sweet gift. t.co/h9…
MassTweetz, (09/19/2014)
Once burned a lesson is learned
KishRebel, (09/19/2014)
@DeborahFStuart t.co/VUudJxFF57
JayBird7137, (09/19/2014)
“@Michael5SOS: Die young and save yourself 🎶” stop brand new is my absolute favorite ✋✋
21caitlins, (09/19/2014)
I'm not from the rap hood, I'm from the real hood.
Kim_Jong_BILL, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/19/2014)
@Apostle_Vercher @RGeorgemendoza @ApostleOBell @Apreacha @ZiondcOverseer @ApostlesOffice @JeromelangSr @ApostleRandy Amen! Blessings WOG!
Apostle_Angela, (09/19/2014)
RT @brgsjks: "weh jom hangout" "Takleh la mak aku tak kasi" "Boo anak mak boo" "Kau anak anjing boleh ah citer"
zafirahnazri, (09/19/2014)
RT @Saus_Boston: .@KeytarBear doin' it up at Saus late night! #latenight #eatfrites t.co/qvLWKexolR
hoover_dam, (09/19/2014)
@funkykitty you re welcome
Terravitabass, (09/19/2014)
@oakmanner yes when it's too late.
ValleyPatriot, (09/19/2014)
Jared Evans 2 TD receptions; Nick Janakes 106 yards, 1 TD on 16 carries; North 272 total offense at halftime #opreps
danjonesmt, (09/19/2014)
RT @ElSistemaSVille: Tomorrow these young musicians will perform for Maestro Abreu, the founder of #ElSistema! #TocarCantarYLuchar!!! http:
SomervilleBeat, (09/19/2014)
#hot,#porn,#sex,#hot,#teen Arab ass tease 3 t.co/tPQDuQ72C8
DatingTeenz, (09/17/2014)
RT @JessProutyBand: This Saturday, come celebrate Jessica Prouty's 21st birthday at Fete Music in Providence, RI! Doors open at 6pm.... htt
MusicProvidence, (09/17/2014)
“@HitsABlunt: *hits blunt* "so if the earth is a huge sphere, is ball really life?" t.co/TvlwBu7W9s”😂😂
PDeSouza3, (09/17/2014)
Enter to Win a $500 Sephora Gift Card - ends 10/5 t.co/Zy1jCatbBR
beautysweeps, (09/17/2014)
northruprealtor, (08/25/2014)
加藤 広嗣: フジコーポレーション株式会社(加藤 広嗣)の紹介ページです。経営の原理原則を貫くニッ
Stock_and_Money, (08/25/2014)
@shakhai1107 I better see you at 3 O CLOCK
kshakes_, (08/25/2014)
RT @ItsDaija_Lanai: Bitches be amped over community dick
ShinaVictoria, (08/25/2014)
Love how my aunt powdered and cleaned up my cleats for me 👌
KiraaGoodwin, (08/25/2014)
RT @iRelateWords: i wish i could copy and paste you into my bed
angelann_1926, (09/17/2014)
I've already gone back and re-watched Beyonces performance four times
sinful_slut, (08/25/2014)
RT @Failedimages: First day of school outfit t.co/3lSQ5wQnGI
ItsDogTexting, (08/25/2014)
No longer blonde... This is weird t.co/A4XyQGRzZe
MackenziBrennan, (08/25/2014)
@allopathicalex lol bro
_KCAZ, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Somervill (08/25/2014)
RT @jordanknight: Indianapolis R U ready?? We are!! #NickandKnight t.co/WSAUUAzyL5
myjordanknight, (09/19/2014)
Just passed by a cop on Talbot ave... He stared at my euro plate and said: "that's the best way to live your life! Keep it up" Cop was white
KingOfBoston, (09/19/2014)
@thebestwas33 I’M SHOCKED. As shocked as when I read Brookline wants to allow cyclists to NOT stop at stop signs. #CambridgeLite
chestnuthell, (09/19/2014)
Red Sox take two of three from the AL East champs. It's now back to Fenway for the final homestand of 2014. #MyDunkin
NESNNation, (09/21/2014)
RT @xPoeTiCx: Holy text messages!
chrisc331, (09/21/2014)
🌺Luke Hemmings from 5sos 🌺ilysm 🌺please follow me?:) 🌺@Luke5SOS x1,810
stylemmingss, (09/21/2014)
It's half past nap time ✌️😴
oheyyashley, (09/21/2014)
RT @BostonStrong_34: RED SOX WIN!
BRSox1001, (09/21/2014)
RT @itsjeffreymusic: is anyone going to see ariana ??? && gonna meet her????? because if you are tell her I love her😫😫😫
akiraturner30, (09/21/2014)
RT @DanielGGirard: Une chance sur un million. Une Noire du Nigéria donne naissance à un enfant blanc à 100% t.co/Lu1rFcFpVr
valerieantoine, (09/21/2014)
RT @ChineseAunjalee: “@MicahSupreme: Trey Songz little brother nudes 👏👏👏👏👏☝️🙌🙌🙌👈 LADIES 😌thank me later
TanishaLovees, (09/21/2014)
RT @UUA: For everyone marching in today's #PeoplesClimate march and everyone taking action, thank you! #Commit2Respond t.co/fBixSMcO…
UUClimateAction, (09/21/2014)
🐸luke hemmings from 5sos🐸 hi @Luke5SOS! a follow would be nice but @punkwhatluke & @bandingashton deserve it more please follow th
greenlightcalum, (09/21/2014)
RT @BlowByTheO_: Twitter is just the place for hoes 😂
andresog1, (09/21/2014)
WhyyoumadThou19, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/21/2014)
RT @thesketcho: all these nude leaks are coming from the NSA
AwWilon, (09/21/2014)
#wedgie #girlwedgie t.co/NSOQEDQR5W
brittbratt9693, (09/21/2014)
RT @AlbertBreer: And Gus Bradley names Blake Bortles the starter in Jacksonville. So we have 3 rookie starting QBs in Week 4. And none name
jimsteeg, (09/21/2014)
What other old SNL skits are State Farm going to resurrect? I vote for Lothar of the Hill People or Massive Head Injury Guy.
JosephVictor81, (09/07/2014)
RT @iRelateWords: I wonder if I'm ever on your mind
morris19meg, (09/07/2014)
RT @MIT: Why the Arctic feels the effects of #globalwarming much more than the Antarctic: t.co/nDbvmwIYbC
GurrdyGirl, (09/07/2014)
RT @RockerZakk: @chandleraallen that's what love is, understanding, advising and concern. Control is not parenting, have to look out for yo
Addeybartlett, (09/07/2014)
RT @iRelateWords: I wonder if I'm ever on your mind
violalion__, (09/07/2014)
#Anniversary day continues with #idlehands and football t.co/oAPma2vunM
ZachVento, (09/07/2014)
RT @MrGivan: And We Have Some Fuckin Football!
YaLadyB, (09/07/2014)
Why is college football on my snapchat get away I don't wanna watch you.
ohhaijen, (09/07/2014)
Now hiring a Risk Assurance Data Privacy & Protection Director (#Boston) t.co/2B7qRsURuJ #job t.co/zcHt1HhWVe
W4_BizJobsBOS, (09/07/2014)
RT @iRelateWords: I wonder if I'm ever on your mind
itz_segun, (09/07/2014)
So how're you guys doing? Currently he hates me but he'll never stop thinking about me so at some point we'll be good again lmfao
madchilt, (09/07/2014)
RT @Odd_Audio: GUYS Follow the following assholes: @HenrySmola @PT_Burnem_ @ESHtheMonolith @pacthiphop @HALO203 @DIYBandits @PaulieThink G
DeadToJoey, (09/07/2014)
وارفع درجاتي، وتقبَّل صلاتي، واغفر خطيئتي، وأسألك الدرجات العُلى من الجنة..
Madawy_20, (09/07/2014)
RT @iRelateWords: I wonder if I'm ever on your mind
_MISSxCRAZYx, (09/07/2014)
Your innovative thinking brings unexpected answers to long-sta... More for Aquarius t.co/p8eELOx271
nikkiterra, (09/07/2014)
RT @ProfKeefe: Every year on #911 I post this photo hoping 2 return 2 owner. Found at #groundzero #WTC in 2001. Pls RT t.co/mZ9LdQqE…
hannahhhhhho_, (09/14/2014)
RT @TheOneWhoWokeUp: #SuperSoulSunday Love will always lift us higher! @Oprah @paulocoelho @DeepakChopra @IyanlaVanzant
dreamyiis, (09/14/2014)
RT @KaynaWhitworth: B4 you set your #FantasyFootball lineup ask sports director @joeamorosino questions, tweet them 2 us, he will answer on
RhettNFL, (09/23/2014)
RT @BOSSSHlTONLY: Follow me right now for a follow back!
Shelin50, (09/23/2014)
@joeycampbell @LVCVA @erickaaviles @LVHospitality Congratulations Ericka! You look stunning!
DanaS7oh2, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/23/2014)
@Steven_459 wasnt even bout u
itsdeffsteph, (09/23/2014)
RT @Maccoul_: not all heroes wear capes t.co/7X5qHyYx9m
kieranfletcher_, (09/23/2014)
RT @EmilyWCVB: Another cool start to the day, @Met_CindyFitz is back and says lots of sunshine! Mid-60s for most of us - a beautiful fall d
WCVB, (09/23/2014)
@Steven_459 ....
itsdeffsteph, (09/23/2014)
It is now 05:18 AM on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 (US/Eastern).
easternclock, (09/23/2014)
RT @MickeyChristmas: I ain't enough for you?! t.co/Cm8IHhVnBn
YuBoyMarwanne, (09/23/2014)
RT @McCannSportsLaw: Not sure why Vikings would sit Adrian Peterson against Patriots but play him against Saints. His case hasn't changed a
Andrew_Garda, (09/15/2014)
I'm feeling like a zombie
JuiicyA, (09/19/2014)
@ciabaw @IanGalero I'm Ciamae's fan. Baliktad ka, Ian.
ian__gee, (09/19/2014)
I don't understand why I drink. Such a waste... The cons outweigh the pros. The net value I get from drinking is negative.
_Tsow, (09/19/2014)
Making learning FUN AND EXCITING! Learn more at Mousetrap Science Online: t.co/XtvaSI2Stg t.co/3xyzg7VGfY
junglejimboston, (09/17/2014)
@TrackerJ11 thurlow cook is gonna fuck u up get off your phone
MORoftheCOR, (09/17/2014)
RT @JamesMSama: #ReplaceAWordInATitleWithAmnesia 50 Shades Of Amnesia
_1DNewsAllDay_, (09/17/2014)
Just got excited when I saw the fall season flavors are back at dunkins. First signs of #HighSchoolMo since I've been here.
DruChainz_, (09/17/2014)
tenacioustommo, (09/17/2014)
2-10 fml
Love_Rocky_, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Watertown (08/25/2014)
RT @jaypsyd: One thing I like about Twitter: I can hear the voices of people that aren't always easy to hear. I can hear the experience of
fmg223, (08/25/2014)
RT @HarvardBiz: You Can’t Do Strategy Without Input from Sales t.co/3NFdpbmki0
sepalpe, (08/25/2014)
@foodphilosophy How did they sell you something out of warranty?
cc_chapman, (08/25/2014)
RT @juxtinskians: “@radicalmxtt: I have $265😳 quote with what you have t.co/UyBamhGqri”$175
Killakaraoke, (08/25/2014)
I'll take it honestly. t.co/OGCTd2swtm
layceelee13, (09/06/2014)
Real Estate Today is out! t.co/qYnXf8Ro2k
KMOREALTOR, (09/06/2014)
@JonathanJoly Hi Jonathan, I made this end slate, hope you like it and that you will use it in on of the vlogs =) t.co/JfV4nOyhav
simonmoviesHD, (09/06/2014)
RT @itsjeffreymusic: can't wait @MeredithShow
team_millertary, (09/06/2014)
@SLuke26 :(
davedflipz, (09/06/2014)
@jackantonoff come say hi!!! @bleachersmusic
g_drizzlee, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/06/2014)
annebarlinckhoff's photo t.co/mCjV5Isb0l
vinnyarmentano, (09/06/2014)
RT @itsjeffreymusic: tune in Tuesday to watch me on the @MeredithShow !! t.co/g5zCvNcLv1
florentinapuma, (09/06/2014)
RT @harvardlampoon: The usual expert advice on HuffPsst Live, this time from @JimmyTatro in "Love Line" with @ChrisChinPierce: t.co/…
JimmyTatro, (09/06/2014)
Appears storm near Dracut more straight line wind microburst than tornadic....dangerous storm either way
jreineron7, (09/06/2014)
I wanna talk to someone heavy 😏✊❤👫
Sircey__, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/06/2014)
If this weather doesn't settle tha fuck down, I'm going to lose it.
BePellet, (09/06/2014)
@AndersonAvery Iowa State is XII
thejerodfox, (09/06/2014)
@bobcatchica04 (thank you)
chrisjan36, (09/06/2014)
Laugh now, die later.
RickyCurro, (09/19/2014)
@unclegrambo @RichJuz @grahamorama God yes.
maura, (09/19/2014)
And I before your eyes.
yourpaprdoll, (09/19/2014)
RT @MetroBOS: Here’s why the newly-crowned Miss America deleted her LinkedIn account t.co/mrffagBF9q t.co/91k8zJ09aW
RichSlate, (09/19/2014)
RT @briansignorelli: Our Biggest Takeaways From #Inbound14, the Future of Landscape Leadership and One Big Announcement From HubSpot http:/
pc4media, (09/19/2014)
Defamed 'Three Cups Of Tea' Author: 'I Feel Like A Criminal Coming Back' t.co/QlR0AZreVu via @HuffPostImpact
RichGreif, (09/19/2014)
@AlexParkerDC that neglects the point that a sports team without a structured league isn't very profitable.
FenRawrys, (09/19/2014)
RT @Bet_Labs: A's before Cespedes trade: 66-41, +6.83 units A's after Cespedes trade: 17-28, -17.38 units
parlaygamer, (09/19/2014)
@nflcommish Roger the Dodger shames the shield again.....and again.....and again #shametheshield
matt4_98, (09/19/2014)
Once you had the best boy you can't do better
BiancaRyanxo, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Wakefield (09/19/2014)
NFL Commish Roger Goodell to break his silence at 3PM | Jeff Katz on 1140 WRVA t.co/w6ASCG2jA6 via @1140wrva
jeffkatzshow, (09/19/2014)
Gamma came in today! #gamma #gfuel t.co/8rK2HV2dfs
Jackkane71, (09/19/2014)
It's alright to be jealous that my mom's way cooler than yours! Lol!
dpompel, (09/19/2014)
@kyleputt_ the fuck
ash__hurst, (09/19/2014)
LASER / PLASMA t.co/xSbuovSolT
HIMESMACHINERY, (09/19/2014)
@CB_Missy NEW WCW!!! <333 Youre so sexy!
BrandyCandi, (09/25/2014)
Benneteau reaches semifinals at Malaysian Open (Yahoo Sports) t.co/F05YfGkVAP #tennis
nielsenlink, (09/25/2014)
erincalvobacci, (09/25/2014)
RT @BOSSSHlTONLY: Interact with me before 10AM at your own risk lol
LifelsNotEasy, (09/25/2014)
RT @BOSSSHlTONLY: Interact with me before 10AM at your own risk lol
_nodescription, (09/25/2014)
RT @paulha8: Stan Vanderbeek, Jonas Mekas! But no Maya Deren and Yoko Ono: 50 Underground Filmmakers Everyone Should Know: t.co/EFC…
gregorg, (09/25/2014)
Funding opportunity: Cotsen Excavation Grants, Archaeological Institute of America t.co/XBNwFJRDJr via @mjcbac
mjcbac, (09/25/2014)
#SetGoals #How do you want to feel? How do you want to look? #breathedeep #dance #yoga #running… t.co/ZcuVfYTYUI
ErinKayAnderson, (09/25/2014)
RT @k_kari: アキクサインコ女子。女子力高いぞ! t.co/s8oCeymQv5
DawnOrpheus, (09/25/2014)
RT @TMAHRI: My vibe most the time. t.co/ElNC3s5jjL
CoolassDex, (09/25/2014)
RT @revieweddotcom: RT @reviewedtech: Our first impressions of @VIZIO P652ui 4K LED TV: It's a big deal. t.co/p6yDXo0n0J t.co…
ssrbug444, (09/25/2014)
Don't make me ridet. t.co/4JTldJCQJs
Experioance, (09/25/2014)
lxcasloveaffair, (09/25/2014)
8opin_san, (09/25/2014)
RT @MickeyChristmas: Right t.co/XSMGkKluBF
AGuyNamedZach, (09/25/2014)
“Finding Fred & being able to return this particular photo to him is unbelievable.” Hear from Cambridge professor @ProfKeefe ONLY on
JeffSaperstone, (09/14/2014)
😍😍😍 t.co/jw6hwDPuCS
DizzyD1Z, (09/14/2014)
Norwood Ma, 2 alarm for man power now @32 Worcester drive 2.5 story house.
ENG1SFD, (09/14/2014)
~~ -barring his talent- what girls saw in him. He wasn't a man, he was a boy. A scared little boy that possessed parlor trick abilities ~~
ArchaicGlamor, (09/14/2014)
RT @camphalfblood: Random person: 'I haven't read your books but I like your movies.' What I'm thinking: t.co/ge3CEgMWUu
TrulyRomeo, (09/14/2014)
I always feel like will graham at the target range
lylylyda, (09/14/2014)
Dolla sign
itsOlls, (09/14/2014)
RT @cameronrouth: I will always stand up for Avalanna. #IStandUpFor
GaguBieber, (09/14/2014)
Sunday = a great day to online shop :) Check out our website for all the fashion belts you need! t.co/d1stkEC89z
keepyourpants0n, (09/14/2014)
Hat der @bananaparte eigentlich neue musikalische Empfehlungen?
notsare, (09/14/2014)
RT @_makevaaa: I guess I'll get up and be productive for what's left of my Sunday
QueenNayNay22, (09/14/2014)
@gorkm_b comme il a grossi cactus
SimonWanner, (09/14/2014)
leiyahtv (Hearthstone) ~1495 extra viewers of 1580 total t.co/jjBYCNNFKW
LiveBotDetector, (09/14/2014)
I just earned the 'Gourd to the Last Drop (Level 4)' badge on @untappd! t.co/yxs0lYNpvq
CraftBeerRunner, (09/14/2014)
RT @YungenPlayDirty: This guy is fucking sick!!!
Michael18Clarke, (09/14/2014)
.@ajaymaken Wow! Coming from a party who has world record in dismissing democratically elected state governmnts! @suhelseth @sardesairajdeep
kejri49, (09/28/2014)
SOURCE: I'm full of shit and so are you. #news #media
danajaybein, (09/28/2014)
RT @JFeitelberg: #2elfie t.co/n8yOx6hhnb
WillBlack3, (09/28/2014)
joegrav, (09/28/2014)
I wish my mom wasn't afraid of heights so we could do the walkway over the Hudson ☀️
JaneanCurtis, (09/28/2014)
Women's hockey game!! Northeastern vs Montreal. We gonna kick some maple leaf ass 🐾 @gonuwhockey @… t.co/635rCdhZSz
whoaitsmelissaa, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Boston, M (09/28/2014)
RT @RedSox: #RE2PECT t.co/hJRU2NWTnt
DianeNilsen, (09/28/2014)
RT @_cleirismateo: @callmenorah no
callmenorah, (09/28/2014)
A cortar Manzanas 🌳🍎🍎
emelyyy2_, (09/28/2014)
@nicolelopess NO WAY that's so sick
JasonMontagno, (09/28/2014)
Love the standing ovation from the Fenway Faithful #classy
PJR34, (09/28/2014)
Aggy ass @NillyNillz did look pretty good but 😴
PilotAdot, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Quincy, M (09/28/2014)
Part 2 t.co/gWIVgsS6Bn
katerinah__, (09/28/2014)
#hot,#porn,#sex,#hot,#teen | #Asian | asian slut takes two cocks DP t.co/XUwd9tYaLU
DatingTeenz, (09/28/2014)
Shelow Shaq – Como Lo Prieto (Video Preview) t.co/5gzCQOTSEi
lourbanoweb, (09/28/2014)
RT @x0heathyyy: I honestly can't stop looking at my picture, I've never been so happy with one
thisiskaylaj, (09/18/2014)
Tudo inveja isso aí kkk
isagzortea, --- !ruby/object:Twitter::Place attrs: :full_name: Everett, (09/18/2014)
Si te robo un besito avez te enojas conmigo
justvisitin_, (09/19/2014)
Talo :(
nimblenine, (09/19/2014)
Bragging about what you have just shows you're not used to having it.
Barbk11, (09/19/2014)
6 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by t.co/H3wolQmeIb
LuiguiGenao, (09/19/2014)
Cath Lab – Nursing t.co/xhi460tb6O Jobs Boston
JobsBoston1, (09/19/2014)
RT @GreenSkyDeb: Psychological & Practical Considerations before starting Your #Business - @DrAlexConcorde shares -> t.co/otjiHNcFzW
shackledindus, (09/19/2014)


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